How to meditate outside: A complete guide [+Benefits]

Do you enjoy spending time in nature to relax and reconnect with yourself? Then, meditating outside might be the best possible practice!

It turns out that meditating outside can increase the benefits of regular meditation and help you go from feeling stressed and anxious to peaceful and zen.

The only question here is how you can meditate outside, when it’s the right time, and how you can do it properly.

Considering that I’ve already mastered effective ways to meditate outside, I decided to share a complete guide to learning how to meditate outside and understanding the benefits of doing so. Let’s get started!

How to meditate outside: the best time of day

When it comes to the best time of day for meditating outside, there are two options. Either you meditate in the morning or the evening.

Generally, the mornings are considered the best times for meditation because the energy of the day is starting to build up and you can take advantage of it.

According to the doctors, meditating in the morning can help you wake up on the bright side and enhance your awareness. How so?

Well, there are several reasons.

First of all, you’re not as tired as you would be in the evening. This means that your mind is clearer and you can be more mindful of what’s going on around you.

The second reason is that your brain is more active in the morning, so it can process information better and faster, thus making your meditation sessions more powerful.

For these reasons, meditating in the morning is considered to be very beneficial for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

Still, while the morning is the best time to learn, it might not always be suitable to meditate in the morning.

That’s why you should keep in mind here that not every moment of the day seems to work perfectly for everyone.

So guess what?

Evening sessions of meditation outside are also great because you can use the evening’s energy to your advantage and start to clear your mind before going to bed.

I personally prefer meditating in the evening, because I find it easier to do so after a long day spent at work.

Sadly, meditating outside in the evening is an option when the weather is suitable. Therefore, you can’t possibly meditate outside in the evening in the winter or autumn.

On the other hand, morning meditation outside is perfect for those who enjoy waking up early and have time to practice before their daily schedule starts.

What’s the best season to meditate outside?

Now that you know that it’s better to meditate outside either in the morning or in the evening, let’s see when is the most suitable season to meditate outside.

The right time depends on the season you’re in and your desired benefits.

  • During the spring and summer, you’ll want to meditate while the sun is up. This is because when the sun is up, the blue light that comes from it helps your circadian rhythm.
  • During the fall and winter, you’ll want to meditate while the sun is down. This is because when the sun is down, the blue light that comes from it helps your circadian rhythm.
  • You can also try to combine both of these times and meditate for 30 minutes during the day and 30 minutes at night.

You should also make sure that you’re not meditating too close to sunset or sunrise, as you could miss out on the full benefits of meditation.

In other words, choosing the best time of the day to enhance the benefits of meditation is completely up to you!

Keep in mind to consider weather conditions though to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to find the right place for meditation?

Another important factor that you should consider while meditating outside is finding the right place.

The reason is that enjoying the benefits of meditation outside is only possible if you’re doing it in the right place.

But what’s the right place?

Well, you won’t be surprised if I tell you that you can meditate outside in any environment. However, you should try to find the right place for meditation to get the maximum benefits from it.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right place for meditation:

  • First, find a quiet and peaceful place to meditate. This means that you should find a place that’s free from noise, traffic, other humans, and other potential interruptions.
  • Try to choose a place that’s surrounded by nature. While you can meditate in any environment, you’ll get a lot more benefits from meditation if you do it in a natural setting.
  • Try to choose a place that inspires you. This will make it easier for you to get into a calm and relaxed state of mind.

The key to choosing the right place for meditating outside is to find a balance between being in a peaceful and quiet environment that’s also close to nature.

The best place for meditating outside has to be peaceful and beautiful. Also, make sure that there are no distractions around you.

For instance, a nice park or garden can be a great place for meditation. However, I would suggest choosing a place with natural sounds – birds singing or leaves rustling.

And don’t forget to make sure that the chosen place is accessible and safe for your meditation practice. You don’t want to fall down from a tree or slip from the rocks while trying to relax, right?

So, imagine what’s the ideal scenario for practicing meditation outside and behave accordingly.

7 reasons why you should meditate outside

1) Exposure to natural light

The most obvious reason why you should meditate outside is exposure to natural light.

When you practice meditation in a closed room, you’ll most likely use a candle or a lamp. Either way, while meditating inside, the only light that enters your eyes is artificial.

And you know what?

This changes the way your brain processes light and manages emotional regulation.

This indeed helps you to stay focused, but it also causes some distractions.

Why is that?

Well, light from an artificial source can’t replace the natural one because it changes a lot and doesn’t have the same quality as sunlight does. In addition, you can use sunlight as a tool for your practice when practicing outside. Let me explain how!

The main reason why it’s so beneficial to be exposed to natural light while meditating is that it will help your body produce vitamin D. This, in turn, will positively affect your well-being.

By meditating outside in the sun, you can enhance your focus, as well as increase your mood and productivity.

