18 signs your soulmate will come back to you (forever)

You’ve probably heard the saying “If you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, they’re your soulmate; if they don’t, you should not chase after them because it means that your relationship wasn’t meant to be?”

People often use this expression to describe their failed relationships.

There are many signs that your lover won’t return to you or that he or she isn’t the one for you.

But don’t be disheartened! Your soulmate might be out there somewhere looking to reunite.

I’ll share with you the top signs your soulmate will come back to you forever. Let’s just right in.

1) You’re both on the same page

One clear sign that your soulmate will come back to you is that you will both be aligned and feel like you are on the same page.

If you’re trying to make it work with someone who is not on in sync with you or who isn’t in a place where he or she can be with you and be happy, it’s a sure sign that your lover won’t return to you.

If your lover isn’t on the same page as you, then he or she will never be able to commit fully to the relationship.

You might feel like something is missing from your relationship and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is.

So that feeling of being united and on the same path is a great sign that you will find your way back to one another.

2) You and your ex have a common goal

An important sign that your soulmate is coming back is that you is that you both share a common mission or goal.

If you share a common vision with your ex, you are still looking toward the future together. So it’s likely that you will find your way back to one another.

If you no longer share anything in common with your ex, then he or she is probably not the person you should be spending your time with.

If your relationship was off-kilter and your ex doesn’t come back to you, you can be sure that you were with the wrong person.

3) You still have strong feelings for your ex

If you still have feelings for your ex that last longer than you’ve ever experienced before, then that means that you two were on the right path from the start.

It means that the both of you weren’t truly ready to commit to each other when you first met and that you two were trying to make something work that wasn’t meant to be at that time.

If you still have strong feelings for your ex, then it’s a sign that you had to stay connected while you were both able to grow as an individual and find a better relationship when you reunite.

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about whether your soulmate will return to you.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions like, Will we make it forever? Is it worth trying again? How will we know if we are lasting soulmates?

The problem is finding someone you can trust and really open up to.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite shy and have a hard time giving all the details of my relationship to my friends. It’s hard to find someone you can share your innermost thoughts on when you are trying to work out your feelings about your soulmate.

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4) He or she broke up with you for a good reason

It’s always a bad sign if your ex breaks up with you and doesn’t come back. They made up their mind and are determined not to change them. But you never know. Things can change.

If you respected their decision, they might remember how supportive you were and look at that positively.

If your ex breaks up with you and didn’t have any good reason to do it, he or she probably wasn’t ready to commit to you or didn’t want much from you.

If your ex broke up with you for a good reason, then the relationship was probably never going to work out at that time and they wanted to give it a chance. So it means that there is still hope you can find your way back to each other.

5) You’re willing to take a chance again

If you’re willing to go for another chance with your ex because you have a deep belief that they are your soulmate, then you need to be confident in your approach.

You should only try again if you truly feel like it’s the right thing to do.

You should only try again if you know that it’s meant to be.

If your ex doesn’t come back to you, you should try again only if you’re sure that you’re doing the right thing and that you should chase after him or her.

Some things are worth fighting for and you need to know exactly why you want this reunion with your ex.

6) Your ex appreciates you more after time and a growing friendship

If your ex broke up with you and doesn’t come back, it’s probably because he or she was never truly ready to be with you.

Once the dust has settled and the breakup has been processed, your ex will appreciate you more if you can give them space and foster a loving friendship.

When they start to see how connected you are, they will be willing to do whatever it takes to win you back.

7) The pain was worth it

Even though it might feel like the most painful thing in the world, it’s a good sign if your ex broke up with you and you don’t hear from him or her again.

It means that you are taking this opportunity to learn and grow in ways that you could not have done together.

If you broke up with your ex for a valid reason, it means that you’re probably better off without him or her at that moment.

If you broke up with your ex and it was painful, it was worth it because it means that you’re better off without him or her. But now you might feel more open to being able to share your share and the depths of your soul.

If you want more clarity on this with someone who’s helped countless others, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They helped me out in the past and I’ve find them to be honest and compassionate in their readings.

So instead of trying to solve all your love problems on your own, I encourage you to speak to a gifted advisor who will help you find the answers you are desparately looking for.

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8) You left it all on the table

It’s a sign that you two were on the wrong path from the start if you’ve done everything you can to make things work and your lover still doesn’t come back.

You left it all on the table and he or she isn’t coming back to you anymore. You made a clean cut.

This means that you can also have a fresh start again.

You showed everything you felt and were honest and will be able to have the same level of trust and vulnerability with one another again.

9) You have a lot of confidence in yourself

If you have a lot of confidence in yourself while you were apart, it’s a good sign that the relationship with your soulmate can rekindle.

It shows that you are not needy or clingy or in a cycle of codependence.

You need to feel confident in yourself so that you can make good decisions.

If your ex does come back, then he or she will be able to commit fully because you will be certain and they will feed off your confidence.

10) You wanted to break up

If you wanted to break up with your ex, it’s a good sign that your ex will come back to you.

They are still tied to you and probably weren’t prepared to let you go.

You might have caught them off guard, but they respected you enough to let you have some time away.

If this is your soulmate, it would be close to impossible for them to forget about you.

You are the one who got away.

You are the one who touched their heart.

You are the one they want back.

You were strong enough to be clear and decisive but a part of them will want to chase you and enjoy winning you back. It’s a clear sign that your soulmate will return to rekindle what they want.

