6 signs you have a strong but sensitive personality

Our society has programmed us to hide or tamper down emotions considered as “negative.” We were taught to think that showing sadness and pain is a weakness.

But sometimes, true strength doesn’t manifest in appearing strong—true strength shows in how we acknowledge our shortcomings, accept our inabilities, and in grieving our pain.

You might not think you’re a strong person because you cry off the bat and show your whole heart in your sleeves. But in a world where people wear masks, showing your vulnerability is an act of defiance.

Here are 6 signs you are strong, even though you are a sensitive person.

1. People say you’re a good listener

You’re the one people go to when they simply need a shoulder to cry on. You listen without judgment. You create a safe space for anyone to show their weaknesses and simply take a break from being “strong.”

You’re a strong person because you understand that sometimes, all you need is to let it all out. Your limitless empathy and kindness allow people to feel understood and validated.

2. You don’t need external validation

You’re completely at home with yourself. You know that everything you need is within you. You’re confident in what you have to offer.

For you, no one else will be able to give you that sense of meaning and validation, but yourself.

Other people get caught up in trying to get other people to like them and value them. Not you. Your strongest asset is the ability to truly believe that you are an amazing human being.

3. You don’t tolerate ignorance and prejudice

You view all human beings as equal—regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or religion. And you cannot tolerate people who spread hate based on antiquated beliefs.

You openly defend both strangers and loved ones when you feel that they’re being treated with ignorance. It’s not about having a sense of judgment, but about knowing human decency.

You consider yourself as someone cultured, well-informed and someone who cares about what’s happening in the world. The people in your life share your views. If not, they don’t belong in your life at all.

4. You surround yourself with honest and supportive people

You choose your friends carefully because you know that your happiness depends on the people around you, too.

You value meaningful relationships and have worked hard to have a small but intimate social network filled with supportive and honest people who view the world the same way you do.

Toxicity has no place in your life. The fact that you only have people who empower you make you not only stronger, but a better person overall.

5. You don’t make excuses, and you don’t tolerate it from others too.

You don’t have high expectations of people. In fact, you’re the most understanding person out there. But you’re also not a doormat.

You hold high standards of integrity for yourself and for the people around you. Because for you, kindness means valuing other people’s times and efforts. If they don’t give you the same type of respect, they’re not worth having in your life.

Your relationships are not one-way streets, but an equal exchange of love, understanding, and support.

6. You are highly authentic

Perhaps this is the bottom line.

When it comes down to it, you’re simply someone who is true to who you are.

You don’t make pretenses. You’re not afraid to say what you truly mean. And you make decisions based on the unshakable belief that if you do it for yourself, you’ll never get it wrong.

Everything in your life has to be genuine, or it’s not in your life at all. From your job, your friends, to every decision you choose to make, it is all aligned to your beliefs.

You value honesty in yourself, and perhaps, that is your greatest strength. You are quiet but loud. You let your actions speak for you, instead of shouting it to the whole world. You’re vulnerable but brave. There is nothing you want more in life than to be able to live it on your own terms. 

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