Is Lifebook worth it? My honest review of Jon & Missy Butcher’s Lifebook

We all want to change our lives for the better.

But how do you do that without having a real, actionable, tangible gameplan?

Life is just one big project, and the best way to get projects done is by planning everything out.

This is what Mindvalley’s Lifebook Online course promises to help you do — get your life back on track by helping you figure out what you want with the 12 core aspects of your life, and what you need to do everyday to keep yourself accountable. 

But does it really work?

I tried the Lifebook Online course for myself to see what the hype was all about, and in this article I share everything I learned from this unique course and whether it’s worth your time and money.

Why I Gave Mindvalley’s Lifebook Online a Shot

I think the first thing that turned my head when it came to Lifebook Online was when I heard that at the end of the course, you would be required to print and bind your own book (your Lifebook).

That’s when I first started looking into Lifebook Online and realized that it offered more than most of the courses on Mindvalley.

Lifebook Online appealed to me because I’ve always considered myself the pragmatic type.

I like instructions, I like game plans, I like numbers. I like waking up in the morning and knowing I have to do Task A and Task B and Task C, and feeling accomplished and fulfilled after getting everything done.

That’s something you lose when you transition from school/university life to adult life, and I think that’s one of the biggest struggles that people face.

The concept of to-do lists and schedules aren’t naturally built into your daily life, and you slowly end up feeling directionless and pointless.

Days, weeks, and months pass by without you feeling like you’ve made any significant progress in any parts of your life.

And I was starting to feel this way. I had a vague understanding of what I wanted to accomplish in my life, but if someone stopped me to explain what I wanted to be in 10 or 20 years, I wouldn’t really be able to explain it.

The truth is, I didn’t have a clear and direct vision, and it was really eye-opening when I realized that I hadn’t had one for a long time.

So when my friends pushed me into signing up for Lifebook Online (we took the class together), I signed up without hesitation.

I needed something simple, easy, and straightforward — something I could grind out day after day to get my life back on track, and I felt like Lifebook Online was the course that could help me do it.


What the Lifebook Online Course Is All About

The goal of Lifebook Online is simple — to improve your life. And what makes Lifebook Online primarily different from so many of the other courses on Mindvalley that promise the same thing is that it focuses on the tangible almost immediately.

Lifebook Online doesn’t take up any time talking about the theory of what makes a good and rewarding life; they expect you to already know it.

Almost immediately, you are thrown into the deep end where the instructors ask you questions that hold yourself accountable.

In essence, the Lifebook Online course teaches you how to build your own “Lifebook” — the singular vision that you want with your life.

So it makes you ask yourself: what do you really want? 

Success, money, happiness, of course; but then it asks you to dig deeper.

With the Lifebook, you are asked to think and reflect on your ultimate desires for 12 different life categories. These include:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Emotional life
  3. Spiritual life
  4. Parenting
  5. Financial life
  6. Quality of life
  7. Intellectual life
  8. Your character
  9. Your love
  10. Social life
  11. Career
  12. Overall lifevision

With lessons that demand 3-6 hours of your time every week for 6 weeks, Jon and Missy treat the subject of planning out your life with as much pragmatism as a teacher helping students prepare for a test.

Because according to Jon and Missy Butcher, that’s all you need for success: an actionable and pragmatic plan, with clear goals and progress paths every step of the way.

And they would know this works because the Lifebook is something they initially developed to bring themselves to where they are today. 

The general philosophy behind Lifebook is that we can all achieve the success and happiness that we want, but we never really take the time to plan out our life the way we might plan any other project that we want to accomplish. 

And it makes sense. Think about how you might get a large task done at school or work.

You don’t just try to do one thing at a time and see how everything works out. You plan it out from start to finish, knowing the milestones and the steps, the potential challenges and obstacles, and the expected timeline to get everything done.

With Lifebook Online, you are asked to think about your life the same way you would think about any project.

Because that’s all life is: a lifelong project that you either do efficiently and successfully, or one that you never truly seize because you spend your whole life wandering from one thing to another.

By the end of the Lifebook Online course, you will have asked yourself four core questions in regards to each category listed above:

  • What is your ideal vision?
  • Why do you want to achieve this ideal vision?
  • How will you achieve this ideal vision?
  • What are your current empowering beliefs about this?

Finally, everything will be compiled in your own printed book; your Lifebook.

This book is a physical representation of the course; a physical reminder that you will carry with you forever listing down all your goals, dreams, and the steps you need to take to get there. 

Who Is Lifebook Online For?

