21 undeniable signs your Aquarius ex wants you back (complete list)

Do you miss your Aquarius ex? Wonder if they miss you too?

The Aquarius is not expressive by nature and they often put on a mask to protect themselves from getting hurt.

So how do you know if they want you back?

Well, you just need to know what signs to look out for. Here are 21 signs your Aquarius ex wants you back:

1) They contact you out of the blue

If your Aquarius ex contacts you out of the blue, it could be a sign that they miss you and want you back.

Maybe they’ve been on a few dates with other people and it just isn’t working for them. Maybe they’ve been thinking about you a lot and want to get closure.

Whatever the reason, they’ve chosen to reach out to you again and see what happens. This is a great opportunity to start seeing if they really do want to get back together.

2) They want to stay friends

If your ex wants to stay friends after breaking up with you, it may be a sign that they want to keep the door open for a future romantic relationship.

Maybe they feel like they rushed into the breakup and want to take more time before deciding whether they want to get back together.

Or maybe they just want to still be part of your life in some way, even if they know they don’t want to get back together with you.

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4) They ask your friends about you

If your Aquarius ex keeps asking your friends about you – what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, what your plans are for the future, or if you’re seeing someone new – it’s a clear sign that they are not over you.

They want to find out how you’re doing and if you miss them as much as they miss you. They want to know if you’ve moved on or if they still stand a chance.

In short: If your ex is asking around about you, it’s because they’re trying to find out if you’d be open to the idea of getting back together.

5) They try to win you back by being especially nice

Are you dating someone new? Is your ex showing signs of jealousy?

In my experience, if your ex is jealous of the new person you’re dating or even jealous of anyone you talk to, it could be a sign that they want to get back together with you.

Your ex doesn’t think anyone else you date is good enough for you – sound familiar?

The thing is that if your ex doesn’t think anyone you date is good enough for you, it’s because they think that you should be with them and that only they can make you happy.

6) They keep showing up at your favorite café

If your ex keeps showing up at your favorite café, it could be a sign that they want to spend more time with you.

Or, if you used to spend a lot of time at that café together, it could also be that they miss you. They go there because it means a lot to them.

Trust me, if they didn’t want to get back together, they’d avoid going to places they could easily run into you.

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8) They start talking about the relationship and what went wrong

If your Aquarius ex is trying to win you back, you’ll probably start hearing them talk about the relationship and why it fell apart.

They won’t say, “We just didn’t work out” or “These things happen.” They’ll almost certainly look for reasons for why it didn’t work out.

They may blame themselves or even put the blame on you. They may talk about things they wish they had done differently.

If they talk about their regrets, you can be sure that they wish you were still together and are wondering how to win you back.

9) They keep posting photos of you two together on social media

If you’ve recently broken up with you Aquarius and they keep on posting photos of the two of you together on social media, it can only mean one thing: they miss you.

They’re obviously trying to get your attention. And if you two aren’t speaking right now, they’re hoping that you’ll see all the photos they’ve posted on social media and get the message: they want you back.

10) They say they miss your friendship

If your ex is anything like most people, they’ll miss your friendship.

After all, it was through your friendship that you two were able to form a romantic bond in the first place. You two were able to explore each other’s personalities, see each other’s sense of humor, and learn each other’s innermost fears and desires.

If your ex misses your friendship, they’re likely missing all of these qualities and more. It’s possible that they’re lonely and that nobody else can fill your place.

The short of it is that they miss you and your friendship and chances are they want you back in their lives in a much more significant way.

11) They casually inquire about your relationship status

Here’s an interesting one: If your ex casually asks you about your romantic life, they may actually be trying to gauge your current level of commitment. Sneaky huh?

For instance, they may ask you if you’re dating anyone or if you’re in a relationship. If they casually ask you these kinds of questions, it could be a sign that they want to know if you’re off the market or if they have a shot of winning you back.

They’re scared you’ll end up with someone else and are hoping that you don’t get serious about anyone you may be dating.

