25 revealing signs your married boss likes you romantically

Do you have a feeling that your married boss likes you romantically?

You are probably right!

So, don’t waste another moment living in uncertainty! Read this article to find out how to tell if your married boss likes you romantically.

By the time you reach the end, you’ll have the evidence in your hand and the certainty of knowing for sure whether or not your married boss is secretly into you!

Let’s get started!

1) You get extra special attention from your boss… who is married

Sign number one, that your married boss likes you in a way that they shouldn’t, is that they pay you some extra special attention now and then.

It might be as simple as coming by your desk to ask how dinner with your family went or wanting to know how your kids liked the last movie you saw together.

Or, they could offer their attention in a more elaborate manner, such as making you a cup of coffee or even asking you on one-on-one meetings just so that they can spend more time with you.

Other things that prove your boss gives you more attention compared to your other coworkers include:

  • They ask you more questions about your private life.
  • They make the time to check in on you and make sure that you’re doing well.
  • They praise you more often than other employees who have a higher status.
  • They make time for coffee or lunch breaks with you so that they can spend more time with you.
  • They don’t make you work as hard as your colleagues or pretend to assign you important tasks.

2) Your married boss flirts with you in a playful way

Sign number two that your married boss likes you romantically, is that he or she flirts with you in a playful way.

What do I mean? Well, your boss isn’t very obvious about flirting with you. They are casually making jokes, making eye contact, and so on.

For example, perhaps they’ll make jokes about your outfit and suggest they’ll date you to get a reaction out of you.

On another note, they could also be playful with the way that they touch you.

For instance, they may give you a friendly pat on the back or wrap their hand around your shoulder when having a conversation with you.

This applies to both men and women bosses.

How so? Men and women equally tend to be playful and make jokes in the office. In addition, women bosses are just as likely to flirt with their subordinates compared to male bosses!

3) They invite you to fun work events

Sign number three that your married boss likes you romantically is that they invite you to fun work events.

They might even invite you to special holiday parties or any other kind of office event where there’s going to be a lot of socializing and fun involved.

The reason? They want to spend more time with you and maybe get closer to you.

To be sure, think about their behavior during these events. If they include you in their conversations, if they tend to give you a lot of attention and compliments – all of these things suggest that there’s more to it than just being friendly.

So, think back and try to remember how exactly your boss behaved at these events.

4) What would a gifted advisor say?

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about whether your married boss likes you romantically.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions like, “Does your married boss really have romantic feelings for you?” or “Should you give him/her a chance?”

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5) They talk about their personal life with you

Want to know another way to tell if your married boss likes you romantically?

Sign number five is that your boss will start to talk about their personal life with you.

They might tell you about their dating history in order to get you to open up about yours. Or, they might share a funny story or two about their passions and try to get feedback from you.

These seemingly innocent conversations have a hidden purpose behind them. Your boss wants to get you to open up about your personal life or maybe just get to know more about you!

They are doing this to see if they can relate and learn more about you and what kind of a person you are.

Oftentimes, what they are doing is getting a feel for whether or not you might be interested in them romantically before they make any kind of move.

6) They like to hang out with you outside of work

What’s more revealing than asking you to hang out with them outside of work?

At this point, you’ve got to understand that your married boss is considering taking things to the next level.

So, if your boss asks you to hang out with them during your personal time and not just during work hours, that’s a big sign that you’re at least on their radar!

Examples are things like them asking you to lunch, parties, or social gatherings. This also applies to casual conversations outside of work hours.

As you can see, any attempt to extend the relationship outside of work is a significant sign that your wedded boss is trying to get closer to you.

7) They make your job a lot easier

Another indication that your wedded boss likes you romantically is if they make your job a lot easier.

Examples include things like shortening your work hours, allowing you to work from home, or assigning you more interesting tasks.

It also applies to things such as giving you positive feedback or recognizing your hard work in front of other people.

They might even go as far as to give you projects that have great rewards or high status.

What’s the point? This is a sign that they’re trying to make work more fun for you. If they are, then this is an indirect way of saying that they like you romantically.

8) They make intense and prolonged eye contact with you

Knowing how to read your married boss’s body language is also a good indicator of whether or not they are interested in you.

For example, they might make eye contact that is prolonged and intense. They could be staring at you without blinking when you talk to them. When you look away, they will follow your eyes and make the conversation very personal.

These are signs that your boss likes the attractiveness of someone and is trying to catch their attention. In this case, it’s flirtatious behavior!

Eye contact is one of the first nonverbal cues to start with. However, there are many other signs that your boss might be attracted to you or interested!

So, you’ll want to start out by paying attention to their eye contact with you.

9) You recognize your boss on a soul level

You may be right that your boss is in love with you if you recognize your boss on a soul level. Like in the case of soulmates.

To be more precise, you recognize a deep bond between you two, and although you don’t want it to be romantic because they’re married, it’s still there.

So how can you know that you’ve met “the one”, your true soulmate and if this person is your married boss?

