27 surprising signs he wants you but is holding back

Do you have a soft spot for this certain guy but he’s sending you mixed signals?

You like him but it leaves you wondering whether he likes you or he’s not that into you.

Men are complex – and sometimes, they’re giving women a pretty hard time understanding what they’re truly thinking and feeling.

Let’s figure out from these signs what this guy truly feels and if there’s something that’s holding him back.

He wants you but won’t admit it: 27 surefire signs

Pay attention to these subtle signs to know if a guy wants you but is scared to fall for you.

Knowing what a guy feels or if he’s repressing his feelings will help you decide what to do next.

1) He acts differently around you

When we like someone, we want to be as alluring as possible – and act as the best version of ourselves.

Notice how this guy acts, talks, and behaves around you and when he’s with his friends and colleagues.

Does he seem to get quiet, nervous, or struggle with words? Maybe he’s anxious about the situation he’s in.

Or he could be turning up his charm and showcasing his witty one-liners so you’ll notice him?

If he behaves differently towards you, then it’s certain that he likes you.

2) His face brightens when you’re around

It’s impossible not to smile when we feel happy or find something amusing.

Pay attention to how often this guy shows his smiles when you pass by or when you talk.

It could be his way to let you know that he’s approachable and you can be comfortable around him.

You can almost feel a different kind of energy. You can see a lot from his eyes and the way he smiles. They’re telling the truth.

So if he looks at you with a spark in his eyes, take it as a sign that he’s into you.

3) A genuine advisor confirms it

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about whether he wants you, but won’t admit it.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a real advisor.

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4) He wants to get closer to you

When a guy is into you, he’ll find ways to be around you all the time.

He feels good seeing you and being around you but doesn’t want to admit it yet.

Watch out for signs that show he wants to be near you.

For instance, he’ll find a way to sit next to you. Or when you’re having dinner with a group of friends, he’ll position himself where he could see you.

And if he checks you out, visits you, or invites you over – it means he likes you.

5) His behavior has changed

When this guy is a good friend of yours, you can notice changes in his behaviors.

It’s an awkward situation when you get to develop romantic feelings with a friend. So it’s the reason why this guy doesn’t want to admit his feelings.

Maybe he’s acting a bit distant or differently than before as he’s worried about what you’ll think.

He could be scared that you’ll reject his true feelings for you and he’ll stay in the friend zone.

6) You catch him looking and staring at you

This is the most clear-cut sign that he’s fighting his feelings for you.

He loves watching what you’re doing and can’t keep his eyes off you.

After all, when we like someone, we can’t help but look at this person.

Try to return his gaze and see how he reacts. If he turns his gaze away, he’s still scared of showing his feelings for you.

But if he holds your gaze a little longer as if he’s looking deeply into your soul, you’ll know that he feels something more for you.

He loves you and he wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

7) He pays attention to details

Small things and little details matter most.

You know that this person cares when he listens to what you say. He even remembers every tiny detail of it.

You’ll be surprised that he knows what you wear the day you met, your likes, your pet’s birthday, and a lot more.

And he doesn’t just hang on it, he values and respects what you have to say.

If he’s interested in your life and remembers things, it’s an obvious sign that you mean a lot to him.

8) He gets nervous around “relationship talk”

Anything to do with commitment or relationships makes him clam up. Even though all the signs are there that he likes you, there’s something holding him back from taking it further.

And most likely this is because he’s been hurt in the past. He’s scared. He doesn’t want to end up hurt again, and he probably doesn’t want to hurt you either.

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9) He won’t make the first move

The signs are crystal clear that he likes you, but you’re waiting for him to take the first step.

Maybe he wants to ask you out, but he can’t somehow find the guts to do it.

It could also be that he’s afraid that you’ll say no – and he doesn’t want to bruise his ego.

Or maybe he’s waiting for the right moment to ask you out.

He won’t make a move when he gets intimidated by you.  But give the guy his chance.

In this case, make him realize that he can approach you and you want him to do so.

10) He ignores you

It seems confusing but sometimes a guy ignores you when he’s afraid of expressing his emotions.

