How to know if someone is thinking about you? 11 psychic signs

Have you ever felt like you’re in someone else’s mind but you can’t explain why?

This unexplained feeling naturally makes us feel like someone is thinking about us.

This is something I felt recently. After experiencing some strange signs, I decided to get professional help from a psychic, and it turned out that I was getting signs that someone was thinking about me.

In this article, I’d like to share my experience and provide 11 psychic signs that might indicate you’re on someone else’s mind.

1) You experience unusual physical changes

Have you noticed that your eyes suddenly start twitching? Or do you feel goosebumps on your skin?

Maybe you even find yourself having hiccups all of a sudden, and you’re not sure why all of these have happened at the same time.

Well, if you’re feeling all of these physical changes and your body keeps sending you alerts, there’s a chance that someone is thinking about you for a reason.

It turns out that experiencing unusual physical changes can have a psychic purpose and help you realize whether you’re on someone else’s mind at any given moment.

As a matter of fact, those physical changes are a clear sign from the universe to pay attention to your inner feelings and focus on your present situation.

So guess what?

There may be a connection between the way others think and the physical sensations you experience. This will help you become more attuned to the energies and thoughts of those around you.

So, the next time you get the hiccups, your eye starts twitching, and you feel goosebumps on your skin, consider it a sign that someone is thinking about you.

Make sure to pay attention to these physical changes and reflect on your feelings to understand what they mean.

2) You suddenly feel more energetic

Feeling energetic is something you usually get when you get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy diet, or regularly hydrate yourself. But what if you had no particular reason for feeling more energetic and you still felt like you had some extra energy to work with?

For example, I started feeling more energetic, and I didn’t know why. The thing that made it unbelievable was that I worked hard, I almost had burnout, and I had some issues with my physical health as well.

But I felt more energetic than ever.

Of course, I reached out to my doctor, and he said I had no underlying condition, but I just knew I had more energy than usual.

I can’t call an increase in your energy “a warning sign” because there’s nothing bad about it, but still —if you notice that you feel more energetic and you’re not sure why it might be because someone is thinking about you.

Let me explain how this works.

It turns out that those inexplicable increases in energy can be a sign that you’ve started to pay attention to your inner feelings.

And your inner feelings indicate that someone, somewhere, is thinking about you.

How do you know whether it’s a real psychic sign that someone is thinking about you or just related to your physical condition?

Well, to know if someone is thinking about you, you need to pay attention to the changes in your energy level.

If the person you’re thinking about is a friend, you might notice that you become more energetic and start acting perkier.

On the other hand, if it’s a lover, you might feel the urge to touch them.

In either case, if you feel more energetic, it means that your intuition is telling you that someone’s energy is connected to yours.

And if both of your energies are connected to each other, this connection automatically causes an energy boost in your life.

3) You see a dream involving a particular person

Do you ever see someone in your dreams on a daily basis?

If this person is someone you like, then congratulations, because chances are that seeing them in your dreams is a psychic sign that you’re on their mind as well.

It turns out that seeing someone in our dream can be a sign that someone is thinking about us for one reason or another.

But what if you have a dream about someone you’ve never met before?

Well, in this case, this person might be someone who has an energy connection with yours.

This energy connection is probably the reason why you saw this person in your dream.

Maybe this person is your soulmate, and the universe wants to alert you to your upcoming love life.

Or maybe this person is trying to contact you through telepathy or manifestation, and that’s why you saw him/her in your dream.

In fact, dreaming about the same person every day was the main reason why I decided to contact a psychic.

At first, I tried to brush it off as just a random dream, but as the weeks went on and I continued to have the same dream every night, I started to feel like there must be some kind of deeper meaning to it.

I started to feel like this person was trying to communicate with me in some way. As a result, I started to do some research online, trying to figure out what this could mean and whether there was anything I could do about it.

That’s when I came across the idea of visiting a gifted advisor from Psychic Source.

I had never really thought about going to see a psychic before, but something about the situation felt so unusual and intense that I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

So, I made an appointment with a psychic in my area and went to see them.

A gifted advisor that I spoke to explained why my dream could mean that this person was trying to reach out to me using manifestation.

To be honest, I didn’t even know such a thing existed before.

I was a little skeptical at first, but as the psychic started to share more details about the person in my dreams and the message they had for me, I started to feel like there was something to it.

It was a strange and unsettling experience, but in the end, I left feeling like I had gained some closure and insight into what had been going on.

Most importantly, in the end, that professional psychic offered personalized advice and helped me figure out the next steps in my love life.

So, if you also want to receive personalized guidance, maybe you should give them a try.

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4) You have an unusual urge to talk to someone

Now let’s switch to one of the most common psychic signs that someone is thinking about you.

