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The world is so chaotic. Luckily, I still have a job, but as we’ve learned in 2020 these things can suddenly flip the other way.

It’s made me think about ways to save some money and protect myself. 

I had a look at all my bills to figure out where I could make some serious savings. And I realized too much of my monthly income was paying for energy for my home.

The electricity bills stuck out to me like a sore thumb.

I thought there must be a better alternative. I wanted to save real money and be more self-sufficient. 

I searched the internet for a practical solution and came across the Power Efficiency Guide by Mark Edwards. 

85,000+ people have already used it to slash 60% or more off their electricity bills.

This guide was the solution I needed. So I decided to dive right into it.

Here’s my honest the Power Energy Efficiency Guide review. I’ll reveal how it works, who can benefit from it, and whether it’s worth your time and money.

Let’s go.

What is the Power Efficiency Guide?

power efficiency guide review

The Power Efficiency Guide is a comprehensive eBook course that shows you how to build a small power generator to make your own electricity.

There’s a downloadable 66-page color manual with step-by-step instructions, which is in PDF format.

It also comes with a handy supplementary video course. Currently, 9 “over-the-shoulder” HD videos show Mark Edwards, the creator, explaining how to build the generator.

No tech skills are needed to create it. The parts required to build it are not expensive. And once you’ve finished, you can start using it within 15 minutes.

I was pretty excited to get stuck into it.


Who can use it?

One of the best things about the Power Efficiency Guide is that it’s simple to build. On average, it only takes three hours to create this free energy system.

The instructions are so easy to follow that some people have stated even a teenager could understand how to make it.

When I read this, it gave me the confidence to buy the guide and make the power supply. I have no technical knowledge and find techy stuff quite dull. But if a teenager can handle it, I’m sure I can as well!

I would also say this guide is a perfect fit for anybody who wants to live more sustainably and save some money along the way. If you dream of living a “greener life,” this can help you create pure green energy. 

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Who Is Mark Edwards?

Mark Edwards is a geography teacher from Memphis, Tennessee. He researched and wrote The Power Efficiency Guide.

His inspiration to create it came after losing power when the Mississippi river flooded his home on 29th December 2015. He was distraught to see his wife and two daughters huddled together trying to stay warm.

He became angry when he could not contact the electrical company and realized that his family was reliant on the power companies.

Mark was sick of paying high electricity bills and suffering from chronic outage problems.

He started to research an alternative solution so his family could save money on bills. So they could also be self-sufficient for power in the case of a similar emergency.

Mark didn’t have any technical skills himself. However, his late uncle had been an engineer and pioneer in the electric car industry.

His uncle had told him about the spinning principle that is still in use in modern-day electric cars. Mark’s aunt gave him access to his uncle’s study so he could find the research.

Mark wanted to use the spinning principle and create a simple and cheap device to produce energy.

His aunt suggested that he contact an ex-colleague engineer and best friend of his uncle, Jason Newham.

Mark and Jason then worked together to create the device from the Power Efficiency Guide.

Their first power efficiency generator only cost them $106 to build. It’s easy to transport and fits inside the trunk of a car.

Why do I want to use the Power Efficiency Guide?

Well… I don’t have the luxury of living in the countryside and positioning loads of solar panels towards the sun.

Which means I also don’t have space to erect a wind turbine.

But I do have the willpower to try and become more self-sufficient.

I think we all have this inside of us.

We need to rise to the challenge and give it a go. Our world is changing every day and sometimes we need to change with it.

Becoming a bit more self-sufficient can only be a good thing.

I know it will help me save some money and give my confidence a boost as well.

Instead of panic buying and buying loads of stuff, it made more sense to invest in the Power Efficiency Guide.

Who knows what will happen in the future?

As California shows, there will likely be issues with power supply to households. Storms and severe damage are also always a way of life. 

Once I have learned how to make this device, I know I don’t need to worry. It’s the perfect back-up plan for any potential disaster.

I feel confident making it and using it, as over 80,000 people have already done it.

I also think it’s convenient because the power supply you create is small enough to be transported to other locations.

The icing on the cake for me is that the energy is also very safe and clean.

I know I won’t be able to replace my electrical supply completely. But I can save a lot of money on my bills and not rely on my expensive electric company so much.


In-depth look at the Power Efficiency Guide

I’m sure you’ve heard about solar energy and wind energy, which are safe forms of energy creation. However, there are flaws with these forms of alternative energy.

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  • They can be expensive.
  • High maintenance costs
  • You need sunny and windy days.
  • Your location may not be suitable for these types of alternative energy.

However, the Power Efficiency Guide turns this on its head as you don’t need to maintain costly equipment or rely on the weather. And you only need to spend 3 hours making it.

You can understand why electric companies are up in arms about it!

So, how can you make this power? 

The spinning principle 

Well, the idea behind your mini power plant comes from the spinning principle. This system is commonly used to power electric cars and is also known as the endless power principle.

Electric cars are constantly charging themselves from the wheels when they are not in acceleration mode.

They’re a self-sufficient generator of energy, and the concept of The Power Efficiency Guide works in the same way.

You only need a small amount of initial energy.

Then using a simple multiplication rule, you can multiply this energy by using the spinning principle.

It’s worth noting that nature was doing this way before electric cars were on the scene.

