Mindvalley’s Unlocking Transcendence: An honest review

Have you ever wanted to get in touch with your spiritual side? With Jeffrey Allen’s Unlocking Transcendence class on Mindvalley, learn to delve beyond the physical and start transforming yourself from within.

Celebrated energy healer Jeffrey Allen leads Mindvalley’s latest course on higher awareness. Through his lessons and daily spiritual exercises, students will learn how to tune-in to the world so they can look at situations clearly and find the right path to take. By the end of the course, you’ll be empowered to take charge over your life.

Read more in my review below.

Why I decided to check out the Unlocking Transcendence Class

I used to think that all the fads about mindfulness and meditation were kind of bogus until I came across the Unlocking Transcendence Mindvalley course. I was raised to be pragmatic and action-oriented, so it was hard to swallow the idea that I could change my life by simply sitting peacefully under a tree (or whatever people do for meditation!). Needless to say, my grasp of spirituality was pretty weak back then.

Before taking the course, however, I felt that I was somehow stuck. I didn’t have any direction nor was I certain of what my purpose in life is. Rather than taking charge of where I was going, I was simply swept up by what was going on in the world around me. And it was an increasingly draining experience. From what I’ve learned since taking the class, I wasn’t tapping into my reserves of energy or joy.

My desperation to get out of that rut was what prompted me to sign up for Mindvalley’s Unlocking Transcendence course. According to reviews, Jeffrey Allen’s class truly helped people overcome energy slumps and bad habits. One student even wrote how others noticed her “glow” since taking the course.

I was deeply moved and encouraged by all the stories from these people who managed to shake off their self-doubt, snap out of old patterns, and shift their mindset so that each day became extraordinary.

I was also excited by the concept of holistic awareness development. The Unlocking Transcendence course promises to improve your mental, physical, emotional, listening, time, impact, location, and energy awareness. Based on the course description, developing holistic awareness is the key to finding new insights you can apply to your life.

Through daily exercises, Jeffrey Allen’s Mindvalley course challenges students to connect with something bigger than themselves. I was amazed by all the people who had embarked on a journey of self-discovery through the course. And back then, I deeply hoped that the class could help create meaningful and significant changes in me as well.

Now I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all.

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What is Mindvalley?

Before I talk about the course in depth, I should explain what Mindvalley is first. Mindvalley is an online learning platform that caters to people who are interested in personal development, rather than more academic pursuits. As an alternative educational platform, Mindvalley boasts courses on creativity, spirituality, and more, all of which are taught by highly sought-after professionals from around the globe.

Mindvalley helps its students embrace their full potential through gamified courses called Quests — digestible, daily videos — which encourage learners to complete the class from start to finish. On-the-go people would definitely appreciate the bite-sized lessons on self-improvement that Mindvalley has to offer.

How much does Mindvalley cost?

In order to get the best value from Mindvalley, the annual All-Access Pass at $499 is your best bet. With the All-Access Pass, you can enroll in 30+ Mindvalley programs. Each Mindvalley course entitles you to exclusive mentoring classes and workshops. You can also enroll in just one class for $349 but I don’t recommend it. There are so many fantastic classes on Mindvalley; you would want to sign-up for everything.

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What the Unlocking Transcendence Class is all about

Unlocking Transcendence is a step-by-step journey for boosting awareness so students can experience a sense of spirituality in every dimension. According to Jeffrey Allen, awareness is necessary because, without it, life would feel like it’s just happening to you – and that was very spot-on for me. With improved awareness, you can absorb information efficiently and better understand what you should be doing. Awareness helps you find answers, connect with others, and become more open to new ideas.

You can only unlock transcendence and train spiritually with a base level of awareness. Jeffrey Allen guides students through exercises so you can strengthen 12 spiritual muscles. These are:

1) Time Awareness: Most of us think that time is working against us. However, time awareness is all about putting your energy in the present and seeing yourself in the moment. Rather than feeling stuck over the past or perpetually chasing down the future, awareness of the present time can keep you calm, focused, and relaxed.

2) Mental Awareness: Mental awareness tames runaway and obsessive thoughts so students can have a clear and organized mind as they work in the present moment.

3) Location Awareness: Location awareness lets you go beyond your body, mind, and emotions by looking deeply at the spiritual self. Students learn to observe their experiences and think outside the box.

4) Body Awareness: Having a poor relationship with your body can steal the joy of having a physical form and distract you from your bigger purpose. Heightened body awareness not only allows you to love and enjoy your body but also improves your coordination and athleticism.

