15 unfortunate signs from the universe that he’s not the one

You’ve been together for a while now and while your relationship seems generally okay, sometimes you feel that there’s just a thing or two that’s “off” with your relationship.

The feeling sometimes gets so strong that it even makes you wonder if they’re truly the one for you.

When you’ve been unsure for a while, it’s time to look for signs from the universe to help you figure out if you’re truly meant to be or it’s time to separate ways because you’re clearly not for each other.

1) You see angel numbers when you’re together

When you see repeating numbers like 11, or 111, or 222, and you see them often, it’s your angel trying to tell you something.

You see, our angels are guarding us from afar and one of their ways to communicate with us is showing us angel numbers.

Now, seeing angel numbers doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad sign. Most of the time, angel numbers are good omens. The trick is to pay extra attention to how you feel towards your partner when you see the angel numbers.

Try to recall the times you’ve seen angel numbers when you’re together. Do you remember feeling good about your relationship or did it feel like it’s a warning from the universe telling you that you shouldn’t be where you are?

Take a mental note and if you see a trend that you see angel numbers when you’re not feeling sure with your relationship, it’s a sign from the universe that he may not be the one for you.

2) The silence is not comfortable

When you’re together having dinner or just in your car driving to work, do you feel like you have to break the silence?

You thought it was just at the beginning of your relationship but it never went away after years of being together. The thing is, you know it’s not just you. You’ve been with people where you just don’t feel pressured to say anything, where silence is comfortable.

So okay, you say something. Then when there’s silence again, you get annoyed that they’re being silent.

Here’s the thing: If you’re truly okay, you won’t find silence a sign of anything bad at all. It would feel normal because you both know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your relationship.

You wouldn’t need a distraction—a friend, a baby, a pet, something on TV—just to rescue you from the deadly silence because there’s nothing deadly about the silence.

3) You have a lot of bad dreams about them

It’s normal not to dream about your boyfriend because well, you’re already together.

But on those few occasions that you actually dream about them, it always leaves you with a bad feeling. It’s always something like him cheating on you or chasing after you with an axe.

Our dreams reflect our reality, and what we truly feel deep inside.

Maybe you have deep-seated resentment towards your boyfriend and you’re just suppressing it in your waking life. Maybe you’re anxious that they will leave you.

List the many possible ways the feelings you had in your dream can be translated in real life. Our dreams provide clues of the things we try to repress. Try to investigate what they are.

The universe can be sending you warning signs in your dreams. It’s letting you face what you’re trying to deny to yourself.

4) You keep remembering someone from your past

Alright so you had a special love from a long time ago and although you’ve forgotten him for years, he suddenly pops in your thoughts. He even invades your dreams!

You know you can’t possibly be attracted to them now because you’re totally different people but you can’t stop yourself from thinking that maybe he’s the one for you.

When we fantasize about getting back together with an ex, more often than not, it’s not because we want the particular ex per se. It could be because we simply want to get out of the current one.

Or there’s something about him that you’re missing. You remember their good traits and you would want those traits in your current boyfriend.

List down what you felt towards this guy. Was he sweet and doting? And what about your current boyfriend—is he the exact opposite?

Ask yourself if you can truly be happy five or fifty years down the road if you live with a husband who’s not sweet and doting. If you realize that you can’t, then he’s not the one for you.

5) He doesn’t feel like home

The person who’s the one made for you should feel like home. Period.

It doesn’t matter if they’re kind or funny or a thousand other things, if he doesn’t feel like home, he’s not the one.

There are exceptions, of course. If your relationship is still a month or so old, you probably won’t feel like home around him yet. You still have New Relationship Energy as you explore each other.

But if it’s been several months or years, and still being with them doesn’t feel like you’re being wrapped in a thick blanket on a snowy night, then maybe he really isn’t the one for you.

6) You feel a slight relief when he leaves

You’re actually fun together. You laugh, you talk a lot, you fight a little. They may even feel warm to be around (he feels like home).

But, for some reason, the moment he steps out the door, you feel a surge of relief. It’s as if a 10kg backpack is lifted off your shoulders.

Maybe it’s because you’re not really being yourself when you’re with him. Maybe he’s an intellectual boyfriend and you’re so insecure about your intelligence that you’re afraid you will make a fool of yourself in front of him.

Whatever it is, it’s totally a sign that you’re not compatible or you’re still not fully yourself when you’re with them…which is a shame because we should be our true selves when we’re with our SO.

You can either try to fix it by opening up to him, or take it as a sign that you should find someone else. Though if you truly like being around him otherwise, you should try to open up first—and if that fails, at least keep him as a friend.

 7) You dream of someone else romantically

It could be someone you know—your ex, your third grade crush, your neighbor—but it could also be just someone you haven’t met yet.

There is a chance that the man in your dream is your Twin Flame and he’s trying to communicate with you.

It could also simply mean that you’re losing interest in your current boyfriend and that you’re looking for someone that resembles the guy in your dreams.

What was the guy like? Was he funny and lighthearted? Maybe those are the traits that you feel you’re missing in your current partner.

List down what this guy has and ask yourself if these are the traits that you’re looking for in a long-term relationship.

If you’ve identified what he’s missing and it’s something that you truly can’t live without in a relationship, it’s time to consider the fact that your boyfriend might not be the one for you.

8) You always run out of things to talk about

When you talk about something you’re interested in, their reactions are quite flat. You expect to have a long and lively discussion about it but then they change the topic.

