How to identify a past life lover

Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone before, even though you just met them?

Or maybe you feel an intense connection with someone from the moment you meet them?

If you believe in past lives, then this could indicate that you have met someone with whom you’ve shared a deep connection in a past life.

Given that we all crave love deeply, it would be a beautiful thing to reunite with someone you’ve shared an entire past life with, right?

Luckily, there are a few signs that you just met a past life lover, so if you want to be able to recognize them, keep reading!

1) You feel like you know them even though you just met

As I just mentioned, one of the signs that you may have met a past life lover is that you feel like you know them even though you just met them.

That intense connection may come on immediately, or it can build over time, but a certain level of instant recognition has to be there immediately.

If you feel like you have known this person for your whole life, then you may have met a past-life lover!

Take note of where your feelings of familiarity come from: are you recognizing facial features you haven’t seen before or are you feeling as though you have known this person forever on a deeper level?

While these feelings might come from a past life connection, they might also come from a place of familiarity that comes from spending time with a childhood friend or someone you’ve worked with.

If the feelings of familiarity are accompanied by other signs, however, then it’s likely you’ve met a past-life lover.

The thing is, there are a few reasons why you might recognize someone right away even though you don’t know them, which could be a twin flame, soulmate, or past-life lover.

To figure out which one it is, you need to look a bit closer, which brings me to my next point:

2) You both share interests from a specific time in history

If you and a past life lover both share a specific interest that came into popularity during a specific time in history, it may indicate that you both lived in that time period.

For example, if two of you both are particularly interested in art that came from the Renaissance or jazz music from the 1930s, this could indicate that you both were alive in those time periods.

Or maybe you are both really passionate about a certain time period without having any proper explanation.

You see, people who share interests from a specific time in history are often those who have known each other in past lives.

How do you know if this is the case? If you always had a fascination with that time period, it’s likely that you were once part of it!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you love ancient Egypt and your partner loves ancient Greece that it’s not a past-life lover connection.

The point is that if both of you share an interest from a specific time period and have talked about it before, then there’s a good chance that you’ve shared some deep connections in the past!

But sometimes, it’s as easy as listening to your gut:

3) Your gut is telling you that you know this person

Another sign that you’ve met a past life lover is that your gut is telling you that you know this person.

While you may be able to identify specific traits that indicate you’ve met this person before, your gut can also speak to you.

If you feel like you know this person, but you can’t figure out why your gut might be trying to tell you something.

And if your gut is telling you that you know this person, and you can’t shake the feeling, you may have met them in a past life.

We often underestimate the power of our intuition and gut feelings, so the best thing you can do if you feel this way is to really listen to your gut and follow it.

Because there is a good chance that your gut is telling you something important.

But sometimes, the signs will be pretty clear, with or without intuition:

4) When you have an argument, it feels like you’ve had this exact fight with them before

If you find yourself having arguments with someone that feel like you’ve had them before, there’s a chance that you had this exact same fight in a past life.

It’s strange, but if you find yourself having an argument with someone new, and it feels like you’ve had this exact fight with this exact person before, you may have met a past life lover.

The thing is, even though we grow and change a lot, if you believe in past lives, then certain aspects get carried over.

This could be something like certain triggers or arguments. It’s the same dynamic that feels exactly the same, but the explanation is completely different.

You can also notice behavior patterns or habits that you find yourself doing with this person over and over again.

If you feel like you’ve had a fight before, but you can’t remember when or where, then this could indicate that you’ve known them in a past life.

But maybe you do remember something? That brings me to my next point:

5) You have some memories of your relationship

It can be strange, but if you have memories of a past life relationship with someone, you may have met a past life lover.

You see, people have the ability to remember parts of their past lives by using tools such as past-life regression, hypnosis, or even meditation.

For example, you might have memories of a past life relationship or a past-life death.

These memories can be triggered by something that’s happening right now, or they can come to you on their own as dreams.

Also, these memories might be something like seeing yourself with someone in scenes that come to you in flashes. Or they may manifest themselves as daydreams or vivid dreams.

