16 powerful ways to manifest your soulmate

Does it feel like there’s someone out there for you, but for one reason or another, you just haven’t met them yet?

We all have a soulmate out there, but whether we’re ever destined to truly meet that person depends on how far we’re willing to go to make that reality happen.

If you truly want to find your soulmate, you need to call out to the Universe and do what you can to manifest them.

What does it mean to manifest your soulmate?

It means to align yourself properly with what the Universe wants of you, and put your soul in the exact harmony with the world around you so that everything goes according to plan — specifically, the journey to find your soulmate.

Here are 16 ways to manifest your soulmate and finally find the love of your life:

1) Before Anything Else, Fall In Love With Yourself

To manifest anything first demands truly believing in it, and so to manifest your soulmate means you must believe that there can be a person out there who can love you, absolutely and unconditionally.

But to believe that another person can love you first means that you must believe that you are lovable and deserving of love, and the first person who can show you that is yourself.

So ask yourself: do you love you?

So many of us go through our lives never truly looking in the mirror and addressing the question as to whether we actually love ourselves, often because we don’t want to know the true answer.

We can be “okay” with ourselves and we can even hate ourselves, and we can spend years feeling that way about ourselves and just getting by.

But if you’re looking for your soulmate, you must learn how to love yourself.

And that means doing one of two things:

If you are a person you can’t love, then change the things about yourself that you hate; if you have difficulty loving yourself simply because you have low self-esteem or self-confidence, then learn how to grow and break out of your shell until you eventually love yourself without trying.

If you want help learning to love yourself, check out Justin Brown’s video below. It’s about how to manifest your soulmate but doing it in a very empowering way.

YouTube video

2) Forgive Yourself Truly and Completely

No one knows you more than you do, and there are parts of yourself — and your history — that will forever stain the way you see yourself.

Unforgivable and irreversible things; the mistakes that you would do anything to take back.

And for some of us, the act of loving ourselves feels impossible because of those stains we just can’t wash out.

But it’s something you have to do if you want to learn how to love yourself and subsequently attract your soulmate from wherever he or she may be.

Too many of us have immense difficulty with the act of true self-forgiveness, and the reason is because we associate forgiveness with forgetting.

But forgiveness is anything but forgetting; it’s acceptance.

Accept that you are a flawed person with a checkered past. Who, no matter how hard you may try, can never be the same uncorrupted person you were when you were born.

And love the person you are now trying to be — the person who has grown from the unlovable and irredeemable to someone now worthy of your soulmate’s attention.

Once you accept that and accept the fact that you are deserving of love — by others and most importantly by yourself — you can start your journey to manifesting your true partner.

3) Stop Looking for Reasons to Avoid Love

The Universe is always listening. It’s there all around us, waiting to be moved. It’s an invisible machine that always exists, but which only begins moving the moment it hears you calling out for it.

And one of the first rules of manifesting is calling out to the Universe and letting it know that you want something from it.

What does this all mean?

Simple: You will never find love if you don’t truly want it.

You may say you want it, but the brain is a powerful thing; you can say one thing and think you mean it, but in your heart you don’t truly feel it.

And if you aren’t fully committed to the idea that you want to find love, the Universe and its mechanisms will never move in your favor.

A part of your heart may still be saying:

  • “I’m not ready.”
  • “I’m focused on my career/studies.”
  • “I still haven’t really moved on from my ex.”
  • “I’m just not feeling it right now.”
  • “My life doesn’t have space for a relationship.”

And all those reasons are completely fine; there’s nothing wrong with not wanting love just yet.

But being in a limbo state of uncertainty is painful and draining, where part of your brain thinks you are ready to manifest your soulmate but another part is quietly resisting.

Manifesting requires your full commitment, and the Universe listens to your soul, not to your mouth.

So ask yourself: do you really want love, or is there a small voice in the back of your mind that is happy you haven’t found it yet?

Know where you are and what you truly want.

4) Discover what they look like

We all know that love sometimes hurts, especially if you’ve been with people you weren’t compatible with. Not only did you waste your time and energy, but you missed out on finding the perfect person because you weren’t “looking” for them.

Even if you manifest someone into your life, how do you know they are actually your soulmate? And not another short-term fling?

While the universe will give you some telltale signs, I’ve just come across a new way that removes all the guesswork.

A professional psychic artist can draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like. This isn’t just any ordinary matching making or dating site. It’s a lot more fun than that…

Even though I was a bit skeptical, my friend convinced me to try it out a few weeks ago.

Now I know exactly what my soulmate looks like. The crazy part is it looks exactly like someone from my not-so-distant past who recently tried to get back into my life (and now we’ve just started dating).

Try it for yourself here.

5) Define the Ideal Person You Want

One important concept of manifesting is known as scripting, which is literally the act of writing the script of what you wish to manifest.

In this case, scripting would involve writing down in a journal your ideal partner — everything you want in a potential soulmate.

We’re not saying that you should write which celebrity you want him or her to look like, or how tall, handsome, strong, or fit you want them to be.

All of that is superficial and while attraction is important in a relationship, you’ll be attracted to your soulmate the moment you meet them, regardless of how they compare to your ideal physical “wants”.