Even if he likes you, he chooses to pull back to protect his ego. He’ll also do this if he senses that you’re not interested,

Again, the best thing to do is to make him comfortable around you.

Give subtle hints that you’re interested so he’ll start expressing himself.

11) He compliments you

When a guy can’t help but give you compliments all the time, it’s crystal clear that he likes you.

Hearing a compliment especially if it’s from a guy you have a soft spot on is flattering.

He admires your looks, the way you smile and talk, and your passions in life. He even goes out of his way to make you smile when you’re having a bad day.

And he would even laugh at your jokes even if you think they’re not good enough.

While he still can’t express his love for you, he’s showing it in the best way he knows how.

So, why not let him know that you appreciate it.

12) He jokes about you

This guy disguises his feelings for you with a joke.

He’ll joke about liking you, falling for you, or ending up together with you.

Guys do this to spare their egos from damages should you react negatively with their jokes. It’s their safety net as a way to claim that they’re just kidding.

But when you take it lightly and positively, it will give him a push to pursue things further.

13) He acts hot and cold

When we like someone, we go through a lot of emotions.

You’ll notice that this guy stares at you lovingly and is super affectionate, then goes completely cold. He starts to pull back, doesn’t communicate with you, and distances himself from you.

This leaves you wondering if he’s losing interest already.

One reason why he’s acting this way is that he’s overwhelmed by his emotions. He could be scared and not sure what to do.

14) He’s jealous of other guys

Men have this protective instinct.

So even if you’re not a couple yet, he gets jealous when other guys come near you.

Notice how his face gets red or grit his teeth when you talk with other guys – especially when he knows that someone is into you.

He’s just trying to protect you and scared that you might fall for someone else.

Take this as a sign that he feels something for you and wants you as her girlfriend, but doesn’t want to admit it yet.

Want advice specific to your situation?

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15) His body language says it all

His body language is your key to his thoughts and feelings.

Surprisingly, men unconsciously send out clues to show that they’re interested.

Most men fail to realize that their body language shows their emotions and how they act around the person they like.

Pay attention to these signs to know if he secretly likes you:

  • He blushes while talking to you
  • He mirrors your expressions
  • He’ll try to impress you and attract your attention
  • He’ll stroke up his hair
  • His posture is open
  • His eyebrows twitch when he sees you
  • He’ll touch his face when looking at you
  • He licks his lips in a sweet way
  • He gives our accidental on-purpose touches
  • He leans forward when he talks

While he’s hiding his feelings for you, you can tell a lot from his body signal if he’s attracted to you.

16) His friends know about it

Guys find it easier to share their secrets with friends they trust. They’ll naturally talk about and share details of a person they’re interested in.

You realized that you had become a “hot topic” among his friends. This shows that you’re always on his mind.

So when his friends reveal his secret – that this guy likes and cares for you, you’ll know it’s true.

And even when his family members already heard a lot about you, indeed, he’s seriously in love with you.

17) He never mentions other women

This guy doesn’t want you to think that he’s interested in checking out other girls as he’s into you.

He won’t even talk about your mutual girlfriends. When he bumped into his ex-girlfriend or another girl, he’ll shrug it off.

Take this as a sign that he only wants one woman in his life and has set his eyes for you.

And when he doesn’t want to date others, you know this man is the right one for you.

18) He’s finding ways to connect with you

He’s always searching for ways to see you and spend time with you.

When he gets invited to a barbecue party, a hike, or a road trip, he’ll check if you’re invited – and make sure you’re coming as well.

You’ll notice that he would often pass by your desk to ask you silly questions.

Or he would share those funny memes or those random posts he thinks you’re interested in.

He’s using every opportunity to interact and get closer to you.

Take this as a sign that he wants to play a role in your world.

19) He’s nervous around you

Does he get intimidated by your looks or strong personality?

While he seems confident around his friends and family, he’s acting weird when you’re around.

His arms get sweaty. And you can sense that he’s nervous from how he blurts things out or loses his train of thought.

You see, this guy is afraid of wanting to impress you to try to make you interested.

And when he’s scared to fall for you – and worried about how you’ll feel, it will make him more nervous and jittery.

20) He gives you his full attention

In today’s world, take it as a compliment when someone gives you his full attention.