Let’s face it:

Instead of wondering which are the signs they like you, you could save yourself some valuable time and find out for sure.

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10) They ask you to meet them in private

Sign number nine that your married boss is attracted to you and likes you romantically, is that they ask you to meet them in private.

Examples include things such as asking for an impromptu meeting, calling for an extended lunch break, or asking you if they can see you at your apartment or house.

It also applies to things like they want to meet you somewhere or get together with you.

Again, this is a sign that they’re interested in something much deeper than just your friendship.

In addition, they make up excuses to ask you to meet them in these circumstances. They might even say that a project is going to take a little bit longer or that they need to show you an important document.

If this happens, keep in mind that your wedded boss might not just mean that they want to talk about work. They could be after something a little more than that!

11) Your boss rejects their spouse’s calls when you’re there

You’ll want to keep an eye out for how many times your boss rejects their spouse’s calls in front of you.

If it happens frequently and if your boss lets you know that they’re rejecting the call, then this is a clue that they like you.

In case they do this, it’s safe to say that there’s a little something more going on. Otherwise, why would they do this?

It might be that they want to get to know you better or that they are starting to take things further than just being your boss. It could even mean that they like you romantically!

In this regard, it’s important to develop the ability to read him/her and to know they’re feeling. As with everything else, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

12) Your wedded boss shows off how important their job is

They show you how much power they have at work. Are you impressed?

You should be because that’s why they’re doing it! By doing this, they are showing you that they are a valuable asset to the organization.

They like to use their role as leverage in order to make themselves sound more important.

What’s more, your wedded might brag about their company and tell you how much it’s worth. They could brag about the number of employees or its corporate worth and share detailed information with you.

The important part of this is they’re doing this in order to let you know that they have a lot of power. They’re trying to impress you with the money they make, their job security, and the kind of influence they have.

Want to know a secret?

Power is an aphrodisiac for some people. They like to be around people who are powerful because they feel like they can get away with things that they might not be able to otherwise.

Is this you? If you’re like this, it could be a sign that your boss is considering something more than just your friendship.

13) Your married boss starts taking extra care of their appearance

If your boss starts taking extra care of their appearance, this could be a good sign that they are into you.

They might wear more stylish clothes or more expensive designer clothing to work. They also might wear jewelry that shows off their status.

When you’re around them, they might also wear cologne or perfume to make themselves smell good. They could even change the way that they wear their hair or makeup so that it looks better than before.

This is all a way for your married boss to make themselves look better so that you see them differently.

In addition, it’s a sign that they want you to notice them more.

Fair warning: Don’t get too confident in reading your boss’s body language if you’re new to this. It takes a lot of practice and experience to be able to do so without also projecting your own emotions and feelings.

14) They ask your colleagues for detailed information about you

Married bosses are especially careful about how they talk to their colleagues. They don’t want to give anyone even a minute of suspicion.

However, it’s easy for them to slip up without meaning to. If your boss likes you romantically, they might start asking your colleagues for information about you.

When your boss starts asking people for personal information about you, this could indicate that they are interested in something romantic with you. You could be wrong, but the choice to ask for information about you suggests that they want to learn more about you and get to know you.

If this happens, then it’s important to be careful how you respond to this behavior because it could mean that they are trying to catch your attention. It’s important not to get angry or defensive in response.

But if you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

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15) Your wedded boss wants you to have nice things

Let’s discover this sign together!

I want to start by asking you this:

  • Do you often get gifts from him/her?
  • Are these gifts related to work?
  • Do you need these gifts or are they useless?

In case they shower you with nice things, then this is most likely because of romantic attraction.

For example, your boss might give you a lot of gifts that are not related to your work. They could be expensive clothes, flowers or other gifts. You might never even use these things in your life!

If this is the case, then they’re showing their romantic interest.

This is a sign that there’s something more going on. It’s also important to note that it could also simply be a desire from your boss to make themselves look good by giving you nice things.

Even if that’s the case, it’s important to read through this situation and see if there are any signs of deeper intentions, such as romance or wanting to take things further.

16) They started ignoring you and avoiding you

Have you ever heard of counterintuitive behavior? It means doing something when the opposite is expected.

One of the ways that your boss might start to act toward you is by avoiding you. They might completely ignore you or start avoiding talking to you altogether.

Why? Because they like you romantically and they know that’s not okay for so many reasons.

They might be starting to realize that whatever feelings they have for you are getting stronger. Aware of this, they might avoid you in order to keep it a secret and cool off.

They don’t want to risk their reputation, career, and marriage by furthering things with you.

Which makes total sense, right? In case you notice this sign, you can do both a favor and avoid/ignore them as well.

17) They send you random messages when you’re not at work

Bosses should not take a personal interest in an employee’s life, correct?

That’s right! Not to mention that married bosses should definitely not do that unless… they like you romantically. Well… That’s not an excuse either!

This is because if they do it (send random messages when you’re not at work), you should ask yourself why. And if you’re wondering why that’s because it’s weird. It’s not normal for a boss to start sending you private messages when you’re not at work.

