11 undeniable signs of twin flame runner regret (complete list)

Are you sick and tired of wondering if your twin flame regrets running away from you?

Admit it. You picture them on a serene beach, sipping cocktails, and not thinking about you.

But deep down, you’re aware that’s not the case.

To make things clearer for you, I’ve put together a list of 11 undeniable signs of twin flame runner regret.

Let’s jump right in!

1) You notice symbols of regret

You and your twin flame have the extraordinary ability to communicate in other ways than just verbally and in writing.

That’s why it’s not unlikely for you to notice symbols of regret when your twin flame regrets running away.

Have you seen purple and yellow flowers lately?

According to Florgeous, “more often than not, the purple hyacinth is the flower that is chosen to symbolize regret.”

In addition, the herb of grace, or rue, is also known to symbolize regret, repentance, and sorrow.

Or, if you suddenly notice numerous people wearing black clothes, driving black cars, and using black phones, this could also happen because of your counterpart’s feelings of regret.

To be more precise, the color black is “the hallmark color of sadness” and regret.

The same goes if you felt drawn to this color lately, but you had no idea why.

Want to know more? Here are 5 signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

2) Synchronicities are part of your life now

Synchronicities are characteristic of twin flames and other more enlightened souls.

Karen Hyman, a psychic medium, professional astrologer, spiritual advisor, and life coach, puts it simply:

“Synchronicities are things that both of the twin flames understand. They may be in the form of music or movies that have special meaning to the twin flames, or the content of the media might be related to what they are going through.”

In other words, if you keep hearing a song that’s about regret, it could be a sign from your twin flame.

Or, if articles about twin flame runner regret often appear in your search suggestions, this could mean the same thing.

The bond between your souls is deep, even if you don’t feel it now. That’s why the universe allows synchronicities to happen; to guide you two back into each other’s arms.

Before you experience another synchronicity, I encourage you to read about the 11 different types of twin flame relationships and find out which one you’re in.

3) You feel inexplicably drawn to a certain place

Because you are always on their mind, just as they are on yours, your twin flame’s energy is powerful enough to attract you to a certain place.

This place could be a common one, where you two met or have spent a lot of time together.

Or, it could be an unfamiliar place for you. In this case, your mirror soul might be connected to it.

Of course, to be sure, you’d have to pay attention to this sign and only act based on it if it occurs repeatedly and it feels right to you.

The reason I’m saying this is because sometimes, the runner could come back as a result of feeling regret, but run again soon after.

Why? If your mirror soul reunites with you just because they feel regret, it means they didn’t fix any of the other issues that determined them to run in the first place.

This is the point where you should learn more about the twin flame runner chaser dynamic to get a better understanding of the things you’re going through.

4) A gifted advisor validates the remorse

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5) You experience telepathic communication

The most common way you can experience telepathic communication with your mirror soul is when your mood suddenly changes.

Since we’re trying to discover signs of twin flame runner regret, what you can expect are negative mood swings.

I think we both agree that feeling regret is not a positive emotion. So, whenever a feeling of discomfort takes over you, it could be a sign from your twin flame.

Anna Scheucher, an author for HackSpirit, notes that twin flame runners regret:

  • Their own pain;
  • The pain they cause to their counterparts;
  • Being the runners;
  • The limitations on the twin flame journey;

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6) They show up in your dreams

Now, don’t take my words literally.

A sign that your mirror soul regrets running is definitely when they appear in your dreams.

However, they may not appear in their human form when they tell you they regret leaving you.

Wait, what?

Simply put, you could see the symbols mentioned above, angel numbers, and other different signs that directly refer to your twin flame and their feelings.

Tina Fey, an author for Nomadrs, confirms it:

“As you start moving towards a reunion in the physical plane, your twin-flame dreams are likely to intensify and become more frequent […] you may notice other manifestations such as numbers, signs, and symbols.”

Want to know if your twin flame dreams of you too? You can find the answers you need here.

7) You see twin flame angel numbers

Angel numbers can prove to be really helpful for people who see them, especially because they offer extensive guidance.

These numbers are extremely relevant for twin flames as well, so if you see numbers 1111 or 1010 repeatedly, they could be signs your mirror soul has regrets.

In fact, you must know these sequences of numbers are also on the list of 20 numbers that reveal your twin flame reunion is near.

But this is not all. There’s another interesting aspect I want to mention.

Your twin flame might see angel numbers such as 9336, 799, and 117 even before they acknowledge their feelings.

When explained in the context of regrets, these numbers may refer to the fact that regrets add no value to life and that they must be released.

