10 signs your personality is so unique that people often misunderstand you

We’re all unique.

Except some people are more unique than others. There will always be outliers and exceptions to the rules.

Are you one of them?

The answer’s down below. Here are the 10 signs your personality is so unique that people often misunderstand you.

1) You find it difficult to establish authentic connections with others

It’s not easy being the one who just doesn’t fit, and you know that from personal experience.

The school years can be tough on anyone, but unique personalities most of all. Think back to your childhood.

Did you struggle to find your group? Maybe you kept switching from one to the next, being thrown around like a ball. Maybe you only had one friend who was as unique as you. Or maybe you spent a lot of time on your own, drawing pictures in the corner.

This inability to blend in has followed you through the years, and now here you are, with only a few true friends.

But you know what? That’s all you need. It’s better to stay authentic to yourself and have a smaller circle than to live a life of pretense.

2) “You’re just different”

The advantage of being unique is that your mind’s so wonderfully different.

The downside?

People just don’t get you. Every time you do something out of the ordinary, friends and family wave it away, saying, “That’s so typical. Of course you’d do something like that. You’re just different.”

The problem is that it’s never very clear whether being “different” is good or not. You hover in the grey zone, unsure of what your family truly thinks of you apart from how strange you are.

And sometimes – or a lot of times, let’s be honest – you try to over-explain your behavior just to make someone finally understand.

3) You explain and explain but always come up short

You give an elaborate speech dissecting your thoughts and intentions. To you, it makes perfect sense.

But they just stare, dumbfounded. Maybe they throw in “you’re just different” a couple of times.


The math is just not mathing. And at some point, you realize that maybe it’s better to just… say nothing.

4) You keep a lot to yourself

Misunderstanding hurts.

It feels like you’re completely alone in a world full of people, unable to open up and hear that click, that sensation of two minds connecting on a deeper level.

After some time, you might give up trying to explain yourself. You just keep most of your thoughts to yourself, in the safety of your own mind.

If you think it’s useless to express your true opinions because trial and error have taught you there’s no point, it might be a sign your personality is very unique.

5) Your inner world is painted a different color

Everything we’ve covered so far is a result of one thing: you simply function differently.

And that’s more than okay!

Your inner world is rich and powerful, giving you the tools to approach problems in new and creative ways.

In Math class, we all used to follow the teacher’s directions. But my friend was different. He always found his own strategies to solve mathematical problems because he didn’t like what the teacher was doing.

Fair play to him.

With such a unique personality like yours, you’re that friend. The one who thinks outside the box, works independently, and has the potential to find new solutions to old problems.

You don’t meet people like that every day. And that makes you wonderful and valuable.

6) Rules? What rules?

Obviously, uniqueness doesn’t play by the textbook. You approach the world differently, and so it makes perfect sense that the established rules and social norms don’t really suit you.

You might struggle to meet social expectations at dinners and parties.

You might be a night owl in a world built for early birds.

You might find school boring and a waste of time (this often applies to unique and highly intelligent people – take Albert Einstein who dropped out of school or Bill Gates who left Harvard).

You’re simply determined to make your own way in the world, even if it means foregoing straight As on your diploma or the safety net of traditional career paths.

7) Not even personality tests can figure you out

When you set out to do some personality tests, you either get a very unique result – for example, you could be INFJ on the Myers-Briggs test – or the results don’t fit you at all.

“What?” you think as you’re reading a text explaining your strength is decision-making. “I’m the most indecisive person alive!”

This is because your personality is so very complex that it’s impossible to figure you out just by answering some pre-set questions.

The test may also be rubbish, so… there’s that. Take this one with a grain of salt.

8) You don’t fit into tidy categories

Personality tests rely on categorizing, and so do a lot of people when they try to put a label on who they are.

While labels can be extremely helpful – through grouping yourself with other people, you might find it easier to form deep connections and get a firmer grip on your sense of self – they’re also restrictive in their nature.

And uniqueness doesn’t do well in captivity.

If none of the labels on offer speak to you, you might be too complicated to define.

But the good news is that you don’t need to fit any categories to be happy. Be simply yourself. That’s all that matters.

9) You find small talk absolutely exhausting

Before we finish off with the final sign, we have to address the mind-numbing, soul-draining thing that is small talk.

Small talk is like Marmite (a British spread made of yeast). You either love it or you hate it.

If you have a very unique personality, you’re likely to swerve in the second direction.

Small talk is about grazing the surface of someone’s mind. What’s your job? What do you think about today’s weather? Have you had a good flight?

Ugh, give me a break. You want to talk about things that truly matter. What made you smile today? How have you been feeling lately, and I mean truly?

If a conversation doesn’t dig deep enough, you quickly lose interest and wonder if it’d be preferable to just spend the evening by yourself.

Which brings us to our final point…

10) You relish solitude

As someone who’s often misunderstood, it’s no wonder you like being alone.

You get to truly thrive in your own company. Your imagination lets loose, your hobbies engulf you for hours on end, and your animal companions prove time and again they’re the best friends you could ever wish for.

Solitude is amazing, and the ability to flourish in your own compay is an excellent skill to have.

But before you barricade yourself in a hut somewhere in the woods, remember that no matter how unique and different you are, you’re not the only one.

There are people out there who are unusual and authentically themselves to the same degree as you, albeit in different ways. And when you find them, you’ll build friendships for life.

Being unique doesn’t mean you have to lead a secluded life. So get out there and make some friends!

Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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