11) You feel happy

If you feel happy when you broke up with your ex, it’s a good sign that your ex will find their way back to you.

It means that something wasn’t right between you and you didn’t want to continue down a negative path with them.

To properly reunite, you should be happy if your ex is also feeling happy, and vice versa.

It means that the relationship was never going to work out at the time and that you are both in a better space now to share your lives. This is something to celebrate.

It’s rare to find your soulmate and to exercise the patience to wait for the right moment to be together.

When you feel great, you attract more love and vitality in your life and will be better able to handle the return of your soulmate rather than look at them with hurt and regret.

12) You are ready

If you are ready to move on, your ex will come back to you.

If you want him or her back, don’t let them disappear from your life.

Always try to be a part of their life and do things that involve them.

They might have moved on but when they see how happy you are with someone else, it might cause them to question the break-up and give the relationship another chance.

Your ex might feel that it is time to reunite.

He or she will make their way back to you if he or she is truly meant to be with you forever.

13) Nothing feels like this

If you feel that nothing can compare to the love you felt in your relationship, it’s a good sign.

Your soulmate knows who he or she is and they know that they made the right decision.

If your soulmate came back right now, you would be happy and ecstatic.

You will probably have a hard time finding another relationship like this one because they are unique, special, and only meant to be with you. And there’s no such thing as love at first sight anymore, even if it feels like it at first.

14) They are scared

If your ex is scared, they will probably come back to you in time because they’re confused about what to do while you are apart.

They don’t want to lose you but if they choose not to be with you, it will break their heart.

If your ex is scared, the fact that nothing can compare to the love you shared means that he or she will give this relationship another chance because they felt like something was missing before and maybe it was them.

They might be afraid of taking a step back in the wrong direction again while being in another relationship.

15) You are honest

If you are honest while you were apart, it’s a good sign that your ex will come back to you.

You were honest with him or her and he or she knows that they can trust you.

They are probably going through a whole range of thoughts and feelings while they reevaluate their lives. And they might be thinking about coming back to you due to the level of honesty in your relationship before.

If your ex is meant to be with you forever, then honesty will keep him or her close to your heart forever too.

16) You don’t give up easily

If you don’t give up easily and you’re not going to rush into things, your ex will come back to you.

You knew from the start that this was something that was special and then the time came for it to end.

And even if it ended, it used to be special and you both felt something great.

There is something magical about a certain level of love relationships. You knew from the beginning that there is something magical about love even if you didn’t think of this relationship as “love”. Now that it has ended, people might think that love is only possible between two people who are in love.

17) Your intuition tells you so

If you feel as if your intuition tells you that your soulmate is coming back to you, it’s a good sign.

Your intuition is right and this has to do with the level of trust you established in your relationship.

You could be sensitive to your soulmate in a way that you have been with no other. You understand the way they made their way back to you and feel the same way about them that they felt about you.

It means that they loved you even if they got scared of getting into a relationship again because of the love they have for themselves.

That kind of love can only grow stronger over time when there is nothing left to prove. The fact that it was special meant that both parties knew better than to try anything else.

18) You trust each other

If you trust your soulmate, he or she might come back to you because you have a special bond.

Your relationship was special and if you trusted your soulmate, he or she knew that they can trust you.

You trusted that they were going to stay with you forever and they know the same thing about themselves since they went through many changes in their life while being apart from each other.

This is something that you should respect as a sign from the Universe that whatever happened will make sense later on in life.

They are leading the best life possible because of the love that was shared before and everything will work out for the best for them in their current stage of life if things go well.

Nothing is certain

All relationships have their ups and downs, but if you find yourself in a toxic relationship where you feel like you can’t get out, it’s a sign that your partner isn’t your soulmate.

You don’t have to be in a relationship where you feel trapped or abused.

You deserve a relationship that’s healthy and nourishing.

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t meeting your needs and you’re not sure how to get out of it, you can speak to a therapist for advice or take some time apart to gain some clarity.

This can help you see if your feelings will change or if they are a sign that they’re not the right person for you.

This article gives you a lot of insight into whether your soulmate will return to you or not. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning of personal growth. There is still much to learn from this interaction, especially if it’s with your soulmate.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. I recommended them because of my own positive experiences with them, and I’m optimistic they can do the same for you.

Their spiritual advisors helped me in a real way that brought me answers I’d never been expecting or could possibly expect from any of my friends who haven’t encountered their soulmates.

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If you feel compelled to do something about it but don’t know how to go about it, the first thing to do is start looking within and find a sense of security within.

Meditation will help you clear your mind and gain insight into how best to move forward.

Read some personal development books and start working on yourself.

Work on becoming a better version of yourself so that your soulmate will be proud to be with you again.

If you have low self-esteem, personal development can help boost your confidence and give you the tools and skills necessary to win back your ex.

What you should take away from this article is that you should stay positive and listen to your intuition.

If you feel like something is wrong, then it’s something that you should look into further. You don’t have to take everything at face value.

Don’t accept the first answer that comes to mind and don’t rush into things.

Be objective and listen to your inner voice and trust it.

It will give you so much clarity that it will help prevent a lot of unnecessary hurt in your life down the road.

It can also help save some precious time where there might be someone perfect on the other end waiting for you just around the corner.

Nothing is certain in our relationships. Love involves risk. Being closely connected to someone doesn’t mean that the relationship will be easy or predictable.

It means that you have to be more open and trusting than ever.

And listen to a deep part of yourself for guidance.

Good luck out there!

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