5) Energy Awareness: Energy awareness shatters the illusion that we live in a purely physical belief. Heightened energy awareness moves us towards abundance or the belief that everything is energy.

6) Listening Awareness: Listening awareness lets you tune into what is happening around you and cancelling out the unnecessary noise. With improved listening awareness, you can achieve success by being at the right place, at the right time.

7) Intuition Awareness: Intuition helps you take the stress of guesswork out of life and put you on the path to making the right decisions. Cultivating intuition awareness helps opportunities and progress come naturally to you.

8) Spiritual Connection Awareness: Awareness of spiritual connections can remind people that they are never truly alone in the world. Instead of battling with loneliness, greed, or competitiveness, students learn to feel more connected.

9) Emotional Awareness: Emotional awareness is the key to release all the negative emotions bottled up inside you, negating their power to sour your relationships.

10) Empathetic Awareness: Sometimes, the emotions you feel are actually someone else’s. Empathetic awareness helps you distinguish which emotions are actually yours and deepen your understanding of people.

11) Personal Impact Awareness: Positive personal impact allows students to feel fulfilled and begin new opportunities easily. Personal impact awareness prevents you from feeling like you don’t matter or getting jealous of others’ success.

12) Community and Global Impact Awareness: On an interconnected, global stage, community and global impact awareness help you create harmony, rather than sow confusion. Higher awareness is driven by the desire to help others and live an authentic life.

There is also a special bonus on Collaboration Awareness, which talks about how finding your tribe is the key to maximizing positive impact. Collaborating with others can be a powerful tool for connection.

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Who is the Unlocking Transcendence Class for?

The Unlocking Transcendence Class is especially helpful for:

  • People who are looking for the motivation needed for self-improvement
  • People who are feeling lost with themselves
  • People who want to dig deeper and let spirituality become a part of their lives

The course is ideal for everyone to take because sharpening your awareness lets you operate at your best. Students can take advantage of their newfound awareness to absorb information easily and discover unique ways to apply this information in their life.

A key point to Unlocking Transcendence is how it is our responsibility towards ourselves to live happier, healthier lives. With the techniques and tools given by Jeffrey Allen, students can lower their stress and anxiety levels. I even learned how to create more momentum in my life and fix what wasn’t working. I truly believe this was such an essential Mindvalley course to take.

Some people do raise concerns about the class. If you’re not too keen on imagination, you might become frustrated with the visualization exercises Jeffrey Allen includes in his lessons. Other students have also struggled to keep up with the meditation exercises. According to Jeffrey Allen, however, you can freely move at your own pace and allow the images to flow into your mind. The course can accommodate various types of thinkers, as it is designed to have break days for catching up.

Other Mindvalley Classes you may be interested in

If you’re still unconvinced about taking the Unlocking Transcendence course, don’t worry. Mindvalley has plenty of other options for you to try:

  • The Power of Spiritual Fitness by Jeffrey Allen: Whether as a standalone class or a complementary course to Unlocking Transcendence, the Power of Spiritual Fitness is a good class to take if you want to develop your intuition, spot hidden opportunities, and make sense of coincidences around you.
  • Duality by Jeffrey Allen: Unlocking Transcendence focuses heavily on awareness. Duality, on the other hand, is a class on aura. Through this course, students learn how to connect their physical and energetic sides.
  • Energy Medicine by Donna Eden: Sometimes, modern Western medicine isn’t enough; you might be looking for emotions and spiritual healing too. In this course, Donna Eden and David Feinstein show you the key to holistic wellness.

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What Makes Jeffrey Allen the perfect mentor?

Jeffrey Allen is a global mentor and spiritual healer who has helped countless people find their energy and bring more abundance into their lives.

Before finding his path, Jeffrey Allen was a software engineer who had a great job and a six-figure salary. Although it seemed that he was externally successful in his career, it was clear to him that he wasn’t fulfilling his true purpose in life. In 2005, remarkable coincidences led him to teach graduate spiritual studies in Uganda, Africa. Through his experience, Jeffery Allen found his calling as a spiritual teacher.

Jeffrey Allen completed his clairvoyant training and earned his teacher’s certification at the Psychic Horizons Center in Colorado, where he now serves on the board of directors. He also took up graduate studies with leading clairvoyants, spiritual teachers, and healers in the US; in fact, many professional healers turn to Jeffrey Allen for their healing, earning him the nickname “Healer’s Healer”.

