44 signs you have a low vibration (and what to do about it)

Feeling low from time to time is totally normal.

You can’t be in a good mood even if you got laid off from work or if your house burned to the ground. It’s healthy to embrace negative emotions so feel the sad feelings all the way. You’re not Norman Bates!

However if low vibration has become part of your general outlook and way of life — if you feel all grumpy and sad and toxic that you’re now in the same league as Woody Allen — it’s time to make some changes.

You can’t live this way forever. It’s not good for you, it’s not good for the people you love, and it’s definitely not helping you succeed in life.

Before you fix your vibes, take a look at these traits of low vibrational people so you’ll have a clearer assessment if you’re indeed exhibiting low vibes. This is also a guide so you’ll know in which specific areas you need to work on.

44 signs you have low vibration energy

1) You find happy people annoying

It makes you cringe when people laugh and smile a lot because you feel like they’re just faking it or they’re rubbing their happiness in your face.

2) You feel lost in life

You still haven’t figured out your life purpose even after you took the Myers Briggs test a dozen times.

Okay, life purpose is heavy stuff but you don’t even have a hobby you’re truly passionate about. This makes you bitter towards those who’ve already figured it all out.

3) You have low tolerance for bullsh*t

Your bullshit radar is so sensitive and always on that you get impatient too quickly.

You can’t help but call them out whenever they say BS because these people shouldn’t just go on living like they can get away with everything.

4) You find six things to complain about before breakfast

You hate the noises the neighbors make, you hate the breakfast your S.O. prepared, you hate your best friend for not replying to your messages again. It’s as if you always wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

5) You constantly think about death and how fleeting life is

If we will all die and no one will remember us in a decade or two, what’s the point of living?

What’s the point of reaching out and being nice to people when everything is just temporary?

6) You’re convinced there’s no one thing you’re good at

Some people are just born loaded with talent and skills. But you?

You feel like there isn’t a single thing you’re truly good at. Zilch! It makes you feel angry and very ashamed of yourself.

7) You’re always waiting for a turning point

You’re not so happy about your life and you’re waiting for that big transformation.

You imagine it to be like those fast montage sequences in movies wherein the protagonist’s life transforms from being a loser to an instant winner.

You’re just waiting and waiting and waiting…

8) The future doesn’t excite you

You feel that life is passing you by.

You’re biting your tongue at the thought of the future. Everyone’s getting married, getting promotions, having kids, moving. But you’re in the same spot for years now and you feel like nothing will change in the next decade.

9) You keep a looooong list of the bad stuff from the past

When you recall your past, the first things you remember are the bad stuff — when your parents shouted at you, when your bullies humiliated you, when someone broke your heart.

You just can’t let go of them and you sometimes blame those moments for screwing up your life.

10) “I’ll show you” has become your personal motto

So many people have belittled you and you can’t wait to prove to them how far you’ve come…except that you’re still not there.

But just they wait!

11) You see the world in dark-colored glasses

You’re a pessimist and you know it but you prefer it because it keeps you from getting too hurt or disappointed.

Sometimes, people just feel a little down when talking to you but they shouldn’t expect everyone to be sparkly.

Your intentions are pure: you don’t want them to have false hopes because you know how disappointing that can be.

12) Your hobby is judging people

It has become your pastime of choice because it just gives you immense pleasure analyzing people, especially their flaws and how their lives suck. It makes you happy there are people more miserable than you.

13) You panic when something good happens to others (especially to your friends)

Someone posts about moving to Canada? You panic.

Someone posts about getting an award? You panic.

You’re scared that everyone’s figured out their lives except you.

14) You panic when something good happens to you

Let’s say that you went out on a date and the two of you really clicked…that it’s as if true love is coming your way.

You start to get nervous because deep inside you know it’s too good to be true and that eventually, things will fall apart.

15) You feel that people don’t like you that much (and you really can’t blame them)

You can’t pinpoint exactly because there are no clear signs they don’t like you (no one has the guts to tell you) but you just FEEL it.

They don’t want you around and you think it’s because of your toxic behaviors.

16) People get a little tense when you’re around

It’s as if the air just changes when you join your friends and colleagues.

They stutter and stop talking for a few seconds. They won’t tell you directly but they tiptoe a little when you’re around.

17) You’re losing friends left and right

As we get older, friendships become our least priority so that one wrong move or bad interaction could potentially end a friendship.

We don’t want to maintain friendships anymore, especially if they’re a little toxic. Your friends seem to have distanced themselves from you and you’re guessing that it’s because you’re too “brutally honest” and negative for them.

18) You’ve resorted to bad habits

You smoke a lot and drink a lot because you feel bored…and incredibly scared and lonely.

Having a low vibe has direct effects on our mental and physical health because depression is correlated to addictive behaviors.

