7 powerful prayers to get your ex back (for good!)

Breaking up with someone can be a very painful and traumatic experience.

It’s natural to feel confused and you don’t know what to do. But saying a powerful prayer definitely helps in gaining a second chance to revive an otherwise hopeless relationship.

Here are some prayers that are guaranteed to bring your ex back and the proper steps to make them even more effective.

Powerful prayers to get your ex back

For an ex-boyfriend

“Lord, I love my ex-boyfriend with all my being. I know we did not always get along, but what we had was something special and I pray that he also finds it in his heart to realize that what we had can still be saved. That we belong for one another.

May we forgive each other for our faults so that we can have a new start. May we open up to each other more and learn to communicate so that we can mend our scars and avoid the conflicts we had in the past.”

This is a simple prayer where you accept that your relationship had a good run, but was not entirely perfect due to some problems.

In most relationships with the boyfriend, miscommunication is the main cause.

Misunderstandings arise and lead to arguments and you say hurtful things to one another until you eventually decide to break up.

But with this prayer, you are asking that the both of you be enlightened so that any mistakes in judgment might be cleared up and you can regain your footing where you lost your balance and move as a couple once again.

For an ex-husband

“God Almighty, I know that You were there with us when we made our vows and I thank you for that wonderful moment that I shared with my ex-husband.

We tried our best to keep it together and it seems like he has given up. But I am still here wishing that our marriage can be saved.

I offered my life to You once before, as a faithful servant and wife. Now I offer this prayer and myself once again, still as a wife longing for my husband to return to me.

May my ex-husband get past all our differences as I have so that we can reconcile and have you, Lord, in the center of our lives again.”

A marriage is especially strong and inseparable when it is blessed by God.

If you put God in the center of your marriage when you started, then chances are that you will be blessed by God again to keep it together.

This is a powerful prayer that will undoubtedly bring your ex-husband back, as long as the both of you keep a prayerful life.

God will eventually lead the two of you back together because matrimony is a sacred commitment.

Saying this prayer will remind you of the responsibilities you have as a partner and wife, and hopefully he too will remember that he has exchanged holy vows and he has a role to fulfill.

For a lover who left you for someone else

“I pray to you Lord, to shed light on my ex, who I still love, and yet has left to fulfill his desires in another.

Help me to see what I have done wrong, and help him see that my potential as a partner is yet to be fulfilled. Make him realize that if I were given a chance to open up my true self to him, he might come to understand that my love for him is unrivaled and I am ready to give my all.

If you may, O Lord, teach him that he has erred in his ways. I am willing to accept him and forgive him for his oversight, as long as he shows readiness to repent.”

It is difficult to accept that you were left behind just because your lover felt like ‘the grass is greener on the other side’.

He most likely did not communicate what he was looking for and when you failed to give, he looked somewhere else to satisfy his desires.

In this prayer, you accept that you are not perfect but willing to provide as long as you both reach common ground and have proper understanding about each other’s needs.

It also invites him to reflect on his actions and change for the better since a relationship needs work from both sides, not just yourself.

For an ex who you believe is your soulmate

“Dear Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to meet someone who I can laugh with and share my whole being. I know in my heart that he is the true one for me and I will never find another like him because he is my destiny.

Help us to find our ways back to each other again, for now we are lost and wandering on our own. I am doing everything I can and more, to become the best version of myself if we are to spend the rest of our lives together.

Perhaps we just missed our chances to fully express our love for each other. Lead us both back together so that we may find the words to say what we mean to say, to pledge our undying love and to never let go ever again.”

It can be frustrating when you let someone so perfect slip by your fingers like dry sand making its way back to the ocean. It can make you desperate to find him again in the sea of people who come and go in your life.

But if you truly believe in destiny and the power of the universe, pray with all your heart and spirit so that both your paths will intertwine at some point and you will surely meet again.

Prayers do not work in an instant. You need to pray hard and constantly. Maybe it will take months or years but if the Almighty is indeed listening to your prayer, which He definitely is, then your desires will be granted as long as you have good intentions. And what is so bad about wanting to be with the person you love?

For someone who doesn’t love you back

“God, look upon me a dutiful and faithful servant, who deserves all that you have planned for me.

There is someone I love who is the best for me but he has not yet seen my true worth as a partner. As I am but a humble speck in this universe, touch his heart and make him see that I can give him all my love.

I turn to You so that You can guide him to me. For if You want only what is best for Your people, I promise to take care of him and vow to bring him happiness.”

Here is a prayer that will help you when someone has failed to see what your relationship together could have been.

Although it might sound like a bit of a selfish request, it is actually humbling to recognize that you also deserve to be loved, as we all have a place in the universe. You are also being selfless in declaring that you will safeguard his feelings and his happiness.

Sometimes it just needs divine intervention for someone to truly see the value of what’s right in front of their eyes all this time. An enlightenment, if you will. And when you pray this, it helps his heart to open more towards you.

For a date you want to see again

“Lord, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet someone new and start dating without worries. I have not heard from him for a while and I pray that nothing untoward has happened since. Keep him safe always.

He is a wonderful person and I would like for us to meet again and have the chance to express ourselves and start something new.

Both of us might be confused at the moment because we both have strong emotions we cannot yet understand. Clear our hearts, minds, and spirits, so that we both know what to do. One thing is certain, I pray you bring him to me so that we may confirm our feelings for each other.”

Dating is an exciting part of your life. But it is also uncertain. Meeting someone new can cause a lot of anxiety and worry because you do not know the outcome.