But how can you take advantage of the natural light while meditating outside?

When practicing meditation outside, try to sit with your back exposed to the sun and let it shine on your face.

This way, not only will you be able to get the benefits of exposure to natural light, but also feel its warmth and energy! Remember that energy is what makes us feel alive!

2) It helps to regulate your circadian rhythm

What do you know about the way your circadian rhythm works?

Most of us have heard about it, but not many people know how it actually works.

The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that controls different processes in our body, like digestion, metabolism, and hormone production.

And you know what?

Most importantly, it’s responsible for changing the hormones that control sleep and wakefulness.

That’s how meditating outside can help you regulate your circadian rhythm.


Because the circadian rhythm is regulated by light and darkness in the environment. The human body has an internal clock that uses light to determine when to sleep and wake up.

However, these processes can be disrupted by artificial light in the environment as well as stress factors.

So, here’s the thing:

The best way to make sure your body functions properly is by meditating outside in the morning or afternoon.

Doing so will help you regulate your circadian rhythm and sleep better at night. Try meditating outside for 15-20 minutes every day and you’ll quickly notice how your overall well-being and quality of life improve!

3) You can escape from all of the distractions at home

Want to know what’s another significant reason why you should meditate outside? The fact that you can escape from all of the distractions at home!

Meditating outside is one of the best techniques for those who want to learn how to meditate and are beginners.

There are a lot of distractions at home.

Your phone might ring, your kids might ask you something, or your partner might need your help with something. These distractions can get in the way and make it hard for you to focus on your meditation practice.

But what if you meditate outside?

When you meditate outside, there are no distractions!

Instead of being surrounded by all the little things that go on in your house, you’ll be surrounded by nature and the sounds of birds chirping and wind blowing.

This will help you focus much better than if you were at home in a busy room full of people and activities going on around you.

Of course, I’m not saying that you can never meditate at home or that you won’t see any benefits from meditation if you do so.

After all, a home is a place where you should feel safe and comfortable no matter what happens around you. However, there are times when you might feel distracted or overwhelmed by the things going on around you.

Meditating outside can help you feel more relaxed and peaceful because no external distractions will pull your attention away from your breathing and the present moment.

4) You can connect with nature

If you are among those people who admire nature, let me introduce another key reason why you should try meditating outside.

Meditating outside is a great way to connect with nature and feel grateful for all its beauty.

Simply close your eyes, feel the sun on your skin, listen to the sounds of birds and let go of everything you have on your mind. You’ll definitely feel better afterward!


Because meditating outside is a great way to relax and reduce stress levels in our bodies. If you manage to meditate regularly, you’ll notice that the quality of your sleep gets much better (and so does the amount of sleep you need).

Additionally, meditation outside is a great way to keep your mind active and can help you reduce anxiety levels.

Not only do you get to escape all of the distractions at home, but you also get to connect with nature!

And who doesn’t enjoy connecting with nature?

After all, it’s one of the best ways to relax and recharge if you’re feeling stressed out or anxious.

For example, I always feel more balanced when I meditate outside than when I’m inside my house meditating. Why is that?

It’s simple: when I’m surrounded by nature, my mind becomes calm and peaceful. I stop thinking about all of the little things that have been bothering me lately and instead focus on my breath or on something else that’s happening around me.

And I bet the same will happen to you if you enjoy spending time outdoors in general! So, try meditating outside and feeling the nature around you to enhance the benefits of meditation!

5) You feel more connected with yourself

Did you know that spending some time in nature can increase your self-awareness and bring you closer to yourself?

Well, as for me, that’s the truth — meditation outside helps me feel more alive!

And the same can happen to you!

When you meditate outside, you feel more connected with yourself. You slow down and become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, while also becoming more mindful of what’s going on around you.

Perhaps not surprisingly, psychologists often suggest people spend more time in nature whenever they feel lost and want to reconnect with themselves.

What’s more, it can also help you become more aware of your surroundings and the world at large.

Meditating outside allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature and all that it has to offer. You become more aware of your surroundings and the world at large.

And this, in turn, helps you recognize your innate feelings and desires and reflect on your thoughts.

Keep in mind that increasing self-awareness is a great way to become more mindful and live a more meaningful life.

6) You can develop the habit of meditation

Are you struggling with developing the habit of meditation? It turns out that meditating outside can help you develop the habit of meditation and improve your daily practice.

That’s because when you meditate outside, you get to experience the beauty of nature, which makes it easier to stay focused and present.

In addition, when you meditate outside, your mind is fully immersed in the blissful energy of nature.

So, here’s the thing:

If you are just starting to learn how to meditate, then I suggest that you start by meditating outside.

The reason for this is simple: it’s easier to focus when there are fewer distractions around.

By meditating outside, you’ll be able to learn how to calm your body and mind down in a natural setting and create the right conditions for yourself.

