100 root chakra affirmations for a grounded life (complete list)

The Muladhara – or the root chakra – is your body’s first chakra. Represented by the color red, you can find it at the base of your spine.

As the foundation of all other chakras, a blocked root chakra can affect your stability, security, and survival.

As such, having an imbalanced Muladhara may make you feel depressed, anxious, sluggish, and insecure. In the long run, you may even find yourself ‘drifting’ to nowhere.

To prevent this from happening, you will need to do several things – and one of them is reciting root chakra affirmations for a grounded life. Here are 100 great examples:

1) I am stable and grounded.

2) I am secure.

3) I am steady.

4) I am rooted at the moment.

5) I am connected with Mother Earth.

6) I am clearing all my root chakra blockages.

7) My root chakra is balanced.

8) I am humble.

9) I am in control of my ego.

10) I am whole and complete.

11) I am guarded and protected.

12) I am safe.

13) I am a survivor.

14) I am powerful.

15) I am confident.

16) I believe in myself.

17) I am full of potential.

18) I am manifesting my life’s purpose.

19) I know who I am.

20) I am independent.

21) I am courageous.

22) I am persistent.

23) I am focused.

24) I am strong.

25) I am curious.

26) I am positive.

27) I am honest.

28) I am content.

29) I am flexible.

30) I am receptive.

31) I am loved.

32) I belong.

33) I am good deep down.

34) I accept myself.

35) I love myself.

36) I am proud of myself.

37) I trust what’s going on in my life.

38) I have a right to be here.

39) All is well.

40) I have a radiant spirit.

41) I am filled with energy and vitality.

42) I am grateful for everything.

43) My needs are always met.

44) I have more than enough.

45) My life is amazing.

46) I am home, wherever I am.

47) I am one with my true self.

48) I am at peace.

49) I am going to succeed.

50) I make choices based on what’s right for me.

51) I am free of limiting thoughts.

52) I choose to let go of the past.

53) I learn from each experience.

54) I can adapt to any situation.

55) My mind is healthy and happy.

56) I am exactly where I am meant to be.

57) Everything will come at the right place and time.

58) I will thrive and survive.

59) Life is all about learning.

60) I deserve respect.

61) I am worthy of love.

62) I can get through these tough times.

63) I release all my doubts and fears.

64) I am thankful for the challenges because they helped me grow and improve.

65) I have access to all I need in life.

66) I am healthy.

67) I take care of and nourish myself.

68) I am prosperous.

69) I live a passionate life.

70) I live a life of abundance.

71) My life is fulfilling.

72) Everything is going well.

73) I will make it.

74) I am a good listener.

75) I am all I need to be happy.

76) I can freely admit my mistakes.

77) I can take criticism and use them to ground myself.

78) I can laugh at myself.

79) I will ask for help when I need it.

80) I am free to talk and express what I feel.

81) My feelings and emotions are valid.

82) I nurture my body with what it needs.

83) I am open to all the opportunities out there.

84) The universe will always provide.

85) I don’t need the approval of others to live my life.

86) Others’ opinions of me don’t define me.

87) My family is safe and secure.

88) I will allow people to get close to me.

89) I trust other people.

90) People love me for who I am.

91) I am always supported by others.

92) I rejoice in others’ success.

93) The people around me bring out the best in me.

94) How others treat me doesn’t reflect my worth.

95) My worth increases every day.

96) I have healthy boundaries.

97) I am creating a beautiful world for me – and the people around me.

98) I am financially secure.

99) I choose to be free of all debts.

100) I work in a job I love.

Balancing your root chakra

More than just reciting these affirmations twice a day every day, there are several other things you could do to help balance your root chakra.

See the color red

Since the root chakra is embodied by the color red, you can help rebalance it simply by visualizing this color.

Start by imagining a bright red light located at your tailbone. Allow this light to travel from your legs to your feet – essentially ‘anchoring’ you down to the ground.

Focus on certain yoga poses

Many yoga asanas are effective in clearing blocked chakras. But if you want to work on your Muladhara, you’ll need to focus on these poses:

  • Uttanasana or standing forward fold
  • Malasana or Garland pose
  • Vrikshasana or tree pose

Breathe well

Breathing exercises, or the pranayama, are integral to the practice of yoga. And just like the asanas, certain pranayamas may help you balance your root chakra.

One such example is the Nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. As the name suggests, you’ll need to occlude one nostril as you breathe through another, and vice-versa.

The sitali pranayama or cooling breathing is another good option for your Muladhara. It can bring about a cooling sensation – and get you grounded in no time.


Meditation is not only beneficial for the root chakra as it works on other chakras as well.

For example, body scan meditation can help you get rid of all the tension and pain lingering in your body.

Focused meditation, on the other hand, can help you reach your goal – and that is to clear your Muladhara.

Remember: once your chakra flows freely, you’ll be able to ground yourself faster since you’ll feel safer, comfortable, and confident.

Final thoughts

Grounding yourself is all about being connected in the present moment. It’s having a strong and stable mind, one that’s free of distracting thoughts and emotions.

Indeed, it’s easy for the mind to fly – especially with the sensory overload we experience today.

But with these 100 root chakra affirmations for a grounded life, you’re sure to stay ‘connected’ to the earth.

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