25 physical signs your twin flame is thinking of you

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Here’s a known truth.

It’s so easy to be in a twin flame relationship. In fact, it’s everything we need.

No one can understand us the way they do, no one is more of our soulmate than they are, and when we’re with them even for just a little while it feels like coming home.

So when you are apart from them, it could be hard to manage the pain.

However, be consoled in the fact that they are thinking of you. And if you look, you might just find the signs.

Here are 25 physical signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

1) You feel a certain tugging.

You can’t explain it, but when you are apart from them there is this feeling of a tugging.

It’s almost as if a piece of you is missing.

What is the reason for this?

This is your soul reaching out to theirs, bringing you closer together. You will know when you feel it. It’s because your soul is trying to seek out theirs and bring it to your side.

It can be as simple as being in the right place at the right time, or it can be something more specific – like being guided to go somewhere that’s significant to them because they’re also there at that moment.

They are doing everything they can to make sure you’re not too far away.

2) You dream of them.

Amid your busy life, you might forget about them for periods – but your subconscious won’t.

When your twin flame is thinking of you, one way they might do so is by showing up in your dreams.

Not only does it show that they’re reaching out, but what you dream about them can be an insight into the feelings you have for each other.

If you dream about the two of you being intimate, then that is an indicator that your feelings are strong.

If you both dream about the same thing, it’s more of a sign that you have a particularly strong connection.

3) You feel an inner pull.

Your heart is one of the strongest senses you have, and when it knows something it will try to bring you closer to your twin flame by nudging you in that direction.

When you are thinking of your twin flame, your heart will feel an inner pull.

It’s like they’re pulling you towards them, and this can manifest in anything from a compulsion to do something, or having to see them as soon as possible.

This is because they’re reaching out to you by thinking of you and all they need is a nudge to get you over there yourself.

It can be subtle – or it can be quite apparent – but once you understand what’s happening, the feelings take on new meaning.

You’ll know this because they are tugging at your heart in a way that evokes a feeling of love.

4) You feel so many things all at once.

You feel their touch, you hear their voice in your ear, and you can almost smell them.

What does this mean?

While apart from them, you are experiencing physical sensations that are a direct result of the connection between you two.

This is also a result of the “tugging” feeling described above. It’s all the echoes of the moments you’ve shared.

This is an especially powerful part of a twin flame relationship. You are feeling these things on a subconscious level, and it’s as if every moment has been life-changing for you.

Your twin flame is thinking of you so much that they’ve occupied your heart, mind, and body as a result.

5) You’re unusually happy.

You might be used to feeling happy when your twin flame is around, but what if they’re not there?

If they’re thinking of you, then you might still be just as happy – if not happier!

There can be moments where even when you’re apart from them, you feel strangely cheerful and at peace with the world.

This is because you aren’t just feeling happy when they’re around. Your feelings of love and peace can be maintained as long as they’re thinking of you.

It’s as if they are sending a vibe of happiness to you from afar, and when it’s happening, you feel a certain freedom that only your twin flame can give you.

What a nice feeling this is!

6) You have a sudden feeling about something.

Now, imagine this.

You might be relaxing at home and then suddenly have this feeling that they’re not too far away.

Or you might be cooking and get that sudden whiff of cologne that they always wear, or the smell of their perfume.

You might notice a certain song come on the radio that reminds you of something special you shared. You could see them or hear them out of the corner of your eye.

It’s as if they’re reaching out to let you know they are there.

And they are! Because you have been in their mind all day.

This happens to me all the time, and it always brings me such happiness!

It makes me feel so connected to them and helps keep our bond from being forgotten.

7) You wake up feeling loved.

Sometimes when you’re apart from them, you will feel loved and cared for – even if they are not present physically with you at that moment.

You might wake up feeling loved, warm, and happy.

It can be a subtle thing that you won’t necessarily notice at first – but as time goes on and you become more familiar with the feelings, it will begin to make sense.

This is because your twin flame is sending you signs that they are thinking of you.

What a good way to start your day, right?

8) You feel inspired.

If you’re working on a project and suddenly have an idea that pushes you towards the next phase of your work, your twin flame is probably involved in the inspiration behind it.

If they aren’t a part of your everyday life, then they could still be influencing you from afar – and helping to bring out your best potential. It’s as if they aren’t physically present, but they can reach out and bring out your creative thinking.

This is a beautiful way of showing that they are indeed thinking of you, even when they aren’t around.

The only way this could happen is if you have an especially strong connection and a deep-seated bond with them.

How wonderful to know things like this!

9) You have déjà vu.