Afterward, you can apply this knowledge when you meditate indoors and start noticing the benefits of meditation more quickly.

To put it simply, meditating outside helps you develop a positive mindset for meditation and plant seeds for developing a regular practice.

You see? Meditating outside is not only about the health benefits but it can also help you to develop a routine that you can stick to for a long time.

7) You can enjoy the beauty of nature and get inspired by it!

And the final reason why you should meditate outside is also related to the benefits of spending time in nature.

Even though you can meditate anywhere, the environment around you can have a huge impact on your experience and your results!

For example, if you’re surrounded by nature, trees, water, flowers, etc., your meditation will be filled with positive energy.

And this positive energy will influence every aspect of your life. You’ll feel more relaxed and inspired and will be able to find answers to many questions that were bothering you before.

And since meditating outside is also a great way to reconnect with yourself and feel freer from life’s problems and stressors, it’s definitely worth doing!

That’s why I believe that the best thing about meditating outside is that it allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while feeling peaceful and zen.

And what can be more inspiring than the beauty of nature around you?

I’ve been doing that for some time now — I regularly go for walks in parks or along rivers, simply because I enjoy spending time in nature’s embrace.

When I started doing that, I also started meditating outside. And I really loved it!

I could feel the positive energy of nature and enjoy its beauty while at the same time feeling relaxed and peaceful. It was amazing!

And this is my favorite way to meditate outside — when I can enjoy the beauty of nature while feeling peaceful and relaxed.

The next time you go for a walk or a hike, try to bring your meditation cushion with you and practice some mindful walking meditation. You’ll love it!

4 benefits of meditating outside

1) It has a positive impact on the immune system

Do you know what the most significant benefit of meditating outside is? The fact that it increases your immune system response so quickly! And this is just the beginning.

It turns out that meditation in nature can increase the level of antibodies in our blood, which means that it strengthens the immune system.

This is important because when you are stressed or anxious, it’s easier for you to catch a cold.

However, spending time in nature and practicing meditation in the process is a great way to get a dose of vitamin D.

Why do we need vitamin D?

Well, vitamin D is a necessary nutrient for the human body, since it helps us absorb calcium and build strong bones.

That’s why we need to spend time in nature and get as much sunlight as possible.

So, if you enjoy spending time outdoors, you can meditate outside and get a dose of vitamin D!

2) You are more likely to feel positive emotions

The second benefit of meditating outside is related to your mental health, instead of physical health.

The truth is that meditating in nature makes you feel more positive emotions.

Based on my personal practice, the positive effects of meditation are even stronger if you practice it outside and in nature.

The result?

You can have a better mood and energy levels throughout the day!

This is because when you meditate outside, the air is clean and fresh, the birds are singing, and there’s a nice breeze.

So, your mind gets a relaxing break from all the stress and anxiety in your life.

That’s why I believe that meditating outside is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives, especially if we do it regularly.

3) It boosts creativity

This one is definitely my favorite benefit of meditating outside! The thing is that when you meditate outside, you give your mind a chance to relax and forget about the daily stresses of life.

The result is that you get a boost in creativity, learn how to unblock your inner thoughts, and get inspired to do more things!

It’s a win-win situation for sure!

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists and creative people alike. In fact, many famous artists used to go to nature when they needed to get inspired or to finish their

When you meditate outside, it’s easier for you to feel positive emotions.

Here’s why: Nature is a source of peace and harmony. No wonder many cultures see nature as a sacred place or an oasis of calm.

By meditating outside, you can use nature as your new natural medicine and feel better instantly! And this will help you feel relaxed and happy.

So, if you’re looking for ways to find inspiration, get more creative, and bring your stress levels down, meditating outside is definitely something to try!

4) It makes meditation more effective for your body & mind

Finally, meditating outside can improve the overall effectiveness of your meditation practice, as you are exposed to different stimuli and experience new situations.

The reason is that while you meditate outside, you’re exposed to natural light, as I mentioned above.

And exposure to natural light can improve your mood, reduce your anxiety, and help you regulate your circadian rhythm.

It’s true that even meditating inside can have multiple benefits for your body and mind, but when you do it outside, you’re exposed to different stimuli, which helps you relax and focus even more.

This is why I strongly recommend that you meditate outside at least once a month.

Final thoughts

All in all, when you meditate outside, you enjoy a lot of benefits that you don’t get when you meditate inside. These benefits include greater exposure to blue light, a greater sense of connection to nature, and a greater sense of belonging.

Regular meditation has been scientifically proven to improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and help you regulate your blood pressure.

When you meditate outside, you can also enjoy the added benefits of a greater connection to nature, a greater sense of belonging, and a greater sense of calm and relaxation.

So if you can’t manage to go on vacation to the mountains or a beach to relax, why not just go for a walk in the park and try meditating? It will do wonders for your mind, body, and soul!

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