When it’s their turn to talk, you really don’t get what they’re talking about. You try, but most of the time, you just go “eh”?

It’s as if there’s a spirit that’s pulling out a prank on both of your tongues or taking the thoughts out of your heads because all your convos somehow end up short and uninteresting.

But they’re kind, they’re loving, they’re sweet, they’re reliable…

When you always run out of things to talk about, it’s a clear indicator that they may not be the one.

9) You’re quite sure the songs you hear are trying to tell you something

While walking down the street, you hear a song about finding your true love…and you feel a lump in your throat.

Then you enter a coffee shop and you hear something about getting old with someone you don’t love. You feel attacked! And you feel a mixture of sadness and guilt for feeling that it’s for you.

Maybe it’s your angels trying to help you connect the dots or maybe it’s how you truly feel and you’re looking for external assurance that what you’re feeling is valid. And that any next step you’ll make is justified.

If it’s not just a phase…if you’ve felt this way for months or God forbid—years— then he’s probably not the one for you.

If you’ve reached this point that songs make you feel blue, you need to take a break from the relationship and assess it from a distance.

10) It feels forced

When you laugh at his jokes, sometimes you’re doing it just to be polite.

When you kiss him, you try to act much sweeter than what you truly feel.

Even the whole relationship feels a little forced.

It seems like you’re staying in a relationship with him because he’s ‘good enough’, but you don’t really feel anything about him beyond that.

You want to be wise. You don’t want to end up like those people who are so choosy that they just keep bouncing from one relationship to the next and never settling down.

If you feel this way and you acknowledge it, you should also be aware that he’s really not the one for you and you should learn to be okay with it.

If this thought makes you a little defensive, then you might just be going through a phase. You need to sort out your feelings of discontent and address its root. Wait a little bit more before you decide to break up.

11) You don’t crave for his presence

It’s impossible to be always on a high in a long-term relationship. At some point, you plateau and get comfy.

But still, we would want to be with our SO after a long stressful day at work or after we’ve been gone for a week.

If you notice yourself wanting to find ways to be away from them—let’s say, you prefer to hang out at your friend’s home than to be with them—then it could be a sign that he’s not the one for you.

You don’t understand it because he’s actually a wonderful person!

But it is what it is. If you don’t enjoy being with them almost half of the time, he’s not the one. Yes, you can marry this guy but now you’re aware of what you’ll be missing out on.

You deserve someone who you’d actually be excited to be with. “The one” is someone you’d miss when you’ve apart.

12) You tend to notice other couples

It’s as if your senses are heightened and you’re more aware of other couples, and they’re not making you feel good about your relationship.

When an old couple in their seventies are holding hands and giggling while they’re walking on the street, it makes you think “God, I’d never have that.”

Or when you overhear a couple argue in a grocery store, you wonder “Are they better or worse than us?”

What bothers you more are the couples who seem to be not okay on the outside (they bicker and fight like they’re about to divorce), but they’re actually okay because they kiss and laugh afterwards. It kills you. You thought they’re worse than you, but they actually aren’t.

The universe has been putting these couples near you to serve as your mirror to reflect on your relationship.

If you’ve been feeling this way for a while now, it’s a sign you’re not meant to be together even if your relationship looks good on paper.

13) You have issues that are getting worse

Every relationship has issues but over time, it’s either they get better or you’re able to find a way to get around it (and even laugh at how stupid they are).

But your issues—even the smallest ones like not throwing the garbage or keeping the windows open—don’t get solved at all. They don’t get cute or funny. These small things become buttons for deeper issues to come to the surface. And there’s plenty of them, too!

One of the signs of a healthy relationship is a couple’s ability to manage their flaws and issues. Problems become lighter through the years, flaws become cute quirks that make the couple feel they’re a great team.

If you don’t see that happening in your relationship, it won’t get better once you’re married.

14) You cringe a little when you think about marriage

Speaking of marriage, it really doesn’t cross your mind often. Rather, you block it out of your mind because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

You just can’t see the two of you walking down the aisle and promising eternal love with one another before all your friends and family watching—at least not without you feeling like vomiting, that is.

There’s also the possibility that you’re not into grand ceremonies, so what about a simple marriage where it’s just the two of you? Does the thought of it excite you or make you want to take a nap?

It’s perfectly normal to not want to get married but if you weren’t totally against it before and now, you’re sure you don’t want to get married, maybe he’s not the one.

15) You have a nagging suspicion he’s not the one

You’re intuitive but sometimes you dismiss your intuition because you are an optimistic person who’s full of hope. Besides, you believe nobody’s perfect and that relationships are hard work.

But there’s a HUGE difference between working things out because you know you’re really meant for each other and working things out despite the strong feeling you have that he’s not the one.

You see, you can never fix that!

If you’ve been feeling that for a long time, it’s time to face it and deal with it—either accepting that you’re totally okay with them not being “the one” or ending your relationship so you can find the one for you.

Last words

The universe has many subtle ways to tell us when someone isn’t the one for us.

It may be something external, like noticing unusual numbers everywhere or hearing certain songs over and over. It might also be something internal, like having a nagging feeling in the back of your head or a tightening in your gut.

If you are to know if he truly is the one, you should take a moment to clear your thoughts and try to reconnect to your sense of intuition.

And if you truly weren’t meant to be, then go talk to him about it. Don’t beat around the bush and waste your time. If the two of you weren’t meant to be, then maybe it’s better that you should just stay friends and meet other people.

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Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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