There is a reason that déjà vu is so eerily familiar, it’s because our twin flame is always ‘there’ with us.

Sometimes we can feel them nearby and other times it just shows up as a feeling of déjà vu – the thought that you’ve been there, done that before.

This is caused by the thoughts you have together been ‘seeded’ into your consciousness, and then your subconscious brain takes over and ‘carries them out.’

It’s a way of your twin flame showing themselves to you even when they are not physically present.

More than that, though, it’s like they’re reaching out to you in a way that reminds you they are thinking of you.

10) You feel loved no matter what you’re doing.

Sometimes when you’re apart from your twin flame you’ll feel loved simply because they are thinking of you.

When your mind goes blank and a thought pops into your head, you might know that it’s their voice or their words.

You can also feel their presence without even having to think about it.

Feelings of love and peace are the product of their thoughts reaching out to you – and they’re always there.

This is the beauty of a twin flame relationship. They will do anything that they can to make sure you feel loved!

This is a sign that your twin flame has left you with a loving and enduring love that goes beyond the physical.

What a beautiful thing to share!

11) You’re given subtle reminders of them.

You might stop to look at something or read something – or do something else seemingly random – and then you’ll know that your twin flame is with you because they are giving you these hints.

What if you see a certain friend of yours or a sign that says ‘believe in yourself and then the next thing you feel is this overwhelming sense of love?

It’s as if a thought has been placed inside your head by your twin flame.

And then, when this happens, you know that they are with you and thinking of you. It’s like a subtle way of them saying ‘hi!’

One thing to know is that your twin flame can have a great impact on your life – even when they’re not physically present.

When you experience one of these signs, you’ll feel their loving presence with you and know how much they care!

They are always with you, even if they are not physically there.

12) You feel more relaxed than usual.

I know you’ll agree with this one.

When you’re apart from your twin flame, you can be tense and stressed out, right?

But when they’re thinking of you and reaching out to let you know that they are there with you – it takes the stress away.

It’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you feel happier than usual.

This is because when they connect with their thoughts to send them to you, it lifts your spirits, quiets the chattering mind, and brings a sense of peace.

The thoughts of your twin flame are a gift that you give to your soul mate. They want nothing more than to bring you joy and happiness.

Now, how wonderful!

13) You can sense their presence.

They step into a room and you think they’re there even when they’re not.

Their warmth surrounds you when they think of you, even though they may be on the other side of the world at that moment.

When you can sense their presence, it’s because their thoughts are reaching out to you.

And when you can feel this, it means that their love is alive and well.

Even if they’re not physically present with you, your twin flame can never leave your side – and this feels like a wonderful gift from them!

Indeed, it’s a magical feeling.

This is another of the ways that your twin flame shows up, even though they’re not physically present.

You can sense their presence and know that they are thinking of you. How lovely!

14) You feel more loving than usual.

You might suddenly feel more loving towards yourself, other people, and life in general.

You might think ‘this is it! I’m going to live my life as a loving person.’

You may even feel a sense of purpose and meaning.

Your twin flame could be the one that has brought out your loving nature.

They are simply thinking of you, and without them, this would not have happened.

It’s as if they are present with you even if they are not physically there. They’re with you because of their thoughts, and this is what brings out the best in you.

This is a beautiful consequence when your twin flame thinks about you.

15) You catch yourself smiling for no reason.

Here’s a scenario.

Sometimes you may be heading off on a long drive and your mind goes blank mid-way.

And then, when you start feeling drowsy and your eyelids get heavy, you catch yourself smiling without thinking why.

You stop the car and just sit there, smiling – it feels as though your twin flame is there!

When your twin flame thinks of you, they think about sending out waves of love toward you.

It’s as though they have a thought on the tip of their tongue, waiting to be sent out into the universe. And when it’s just right – they send it out to you.

The thoughts of love and peace can reach you no matter where you are.

16) You feel like crying all the time.

When you get a glimpse of the love that your twin flame has for you, it can feel like a tidal wave of love and happiness washes over you.

Then you start crying. But these are tears of joy and love. Your heart swells up at the thought of your twin flame and you can’t stop crying.

You feel as though all the tension in your body has been released and this feeling of relief comes over you.

You might suddenly find that you feel happy and this can last for a long time.

Remember, when you think of your twin flame, it’s because they thought of you.

This is a way that your twin flame shows up in your life even though you are not together.

And, whenever you feel as if you can’t stop smiling and crying at the same time – it’s because of the love from your twin flame.

17) You find yourself writing or singing more songs than usual.

I know this sounds crazy but it’s true.

