55 traits of a low vibration person (complete list)

Nothing rests. Everything and everyone is always moving – vibrating.

The speed of an object’s vibration defines its state. Solids vibrate sluggishly, liquids vibrate faster, and gas particles vibrate extremely quickly. But if my grade school memory serves me right, these states aren’t permanent and can be changed from one to the other. 

The same applies to humans. We are a reflection of our vibrations that fluctuate from the highest to the lowest of lows. 

Low vibrations are associated with negative emotions, thought patterns, and actions. Energies gravitate towards like energies, so if your vibration is low, you tend to attract low-vibe people, circumstances, and environments.

The trick, therefore, is to be aware of when your vibration is dipping so you can immediately take action to raise it. 

Here’s our list of the 55 traits of a low-vibration person to help you keep track of the frequency of your vibration and those around you. 

1) They just opened their eyes and already have three things to complain about. 

It can be the weather, their early alarm, or the sunlight streaming through the curtains. 

The danger of waking up like this is that it sets a negative tone for the rest of the day. 

2) They’re always angry.

No one has done anything to upset them. They’re just in a constant snappy, ready-to-lash-out mood.

3) They have a problem for every solution.

That colleague who thinks your proposal is flawed but can’t offer an alternative solution. Or the family member who thinks the Thanksgiving menu is bland but has no dish to add.

4) The happiness of others irritates them.

The news of a friend’s engagement doesn’t excite them. It may be because it reminds them of their feelings of loneliness or because they feel left out or isolated.

5) They struggle to celebrate the achievement of others.

Their panic mode is activated when people around them achieve milestones in life, such as a cousin buying their first home or a buddy finishing law school.

This triggers feelings of being left behind, so instead of being happy, they frown upon the success of others. 

6) They celebrate the failures of others.

Have you ever encountered the German word “schadenfreude”? In English, it means the feeling of joy or pleasure at someone else’s misfortune. 

Celebrating others’ failure often stems from resentment or insecurity. It’s a low vibrational trait that can lead to a harmful and toxic mindset. 

7) They see themselves as failures.

They’ve gone through so many setbacks and rejections in the past that they have given up envisioning themselves being successful.  

It can also be that they’ve already achieved something in life but can’t move on from their past, so they still feel defeated.

8) They are their worst critic.

Setting high standards is a good thing in itself. But a sign that a person is low vibrational is when they give themselves a really hard time when they fall short of these standards. 

Even when they’ve actually done a good job, they ignore the accomplishment and nitpick on the smallest of details, such as a minor typo.

9) They can’t accept defeat.

You’re a low-vibration person if you react with anger or aggression each time you lose. You resort to belittling the winner or claiming that it wasn’t a fair competition, to begin with.

10) They think no one is better than them.

Low-vibrational people like to believe they’re the best at everything. They want to be the smartest in every room.

11) They dominate conversations.

The person who talks over others. The person who frequently interrupts others. The person who won’t allow others to speak. The person who loves to talk about themselves. These are all examples of people who have low vibrational energies.

12) They have gossip for breakfast.

Low-vibration people have a habit of talking about others behind their backs. 

Modern-day gossipers also use social media to spread rumors or engage in negative conversations.

13) They pass judgment for lunch.

We’ve all been guilty of passing judgment every now and then – that makes us human. 

But low vibrational people are on a different level of being judgmental. They enjoy commenting on other people’s lifestyle choices, socioeconomic status, or appearance. They have so much fun doing this that finding fault in everything and everyone becomes a daily habit.

14) They argue for dinner.

You know you’re talking to a low-vibration person when they prefer to disagree with you to prove their point. It’s almost as if they intentionally create arguments just for the sake of winning.

They won’t accept a compromise or a constructive solution because their goal is to prove that they’re right and you’re wrong (at least from their point of view).

15) They’re entitled.

Yes, I’m talking about the people who expect to be served first or those who expect you to drop everything you’re doing to cater to their needs.

They may think highly of themselves and expect special or preferential treatment, but they don’t realize that this behavior gives low vibrational energies.

16) If they can’t have it, no one can.

I once had a colleague who refused to help the new manager get acquainted with the ins and outs of the organization. When I asked her why, she said, “They didn’t give me the role, so why would I help the person who got the job I wanted?”

I’m not saying that this colleague is a low-vibe person in general. But at that moment, she was exuding strong low vibrational energies. 

17) They struggle to forgive – themselves and others.