As the co-founder of Spirit Mind Living, Inc. and Oneness Company, Jeffrey Allen spent the last 15 years as an instructor on clairvoyance, healing, and mediumship studies in the US, Europe, and Japan. He also conducts live training workshops in countries like Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Greece, Croatia, and Switzerland.

Jeffrey Allen helps people through energy healing. With his deep understanding on how energy works, he lets clients remove hidden energy blocks and align them with their true purpose in life. The Unlocking Transcendence Quest is Jeffrey Allen’s way of making lessons on energy-work and higher awareness easily accessible for everyone.

Students who joined the Unlocking Transcendence Facebook group found that Jeffrey Allen is an active moderator and mentor. He answers questions, replies to comment, and expounds on more details with the Facebook community. I found that Jeffrey Allen is genuine about helping people expand their awareness.

I learned so many valuable techniques on how to avoid stress and anxiety, thanks to Jeffrey Allen. Through his expertise, I can now figure out the right actions I should take for my life. He is truly an authority on energy healing so I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Everything you get with the Unlocking Transcendence Class

Students who enroll in Jeffrey Allen’s Unlocking Transcendence Class will receive:

  • Lifetime digital access to all content and bonuses, across all devices
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Unlocking Transcendence Online Student Community
  • 15-minute audio and video content for a complete, 60-day program

The Unlocking Transcendence Quest is primarily set up as audio and video lessons. The course is broken up into six 10-day segments, where students are introduced to the subjects through guided meditation audio sessions for 7 days. On Day 1, 5, and 9 of each 10-day segment, Jeffrey Allen appears in video clips to talk about a brand new concept, offer practice ideas or tips, and summarize everything taught so far for the week. Finally, Day 10 allows students to explore their own thoughts and catch up if they missed anything.

Unlocking Transcendence course lessons are divided into 8 major parts:

  • Discover Your True Self: Students uncover the kind of spirit-being they are and explore the depths of their desires. This segment focuses heavily on self-discovery for lasting transformation.
  • Harness Your Raw Power: Study how to tap into your energy-body and shift the circumstances in your favor. With the right approach, you can draw out your hidden superpowers.
  • Develop Enhanced Intuition: Jeffrey Allen teaches students on how to lean into a deeper sense of knowing. When you are confident in yourself as a source, you can discard uncertainty and anxiety as you live by your own rules.
  • Control Your Emotional State: Managing your emotions is essential to keeping yourself calm and steady. Jeffrey Allen instructs students on how to handle emotional tools so they can achieve balance and harmony.
  • Embody Unshakeability: Harness resilience through exercises on unshakeability and ground yourself for whatever life throws at you.
  • Move Into A State of Flow: Flow is the zone where the human mind is at its most focused and creative. Encouraging a state of flow through exercises opens students up to coincidences, synchronicities, and good things from the universe.
  • Be A Leader In Your Own Circles: Jeffrey Allen walks students through the best practices for building connections, creating a larger impact on the community, and expanding circles of influence.
  • Develop a Strong Oneness: At the end of the course, Jeffrey Allen goes over how you can fill yourself with an overwhelming sense of peace, purpose, and inner unity.

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Is the Unlocking Transcendence Class worth it?

Unlocking Transcendence is the perfect course if you want to refresh your life through spiritual fitness. What I discovered through this class is how a heightened awareness can really help me in each aspect of my life. Instead of panicking over the future, I’ve learned to ground myself in the present. As I pay close attention to what is happening around me, I can better remember important moments for later on.

Aside from an improved sense of awareness, Jeffrey Allen has helped me achieve more peace in my life. When I began the course, I was stuck in a negative spiral. I paid too much attention to the political issues, health problems, and relationship damage around me. And I didn’t know that my empathy could have a negative impact on my emotions as well. Thanks to the course, I’m now more attuned to the positive energy available to me. My awareness encourages me to make the best out of each day and fulfill my part in the world, without dragging myself down unnecessarily.

Overall, the course can guide students like me on how to sail through life. With more awareness comes better opportunities and fresh ideas. I am more aware of who I am, what helps me, and what doesn’t; all the knowledge I gained from the course lets me relate to people better. I highly encourage people to try the course and complete it, if they want to develop a stronger connection to their spiritual self. Since discovering the Unlocking Transcendence class, I’m all the more happier and invigorated for life.

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Brendan Brown

Brendan Brown

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