19) You feel like no one really gets you

You feel as if there’s something innately wrong with you and this makes you feel like an outsider.

20) They say you’re closed off

Talking to people is nice…only if they don’t ask too many questions.

You have developed walls because you don’t trust easily and there’s nothing in your life you’re truly proud of. You know that if you let them in, they’d start seeing how much of a loser you really are.

21) They say you’re somewhat close-minded

Well, it’s not really that you’re close-minded, it’s just that very few people have the ability to convince you to see the other side of the coin.

You are flexible and open, they’re just not too smart.

22) You know you’re smarter than everyone else

You aren’t so bummed about not having many friends really because intelligent people on average have fewer friends.

Your mission isn’t to be liked. Your mission is to educate stupid people or at least let them realize their ignorance.

It’s your contribution to mankind.

23) You hate people who are “shallow” and “superficial” (and there’s a lot of them!)

You’re allergic to the Live, Love, laugh types. They’re just too basic.

And you hate it that they’re the ones who are always happy. Ignorance is bliss. They just like drinking their Starbucks and taking photos which they’ll post on IG. Bah!

24) You hate people whose only main goal is to get filthy rich

For you, these people are the reason the world is a sad place to live in.

They just take and take and take! They’re too straight and you wouldn’t want to be associated with them.

25) You enjoy a good debate…even a bad one

You don’t understand why people take arguments too personally when it’s just meant to be a healthy discussion where everyone learns a little something (them, more than you, of course).

For you, those who take offense are just pussies.

26) You feel like your boundaries are often violated

While it’s perfectly healthy to set boundaries especially if you’re a highly sensitive person, it seems like you feel disrespected a lot of times when people share stuff because they make you feel uncomfortable.

You feel disrespected often.

27) You nitpick and always have one bad thing to comment on

You’re critical and you can’t help it.

You feel like your criticisms are true and people are just too sensitive. Someone’s gotta tell them straight if something isn’t working so they can improve.

28) You love gossip

You eat gossip for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

It gives you a certain high to talk about other people’s dirty laundry. It’s exciting to know how other people f*ck up their lives.

29) You try to suppress your dark side

According to Carl Jung, we have these aspects in our identity that we don’t like so we repress them. This is called the shadow self. If we don’t acknowledge our shadow self, we won’t know who we truly are, thus we will stay stuck.

30) You find the need to fix others

You enjoy pointing out the flaws of others and how they can improve their lives because it’s something you find hard to do with yourself.

You often do this to people who are less powerful than you like your kids, your younger siblings, the new intern.

31) You don’t believe you can achieve your dreams

You have this strong feeling that you will remain the same person for the rest of your life and that you don’t have the capacity to succeed. You give this vibe to others and pull them down by crushing their optimism.

32) You’re full of insecurities

You can’t find one thing about you that you can truly be proud of.

Your job is meh, your talents don’t exist, you have a pizza face and your abs are still flabs. What’s worse is that you can’t even laugh about them anymore.

33) You feel like everyone is having a blast without you

You feel that they’re just pretending to like you but deep inside they can’t wait for you to leave the party.

And once you’re out of the scene, you know they’re having more fun because you’re not there anymore.

34) You believe life is cruel and unfair

Who says life should be easy? Who says things will always get better?

Stup*d people, that’s who. For you, life is not all roses and the earlier you realize this, the better off you are.

35) You feel attacked by innocent questions

They ask you about your relationship and you feel like they just want to hear bad stuff so they can be happy with their relationships.

They ask you about your job and you feel like they’re just competitive.

36) It’s hard for you to celebrate your friends’ successes

You know you’re supposed to be happy for them but if you’re to be truly honest, it kills you when they achieve a milestone so you just fake a congrats and just hope they won’t notice your conflicting feelings.

It gets harder and harder with every wedding, house warming party, and baby shower.

37) You only want to be with people who are also struggling

To you, they’ve got character!

But for real though, when you’re with your more successful friends and colleagues, you feel left out. That’s why you prefer to be with people who are struggling just like you so you’re on the same level.

38) More than one person accused you of being a narc

You disagree that you have a full-blown narcissistic personality disorder although you’re aware you exhibit some of the traits like super fragile self-esteem and manipulative behavior.

39) You believe in Murphy’s Law

Anything that could go wrong will go wrong, right?

When you encounter problems big and small, you expect that more bad things will happen instead of good.

40) You’re ANTI everything

You hate Valentines, you hate Instagram, you hate the #metoo movement.

You’re a nonconformist and that’s cool but sometimes, instead of just going your own way and not following popular trends, you become a hater. You try to shut your mouth but it seems like people can feel your negative thoughts even if you fake a smile.

41) You self-sabotage

You’re well aware that there are some things you do that can prevent you from becoming your best self.