Low-vibration people often hold grudges. They require more than a few apologies to even consider forgiving someone. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, low-vibe people are also the worst at forgiving themselves, causing them to feel constantly guilty about their past mistakes.

18) They never forget.

Even when they eventually forgive, people with low vibes will never forget. 

Have you ever had a small argument with a person, and then they start to enumerate your mistakes from ten yrs ago (in chronological order at that!) – yeah, that’s low vibrational energy right there.

19) They’re stuck in the past.

Moving on is an individual process – some of us take time, while some get over things fairly quickly. Regardless, we eventually get there. 

Unfortunately, low-vibrational people don’t. They’re stuck in the past. They dwell on regrets, hold on to their outdated beliefs, and blame their current circumstances on past events.

20) There’s no rainbow after their rain.

Usually, because of their negative past experiences, people with low vibrational frequencies don’t expect things to get better. They’ve resigned themselves to thinking their circumstances will remain the same or worsen.

21) They don’t look forward to the future.

If you believe that things can’t get better, there’s probably no point for you in getting excited about the future. That’s the mindset of a low-vibration person.

22) They’re driving aimlessly through life.

Because they think that the future is bleak, they become unsure of what they want from their life

They avoid setting goals and adopt a “come what may” attitude toward life.

23) They just don’t care.

I’ve had my share of occasional IDGAF moments, and I’m sure you have, too. 

But for low-vibration people, this is an everyday occurrence. They have no care at all about what happens to them or to others.

24) They have a long list of bad habits.

Part of a high-frequency mindset is adopting healthy habits. It’s the opposite with low-vibe people. They tend to accumulate unhealthy habits, such as smoking, constantly lying, or never showing up on time. 

25) They’re always in trouble.

Bad habits or not, some low-vibration people frequently get into sticky situations. It can be as minor as getting grounded by their parents, or it can scale up to something as bad as getting a suspension from work or, worse, getting in trouble with the law.

26) They’re always tired. Always.

People with low vibrations tend to feel exhausted all the time. This is despite having been cleared by their doctors to have nothing medically wrong with them. 

27) They doubt everyone’s intentions.

Giving people the benefit of the doubt is not a common trait of a low-vibration person. They’re skeptical of every good deed towards them. From their perspective, people aren’t inherently kind, and there’s always an ulterior motive behind anyone’s good deeds. 

28) They’re extremely impatient.

We live in a world of same-day deliveries and on-demand services, so we’re all guilty to a certain extent of this. The low vibration trait comes when you start losing it when you don’t get what you want immediately. 

In this case, learning the art of delayed gratification helps raise your vibrations.

29) They get nervous when good things happen to them.

People with low vibrations believe in the saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

When they’re blessed with good fortune, say a high-paying job or a great relationship, they can’t enjoy it for what it is. Instead, they always prepare themselves because they believe things will eventually fall apart.

30) They don’t see their worth.

People with low vibrations have low self-esteem. As a result, they can’t see their worth and value as a person and as an individual and feel that they’re undeserving of the good things in life. 

31) They settle for anything.

Because they don’t see their real worth, low-vibe people tend to accept even the worst situations.

They’re the ones who tolerate underpaid jobs and abusive relationships, and sadly, some even put up with bullying behaviors. 

32) Their world revolves around them, and so should yours.

These are the people who think everything is about them. They expect you to prioritize their needs over your own. This inflated sense of importance is a sure sign of a low vibrational frequency.  

33) They lack empathy.

A low vibrational person finds it difficult to relate to other people’s needs or experiences

They’re also unwilling to even try and understand the feelings of others.

34) They’re miserable – and they love company!

This category of low-vibe people loves it when people around them encounter misery. It’s probably because they live a rather sad life, so they feel a sense of belonging when people around them are unhappy too. 

35) They’re insecure.

Some insecurities come with being human. But when it becomes constant and excessive, it turns you into a low-vibration person. 

This happens when you constantly doubt yourself, feel ashamed of yourself, or feel that your skills will never be enough.

36) They’re your childhood (and adulthood) bullies.

Surely you’d know what a bully does, whether you’ve been bullied or not. While not all low-vibration people are bullies, bullying behavior is definitely a sign of low vibration. Only a person full of negative energy would feel the need to hurt others unprovoked.

37) They’re stuck waiting for the “perfect timing.”

People with low vibrations are waiting on the “next big thing,” a miracle or a stroke of luck. While this is generally a good thing, their fixation on these supposed pivotal moments prevents them from taking any action to better themselves and their circumstances.

