Does Kundalini yoga have a dark side? The surprising truth

Rarely does a practice or belief come without its fair share of controversy.

The world of yoga is no exception. While its physical benefits are widely accepted and practiced, some yogic practices have been met with skepticism due to their esoteric nature.

In particular, kundalini yoga has often fallen under the scrutiny of skeptics who claim that it can potentially lead to dangerous side effects.

But does Kundalini Yoga have a dark side? Let’s get to the bottom of this:

What Is Kundalini Yoga?

Before we dive into the dark side of kundalini yoga, let’s make sure that we are all on the same page with what we are talking about here.

Kundalini Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that is said to awaken the latent energy known as kundalini.

The kundalini energy is believed to lie dormant at the base of the spine until a person is ready to experience its unfolding.

Unlocking this energy through the practice of kundalini yoga is said to lead to a wide range of physical and mental health benefits.

Kundalini Yoga is believed to have its roots in Tantric Yoga, a path to liberation that employs several methods to awaken the kundalini energy.

While there are many types of yoga that can be used to awaken the kundalini energy, Kundalini Yoga is unique in that it is believed to be the most effective.

When the kundalini energy is released, it is said to travel up the spine to the crown of the head, where it is said to activate a series of chakras.

The chakras are said to be energy centers that can be awakened through yoga, meditation and other practices.

Each chakra corresponds to a different aspect of the human personality.

When all seven chakras are activated, it is believed that one will reach enlightenment or self-realization.

When kundalini energy becomes trapped in the body, it is believed that one will experience physical and emotional discomfort.

Kundalini yoga practitioners: it’s time to talk!

While Kundalini Yoga has its fair share of skeptics who believe that awakening kundalini energy can lead to dangerous side effects, many people swear by its benefits.

Why Is Kundalini Yoga Misunderstood?

While the benefits of kundalini yoga are widely known and accepted, its esoteric nature has generated a lot of skepticism.

Particularly, the use of mantras, visualizations, and breathing techniques that are used in conjunction with kundalini yoga has raised eyebrows.

Because these techniques are considered very esoteric, many people have assumed that kundalini yoga is a practice that is best left to the experts.

Although kundalini yoga should be practiced under the guidance of an experienced teacher, it is also true that the general public is unfamiliar with the practices.

Furthermore, many people have equated kundalini yoga with the occult and have incorrectly assumed that it leads to a dark side.

You see, when people talk about the occult, they immediately think of satanic cults and really bad things.

However, the word occult simply means hidden – so any occult practice is nothing more than a hidden practice that not a lot of people know about, it’s not inherently bad or evil.

Kundalini Yoga is a hidden practice that has been kept secret among yogis and practitioners of the occult.

Therefore, many people have assumed that kundalini yoga leads to the dark side.

It’s important to understand that any practice can be used for good or bad – it’s up to you to decide how you will use it.

However, things like Kundalini Yoga only apply to yourself and your own body, so you can’t really do any harm with them.

What is the dark side of Kundalini Yoga?

While Kundalini yoga may be believed to be used for nefarious purposes by some people, the nature of the practice itself is not inherently dark.

The dark side of kundalini yoga refers to the practice being used for nefarious or illegal purposes.

For instance, a cult that employs kundalini yoga to recruit members or brainwash them can be considered a dark side of the practice.

The most common misconception about kundalini yoga is that it leads to increased anxiety, paranoia, and delusions.

This misconception is likely due to the fact that kundalini yoga often involves the use of mantras, visualizations, and breathwork.

It is also common for people to associate kundalini yoga with the occult because of its use of mantras that are specific to the practice.

Again, kundalini in and of itself is not dark or evil. If you practice this type of yoga with someone you trust, you will be okay.

However, Kundalini Yoga is very powerful, so it should not be practiced just for fun without proper preparation.

Kundalini Yoga requires an instructor who knows what they are doing and a student who is prepared for it.

Potential Dangers of Kundalini Yoga

Okay, so while Kundalini Yoga itself does not present any dangers, in the hands of the wrong people it can be used for negative things.

Let’s take a closer look:

Spiritual Abuse:

While kundalini yoga is generally safe when practiced under the guidance of a trained instructor, some cults have used the practice to exploit members.