You procrastinate, you party hard even if (or especially when) there’s a deadline the next day. You’re your own worst enemy sometimes and you’re well aware of it.

42) You don’t like making concrete plans or goals

You’ve tried this before and it didn’t work out.

You don’t want to plan anymore because it will only lead to more disappointments and you’re too old to recover from another failure.

43) You think everyone pays attention to your flaws

We are our own worst critics, so we highlight our flaws even though no one really pays attention to them. It feels that way, though.

When people look at you, you feel that they care so much that your nose is crooked, that you’re driving an ugly car, that you’re old and broke.

44) You feel like the world owes you a lot

You think that the world is unfair to you.

You feel that there’s a strong force that decided you’d have a miserable life. Although you try to repress your anger, it shows.

So okay, you really have low vibration. Now what?

If you find yourself nodding your head and relating to more than half of the things listed above, you have low vibration energy.

What to do? Should you just embrace who you are?

Of course not!

Your vibration affects everything in your life and if you just let things be the way they are, you will be miserable (or not as joyful). Even if you get successful in all areas of your life if you still have low vibration, you’d find something to hate about your life and the world.

You can’t just do the “I am what I am, take it or leave it, I accept myself 100%” route. No, no, no!

This is your vibes we’re talking about, not the shape of your head. You don’t have to embrace negativity because you CAN do something about it. You gotta go for what’s truly healthy for you.

There’s no guarantee that eliminating your low vibration will fix your life. However, it can make it more bearable…and even fun.

  • Reaching for your goals will become more exciting rather than desperate.
  • Relationships will become less tense.
  • You’ll worry less and have a more pleasant sleep.
  • You’ll have an abundance mindset which can make you more optimistic and relaxed.
  • You’ll be okay no matter where life takes you.

Here are some hacks on how you can improve your vibes

#1 Take care of your body

If you haven’t been sleeping well for the past weeks, haven’t been eating right, haven’t been exercisin’, it’s expected that you won’t be in a very good mood. Our psychological condition greatly affects our mental health and moods.

Go get healthier!

#2 Have a gratitude journal

Before you step out of bed, write five things you’re grateful for. You don’t have to think too hard.

There are so many things to be grateful for!

Be grateful for your eyes, ears, nose, hands, tongue…all your body parts!

Be grateful you’re still alive.

Be grateful you still have time to make changes in your life

This is not some kind of Dr. Phil crap. It works because it trains your brain to look for the good stuff. Do this again at night before you sleep. Then do this daily for a month or two. You can skip the notebook once you get into the habit.

#3 Look for “positivity” idols

Who are those people that just radiate joy?

Sandra Bullock or Kristin Wiig definitely has more happy vibes compared to Angelina Jolie.

Try to imbibe the happy ones for at least a month or two instead of the melancholic folks.

It doesn’t mean that you should look down on those who are drawn to the dark side. The rebellious, melancholic ones have always been your type of people. But just for the purpose of reprogramming your brain, we should try to look for more upbeat ones to emulate.

Think of the people you admire who have high vibration. List them down or print their photos and be influenced by them.

#4 Since you’re anti, try to challenge yourself

You hate whatever is popular because you think everyone thinks alike.

How about you try to go against your anti-self?

Everytime you want to attack or rebel or hate on something, think how typical you are. You’re a conformist non-conformist…just like millions of others.

Everytime you tell yourself the world sucks, tell yourself that many people around the world think the same thing.

Try to make your rebellious self go against your usual way of thinking and doing things.

#5 Take in more positive stuff

Listen to feel-good music. Read inspiring stories. Be with positive people. Read articles on how to be more positive.

Avoid the negative stuff for a while. Try to stay away from other low vibrational people for a while. Don’t listen to emo music and don’t watch depressing movies.

You won’t have to do this forever. We can’t avoid the not-so-happy and not-so-comfy things in life. We just need to pull you out from a negative environment and headspace for a month or two so you can slowly minimize your low vibration.

One last thing before you start transforming yourself…

Look, it might seem like we’re encouraging you to change from low vibration to high vibration but that’s not the case.

Not really.

If you become too high vibe, maybe no one will recognize you (not even yourself) because nothing will be left of your core personality. You don’t have to change your personality at all!

If you’re a sarcastic, slightly pessimistic, sometimes bitter person, don’t expect to become someone cheerful (although that won’t be so bad either if that’s what you want).

You have cool traits like being funny, witty, smart-alecky that I’m sure people love about you. If you get all positive, those cool traits will be watered down. Just do it gradually and always ask yourself during the process of transformation if you’re still you.

The goal isn’t to transform you from being a person with low vibes to one with high vibes. Not only is that impossible, it would be a pity to lose the unique you!

The goal is to refine your personality and minimize negativity without losing your core so you will become a refined, less grumpy, more positive version of yourself.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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