11 phrases naturally confident people use all the time

Confidence is a prized asset, coveted by many yet tricky to attain. Nevertheless, it has transformative potential that can boost one’s prospects in every sphere of life.

So, what’s the secret of naturally confident people?

It’s not something that can be learned overnight, but there are certain phrases that confident people use all the time that can help you build your own confidence.

Here are 11 phrases naturally confident people use all the time. With sufficient practice, you can effectively leverage them to your advantage.

1. “I can do this”

Self-confidence motivates personal growth and success. And people who possess it exude an unwavering belief in their strengths and capabilities, inspiring others to follow suit.

Being unfazed by obstacles, they fearlessly embrace challenges that come their way, always assured of their ability to overcome any hurdle in their path.

You see, tenacity and resilience serve goal-driven individuals well. This opens doors to new things and possibilities beyond their comfort zone.

Truly, self-confidence is a powerful attribute that fosters fulfillment and success.

With this phrase, naturally confident people remind themselves of their strength and ability to conquer any obstacles.
Even better, they don’t simply talk about it — they take action.

2. “I’m not perfect, and that’s okay”

Insecurities are integral to our humanity, complex and stubborn, loath to be dismissed. Perfection remains an elusive endgame, a distant horizon that may never be reached.

Remember, embracing your imperfections is the best way to combat doubts about yourself. Accept who you are, and enjoy the confidence that follows.

This phrase helps naturally confident people accept their weaknesses and focus on developing their strengths instead. They realize that mistakes and shortcomings are a natural part of life, and it’s how we learn and grow as individuals.

Moreover, this phrase shows that they’re comfortable with themselves and their shortcomings.

3. “I’m proud of my achievements”

As humans, perfection is impossible. Mistakes happen, and that is okay! They’re a natural part of life.

Recognizing and feeling proud of our accomplishments is crucial. After all, why work hard if we can’t appreciate our progress?

It helps us keep growing and experiencing a sense of accomplishment.

Folks with that natural confidence don’t let failures or mistakes stand in their way. They take pride in the little victories rather than dwell on the shortcomings.

Such confidence is contagious and inspiring to those around them. They don’t limit themselves and this encourages others to trust in their abilities too.

4. “Let’s do it”

Have you ever noticed how confident people are more action-oriented?

They don’t just talk about what they want to do. They actually do it.

This sentiment reflects their eagerness to take action and make things happen. Hearing such a phrase demonstrates a desire to accomplish and succeed.

Moreover, it shows that they trust in their own capabilities to make things happen. This reflects fearlessness, a thirst for life, and living it fully.

They don’t let anything stand in their way and this helps build up their confidence as well.

With this phrase, naturally confident people are ready to take on the world!

5. “I appreciate your feedback”

Did you ever notice how confident people are always open to constructive criticism?

Rather than getting defensive, they take feedback in their stride and use it to better themselves. The thing is, accepting criticism gracefully is an art that naturally confident people have mastered. This attitude reflects their trust in their own abilities and skills.
They don’t get bogged down by someone else’s opinion and they use useful criticism to grow from it.

Simply put, their self-worth remains intact regardless of others’ opinions.

By responding to feedback with an open mind, naturally confident people show their willingness to learn and improve.

This phrase helps them express gratitude for the other person’s effort while showing that they value others’ opinions and are happy to take them into consideration.

6. “I’m looking forward to this opportunity”

With positivity and enthusiasm, naturally confident people view each challenge or opportunity as a chance to grow.

This sentiment represents their fervor to conquer the world and seize every moment, even with no certainty of success. To them, each opportunity is an occasion to learn, hone their skills, and enhance their craft.

They’re never afraid of failure but see it as an integral part of life. Moreover, they’re motivated by future possibilities rather than stuck in the past.

Every situation holds the potential for growth. No surprise they seize every opportunity and maximize it!

I’m telling you when you’re around confident people, you can’t help but be inspired by their attitude.

7. “I’m sorry, I made a mistake”

Suppose you’re in a meeting, and someone mentions a problem that you were responsible for. Chances are, your confidence takes a hit. But to people whose confidence comes naturally, it’s just another opportunity to prove their worth.

They don’t shy away from taking responsibility or admitting mistakes in order to seek solutions.

Stated a little differently, negativity isn’t in their vocabulary.

Instead of making excuses, they assume responsibility, apologize, and initiate action to resolve the situation.

You know, naturally confident people recognize that mistakes are a normal part of life, and it’s how we grow as individuals.
By saying this phrase, they demonstrate maturity and integrity—two qualities that inspire respect in both personal and professional spheres.

8. “I disagree, let’s discuss”

Clearly, saying this phrase shows no lack of confidence.

It’s true: part of having confidence doesn’t mean blindly accepting everything.

It is about having the courage to vocalize your opinions, of course, backed by facts and logic.

And that’s what naturally confident people do! They’re not afraid to disagree with authority or popular opinion.

Instead of avoiding debates, some embrace them as an occasion to explore new perspectives and engage in dialogues with those who hold opposing views. This willingness to have candid conversations demonstrates an openness that is truly compelling.

Who wouldn’t want to be around individuals like this who are eager to engage in insightful discourse?

9. “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”

Great leaders stand out because they recognized they didn’t know everything.

For naturally confident people, admitting they don’t know something is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Rather than pretending to know everything, they take the initiative to research and gain knowledge. By doing so, they equip themselves with the necessary insights to navigate conversations with confidence and wisdom.

This attitude reflects their intellectual humility as well as their desire to learn and grow.

Moreover, it demonstrates their willingness to consider different perspectives and their maturity in acknowledging that they do not possess all the solutions.

More importantly, this phrase shows their willingness to seek out knowledge that’s necessary to help them make informed decisions.

10. “Thank you for your help”

Saying “thank you” is a simple gesture that goes a long way.

Let’s be real, folks. You can totally toss this phrase around in regular chats! But to naturally confident people, it carries much more weight and brings more impact.

Here’s the thing: by expressing gratitude towards others for their help or assistance, they demonstrate respect and humility — two key elements of self-confidence.

Moreover, it shows that they value the opinions and contributions of those around them.

Saying this phrase helps bridge the gap between people by creating an atmosphere of respect and trust.

In the end, naturally confident people understand that everyone has something to offer and it’s important to recognize those contributions.

11. “I believe in myself”

You know, this phrase shows how confident people are self-assured, and unafraid of the unknown. Well, it’s all because they’ve got mad self-esteem!

These people believe in their own capabilities and they’re not afraid to take risks and make mistakes.

The thing is, saying this helps them deal with fear or failure because it reinforces their trust in themselves.

Of course, we’ve all had our moments where anxiety and doubt creep in.

But to naturally confident people, believing in themselves helps them channel their fears into action and move forward with conviction.

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you can handle anything life throws at you. When you’re confident, no obstacle is too great.
Ultimately, that’s what matters most!

Rather than second-guessing yourself, you trust your own capabilities.


Despite what you may have heard, being naturally confident isn’t about being perfect.

The fact is, it’s about being comfortable with yourself and your abilities.

Incorporating these simple phrases can kickstart your journey toward building confidence and achieving self-assuredness. By developing this attribute, you will find ease within yourself and be more comfortable in your own skin.

Remember, true confidence comes from constant self-improvement, not just reaching a single milestone.

It’s something that requires consistent effort. But through practice and persistence, you too can become a naturally confident individual.

The next time you feel doubtful, summon the power of these phrases without hesitation.

Experiment with these 11 phrases to elevate your life and experience the immeasurable rewards of heightened self-belief.

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Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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