This is known as spiritual abuse and can lead to psychological damage, inter-personal issues, financial debt, and other harmful consequences.

This has nothing to do with kundalini yoga itself, only the environment in which it is practiced. Therefore, it is important to only practice yoga under the guidance of an instructor who you trust.

It is also important to do your research and make sure that you are practicing with a trustworthy and reputable instructor.

In the past, there have been cults and other places using the effectiveness of Kundalini Yoga to pull people in.

Now: does that mean Kundalini Yoga is the problem? Not at all! The cults are.

Getting dizzy/lightheaded

Another reason some people are skeptical when it comes to Kundalini Yoga is that due to the breathing exercises and intensity of the exercise, you might feel yourself getting dizzy or lightheaded.

When the energy starts moving, if you aren’t used to it, it can feel overwhelming.

However, if you do this in a safe setting and with an experienced instructor (or at home on the floor), you should be okay.

Exercise is often accompanied by dizziness and lightheadedness, so this is nothing to worry about.

Just be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the class.

Also, it’s important that you do not practice this yoga if you have health issues that would require you to talk to your doctor beforehand!

Not enough preparation

This is one of the biggest dangers of Kundalini Yoga: people dive into the practice without knowing anything about it and just try it out for fun.

Kundalini Yoga is very potent, so it is important that you do it only after having prepared yourself properly physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You see, with this practice, having an expert guide you is a must.

Without proper preparation, you will definitely struggle and things can go wrong.

Are the Dangers of Kundalini Real?

While kundalini yoga can be dangerous when used incorrectly, it is also true that it can be extremely beneficial when practiced safely.

As long as you are practicing with a knowledgeable instructor and are ready to experience the effects of the practice, kundalini yoga is relatively safe.

It is also important to note that kundalini yoga is a lifelong practice and takes time to unfold.

Just as you cannot expect to lose weight in a week, you also cannot expect to feel the full effects of kundalini yoga after a few days of practice.

Now: are the dangers real?

Well, cults are real, so that’s a thing, but it has nothing to do with this practice in particular, so Kundalini Yoga itself does not present any inherent dangers.

Turns out a lot of people perceive it as dangerous as it is also the most potent form of yoga.

Think of it this way: the most potent form of getting energy right now is through nuclear power.

Everything goes well, but because it is so potent, when something goes wrong, it can do damage.

Now: it’s the same with kundalini yoga. It is incredibly potent, so it needs to be done correctly.

Can you use the dark side of Kundalini Yoga for your benefits?

Yes, you can use the dark side of kundalini yoga for your benefits. However, you should know that it is not easy to do so.

You see, due to the intense nature of this practice, Kundalini Yoga could lead to a Kundalini awakening.

What’s that? Well, essentially it’s a form of spiritual awakening.

This awakening is not always a great experience, it can come with lots of painful realizations.

There are people who have experienced extreme realizations from their Kundalini awakening, so it’s important that you know what you are getting into before doing this practice.

In the end, Kundalini Yoga is not any more dangerous than any other form of exercise.

Just like with meditation or normal yoga, you can reach an awakening with this practice.

If you want to use the dark side of kundalini yoga, it is important to have a reliable and authentic instructor who can offer you guidance.

Moreover, you should be regular with your practices and be ready to face the challenges, which come with the Kundalini Yoga.

Only then, you can expect to reap the benefits from the dark side of kundalini yoga.

You see, awakenings can be a bit scary if you don’t know what is going on, so try to have someone who you can talk to about all these things!

What now?

In summary, kundalini yoga is a practice that is both beneficial and dangerous.

This is true of most things in life, though, and the choice is really up to you.

If you want to experience the benefits of kundalini yoga, you must be ready to embrace the challenges that the practice brings.

If you are ready, then go ahead and start enjoying the benefits of kundalini yoga.

If not, then maybe you should explore other options. If you are interested in learning more about kundalini yoga, then you can take a yoga class or consult an instructor.

You can also learn more by reading books and articles on the practice, or you can explore online yoga courses.

And remember, when it comes to health, safety should be your number one priority. Choose the path that is right for you and make sure to do your research before you begin.

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