15 big signs your twin flame is communicating with you

What are the main signs your twin flame is communicating with you?

15 big signs your twin flame is communicating with you

1) Intense life changes are taking place

One of the top signs your twin flame is communicating with you comes in the form of sudden and dramatic life changes.

This can include things like job loss, the desire to start fresh somewhere new, a deep interest in a new subject, the end of an old relationship, or a budding passion for a new hobby.

This is the universe clearing out space for your twin flame to enter your life.

The old routine and identity may not be a fit, and as such new and exciting – and sometimes upsetting – things are happening to make way for a new person who’s going to revolutionize your world.

Go with it!

2) You feel it in your physical body

Emotions are not just vague, spiritual things.

They also make themselves felt in our physical body. Think about the last time you were really excited before an airplane flight or really sad about a breakup.

When your twin flame is hovering close to you, you will often feel it in your physical body.

Your cells themselves are calling out to this special individual and inviting them into your life.

Twin flames aren’t just people you “like a lot.”

It goes a lot deeper than that, back to past lives, karma, destiny, and ancestral karma.

When your twin flame is about to enter your life you’ll have strong physical feelings of anticipation and inspiration like wind beneath your wings.

3) You feel a longing for them in your soul

You’ll feel that physical sensation of desire and inspiration, but you’re also likely to feel a longing for your twin flame in your soul.

One of the top signs your twin flame is communicating with you is that you just feel them out there sending energy your way.

It’s like you’re the receiver and they’re placing a call to your main switchboard.

Believe it or not, you’re also sending out a signal to them as well and the two of you come together as part of this mutual and concentric attraction process.

It’s a magical thing.

“Before the two of you meet, you will have an awareness that your other half is out there for you. There is deep longing in this phase, Spinelli notes, and there will be inner work during this phase to prepare you for meeting your twin flame,”

explains spirituality writer Sarah Regan.

4) They come up in conversations

Sometimes one of the clearest signs your twin flame is communicating with you is through conversations themselves.

Even when you’re with your regular friends or family, discussions will come up that begin to ring certain bells and point you in new directions.

Loved ones may point out talents you have that lead you in new career directions.

Your partner may say something so jarring that it makes you realize you’re really not meant to be with them in life.

All of this is actually your twin flame communicating with you.

Through the words and actions of others, the universe is creating a new channel for this twin flame journey to take place.

5) You dream about them

Dreams are powerful and have spiritual significance.

Often we will dream of our twin flame, or even share a dream with them.

Even if you aren’t yet going to meet for two or three months, you will get this strong feeling of a real person or presence and wake up feeling mystified and attracted.

You will have a desire inside to meet someone like this in real life.

And you will, because it’s your twin flame coming towards you, starting in your dreams.

Like Selma June writes:

“The fact is that the twin flame connection between you and your twin is so strong that it has to find a way to you.

That is exactly why you encounter them in your dreams. Even though you two are far away from each other, your energies are bonded and you meet this way.”

6) The numbers add up

You may be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to numerology like me, but I can’t deny that there’s something to numbers sometimes.

Twin flames will often speak to you through the meaning of different numbers.

This doesn’t mean everything has a “secret meaning” or that you’re on a top-secret quest against the Soviets in the Cold War or something.

Skepticism is good here.

However, keep in mind that the universe may be placing hints and a trail to your twin flame in the form of numbers.

For example, you may see the number 19 frequently and then notice when you meet your twin flame that his license plate ends in 19 and you meet him on July 19.

Truth is often stranger than fiction!

“Numbers hold a certain value and represent a myriad of things. This is no different when it comes to twin flames,”

writes Conscious Panda.

“Many people will start seeing patterns of numbers and they’ll each mean something different. For example, seeing a collection of 1’s, such as the time 11:11 or in a phone number, advert, etc., is a sign your twin flame is about to enter your life.”

7) You feel called to certain new places and activities

One of the brightest signs your twin flame is communicating with you is a strong calling to new places and activities.

You may find yourself longing to go try rock climbing on a local mountain, or frequenting the music store and checking out guitars.

You may have a deep inner longing to go somewhere new or take a vacation in a place you’d only vaguely heard of before.

Is it just random word association or Google algorithms hijacking your brainwaves?

I would strongly argue it’s actually your twin flame sending you a message:

Come find me.

8) New spiritual paths begin opening-up

Meeting a twin flame is generally a spiritual and life-changing experience.