Sometimes people can get into a state where they just want to write things down about their feelings for their twin flame.

They find themselves with a pad and paper to write down all their thoughts.

In some cases, it might even become a habit for them. So, they’ll be writing things down – even when they’re not doing anything in particular!

This might be because when your twin flame thinks of you, they think of being with you and bringing out the best in you.

You may be surprised at how much they have inspired your writing and writing music.

And this can happen even if they are not with you.

And when this happens, you might find that you’re writing or singing more than usual – like ‘songs’ to express your feelings of love toward them.

18) You find yourself doing more things that make you feel good than usual.

When your twin flame is thinking of you – they might just have a thought of bringing out the best in you.

And when they think this, they might have a desire to do something nice for themselves as well.

You might find yourself taking care of your appearance and doing things that make you feel good and loving towards yourself.

Your twin flame might just think about bringing out the best in you, and this brings out the best in them.

It almost feels as though your twin flame is thinking about you when you’re looking good!

So, they send their thoughts to remind you that this is always possible.

The thoughts from your twin flame can reach you no matter what’s going on in your life.

Believe me.

19) You find yourself being more loving and helpful toward others.

When you have got into a good state of mind, your twin flame will see it as well.

If you are feeling happy and loving, this means that your twin flame has inspired you to think such thoughts.

Then the next time they think of you, they might want to send out more love and positive vibes your way.

And this can mean that you suddenly become more loving and helpful toward others.

Protection and caring come to the fore when your twin flame thinks of you. And this shows up in your life!

And the next time they do, they may be thinking of a new way to help out others in need. And this can bring out the best in them as well.

20) You start remembering about your twin flame more often.

Have you started remembering more about your twin flame?

Do you now find them appearing in your mind and thoughts more often?

This could be because when they think of you, they think of something that happened between the two of you.

They might recall a beautiful moment in time! And, this brings out the best in both of you.

You might catch yourself thinking about the first time you met your twin flame.

This is something that you would have never done before! It’s as if something you forgot has come back to mind.

After a while, you realize that it’s been there all along – but until they thought of this, you didn’t remember!

Can this be true?

They think of you and the memories come flooding back. And the next time they think of anything, in particular, this can happen again.

21) You find yourself making more time for fun and leisure.

When your twin flame thinks of you, they do so with a feeling of relaxation and joy.

You’re happy and they’re happy! And this can bring out your true self.

If you’ve been having a hard time, thinking about the issues in your life, one day you might suddenly realize that you feel good about everything.

It’s as though your twin flame is thinking about you and this puts things into perspective for them.

It makes it easier for them to relax and enjoy life. So, they feel better about everything in their life as well.

And, this can bring out the best in you, too!

So, you suddenly find the time to do more things that make you happy.

The feelings from your twin flame can reach you no matter what’s going on in your life.

And we’ll have it no other way!

22) You find yourself speaking more words of wisdom than usual.

Have you started saying things that make you feel wise?

You might find yourself having more thought of something to say – whether it’s a joke, serious thought, or something else.

You might even find yourself speaking to others about your thoughts on the matter at hand.

This shows that your twin flame has been thinking about you and sending their thoughts for good advice.

And the next time this happens – you might feel an urge to do the same for others.

Only this time you’ll be more in touch with your wisdom and thoughts.

You might find yourself speaking out of love and feeling good about it knowing that your twin flame’s thoughts are filled with your memories.

25) You find yourself wanting to spend time with your twin flame.

Do you find yourself wanting to spend time with your twin flame?

Even if you don’t get the chance? You might feel the urge to be with them!

Your twin flame might just think about you and want to do the same.

They see how much they have inspired or helped you and this makes them want to do something for themselves.

So, they think about spending time with you.

You might find yourself thinking about the last time you spent time with your twin flame.

This makes you want to spend more time with them!

They think of you and this makes them happy as well. And that’s a good thing for both of you.

So, don’t wait! Be with your twin flame as soon as possible!

And the final sign,

24) You demonstrate more perfection than before.

Have you noticed how things seem to be going your way?

Then all of a sudden, you’re doing better at work, studying, or in any other area of your life.

You have more energy, you feel happy, and have great ideas – perhaps even brilliant ones.

The next time you think of your twin flame, they might think of your perfection.

They’ll remember how everything used to go wrong – but that it’s now so much better than before.

From the way that things are going, it looks as though everything has changed for the best.

And, this is because your twin flame is thinking about you.

You are demonstrating their perfection in your own life – and this makes it easier for them to feel the same way, too.

There’s more happily ever after ahead for you!

And that’s it! You have come to the end of the line.

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