Now that you’ve met someone wonderful and you think he might be a good partner, it’s best that you pray so that God will guide you and give you more chances to spend time together and validate whatever it is you are feeling.

It is important when making your decision about “the one”, that your conscience is clear and you are free of doubts so that you can make the commitment to be someone’s partner.

For a childhood love to reignite their feelings

“Dear God Almighty, I am praying to you because there is someone I dearly miss. I am in love with someone from my past and I wish for us to rekindle our relationship.

I know deep in my heart that we are perfect for each other, and we are good friends who support each other. I have seen him at his best, and at his worst. I know what to do to make him happy.

It has been a long time since we loved each other, and here I am wishing that You might inspire good memories of our time together, so that he might reminisce about them. Make it known to him that I will always be here waiting with open arms, ready to take him back.”

A love from childhood is often sweet and nostalgic. If you truly miss the person and believe that they are the right one for you to be your lifelong partner, then you should pray for it.

A love that started from friendship is a most wonderful love that you cannot just disregard if you still have lingering feelings for that person.

If it has been a long time since, then you shouldn’t waste any time and start praying harder so that the two of you can meet again and kick off from where your good memories left you, to move to an even better place as partners.

Get help from a real psychic to strengthen your prayers

Prayer is incredibly helpful on its own, moreso if your faith in the Divine is powerful. But when you’re trying to do something as big as bringing your ex back, you need all the help you can get.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consult a gifted psychic to help advise you on the decisions you should take in trying to convince the universe in bringing your ex back to you.

Moreover, they can also help you out with any questions you might have. For example, you might wonder if you’re saying the right prayers, or want help interpreting the signs the universe is sending to you.

The problem is finding someone you can trust.

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I am meant to be with.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate and helpful network of gifted advisors out there. We prayed together, and I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

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Not only will a genuine advisor help you pray to get your ex back, but they can also help you see other possibilities in love.

How prayer works to get an ex back

When you pray, you reveal your deepest desires and innermost ambitions.

In doing so, prayer becomes a very important avenue for self-reflection. But it also becomes an oasis, providing relief and rest for the soul, weary from heartbreak.

Praying makes you remember and focus your energies on the well-being of others, especially an ex in this particular case.

It can encourage positive feelings of forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as a deeper understanding of what the other is going through.

Prayer replaces negative energies with more positive vibes to enlighten you and lift you up when you are feeling lost.

Don’t despair because praying is already the first sign of hope as it shows your willingness to resolve your issues with yourself and your ex.

Ways to make your prayer work

Don’t forget that prayer first and foremost, is a conversation and building a relationship with God. You don’t need a degree in any language because God speaks to everyone and knows what is in your heart.

But there are ways to make prayer more effective if you follow these tips:

1) Believe

Of course, the most important thing is to put your faith into your prayers. You cannot just mouth words and affirmations without believing that they will work or you’d only be wasting your time. Are you even putting in the effort at all?

2) Pray often

Be persistent in your prayers. It is not a one-time thing or a lottery ticket where you get lucky. Prayer is a spiritual discipline and you can’t slack off whenever it’s convenient for you. The more you pray, the stronger the desire becomes.

3) Be humble

Accept that you are not perfect. You have flaws. You might need to change to get what you want, or for you to get another chance at your relationships. But know that you need the help of prayer and the guidance of God.

4) Do not hesitate

Be specific in your prayers. Know who it is you are praying to, and be firm in what you are praying for. Say what needs to be said. God already knows your circumstances but make your aspirations resound in your heart and mind and spirit to make the prayer very powerful.

5) Be open

Don’t shy away from expressing yourself and sharing whatever it is you have on your mind and what you desire. Be eager for change and open to new possibilities when God gives you answers not quite like you are expecting.

6) Shift focus away from yourself

Remember, you are praying to reconcile with your past relationship. It only makes sense that not everything is about you. The focus is on your ex so extend your prayers and make sure that it’s inclusive of whatever it is they are going through and try to see things from where they are.

7) Make it a habit

Praying is definitely easier when you incorporate it as part of your daily life. You must be consistent about it because being in a prayerful life is a commitment, much like how much dedication you would put in to pump a second life into your relationship.

8) Surrender

When you put your faith and trust in prayer and in God, it means that you surrender your life to him. He will take care of you in whatever path you choose. Regardless of the outcome, you must be willing to let go of everything and follow God’s plan for you so you must be prepared.

9) Listen

Don’t drown your prayers with all your talking and bombarding God with your questions or wishes. If prayer is a conversation, allow yourself some quiet time to listen for answers. God might be pointing to different signs if you just pay more attention.

10) You need not be alone

Praying is actually more effective when you do it with a community. You don’t have to endure things by yourself. You can seek company and comfort in others like praying with a friend, a group, or a church.

These things are all good to keep in mind. But some things are easier said than done—and these definitely count. You can help yourself through meditation and introspection, but a little help would not be remiss.

To that end, I would strongly suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings.

So instead of trying to solve all your love problems on your own, speak to an advisor who’ll help you find the answers you’re looking for.

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God will find a way to guide two destined souls together and the universe will work with you to make it happen. But you need to do your part, not only in prayer, but in every waking part of your life.

Hopefully, the prayers given shown will help you get your ex back, and that the explanations for it will help you understand why it’s good to pray.

You must make sure to lead a prayerful life if you are expecting prayers to work at all. And it might not happen immediately, but trust the universe is operating under the surface to bring everything back.

Things might have not worked the first time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have second chances. Praying, uttered with faith, will definitely help you get that second chance. So don’t give up.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source.

Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering about whether your prayers will actually get your ex back, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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