Is there a movement emerging in New Zealand challenging the global capitalist system?

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Last week I facilitated a fascinating salon conversation with a group of New Zealand entrepreneurs and change makers.

We explored the emergence of a movement in New Zealand where entrepreneurs are creating products and services that give back to the community. We situated this in the context of a global capitalist system where transnational corporates create powerful economies of scale, but often flood developing economies with their products to the detriment of that society.

A case in point discussed is the Cook Islands in New Zealand, where one of the salon participants has a lot of hands-on experience.

We explored some of the ideas emerging out of this part of the world. You can register for the salon and watch it below.

What are salons?

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Who participated in this salon?

This particular salon was initiated by Julian Noel from Shine (Jules), a good friend of mine based in Sydney. He’s a very heart-led entrepreneur. Jules was telling me how excited he is about what’s coming out of New Zealand. In particular, he felt that entrepreneurship is very connected to a tribal and communal sense of identity, while embracing some of the world’s most exciting innovations.

Jules curated some amazing people from New Zealand to join us in conversation. Jules himself was effectively the moderator, seeking to create a narrative as we explored ideas. We were joined by:

Andre Rowell, editor and owner of M2 magazines new Zealand, connected to entrepreneurs, and leaders in New Zealand. He’s the founder of The Cook Islands Project bringing culture and commerce together in Rarotonga. Andre hails from Rarotonga.

Arohanui Aperahama, a former nurse who is starting a home based business making Kombucha, Maori medicine, and broth products.

Ana Heremaia, a social entrepreneur who works with disadvantaged kids in local high schools solving social issues through design and buildings.

You can register for the salon below.



Highlights from the salon

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