You would love Lifebook Online if…Lifebook Online might not be for you if…
You’re sick of spiritual, mental, and psychological-based programs that don’t offer real actionable steps and adviceYou are already quite content with your life and you don’t feel that you need any radical change
You’re ready to try something slightly more creative and out-of-the-box, with a direct approach that promises real resultsYou don’t have the time to wait for long-term change that may take several months or years
You feel that your life is off track and directionless, and you’re looking for something that will help you find your own “true north”You already have a solid plan with your life, and you aren’t interested in creating any kind of book

Lifebook Online is surprisingly “real” compared to a lot of courses on Mindvalley. That’s not to say that other courses on Mindvalley are a waste of time; it’s just that it can be harder to connect and resonate with courses that deal with the deeper sides of you, like your spiritual and subconscious side.

Sometimes you just want a course that helps you figure out what you can start doing tomorrow to get your life together again, or to tie it up when it’s starting to feel like you’re slowly but surely losing control of everything.

If this is what you’re looking for, then Lifebook Online is exactly the course for you.

I’ve recommended this course to a number of friends and colleagues, and I’ve found that those who absolutely LOVED it were those who:

  • Have always been more on the pragmatic side
  • Tend to be visual do-ers rather than thoughtful thinkers
  • Want to “seize the day” and start implementing changes right away
  • Have the motivation to fix themselves, but got lost at some point
  • Are open to new challenges and obstacles

Meanwhile, my friends and colleagues who felt that Lifebook Online was just a waste of time were those who tended to be more reserved and inward-focused, people who probably weren’t at the right stage in their life to truly absorb the lessons of Lifebook Online. 

I’m not saying they were lazy or unmotivated; I’m just saying that maybe they weren’t ready to experience Lifebook the same way I was, and that’s fine.

To really appreciate Lifebook Online, you have to feel a sense of aggravation with your life.

You know you could be getting so much more out of it, but the maze that is adulthood has trapped you in a series of routines from which you can’t escape.

If you feel anything like that, then I would suggest signing up today. You absolutely won’t regret it.

The Mentors: Why Learn From Jon and Missy Butcher

lifebook jon and missy butcher

When we think of holistic life coaches, we often see them as sages and gurus and rarely as entrepreneurs.

I think it’s because entrepreneurs are notorious for having poor work life balance; or at the very least, it feels impossible to lead an incredibly successful life and still have time to cultivate meaningful relationships or take care of your health. 

But that’s exactly what makes Jon and Missy so captivating as mentors.

They are both the picture of health, have successful businesses, and enjoy every single aspect of their lives. You couldn’t get a more perfect couple. 

You might recognize them as the owners of the iconic brand Precious Moments, but their expertise extends beyond their business acumen. Jon and Missy have a systematic approach to creating a successful life in the form of the Lifebook program.

The most amazing thing about Jon and Missy and the Lifebook program in general is that the course is actually a system they developed for their personal lives.

We’re not talking about ancient secrets or borrowed traditions; the Lifebook program is something that has guided both of them in achieving whatever successes they have now.

The sensibilities you adopt throughout the course are the very sensibilities that Jon and Missy used to get to where they are today.

If you’re someone who feels like you’re struggling to find a purpose or create any semblance of direction in life, enrolling in the Lifebook Online quest means working with experts who have experienced the same thing as you have. 

As I mentioned earlier, too many online courses feel like they’re just tapping into your subconscious or spiritual side without providing any real guidance. 

With Lifebook Online, your instructors help you tap into those mental states and show you how you can transform yourself by being more aware of what’s holding you back. 

As mentors, Jon and Missy understand what it’s like to feel directionless and unsatisfied with your own life.

And that’s what makes the quest much easier to digest — because you don’t feel alienated from Jon and Missy.

You know that the quest has been thoughtfully designed for people like you. 


Everything You Get With The Lifebook Online Program

is lifebook worth it

The Lifebook Online program is one of the most comprehensive quests on Mindvalley. If this is your first time getting on the platform, this quest is definitely a great way to get acquainted with Mindvalley and the rest of its library. 

Right now Lifebook online is going for free, with a $500 refundable “accountability fee”. You basically “pay” for the course and refund your $500 after finishing it. Keep in mind that you only get your money back after finishing the entire program. 

Here are the things that you can expect from the quest:


  • The entire 6-week Lifebook Online program. Each week is divided into two topics with each week amounting to about 3 hours of classes
  • Print-ready Lifebook templates that you can work on. This is the same template they’re offering for their Lifebook courses outside Mindvalley 
  • Lifetime access to the entire program and its bonuses
  • Seamless access through all your digital devices through the Mindvalley app
  • Exclusive access to the Mindvalley Connection App, which helps users find latest events and join local meet ups 

Plus two bonus items including:

  • 6 pre-recorded calls with Jon and Misty Butcher. These videos provide a more intimate understanding of the program and the processes involved
  • Selected pages from Jon’s personal Lifebook. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of the program. I felt a lot closer to Jon as an instructor after understanding a little bit more about him as a person

This program starts with an orientation phase. The orientation video prepares you for the full curriculum which consists of the 12 life categories.

