7 Mindfulness Practices That Rewire Your Brain to Let Go of Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is a big problem for many people in America. According to recent statistics, more than 3.3 million people in the US suffer from an anxiety disorder. It can be difficult to overcome, but next time you have an anxious or worried mind, try these 7 techniques.

1) Slow down.

Have you noticed that everything speeds up when your anxious and panicking? Your heart races, your thoughts race and your breathing accelerates. Try to consciously slow down to counteract these feelings of fastness.

2) Come to your senses.

Anxiety is usually created in our minds and then manifests in the body. Take a few moments to connect with your sense which will help you get back to the present moment.

3. Be mindful of a simple task.

When you think about it, life is full of simple tasks, such as walking and eating. Use this time to really focus on the task at hand and practice mindfulness. You can pretend you’re doing this task for the first time and be struck with the wonder and awe of it all.

4. Do a reality check.

When you have an anxious thought, ask yourself, “Is this thought absolutely true?” Chances are your worst fears are just that—fears, not facts, not the reality of what is happening.

5. Release the critic

We can all be critical of ourselves sometimes especially when we’re feeling anxious. But when you are critical of your self, take a step back and ask yourself “is this really true?”. Then you can practice being more kind with yourself.

6. Channel your anxious energy.

Did you know that we all need a bit of anxiety to function properly? It’s evolutionary adaptive. If you’re feeling a surge of anxious energy, go for a brisk walk, clean, organize or do something productive instead.

7. Lie down and look up.

This is an age-old trick…a natural experience of mindful awareness sets in when we just lie down, look up at the sky, and watch the clouds. Experience the nature of how all things naturally come and go.

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