So, you can rest assured knowing that you’re not the only one who receives guidance. Hopefully, your mirror soul is awakened enough to see these signs.

8) They break things off with their karmic ex

Numerous runners acted out of impulse and got together with their karmic exes as soon as they started running.

Or, some of them hooked up with someone else because they were too insecure, confused, and afraid.

Although these people don’t scare your mirror soul as much as you scare them, they will be left behind as well.

This may happen when your twin flame realizes how much he/she regrets running.

Stalking your other half is not a good idea, but if you happen to hear about their breakup, you can take it as a sign of regret.

Why are twin flames scared of each other? you might ask. Some of the reasons listed in this great article are:

  • You are both afraid of change, but not equally afraid;
  • The idea of transformation and growth scares both of you;

9) They don’t act like they don’t care

Souls Space notes that immediately after running, the twin who runs doesn’t feel regret. Instead, they feel relieved.

When this happens, your counterpart most likely acts like they don’t care. However, when that feeling disappears, their behavior also changes.

This point is especially useful if you didn’t cut all ties with your twin flame and you have a way of observing the way they act.

Does your twin say he/she has no feelings for you? Read about the 11 things you need to do.

According to the same source, if you’re still in ‌chasing mode, you’re making things worse. The runner needs you to stop chasing them to realize there’s nothing to run from but themselves.

“A runner will pretend to not feel anything. Truth is, they feel pain, they feel everything, they just choose to ignore it. Eventually, they do regret running. Eventually, all of the feelings get to where they can no longer ignore them, and they have to face things,” says an author for Medium.

10) You feel what they’re feeling

Just because your counterpart is currently running away from you, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that your connection is lost.

That’s why you can still sense them. Maybe you are not as in sync as you were in the “honeymoon phase”, but the connection is definitely there.

So, a sign of twin flame runner regret is when you also feel it. Even if you and your mirror soul are hundreds of miles apart, you can still communicate with each other telepathically.

In addition, you have the amazing ability to channel each other’s feelings.

To differentiate your feelings from your twin flame’s feelings, pay attention to your abrupt mood changes.

If you can’t find a reason for feeling something similar to regret, then maybe you’re experiencing your counterpart’s feelings, not yours.

Please note that they don’t do this on purpose. The runner is typically less aware of their telepathic abilities compared to the chaser.

11) Your body tells you so

Did you know your body is receptive to your mirror soul’s energy?

Here are the details:

“You can feel tingles in your palms, feet, or third eye. It’s not uncommon for twin flames to sense a stronger current of energy coursing through their body. You could experience anything from goosebumps, tingles, butterflies in your stomach, headaches, and even nausea, “ notes an author for PureTwinFlames.

Simply put, if your mirror soul regrets leaving, you could physically sense it.

Think about this for a moment. When was the last time ‌you had an inexplicable headache or got goosebumps without apparent reason?

If you’ve experienced such physical signs lately, they may be caused by your mirror soul’s regret.

How does the twin flame runner feel during separation?

Although you keep hearing that you can feel what your twin flame is feeling and the other way around, you’re still unsure whether they feel as much pain as you do.

It’s not like you want them to suffer, but you’d like to know more about what goes on in his/her mind and soul.

According to numerous runners, they feel scared, confused, and insecure. They can also face soul shock, but your experiences are most probably dissimilar.

During the separation phase, some runners become awakened and start enjoying their own company, taking care of themselves, and working towards achieving their goals. All these bring them closer to your reunion.

Others choose to ignore their feelings because they can’t understand them and everything seems too difficult to deal with.

However, – this is also something you’ll keep hearing – every twin flame journey is different, and maybe yours just needs a short break and some regret to grow stronger.

Is my twin flame awakening now?

Feeling regret about leaving you could lead to your twin flame’s awakening. However, there’s no way to know for sure.

It’s really up to your counterpart if they are willing to work on themselves and become an awakened soul.

There’s not much you can do about this. You can’t force your mirror soul to change or strive forward. These gestures would only push them away even more.

They are currently on their own journey, which can help with their awakening process.

So, until they’re ready to continue their twin flame journey with you, you can focus on yourself and your own spiritual development.

Although you definitely dislike being apart, it’s important to understand that individual growth is required for your reunion.

You need your counterpart to be as mature and awakened as you are for you two to join forces and build the type of relationship that you desire, or even change the world.

Will my twin flame come back if they regret running?

Certain twin flames go back to their counterpart when they start feeling regret. However, if they don’t take a moment to analyze the bigger picture, they might run again.

What made them run in the first place could make them run again. If this is your case, make sure to have a heart-to-heart conversation before you get back together.

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