If you’ve never heard of the Lifebook program before or have never experienced any sort of visualization and goal-setting prior to this, the orientation phase serves as a good intro to this type of self-help technique in general. 

The Curriculum 

The program is six weeks long, with each week dedicated to two of the twelve aspects of holistic life development.

The two topics are specifically chosen together because they complement each other. The structure definitely makes sense, with every week feeling like a culmination or a continuation from the sessions in the weeks before. 

Week 1: Health and Fitness & Intellectual Life

The first week immediately sets you up for success by focusing on the physical and intellectual aspects of your life. These two facets of our lives are tangible and easy to influence with enough drive and dedication. 

Too many of us fail to set clear goals and expectations when it comes to our fitness and health. This exercise is a great way to start up your goal-setting habits and how to visualize your journey from start to finish. 

The week also tackles the Intellectual Life, which focuses on how to channel your mind to achieve your intellectual goals. Things like learning a new hobby or taking up a new skill become easier to manage after this week.

Week 2: Emotional Life & Character

The second week is all about your emotional well-being. Emotional Life & Character is all about developing your emotional intelligence so you can get the most out of life.

One of their key points is catching yourself when you’re in “reaction mode” and learning how to understand your emotions and process them in a more healthy manner as opposed to letting your emotions rule how you live. 

The character aspect of this week is particularly interesting because it forces you to reach deep within and understand who you are to your very core.

This is another foundational practice that is necessary for achieving success in other areas of your life. 

Week 3: Spiritual Life & Love Relationship

Jon and Misty’s approach to spirituality is a little different to the usual spiritual work you see on Mindvalley.

If you’re not religious or spiritual, you’ll feel right at home with how they approach spirituality.

They redefine spirituality as an inherent power, empowering you to achieve your own goals. 

By understanding who you are and what you can offer, you have a better understanding of what you’re like as a partner and lover.

This ties in perfectly with the second topic for week three which is love relationship. 

Week 4: Parenting & Social Life

I like thinking of week three and week four as more or less the same type of topics.

In week three, the program focuses on improving your social life through intrapersonal discoveries, while week four is all about improving your social life by cultivating interpersonal relationships.

To get the most out of your life, Jon and Misty address the closest societal bonds we have including friendships and family ties. 

Week 5: Financial Life & Career

This is probably the aspect of the Lifebook program that convinces most people to take the program in the first place.

As renowned entrepreneurs, Jon and Missy definitely understand how the business world works and how to set up yourself for financial success. 

On week five, you’ll be equipped with the tools to pursue your career goals, as well as strategies to take your work life to the next level, without compromising the other 11 aspects of your life.

Week 6: Quality of Life & Life Vision

Week six is all about boosting your confidence to put all your plans to action. Now that you’ve visualized your ideal life, it’s time to set those gears into motion.

Quality of Life & Life Vision is all about following your direction and how to stay motivated even when your goals feel a little too far fetched. 


Is The Lifebook Online Program Worth It? 

I remember watching Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley’s founder and another Lifebook owner, talk about how the course feels a little like magic.

He talked about how his Lifebook helped him achieve goals he didn’t even know how to begin achieving, almost as if things were lining up perfectly. 

Although I wouldn’t say my experience was definitely “magical”, I’d say I feel more confident and sure of my choices.

I think a lot of people eventually lose their sense of direction along the way.

Whether it’s unprecedented events messing up your life plans or just the fatigue of the grind dampening your passion, it’s difficult to stay afloat and keep up with the different facets of life. 

Being a well-rounded, happy, healthy person feels like a huge ask nowadays.

When you’re too busy working, you simply don’t have time to workout; when you’re investing in personal relations, you don’t always have good self-boundaries.

And I think that’s exactly why Lifebook feels like a game-changer: the mere act of writing out your life and how you want it makes you commit to the things you actually want. 

The Lifebook forces you to confront the things you want and write them out, declare them as they are lnstead of being on the fence about things.

Want to learn a new language? The Lifebook Online program makes you think about which language to study. Instead of general goals, you get to define what’s important to you, and how each goal contributes to your well-being as a person. 

Would I recommend Lifebook Online to people? Yes, and I already have. I’ve recommended it to my friends and colleagues who are self-starters, as well as those that need a little nudge in the right direction. 

More than anything, I think Lifebook is a great reminder that nothing is impossible.

Jon and Misty know that sometimes the hardest part isn’t getting there, it’s just starting up.

The Lifebook Online program helps you understand your beginning and end, and gives you a game plan on how to bridge the gap in the middle. 


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