All in all, if your ex casually inquires about your relationship status, it’s a surefire sign that they want you back. And if you’re still single, then they have a good chance of getting back together with you.

12) They’re not dating anyone new

Here’s another sign your Aquarius ex wants you back – they’re not dating anyone new. Obviously, they can’t get you out of their mind.

After all, it’s hard to move on from your previous relationship when you’re still in love with the person.

Your ex may have tried to find someone new to go out with, but nobody else could measure up to you so they thought, “What’s the point?”

In my experience, the fact that they’re still single means they’re hoping you’ll come back to them.

13) They tell you they’ve changed

If your ex keeps telling you how much they’ve changed for the better, it’s because they’re hoping that you’ll give them another chance.

They want you to know that whatever went wrong the first time around, would never happen again.

They obviously regret breaking up with you and want to make amends with you. If your ex tells you that they’ve changed, then it’s worth considering that they want you back.

14) They admit they made mistakes

Admitting your mistakes takes guts. If your Aquarius ex admits that they made mistakes, it’s clear that they want you to forgive them and like them again.

Now, it could be that they just want to make amends, but it could also be that they want you to know that they know where they went wrong and would never dream of making the same mistakes twice.

The bottom line is that if your ex admits that they made mistakes, chances are they want to start over with you.

So, are you willing to give them another chance?

15) They find random excuses to call you

Do you find your ex calling you randomly to talk to you about any little thing?

Here’s the thing: They miss you. They miss being with you. They miss talking to you. They miss the sound of your voice. And they’re secretly hoping that you feel the same way.

If your ex keeps finding random excuses to call you, it’s because they want you back.

16) They drunk dial you

As annoying as getting a call from a drunk ex can be, it’s also very revealing.

When your ex is sober, they may be too proud to pick up the phone and call you. They may not want to admit how much they miss you.

But, as we all know, alcohol has a way of letting our guards down and when we drink too much, we become braver and lose our inhibitions.

If you ask me, if your ex drunk dials you and gets emotional, it’s because they’re not over you. They obviously have a hard time moving on and wish they had never broken up with you in the first place.

17) They’re clearly unhappy without you

Have your ex’s friends been telling you how unhappy they are?

When you last saw them, did they look like they lost some weight and like they haven’t been sleeping?

They miss you so much that they can’t be happy without you. They clearly have feelings for you and want to get back together.

They regret ending the relationship and that they want to get it back on track.

Sometimes seeing physical signs can be quite revealing.

18) They bring up the good old days

In my experience, if your ex brings up the past and the good old days, it’s because they want to recreate that magic

If they start reminiscing about how good things were between you two, or if they start talking about how great it was when you were dating, this could be them telling you that they miss you.

So, if they’ve been thinking about the past and they miss you, too, what’s stopping you from getting back together?

19) They talk about the future – with you

If your ex is talking about the future, they could be hinting at the fact that they want you to be part of that future.

If they start talking about what they want to do with their lives, and you’re included in their plans, then they might be looking toward a future that has you in it.

If they’re talking about what they want in their lives and you’re a big part of it – even if just as a friend – then they could be trying to show you that you’re important to them.

20) They like all your social media posts

The truth is that if your Aquarius ex has been all over your social media liking your pictures and commenting on your posts it’s a surefire sign that they miss you and want you back in their lives.

If you’ve broken up with them, but they’re still liking everything that you post and commenting on your posts, it’s a way for them to reach out to you and send you a subtle message that they miss you.

21) They leave stuff at your apartment

Finally, if your ex has left a bunch of stuff at your place – books, toothbrush, gym bag – it’s because they need an excuse to see you.

What’s more, it could be that they’re in denial about the breakup. They don’t see a reason to pick up their things when you’ll be getting back together soon.

Now that we’ve had a look at the undeniable signs that your Aquarius ex wants you back, it’s up to you to check in with your feelings and see if you want them back too!

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