Now: the person you met will likely look completely different from who you saw in your past-life memories, but you might recognize certain traits that they both share.

This is how you can know that they are actually the same person, just in different lives!

6) Time seems to stop when you are with them

If time seems to stop when you are with someone new, it may indicate that you were together in a past life.

It could be that the person you have met is reminding you of a past life partner, or it could be that you are meeting this person for the first time, but you are both experiencing the connection as if you have known each other for a long time.

If you find that you and a potential past life lover’s time together feels different from the way time moves when you are with other people, you may have met a past life lover.

The thing is, on a deep level, your body might remember this person.

Now: because a lot of these memories were from a completely different lifetime, your brain might get confused and lose the sense of time altogether.

You may not notice time passing, and you might even forget what day or year it is right now.

This is relatively normal and nothing to get worried about, usually, this will wear off as you get more used to spending time with this person.

But that’s not the only thing that happens in the beginning after meeting them:

7) You immediately feel strong emotions about them right after meeting

If you feel a deep, intense emotion for someone the moment you meet them, you may have met a past life lover.

Some people feel an attraction to a past life lover immediately, while others feel an intense longing.

If you feel an immediate, intense emotion for someone when you meet them for the first time, you may have been reunited with your past lover.

You see, your body remembers the intense feelings you had for them in the past, and it doesn’t take long to tap back into them.

This can be a bit confusing at first, as your feelings seem to go from 0 to 100, but it’s also really nice.

If you feel an extremely strong attraction or longing for someone immediately after meeting them, you may have just met your past life lover.

This also shows itself in other ways:

8) You know things about them without explanation

If you know things about a person that you’ve just met that you can’t explain, it could be that you knew this person in a past life.

You see, there might be certain things that are completely obvious to you that you simply can’t explain.

For example, you might know that they are afraid of thunder in a thunderstorm, even though they never really told you about that.

This is because certain traits get carried over from past lives and you may remember them.

If you can’t explain where you know someone from, but you know them anyway, you may have met a past life lover.

This also goes for your own memories:

9) You share many similar experiences and memories

If you and someone you’ve just met share many similar experiences and memories, it could indicate that you have met in a past life.

The thing is, when you do lots of past life regressions, you can often find these types of connections.

This is because our souls can hold onto certain experiences and memories from past lives that we can’t explain in our current lifetime.

For example: you might both share a past-life memory of living in a certain town or having a very specific experience.

Of course, this sign might be more difficult to tell if your partner is not into past-lives and has never tried to remember anything.

However, even then, certain movies or shows might resonate with them a lot, if they play in that time, for example.

Little signs like that can indicate that they have hidden memories, even if they never went and actually explored them!

But there is one more factor that can indicate that you remember them from a past life:

10) Your body remembers them on some level

If you have intense physical reactions when you are with a past life lover, it could indicate that you have met before.

Your body can remember things that your mind can’t, especially if you suffered trauma or had an intense experience like love.

If you have intense physical reactions when you are with someone new, it could be that your body is remembering them.

This could mean that when you are physically intimate with them, for some reason, things click immediately and you know each other’s preferences without understanding why.

Of course, that is a huge perk of meeting a past-life lover, everything about them will feel familiar and safe.

It’s fascinating how much knowledge and information our bodies can store.

Things that our minds have long forgotten can be stored in the body as if they only happened yesterday.

Being with your past-life lover will feel as though you have been with that person forever, almost like muscle memory.

This is super interesting and something you should cherish!

Final thoughts

There are many signs that you may have met a past life lover, and many of them can be very subtle.

If you have met a past life lover, though, you will know it – these signs will come together to form an undeniable truth.

And the best part? If you have met a past life lover, it is likely that you will feel an even deeper connection and love for them than you ever have before.

Don’t be afraid of these signs – embrace them, and be open to the possibility that this person is your soul mate.

If you have met a past life lover, you have an incredible opportunity to learn from each other and grow even stronger together!

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