Have you felt an uncontrollable urge to talk to a specific person?

Of course, we all need to talk to our family members or close friends from time to time. But I mean a person with whom you’re not that close.

Maybe this person is a former classmate, a coworker you’ve never talked to before, or someone you’ve seen in public but never interacted with.

And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you feel a strong need to talk to that person and tell them about your day.

This has happened to me many times. At first, I thought there must be something special about this person I’m looking at or something special about the situation.

But then I felt an unexplained connection and realized that this could be another sign that this person was thinking about me.

And indeed, my psychic explained that having an unusual urge to talk to someone can be a psychic sign that someone is thinking about you.

So, here’s the thing:

You might experience times when you feel like a conversation with that person would make everything better, and this urge has been bothering you for quite a long time.

What’s more interesting is that if your feelings are strong enough, the messages you’re receiving from your inner self will manifest themselves into physical changes and create a feeling of uneasiness in your body.

And all that indicates someone is thinking about you.

5) You feel physical tension with that person

Okay, usually, when we feel physical or sexual tension from people around us, it indicates that either they like us or we are attracted to them.

As a result, we experience physical tension when we find ourselves in close proximity to that person.

However, when you feel sexual tension with someone you haven’t even met yet, it can be a sign that there is a connection between you two.

So how do you know that this person is actually thinking about you?

Well, feeling unexplained tension is a clear indicator that someone is thinking about you.

There are several reasons for this:

  • It might be that you’re both experiencing the same energy.
  • There may be some kind of energetic attraction between you two.
  • It can also be just a coincidence.

Regardless of the reason, one thing is for sure:

Our body is trying to send us a signal that it’s important for us to pay attention to this person, so you might be feeling a strange physical tension with them almost every time you interact with them.

The good news is that this kind of energy is not sexual in nature and doesn’t mean that the person wants to have sex with you.

Rather, it means that this person’s energy is connected to yours and that they are very interested in meeting your future partner, or in other words, your soulmate.

6) You have a feeling that someone has just touched you

Speaking of physical sensations, whenever someone is thinking about you, you may feel that there is someone touching you.

Maybe you have felt a sudden physical chill or noticed a strange feeling in your stomach.

Sounds familiar?

If so, you’re probably trying to explain this rare occurrence and find a specific reason for it.

Yet, the true answer is simple: no, no one has touched you for real.

Instead, the reason why you’re feeling that physical sensation is related to whatever is going on in someone else’s mind who’s thinking of you right at that exact moment.

And I know this sounds impressive.

Believe it or not, sometimes you can feel the physical sensation of someone touching you even though you have never met that person before.

The truth is, not only can we learn to sense the feelings of other people, but we can also feel their physical sensations.

As my psychic explained, it is possible for individuals to pick up on sensations from others, especially if they have a deep connection with that person.

However, what makes this experience even more incredible is that sometimes it’s not just the sensation of touch but something more intense and personal.

So, the next time you feel like someone is touching you, be sure to think that it’s a sign that someone is thinking of you.

7) You experience extreme changes in mood

Do you notice that your feelings go up and down without any apparent reason?

You know, it’s like being on an emotional roller coaster ride.

This can happen to anyone at any time, but if there’s something going on in your spiritual life, you may have experienced mood swings like that more often than not.

What do I mean by “mood swings”?

Well, mood swings refer to rapid and often extreme changes in mood.

These changes can occur over the course of a few hours or even a few minutes and can be characterized by feelings of elation, happiness, irritability, or sadness.

The truth is that mood swings can be a normal part of life and are often experienced by individuals in response to life events or stressors.

And it might be caused by hormonal changes, medications, substance abuse, or certain medical conditions.

But what if you’re sure none of those reasons apply to your situation?

Then, chances are that you’re experiencing mood swings because someone is thinking about you right now.

So, do you feel you don’t have any reason to feel angry? Or you can’t remember why you felt happy all of a sudden?

Or, your mood suddenly changes and it feels like the people around you have changed too?

And you may be thinking to yourself, “What the hell is going on? Why do I feel so different from one moment to the other?”

Well, this kind of change in mood is another common sign that someone is thinking about you.

There is a simple explanation for this occurrence: we can receive messages from our inner selves through our emotions.

Trust me. I know this firsthand.

It’s always hard to understand where your feelings are coming from and why they change so fast; however, my psychic explained that these types of extreme mood swings are signs that someone is thinking about you.

So, don’t worry about figuring out the exact reason whenever you notice that you’re feeling so different from one moment to the next.

As long as you can feel the connection with that person, that’s the most important thing.

8) You experience déjà vu

Have you ever had a feeling of déjà vu?

If you’re like most people, chances are that you have, because two out of three people state that they have experienced déjà vu at least once in their lives.