They also tend to lose sight of the present, making them unable to appreciate what is already in front of them.

38) They built The Wall.

It’s an invisible wall that keeps anyone from getting close to them. Their fear of rejection, abandonment, or deception leads them to isolation and avoiding social situations and new relationships altogether. 

39) They’re hypervigilant.

Some people with low vibrations are always in a state of fear. As a result, they are always assessing their environment and the people around them for potential threats. 

40) Risks aren’t their cup of tea. 

Because they’re afraid of failure and don’t like the unknown, low-vibe people avoid taking chances or trying new things.

41) Their glass is always half full.

They see the bad in everything and everyone. You could present them with an amazing life-changing opportunity, and they’ll give you ten reasons why the opportunity is flawed or unviable. 

42) They’re dismissive.

Dismissing others’ perspectives, new ideas, or solutions is a trait of low vibrational people. 

They also tend to minimize the experiences and feelings of others. 

43) They’re always right.

Low-vibrational people do not like being challenged or confronted with opposing views. They find it very hard to tolerate people who don’t share the same perspectives because they believe their opinion is the only one that matters.

44) They’re never wrong.

A classic trait of a low-vibration person is the inability to admit they are wrong. 

They can and will admit that things go wrong, but it will never be their fault. It will always be someone or something else’s wrongdoing.

45) They keep a poker face.

Because of shame or fear of judgment, low-vibration people tend to suppress their true emotions

They can also sometimes be in denial, so they may downplay emotions of sadness, anger, fear, and the like.

46) They’re energy vampires.

This type of low-vibe person is probably the easiest to spot. They sponge off your time, effort, and resources and don’t give anything in return. Because there’s no energy exchange, you feel extremely drained after interacting with them.

47) They can’t maintain relationships.

As we mature, our circle gets smaller, and that’s normal.

Low vibrational people, on the other hand, lose people left and right at any stage in their life. Their negative energy causes people to distance themselves, which explains why they can’t keep lasting friendships or maintain long-term romantic relationships. 

48) They obsess about portraying an Instagarmmable life.

There’s nothing wrong with wishing for the perfect life – after all, isn’t that what we all want?

What makes this a low-vibration trait is when people resort to extreme lengths to achieve it, or at least make the world believe it. Hop on to Google, and you’ll find a lot of examples of social media influencers who found creative ways to fake their lavish lifestyles – all for the ‘Gram!

49) They make people uncomfortable.

Another easy way of knowing you have low vibes is when the mood immediately changes as soon as you enter the room. People are afraid you’ll lash out anytime, so they choose to tiptoe around you to avoid your rage.

50) They see no boundaries.

Low-vibrational people tend not to respect boundaries. They show up unannounced, invade your personal space, and won’t take no for an answer.

51) They feel unwanted.

We can’t please EVERYbody. But people with low vibes believe that they can’t please ANYbody! 

They think that no one likes them. This unfounded belief feeds their insecurities and drives them into self-sabotage or isolation.

52) They believe they’ve been dealt the wrong hand.

Of course, in life, some things happen beyond our control. But low vibrational people have the mindset that everything in their life results from the world being unfair to them. They don’t take accountability and refuse to acknowledge their previous actions and decisions have contributed to their current situation. 

53) They’re just not interested.

It’s perfectly okay to be uninterested occasionally, but becoming excessively indifferent and disinterested tunes your vibrations into very low frequencies.

If you find yourself unaffected or not excited by things that you’d normally enjoy or things that normally provoke a strong emotional response, step back and immediately take action to increase your vibrations.

54) Their perspective is extremely narrow.

People with low vibrations tend to stereotype and hold biases due to their limited exposure to other cultures, experiences, or ideas.

They reduce their frequency even further by imposing their own cultural views and experiences on others or dismissing other social and cultural norms.

55) They lack self-awareness.

People who can’t understand the consequences of their actions. People who can’t recognize their prejudices and biases. People who don’t see their own strengths and limitations. 

These are just a few examples of people with limited self-awareness, which is one of the most telling characteristics of low-vibrational people.

Actively raise your vibrations

If you’re guilty of one or two points in this list, don’t worry. That’s perfectly normal.  

Remember, having low vibrations does not necessarily make you a horrible person. It just means that your energy isn’t tuned to a frequency that aligns with the best version of yourself

The key is to pay attention to your thought patterns and be mindful of your actions. Once you notice a hint of negativity, consciously shift into a positive tone. Doing this immediately tunes your vibrations into their higher frequencies.

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