So ask yourself and write things like:

  • What morals do you want your partner to have?
  • How do you want to feel when you’re with them?
  • What kind of activities do you want to do with them?
  • How funny, how active, how introverted or extroverted, how emotionally available do you want them to be?
  • What do you want to teach your children with your partner?
  • What kind of relationship do you want with this person?

And remember: these aren’t questions you answer casually. Think deeply about what your ideal partner and your ideal relationship would look like and how it would feel.

Meditate, focus, and try your best to connect with your deeper, higher self to find the truest answers to your heart. Speak your dreams into existence.

6) Become the Person That Person Would Want

Scripting is all about asking your true self the ideal version of your soulmate and how that relationship would look, feel, and play out.

You need to take the time to truly discover the person who would make you happy; the person who would fill the yin to your yang as perfectly and completely as possible.

But you aren’t always going to be the perfect person to the person who would be perfect for you.

Your soulmate may be ideal for you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are ideal for your soulmate.

You may say that your soulmate should love you unconditionally, and while that may be true, you must also realize that your soulmate deserves the best version of you you can be, the same way you deserve the best version of them.

So work on yourself. Become bigger, better, stronger, wiser, kinder and more patient.

Don’t wait for your soulmate to roll into your life before you start wondering how you can be better for them.

Be better for them so that you unknowingly open the doors that let them into your life naturally.

7) Visualize the Reality of This Future Relationship

On your long journey to find your perfect relationship, it’s easy to start thinking about this ideal relationship and ideal partner as more of a fantastical daydream rather than something that can actually be real.

You end up thinking about your soulmate the same way you might think about a fairytale; it’s nice to think about whenever you have a few minutes to spare, but it’s not really something you work for because it’s not something you really think of as a real, physical possibility.

So start treating it like something that can actually happen. Use the power of visualization to encourage the Universe to make your ideal relationship real.

Imagine what an actual day would look like; then a week, then a month, until eventually you can truly see the day-by-day, lifelong partnership between you and the man or woman of your dreams.

8) Use the energy of the universe

Manifesting is all about emitting the right energy into the Universe, and allowing the Universe to use that energy to create what you want.

There’s so much we don’t understand about the universe. But a growing number of people strongly believe in the power of energy — energy that we give off from ourselves which affects those around us.

This energy comes from inside of us — from our thoughts and our souls.

So, when you feel a strange sense of energy around you, this could be due to your soulmate thinking about you, and their thoughts manifest the kind of energy you might be feeling.

Did you know there’s a secret switch inside your body that controls the energy you give off? And this energy switch is either OFF or ON?

My good friend Angela told me about this energy switch.

After her “ex” humiliated her in front of the family, she traveled half-way around the world to discover it.

Angela reveals all in this excellent free video. Learn her story and exactly why this “energy switch” is the key to finding your soulmate.

What Angela discovered isn’t just some kind of “woo woo” mumbo jumbo. It’s backed by a mountain of research.

Here’s a link to her free video again.

9) Let Go Of Your Internal Blockages

Halfway down the road you might start to feel like there’s a part of you that’s holding you back or resisting.

That no matter how much you consciously try to want the best for yourself — manifesting your dream partner — you just find yourself unable to commit to this desire wholeheartedly.

In cases like these, you may have internal blockages holding you back.

These are fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs lurking about in your subconscious, caused by experiences in the past that left a negative mark on your mind.

Discover what your internal blockages may be — maybe you are afraid to trust another person because you were cheated on, or maybe you believe you don’t deserve love because of some abuse growing up — and let go of them.

It won’t be an easy process, but becoming aware of your internal blockages is the first step.

10) Raise Your Vibration

The Law of Attraction is a mysterious thing, one that seems to operate completely free of our agency. The Universe works on vibrations: it sends out signals that you can receive yourself.

When you begin to unpack the internal blockages keeping you from receiving external help and signals, you get the opportunity to reach a higher level of vibration, and in effect, a better odds of attraction.

Think of vibration as positivity; as building blocks for a happy and healthy existence.

There are many ways to raise your vibration but the good news is that you can do “everyday” things to maintain a good level or raise your vibration to a better one.

Acts of self-care like eating the right food, exercising your body, sleeping right, and being a good friend are all acts of raising your vibration.

The key is learning how to turn self-care into a lifestyle, and all the positive things will come your way.

(A quick and easy way to benefit from manifestation is through the popular program Manifestation Magic. Check out our Manifestation Magic review here).

11) Make Space In Your Life For Your Partner, Physically and Mentally

The Universe doesn’t operate on excess. In order to receive your soulmate, you must be mentally and physically ready to welcome them.

When you send out the signal that you’re capable of having another presence in your life, that’s the only time the universe takes it as a sign that you’re ready and deserving of something as life-changing as a soulmate.

So how do you actually communicate to the Universe that you’re prepared for something special?

Creating a mental and physical space for your soulmate means you’re not just accepting their presence; you’re actively, mindfully making room for another person in your life.

This means purging any mental roadblocks that prevent you from being the best person you can be.