Now what I’m about to say might sound extremely personal, awkward, and extreme, but…

The truth is that your married boss is probably sending you these messages because they like you romantically.

18) You have a gut feeling about your married boss liking you romantically

Gut feelings can’t be ignored and they can’t be argued with. You should always trust your gut and if it’s telling you something then stop questioning it.

Even if there’s no evidence of your boss liking you romantically, trust me when I say those gut feelings are real – and they are important.

If you feel that your boss does like you romantically, then go with it!

Don’t ignore it, even if it makes you uncomfortable or anxious. Don’t ignore the fact that perhaps there might be something more behind their actions towards you.

How does it feel when your gut is telling you something? Does it make you feel anxious, happy, nervous, or powerful? These are feelings that we should never ignore.

That’s why you need to acknowledge them and trust them. If you have a gut feeling, then trust it!

19) They’ve been acting differently toward you

Have you noticed any changes in the way your boss treats you? Or maybe they have been acting differently toward you than usual?

  • Maybe they have been talking to you more often or in a different way.
  • Maybe they seem interested in what’s going on with you or in your life.
  • Maybe they seem to care a little bit more than usual.

If you feel that something’s off, then there probably is. And that something would be your married boss having feelings for you.

Obviously, this is hard to figure out because he/she is a married person, so, most of the time, you won’t be given any clues to this at all.

However, if they start acting more relaxed around you than usual or you feel that they seem more interested in what is going on with you than usual – chances are that they might have some feelings for you.

Quick note: It goes without saying that if you’re not interested, you should respond to their behavior in a neutral manner. Try not to encourage further contact.

20) They laugh really hard whenever you make a joke

Another sign that they like you?

If they laugh really hard whenever you make a joke, then that’s probably because they like you romantically.

Is it really that simple? You tell me! Answer this:

  • Do they laugh even when you’re not funny?
  • Are they gloating while they laugh?
  • Or do they flatter you with compliments and attention after you make a joke?
  • Are they laughing really hard even though they’re the only one that finds the joke funny?

These kinds of behaviors can all be signs that your married boss likes you in a way that they shouldn’t.

21) They keep telling you how much they enjoy your company

Your wedded boss might enjoy their time with you because they like you romantically.

For example, if they keep saying that you are a great person or that they enjoy your company, that could mean something. It could mean that they like you romantically in a way that’s not acceptable.

This could also be an attempt to get close to you and create chemistry between the two of you. Or it could simply mean that they genuinely want to spend more time with you because the two of you get along well.

However, if you notice that they don’t pay as much attention to other employees, then that might be the sign you’re looking for.

22) They never bring the wife/husband up in a conversation

Married people normally talk about their husbands/wives, am I right?

Well, not always.

Maybe they are trying to avoid talking about their spouse because they like you and don’t want you to know the details. Or maybe they simply don’t care as much about their spouses as they used to.

Whatever the case, if your boss never mentions their husband or wife in a conversation, then that might be a sign. It might mean that they have feelings for you instead!

To know for sure, you should try to figure out whether they have ever mentioned their husband or wife before and, if not, why.

Another thing you could try would be to ask them directly something about their spouse. Are you brave enough to do it?

23) Your married boss added you to their social media

Another sign that reveals a married boss’s feelings for you?

If they’ve added you to their social media, that’s a big red flag. It means that they want to check out what you’re up to. It means that they want to keep tabs on you.

Why? Because they might like you romantically!

While it’s normal for bosses to look at their employees’ social media accounts, it’s not normal for them to add these people to their social media.

If a married boss adds you to their social media, then that probably means something and it’s connected to their feelings for you.

24) Their body language gives them up

Luckily, experts can tell us exactly if a married man or woman likes someone romantically just by looking at their body.

If the signs you’ve noticed are only subtle, then just watch their body language. This is because when they like someone romantically, their body will tell!

For example, if they’re constantly leaning on your desk or putting their hands on your desk when talking to you, that’s definitely weird behavior. If they’re closer than appropriate whenever they’re near you, or if they touch you often without a reason, that’s weird too.

Watch their feet as well, because this is another clue that can reveal a married boss’s feelings for you.

How so? If their feet point to you when they’re talking to you, it means they like you.

25) Your married boss makes promises to you like a promotion

When your boss keeps promising you a promotion but never gives it to you, it might be because he or she is just trying to get your attention.

Maybe they didn’t have any intention of promoting you at all but just wanted to get some of your time. Or maybe they’re trying to distract you from finding out that they have a secret crush on you.

If your boss makes promises to you about getting a promotion and allows you to believe that you will get it, then this could also be a revealing sign.

Your married boss likes you romantically. What now?

When a married person likes you romantically, that’s tricky. And when that person is your boss, that’s even trickier.

Now that you know for sure they like you, a part of you might want to know even more. If so, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

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So if you’re tired of wondering about this person’s feelings for you and what you should do, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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