When you’re together, he doesn’t seem to care or look at his phone.

Instead, he’s glued onto you. It seems that he didn’t want to miss anything you say or do.

Nothing else seems more important to him than your presence.

When he cares more about you, then it’s definite that he’s interested in you.

21) He always tries to make an impression

Even if he’s hiding his feelings, this guy will do things so you’ll notice him.

He takes extra effort to put up his best self around you. You’ll notice that he’s well-groomed and he smells good too.

He would also let you know what he’s good at – and would even offer help should you need it.

It’s not that he’s putting up a front so you’ll like him. He’s doing this to show you that he’s boyfriend material.

According to McGill University researchers, making first impressions when on a date is important as people tend to consider this before pursuing a romantic relationship.

22) He knows a lot about you

You can be sure that he’s interested in you when he seems to know several things about you.

Considering that you’re not close friends, he knows your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and even your favorite Netflix shows.

You might wonder where he’s getting that information about you.

Either he’s taking too much note and committing to mind everything you say, or is asking your closest friends about you.

But this interest just proves that he wants to get to know you more because he’s feeling something for you.

23) You know and you can feel it

Listen to your instinct and trust what it’s telling you.

When the signs prove that he likes you and his actions scream that he feels something, there’s a huge chance he does.

If your senses are on fire and you know that there’s a spark, believe it.

Show your interest and hopefully soon, he’ll be ready to admit his feelings and make a move.

24) He values your advice

Do you find that he constantly turns to you for advice on important things?

That’s because he sees you as someone he can trust and a confidante.

He even considers your opinion on decisions he needs to make – from family matters to career decisions.

This shows that he cares about what you think.

He’s also finding a way to reveal parts of his soul to you.

25) He’s supportive of you

This man wants to be your hero.

He’s there for you when you need him – and even if you don’t.

He’s eager to help you whenever he can and does his best to be with you when you need him. He even goes the extra mile for you.

Count on him to be there for you – from supporting your views and cheering you on the sides to encouraging you to pursue your dreams.

Even if he hasn’t expressed his true feelings for you yet, the support he’s giving you shows a lot.

Take this as a sign that he loves you. 

26) He shows signs of affection

Those little gestures mean a lot. It shows that he cares for you and he’s in love with you.

While a hesitant guy won’t go straight up to hold your hand, he might lightly touch yours or give you a playful nudge.

It could also be buying you a small present to let you know he’s thinking of you.

He even does all those sweetest kinds of stuff for you. And you can feel something from his hug no matter how brief it is.

Actions mean a lot. He’s not trying to impress you, but his affections reveal what he’s truly feeling.

27) He tells you he likes you

If you attempt to ask him, he may deny it completely. Or if he gets drunk, he might forget his shyness and confess what he feels.

But hopefully, he’ll muster the courage to let you know his real feelings towards you.

When this happens, you’re sure he fell hard for you.

He’ll be flattered when you give him the chance to prove that this love is true.

And if you’re definite that you like him too, you can manifest him into your life. 

He’s into you – but isn’t ready yet

It’s undeniable. These signs show that this guy likes you, but he’s hiding it as things are holding him back.

Here are some reasons he’s scared to fall for you and love you:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of losing his friendship with you
  • He’s worried about how you feel
  • He has no idea what to do
  • He’s unsure if his feelings will be reciprocated
  • He’s been hurt or been cheated in the past
  • He’s not ready for a relationship yet
  • He’s not up for the commitment

You can’t blame him if he’s hiding his true feelings, but you can start making a move.

When you know what’s bothering him, make him comfortable with you.

Let him see that he can trust you.

When you’re certain he’s fighting his feelings for you, give him time to process that.

Bring him into your comfort zone and trigger his hero instinct.

As you work through it together, you’re also helping him let his feelings out in the open and fall for you.

In time, he’ll make a move when he realizes that you’re someone truly worth pursuing.

And no matter what, remember that loving someone you truly like will always be a beautiful thing.

In conclusion

Hopefully, the signs above will shed some light on whether he wants you, but is holding back.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending; Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate readings, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering if he wants you, get in touch with a legit love advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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