It’s about setting realistic expectations before your partner even gets there; of anticipating the fears and challenges that come with it and still be welcoming of it.

The physical part is a little more straightforward.

Making efforts to improve how you look isn’t about changing how you are now because of someone else; it’s about knowing that there is a better, more beautiful version of you that your partner deserves.

Self-improvement is about confidence — the “bigness” to claim a better version of yourself. And the Universe picks up on this self-confidence and rewards it accordingly.

12) Be Grateful, Be Positive, Be Kind

A significant part of vibrating positivity is just practicing gratitude. The Universe is a generous giver only if you’re a courteous receiver.

Showing gratitude is your way of telling the Universe, “I trust in your plans, and I’m ready.”

If gratitude doesn’t naturally come to you, you can always do little exercises like writing in your journal or meditating every day.

The physical act of putting pen to paper or taking the time out of your day is enough to get you into a mindful mindset, as long as you practice these things regularly.

Just simply saying thank you to the Universe is enough to get your message across.

Staying tuned in will empower your vibration signal and put you in closer sync with the Universe.

You can say a prayer, if you’re particularly religious, or formulate a quick thank you to recite. Literally voicing out your thanks can make you feel more connected to the Universe and be more open to their manifesting.

If you’re the type of person who likes doing more than talking, consider thanking the Universe by sharing the goodness you’ve received: help others, spread positivity, and encourage spirituality in those you meet. Attraction becomes easy when you radiate gratitude, positivity, and kindness.

13) Be Open To Your Possibilities

The Universe works in mysterious ways, so we never know when or where your soulmate might come from.

You might have your dream person already figured out in your head but you can’t ever guarantee that the image you have is the person you’ll eventually end up with.

Having these limiting beliefs might prevent you from being open to finding your soulmate. Because you have this preconceived idea on who you’re bound to fall in love with (and maybe even how and where), you might be missing the very obvious signs the Universe is sending your way.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about meeting a European on one of your backpacking trips. Maybe you’ve dreamt of meeting eyes with someone in the local library and just magically falling in love.

Despite all these little scenarios you’ve played up in your head, the fact is the Universe might be planning something else. What if you meet your soulmate on an ordinary day, in the most ordinary way? Would you turn them away then?

Being open to possibilities means you’re putting your faith into the Universe’s plans. Falling in love isn’t always exciting and you’re open to accepting it in all its forms.

14) Move But Stay Detached: Live Your Life and the Universe Will Follow

As exhilarating as it is to finally meet your soulmate, you shouldn’t make that the end-all and be-all of your existence.

You have to strike a balance between dedication (opening yourself up to possibilities and making mental and physical room for your future partner), while maintaining a certain distance.

Too many people become tunnel-visioned and constantly obsess about finding their soulmate.

At the end of the day, not enough dates in the world would make it happen if you’re willing it out of sheer will. Your soulmate will manifest when it’s time to manifest.

Don’t forget that a crucial part about finding a soulmate is knowing that you’re ready.

Give yourself the time and space to develop into a fuller person; one that is capable of reciprocating love and transforming into something bigger outside of your own existence.

15) Make Sure You Want This for the Right Reasons

The Universe can feel our intentions, so why lie to ourselves?

Don’t fall into the trap of wishing for a soulmate wishing that another person in your life will fill an unmistakable void.

Soulmates don’t work that way; they’re not band-aids to years of trauma and emotional turmoil.

If you’re asking the Universe for a soulmate, make sure you want it for all the right reasons.

Want it because you’re secure of yourself and you know you have more love to give.

Want it because you’re in a good place in your life and want to share your blessings with someone else.

Want it because you understand what you want in a partner and are ready to go above and beyond for someone you love.

You might be able to convince yourself that you want your soulmate for all the “right reasons” but if your intentions aren’t pure, if your mind and heart are cluttered, the Universe will see these blockages and keep your soulmate from manifesting.

So take a deep breath and really try to honestly answer the question: why do you want someone in your life right now?

16) Show The Universe That You Are Ready

Modern notions of manifestation have transformed this concept into something so laissez faire.

The truth is, wanting it isn’t enough of a sign for the Universe. You have to personalize it, become it. Transform yourself into the person who is ready for a soulmate.

This means participating in more active processes to cleanse your life, but also accepting the fact that only the Universe will define when you’re ready.

You could prepare for years and never receive any signals — and it’s not necessarily because the Universe isn’t helping you. It could just be that you weren’t really ready yet in every single aspect of your life.

Your soulmate will only come in your life once you are truly ready to be their soulmate, not a minute sooner.

The universe won’t let you ruin your own perfect relationship by letting you meet them when you aren’t ready to be the person they deserve; because finding your perfect person means being someone else’s perfect person.

So wait, improve, love, heal, and let it happen.

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Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

I'm been through a lot, come out the other side, and I'm here to reveal everything I've learned. If I can help even one soul from my spiritual reflections, then my work here is done. Some people call me a spiritual warrior or an enlightened soul, but I'm just a humble guy that wants the best for humanity. If you want to get in touch with me about my writings, don't hesitate to hit me up on my Twitter (@lachybe). Namaste.

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