According to statistics, this is about 76.2% of the general population. This means that having the feeling of déjà vu is completely normal, as it’s common among individuals who have experienced it before.

Still, this doesn’t mean that having such feelings can’t be explained by specific reasons.

And one of those specific reasons could be that someone is thinking about you and reminds you of themselves by connecting with you spiritually.

I know this sounds interesting. Yet, it can happen in some very strange ways that you won’t even notice.

Think about it.

When something happens to us, we will remember it as if it were something that happened yesterday.

It’s also very common for us to have a déjà vu feeling when we meet people we’ve met before or when we’re in the exact location where an experience occurred before we meet them again and again.

Well, this feeling may occur when someone is thinking about you because it can help your body organize and recall previous memories or experiences in an unconscious manner.

It’s like witnessing an event that has already occurred at some point in your life. It’s a combination of feelings and thoughts, something that makes you feel like this has happened before.

However, it doesn’t happen very often on a regular basis.

So, if you notice that you’re experiencing déjà vu more often than you should be, consider it as a sign that someone is thinking about you.

9) You think about a specific person randomly

This one is indeed the most obvious sign that someone is thinking about you.

But yes, another sign that someone is thinking about you is that you randomly think about a specific person.

Let me explain why this happens.

On a daily basis, we dream about a lot of different people that are somehow connected to our lives.

It may be your family members, friends, or even that person that you hate so much.

The point is, we think of them because they are connected to us in some way, no matter how small the connection is.

This is because when we dream about such people, our mind somehow links the experience that we have in our dreams to them.

It’s like we’re thinking about them because of their relationship with us at some point in our lives.

But our thoughts of them are usually triggered by specific events or things that happen in our lives.

Now, let me ask you a question.

Why do you dream about a particular person when you’re sure nothing related to them happens in your life and you have no stimuli that would pop up the thought about them in your mind?

Well, that’s just because you resonate with that particular person when your body takes on a particular vibration.

And this means that those people have a significant impact on your life without you even realizing this.


Because they’re thinking about you as well. And whenever you think of them as well, the energy between you in the universe is represented reciprocally between you both.

So, if you’re thinking about someone who has been thinking about you, then this can only mean one thing:

Someone is thinking about you.

10) You feel  like someone is eavesdropping on your thoughts

Ever felt like someone is taking notice of what you’re thinking?

You don’t know why, but you feel like someone is trying to listen to your every thought and keep track of your emotions.

You know, however unpleasant it might be, people actually eavesdrop on other people to keep track of their actions and thoughts.

But no one can possibly keep track of your thoughts, right? If that happened, it would mean that the superpower of reading other people’s minds actually exists.

However, this is what I used to feel a while ago. I had the impression that someone was attempting to read my mind and was aware of what I wanted to do, say, or conceal.

It was a few weeks ago that I started feeling like someone was eavesdropping on my thoughts. It wasn’t anything specific that I could put my finger on, but I just had this nagging feeling that someone was listening in on my innermost thoughts and feelings.

At first, I tried to brush it off as just my imagination, but as the days went on, the feeling only seemed to get stronger.

I started to feel like I couldn’t trust my own mind like there was always someone else in there with me. It was a really unsettling feeling.

In fact, this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I thought that I was developing paranoia, but after I noticed all of the other psychic signs that someone was thinking about me, I realized this was just another one of those signs.

So, if you also have this weird and unexplained feeling of being watched or like someone is listening in on all of your thoughts, then this may be yet another sign that someone is thinking about you.

11) You encounter the same numbers everywhere

Ever heard anything about the “angel numbers”?

Well, if you haven’t, I will explain it to you.

Some people believe that Angels have the ability to communicate with us through numbers. When we see these numbers, we can try to read their meanings or act on them in some cases.

There are many different meanings behind the number sequences such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999.

Of course, if you see one of these numbers somewhere, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that it means something.

But whenever you encounter them repeatedly, it might mean that they are messages from the spiritual realm, specifically from angels.

And guess what?

One of the messages from your guardian angel might be that someone somewhere is thinking of you and that’s why you’re encountering these numbers.

Sounds impressive, right?

If that’s the case, then it means that your angel wants to let you know that you’re spiritually connected with that person and you have a meaningful future together.

And it’s not that difficult to believe because most people are actually encountering those numbers.

So, if you keep seeing the same numbers everywhere, then this could be yet another sign that someone is thinking of you.

Final thoughts

So, here we are, having discussed some of the most common signs that someone is thinking about you.

Hopefully, you will use these insights to reflect on your inner feelings and gain an understanding of what you actually want.

Don’t forget to use your opportunity. Let them know how you feel, and give them a chance to start something beautiful together if this is what you want.

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