Nomadrs accelerates growth with strategic acquisition of Angel Number

SINGAPORE, August 1, 2023 – Nomadrs, a leading authority in the new age spirituality space, announced today the acquisition of Angel Number, a pioneer in angel number interpretations. This strategic move underlines Nomadrs’ commitment to expand its portfolio and bring enhanced value to its growing user base.

Founded in 2019 by Tiffany Mcgee, Nomadrs has been a fast-rising star in the realm of spirituality, aiding individuals in navigating the esoteric world and fostering a deeper connection with the universe. By integrating Angel Number’s unparalleled expertise, Nomadrs can now offer its users profound insights into interpreting angel numbers and deepen their understanding of the signs from the universe.

“We are thrilled to welcome Angel Number to the Nomadrs family,” said Tiffany Mcgee, the founder of Nomadrs. “This acquisition represents a perfect synergy of our values and expertise. We’ve always been passionate about angel numbers and their significance in spiritual growth. We are confident that this integration will enrich our content and enable our users to explore their spiritual journey at a much deeper level.”

As a result of the acquisition, Nomadrs will be introducing a new category focused exclusively on angel numbers. Users can look forward to an expansive library of content in this area, furthering their personal approach to spirituality and empowerment.

In addition, the renowned Angel Number Handbook, a comprehensive guide to understanding and interpreting angel numbers, will be made available to users at no cost. “We are committed to keeping this valuable resource free for our community. It’s an invaluable tool to anyone on their spiritual journey,” added Mcgee.

Angel Number, recognized worldwide for its comprehensive database and interpretations of angel numbers, has been a trusted guide for countless users seeking spiritual guidance. Its rich content library will now be part of Nomadrs’ diverse offerings, further solidifying its place as a go-to platform for spirituality.

With a shared mission to simplify spirituality and make it more accessible, Nomadrs and Angel Number are set to make a significant impact on the spiritual journey of their combined user base.

Nomadrs encourages everyone interested in learning more about spirituality and the new insights interpreting angel numbers to visit their website at

About Nomadrs:

Nomadrs is a Singapore-based spiritual platform that helps individuals understand and navigate the world of spirituality. Founded by Tiffany Mcgee in 2019, Nomadrs aims to strip back all the labels and misconceptions associated with spirituality, providing a space for like-minded individuals to explore genuine spiritual principles. With a growing community of readers and a diverse range of content, Nomadrs has evolved into a valuable resource and companion for those on their spiritual journey.

For more information, please contact:

Tiffany Mcgee 60 Kim Seng Road #23-05 Tribeca by the Waterfront Singapore 239497

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