Mark realized that the energy you can make with this simple principle is endless.

So, if you use the principle properly and create a device to use this energy, you can access as much energy as you want.

This energy recharges the whole system when it is not fully active and at its full potential.

So, it’s charging itself while it gives you power.

Sounds pretty clever to me. 

What’s included

As I mentioned above, the Power Efficiency Guide comes in several different sections.  

What is great about this product is that it gets straight to the point. You don’t have to flick your way through loads of content about Mark before you get to the “real stuff.” 

You receive the following when you buy The Power Efficiency Guide:

  • The blueprints for the magnetic generator.
  • The main manual of 66 illustrated pages, with easy to follow instructions.
  • Nine HD quality “over-the-shoulder” videos that show Mark making the generator.
  • You also receive a list of the components that you need.

The best part is the detailed steps that any technophobe can follow.

You might still be worried that the guide will be too technical for you. Or that you might struggle to build your little power plant. 

This section of my review is for you.

After reading through all the material and watching the videos, I know that anybody can use the Power Efficiency Guide. You receive detailed step-by-step instructions, which also come with diagrams and color photos.

I usually find technical explanations boring and lose interest. But Mark Edwards kept things simple and practical, and I used the diagrams and photos to keep myself on track. 

The guide also gives you a comprehensive list of the supplies you need to make the power source. If you don’t have some items already at home, you can go to your local hardware store or buy what you need online.

As the whole thing is downloadable, you could take your smartphone with you to the store and use the link for ease of access.

The free eBooks

When you buy the Power Efficiency Guide, you’ll also receive 5 free eBooks.

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They give you more ideas on how to save money and ways you can help the environment.

Here are the 5 eBooks:

  • Saving Power Saving the World
  • Money-Saving Tips for Families
  • 15 Top Ways to Save Money
  • Go Green Save Green at The Same Time
  • How to Be Environmentally Friendly

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How much does it cost?

power efficiency guide review

The current price for the Power Efficiency Guide is a very reasonable $49, considering the standard retail price is usually $149. 

I think this is great value, especially when I found out that people saved on average $1,600 a year from using this guide. 

You also have a money-back guarantee, which is a nice bonus. You only need to send an email within 60-days, and the full amount is refunded.


The pros

There’s a lot I like about the the Power Efficiency Guide. Here is what I was most impressed with.

  • Easy to build. You don’t need to be a technical expert or “good with your hands” to make it. It only takes a maximum of three hours to complete, and as a benchmark, a teenager could build one.
  • Downloadable PDF format. The course comes in PDF format, which means you can download it straight away on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. This system also allows you to access the video tutorial wherever you are.
  • Safe and clean energy. The energy you are creating is completely safe to use. It beats having a generator that can be potentially dangerous or emit unwelcome fumes in your home. Also, it is green energy, which is safe for the environment.
  • Emergency power supply. When you live in an area prone to severe weather incidents like floods, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc., it makes sense to have an emergency power supply. This is what motivated Mark Edwards to build the original device.
  • No maintenance. Usually, with any piece of mechanical equipment, you need to spend time and money maintaining it. With this power supply, you don’t need to do anything. It’s self-sustainable as the system powers itself continuously.
  • Power up any device. No technical skills are needed to use it at all. Once you have made it, you can connect it easily to any device and give it power.
  • Save money. You can start saving money on your electric bills immediately. It’s an excellent investment as the price of electricity is going up year over year worldwide.

The cons

Overall, the guide is great. Who doesn’t want to be more self-sufficient and save money? However, there are two cons which are worth mentioning:

  • People who don’t like technology. As I’ve mentioned a few times in this review, it’s not difficult to make this device. However, if words like “generator,” “power,” and magnets freak you out, you might struggle a little. But I would recommend pushing yourself to give it a go; you might surprise yourself.
  • You need to buy it online. You can’t buy a physical version of this guide in a shop. You need to go to the website and buy it there. So you’ll need the internet to access it and download it on your smartphone or PC, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some quick answers to the most asked questions about the Power Efficiency Guide.

What is The Power Efficiency Guide?

The Power Efficiency Guide is a step-by-step color instruction manual to show you how to build your mini power plant. It can help you become more energy self-sufficient. You can also drastically reduce your electricity bills and save money.

Who is Mark Edwards?

Mark Edwards is a middle-aged geography teacher and the creator of the Power Efficiency Guide. He researched the idea after losing power to his home when the Mississippi river flooded. He was angry that his family was so reliant on the electricity company for energy, so he looked for an alternative solution.

Is it legit?

There are countless positive reviews of this guide online. Thousands of people have built the service successfully. In fact, Mark has documented that of 87,435 official users, he has only had 10 people contact him to say it couldn’t work.

How much does it cost?

It is currently on sale $49. The regular retail price is usually $149.

My Power Efficiency Guide review final verdict

Being proactive is a lot better than being reactive. And adapting with the times is crucial right now. 

The Power Efficiency Guide is an excellent way to become more self sufficient and lower your energy bills. 

The device is easy to create and it will actually help lower the cost of your monthly energy bill — in some cases quite substantially. 

No one wants to be reliant on the energy companies for power, especially when they can be so unreliable. Creating a power supply like this one is probably the best solution out there. 


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