30 law of attraction signs someone is thinking about you

Do you believe in the power of the law of attraction? If so, you might be noticing some physical signs that someone is thinking about you.

If you’ve ever been in love, then you have probably read a dozen articles on how the power of attraction works.

All those physical signs that your significant other is thinking about you—that’s because they are! And that’s where the law of attraction comes in.

In this article, we’re detailing 30 law of attraction signs someone is thinking about you.

1) Their energy is different.

Sometimes when people are in love, their energy has a certain vibe that makes you feel more positive. Have you noticed this recently?

Do you feel the attraction? If so, take note of this change. Sometimes, when someone is thinking about you, the energy around them will change a bit! That’s because they feel something powerful for you and don’t know how to express it.

2) They’re more attentive.

Do you notice that the other person seems more attentive these days? That’s because they are attracted to you! And remember, everyone has their own unique way of demonstrating this type of attraction.

Some people might call it “flirty.” Others might say that it’s simply being “friendly.” Either way, it’s a sign someone is thinking about you!

3) You feel closer to them energetically.

Have you ever felt like you’re just “closer” to someone at this moment than you were the week before? Well, if so… that’s because you are! Just as attraction draws people together energetically, your bond can feel more powerful in certain moments.

Their presence can feel warmer and more inviting. This is simply the person’s energy, or vibes, expressing the subtle signs of attraction they feel for you.

4) You recognize them

Have you ever noticed someone walking by you and felt the need to say hi? If so, perhaps you feel a magnetic pull when they are around.

This is a universal attraction sign that many people have experienced. The person has “recognition value” for you (even though the exact reason why is not always clear). You instantly feel familiar with them as if you’ve known them for a long time.

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5) You have an insight into their inner world.

When you are attracted to someone, you often gain an insight into what makes them tick—their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It’s like having a close view of the inside of their head!

You might notice that their thoughts and desires seem more intense when they are thinking about you. That’s because their inner world has a lot to do with the attraction between two people. When two people have a strong connection, it can radically shift a person’s thoughts and feelings.

6) You have an insight into their outer world.

If you are thinking of someone, then you probably notice little details about their life that you weren’t aware of before—like the fact that your loved one enjoys watching football on Sundays, or that they’re passionate about music.

This is simply a symbol of your attraction to them—your thoughts are taking an interest in this person’s life. Don’t be surprised if you feel more curious about what makes them tick!

7) A gifted advisor confirms it.

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about the law of attraction signs someone is thinking about you. But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

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8) You smile more often when you’re around them.

Have you noticed that you’re smiling more often around this person lately? It’s not just because your loved one is such a cheerful person!

This is often a sign someone is thinking about you—and the more attraction you feel for them, the more you feel pulled to smile for no reason!

9) Your eye twitches for no reason.

Have you ever noticed that you have a momentary eye twitch or that your heart races for no apparent reason? Well, those are sometimes signs someone is thinking about you—at least, it’s one of the ways attraction works!

When you feel attracted to someone, their energy can cause your body to change in subtle ways. This is simply another way that attraction can show itself!

10) You feel more confident around them lately.

Are you feeling more positive about yourself these days? It’s not just because you think that the two of you make a good couple! It’s often a sign someone is thinking about you—your positive feelings are clearly influenced by the attraction between two people!

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11) You want to initiate contact with them.

The lingering attraction between two people can manifest in a number of ways, but one of the most common is how they make contact with each other! Have you noticed that it’s harder for you to avoid making contact with someone these days?

That’s because the other person’s energy makes you feel like “it would be nice if we talked right now.” Their presence draws you to feel more confident and pleasant around them.

You don’t have to feel this way; sometimes it happens naturally, but sometimes you can consciously work on this type of attraction. It truly depends on how strongly your thoughts are drawn towards a person!

12) You bump into them often lately.

Do you find yourself bumping into the person that you’ve been thinking about recently? Perhaps it’s someone you know well, or maybe it’s a complete stranger! Either way, this is one of the ways attraction manifests itself.