You will have a strong sense of validation:

Those years of struggle weren’t in vain;

That weird interest you pursued was going somewhere;

The decision to just up and move to Hawaii and open a surf school was 100% on the money…

You will also begin to feel new spiritual paths and disciplines opening up as you prepare to meet your twin flame.

This can include a newfound dedication to things like breathwork, meditation, and prayer, or even just a greater appreciation for life and its many blessings.

Look out, ‘cause your twin flame is on his or her way.

9) You sense help during difficult times

Many people pray or turn to God, meditation, or other sources during difficult times.

If your twin flame is headed your way you may also get a strong sensation of help or spiritual comfort and surety that you just can’t explain.

That’s your life partner and twin flame communicating through the universe directly to you, and their message is simple:

You matter, you’re special…and…I’m coming soon.

Pure Twin Flames has a good explanation of this:

“When you’re going through any sort of intense emotional state, whether it’s a positive or a negative one, your twin’s instinctive reaction is to be instantly present on an energetic level.

They’re going to react to your bliss or distress by surrounding you with their energy, even without realizing they’re doing that or even being aware of it.

The soul bond is so strong that it acts as a bit of an elastic band: any form of an energetic shift within you will inevitably pull in your twin’s energy.”

10) Family ties run deep

In many situations, some of the biggest signs your twin flame is communicating with you come through your family and family ties.

Whether we like it or not, our family is who raises us and provides our genetics when we’re born.

This often includes missions, responsibilities, and burdens unique to our family line, their vocation, location, and more…

Your twin flame tends to be someone with a similar family history to you or a history that fits like a jigsaw puzzle into yours.

They will communicate with you through that, and often the most frustrating family situations provide an opportunity to heal and prepare for your twin flame to come into your life.

11) You realize what’s been missing

Sort of the opposite of how you often don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone, you sometimes don’t realize what you’re missing until you’re about to get it.

Feeling that void inside yourself is not a bad thing.

It’s actually interior mental and spiritual space being excavated so that the torch of your heart can be lit brightly for all to see.

Your twin flame is about to make their arrival.

12) Old friends lose their shine

I think we should always remain loyal to old friends, and of course, I still care a lot about those I grew up with.

But one of the main signs I noticed before I met my twin flame was that my old friendships just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

I still cared about my friends, but the excitement and deep bond just weren’t there anymore.

Nothing consciously changed, I just began drifting away…

Right into the arms of my twin flame.

I still see my old friends now and then, but the connection I have with my twin flame is something else entirely, and I’ll admit that it means a lot more to me than any friendship ever did.

13) Your values are shifting

Certain core values like honesty and kindness always stick around.

But other values like what’s most important to you in life can shift.

And when you’re about to meet your twin flame you may find this happening in sometimes inexplicable ways.

Suddenly the desire for material things begins to fade…

Or your independence wanes and your desire to start a family begins to peak…

The list of options is endless, but the point is that those things represent the new you that’s emerging ready to meet and join up with your twin flame.

14) You find inner courage you didn’t know you had

When you’re down to the last ounce of your strength and you don’t think you can go on, you might be surprised.

There’s an inner reservoir of power that bubbles up to the surface and propels you forward.

You pass the test, beat the illness, win the competition and get through something you never thought you would.

The new you is not just being lucky or merely strong.

It’s spiritual training and preparation for your twin flame, and it’s a sign that your twin flame is communicating with you and on their way over.

15) The signs are there if you know where to look

One thing about twin flame journeys is that there are often signs if you know where to look.

Many signs your twin flame is communicating with you depend a lot on your own personality and life path.

You may find yourself even going through a deep depression and seeing no way out…

Or begin seeing the worst in everyone and feel like you’re on a negativity spiral to the very bottom…

It’s not always sunshine and roses.

But one of the main things I will say here is the following:

When you’re prepped to meet your twin flame, shit gets real

All the lies come to a halt and all that’s left is the truth – about you, about life, about love, and about where you’re headed.

Lighting your twin flame

Finding your twin flame is an unforgettable experience.

You won’t ever be unsure if someone is your twin flame or not.

When you meet them the time together will be off the charts, including deep intuition about each other’s thoughts and feelings, and even telepathy.

Finding your twin flame will feel natural and inevitable. You’ll remember before them and see how everything prepared you for the bond you would come to share.

And once you’re on this journey of life with them, nothing will ever be quite the same again.

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