When two people feel powerfully attracted to each other, their minds can be pulled to meet in real life. Sometimes this type of attraction manifests itself in a more subtle way than others.

You can help build up your own attraction by consistently putting yourself in situations where two people might be attracted to each other!

13) You feel an increasing sense of dread at the thought of not seeing them anymore.

Have you ever felt an increasing sense of dread when the person that you’ve been thinking about is not around? This can happen if they’re in a long-distance relationship.

You might also feel this way when they’re out of town, or even if they’re living far away but thinking about you.

You might feel worried because their absence causes you to feel like your life wasn’t “complete” before—when in reality, there’s nothing wrong with your life! However, the feeling is real. That’s because attraction is still at work here!

14) You’re nervous around them.

There’s nothing like the feeling of attraction to make you a little more nervous around someone! You might feel that your anxiety is more intense when you’re around the person, and vice versa.

It’s called nervous energy, and it’s a sign that you are both feeling attracted to each other. It’s something you can use to your advantage, because the more attraction you feel, the greater the nervous energy.

15) They text you when you’re thinking of them.

If you’ve been thinking of someone and then they suddenly text you, it might not be a coincidence. It can simply be a sign that they feel just as attracted to you as you do to them!

That’s because, as we said before, attraction can be a two-way street between you and the person you like.

If you want to make sure that someone is thinking about you, then don’t forget to occasionally text them! It can be a subtle sign that they feel the same way—which essentially builds more attraction!

16) They visit your dreams regularly.

Have you ever woken up feeling like you’ve had a dream that involved this person? This can be a sign of how strongly attracted to them you are.

If they have been visiting your dreams more often, there’s no harm in telling them! In fact, it’s a sign of how much they mean to you—and you absolutely should not let that feeling go!

17) You have an inexplicable desire to hug them.

Have you ever had a sudden overwhelming urge to hug someone?

The reason this happens is that you’ve been thinking about someone, and as soon as you start thinking about them in detail, a part of your body feels connected with theirs.

This is called the limbic system, and it’s an example of attraction at work. You can use this phenomenon to your advantage by becoming more physically affectionate with someone you’re attracted to!

18) You always want to be at a close distance from them.

Are you often feeling like you need to be near this person? It’s not just because you want them physically close—it’s also because your mind is drawn to them by the energy between you two!

Sometimes this attraction is so strong that it feels like you can’t stand to be away from them. You might feel like your life isn’t as “complete” without them by your side!

Next time you’re close to them, try to notice what the feeling’s like. You’ll notice that your brain and body feel drawn to them—and this is a normal feeling for someone who’s attracted to someone else!

19) You keep finding them attractive in new ways.

Have you found yourself noticing new qualities about this person lately? It might seem like they suddenly became more attractive! But really, it’s just that the attraction between you two changed you both in subtle ways.

If you find yourself noticing something different, it’s likely because the attraction has increased between you two!

Some of the qualities that may suddenly be noticed include their looks, their behavior, their mannerisms, and so on!

20) You feel strangely protective of them.

Have you ever felt inexplicably protective of someone? You might have a strong urge to protect them from all harm, or perhaps to keep them safe from anyone who attempts to keep the two of you apart. That’s because attraction is ultimately about two people.

You can use this as an advantage. If you’re feeling protective of a person and want them to know it, text them! It’s a subtle sign that your feelings are growing stronger, and that’s something you should definitely continue doing to build up attraction!

21) You feel like they’ve affected your life in a positive way.

Whether it’s in a big or small way, how attracted you are to someone you have the power to change your well-being.

If it’s a person that you’ve been with for a while and wants to be with more, then their strong attraction for you can show itself in positive ways.

But if it’s someone recently met, then their attraction can still affect your life by drawing you towards them. Either way, this is one of the first signs of lasting attraction!

How about letting them know? You might be surprised what the answer is!

22) They seem to see right through you.

Maybe you feel like they just get you? Does this person seem to know what is going on in your mind more than anyone else, even when it’s not clear to you? This is a sign that they are attracted to you as well!

If they can see you better than anyone else, then the attraction between you is at its highest point!

23) It seems like your feelings are logical.

You might wonder if your feelings for someone are “logical”—that’s because attraction is an emotional response, and can sometimes seem erratic.

However, the more that you spend time with the person, the more that logic will take over. Logic (and other factors) can also help explain why people get attracted to certain others over others.

If you want to be sure that you’re attracted to someone, keep building up your relationship with them.

You’ll eventually find yourself feeling more and more attracted after every encounter!

24) You feel like they’re the missing piece to your puzzle.

Have you ever felt that this person is the missing part of something? Maybe you think that they’re the missing piece to an ongoing problem, or even as if they’re the missing piece to a puzzle!

This is because attraction is about two people, and when you suddenly start feeling more strongly attracted to someone than others, it means that there is a deeper connection between you two.

This can be difficult to understand, so trust in your feelings! As long as you keep up your relationship with this person and keep thinking about them often (i.e. not just in your mind), then it should continue growing!

25) The thought of not seeing them makes you feel anxious.

You might have the thought of “fear at not seeing them, and anxious because you’ll miss them”. The attraction has a way of going through your body and creating these clear feelings.

If you’re feeling this way about someone, then it’s likely an accurate sign that your feelings for them are growing stronger every day. This might be something to keep in mind as you get closer to them.

26) You crave conversations with them.

Every time you have a conversation with them, you lose the sense of time. You’re curious to know more about them. To know their personality better. To understand what makes them tick.

If you’re noticing that you want more conversation with someone, it’s because your feelings for them are growing stronger.

The more you talk to them and get to know them, the more your attraction will grow!

27) You start to see qualities in them that you previously didn’t notice.

The more you see someone, the more likely you are to notice something different about them. Even if it’s just a small quality, you might find yourself thinking about how they would act or react to a certain situation.

Noticing a change in a particular quality or attitude is something that you should definitely keep in mind as you get closer to them. It may be one of the most important signs that your attraction to them has increased.

28) You know their Love Language.

Because you pay attention to the way they talk, think, and act in your presence, you know the language of love that they speak.

You’ll know what they like—whether it be physical touch, quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, or gifts. These are all ways that people speak love to each other.

This is why it feels natural to connect with them on a deeper level. You know exactly how to make them feel important, valued, and loved.

Even if they don’t realize it, they’ll start to find themselves more attracted to you because of the way you’re speaking to them.

29) You notice you’re more relaxed and peaceful in their presence.

Do you ever feel so at peace around them that your mind just seems to relax and your body just seems to relax? This is because they have a deep effect on your body, mind, and emotions.

More importantly, when conversations with the person flow naturally, it’s because the two of you have strong chemistry with each other!

30) You’re more present in your conversations with them.

You feel more present and focused in your conversations with the person because of how attracted you are to them.

With every interaction, you notice how much you enjoy being around them and don’t want to leave their side! This is often a strong sign that attraction is happening.

Even if the person isn’t aware of it, he or she will start to notice that they’re becoming more drawn to you and immerse themselves even deeper into your world!

And that’s it!

Hopefully, the signs above will shed some light on how to tell if someone is thinking about you.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

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Attraction is one of the most fundamental parts of any relationship or intimate bond. It’s a powerful force that can make or break you and your partner’s connection.

It’s important to take note of the signs of attraction. If you notice them, you’ll see that your relationship with that person is going in a positive direction.

And if you keep finding signs of attraction in your interactions, then you can be sure that your feelings for them are growing stronger. And from there, the right steps can begin to be taken in order to keep things going.

Good luck!

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Tanattiya Rungtham

Tanattiya Rungtham

I'm Tanattiya, a passionate writer with a focus on self-development, life enrichment and mastery of love. I have been through a versatile dating life that brought out the most loving and compassionate self in me. I believe the right advice at the right time can save you from heartbreaks that can potentially hold you back from giving love another try. It's my honor to share my experiences, insights and connect with my lovely readers.

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