Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Quest review (2023): Is it worth it? My verdict

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Jeffrey Allen is one of the leading voices in the world of “Energy Work” – the study and practice of using energies to help you achieve your greatest potential.

And on Mindvalley, Jeffrey Allen shares everything he knows about energy work in the Duality Quest course, which I recently completed – and boy, was it an interesting journey.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • This course focuses on energy work to help individuals achieve their full potential.
  • The course is designed for those who are open to exploring the concept of energy, chakras, and auras, and seeks to help students eliminate personal energy blocks, connect with their energy self, and improve their overall life.
  • I discovered the course to be valuable and distinct, and I recommend it to those with open-minded perspectives. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the validity of the concepts presented may be subjective and could vary depending on individual beliefs.

In this article, I review what I learned from and how I felt about Jeffrey Allen’s Duality course, and whether or not I would recommend it to the average reader.

Before diving into the detailed review, let me first explain why my skeptical mind decided to explore the world of energy.

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Why My Skeptic Mind Looked into Energy Work

There are three general categories of people when it comes to thoughts on spirituality and the non-physical world:

1) Complete skeptics who think any discussion that isn’t based in science is ridiculous and a waste of time

2) Total believers who are open to any interpretation of spirituality, energy, and the non-physical world, as long as those interpretations make sense to them

3) Everyone in between, people who generally believe in science and the world we can observe with our senses, but who also from time-to-time entertain the notions that there may be something else out there that we’ve yet to understand

If you belong to the first category, then let me be clear: you won’t enjoy Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Quest on Mindvalley.

But if you’re like me and you belong to the third category – somewhere in between the two extremes of skeptic and believer – then you will almost definitely find some kind of realization or learning during the course of this experience.

It all depends on how much you’re willing to suspend your disbelief.

Like when you watch a movie – if you spend too much time nitpicking certain aspects, things that don’t make sense or things that wouldn’t really happen according to what you believe, then you won’t enjoy the movie at all.

But if you let your skeptical mind pause and simply soak it in during the experience, then you might pick up something that can shake the foundations of your beliefs about the world, existence, and physical reality.

So how did I get started with Duality? Like most people, I would say I live a pretty healthy and productive life, but not one without problems and anxieties here and there.

Sometimes I have issues with my relationships with friends; other times – especially these days – it feels like there’s so much noise in my head from the outside world that I don’t have the space in my own mind to truly think.

I read about Duality, and realized that even if it was a completely new thing for me – talking about “energy” and “auras” and “chakras” – it was close enough to reality that I was willing to give it a shot.

If you look up the Duality course on Mindvalley, you’ll see immediately that it dives headfirst into topics and concepts that most people would describe as crazy.

And while I’ve always considered myself a rational person, I also realize that there is so much about the world we don’t understand.

It seems like every week we read a new report from a theoretical physicist describing the possibilities of alternate dimensions, matter as energy at the subatomic level, and so much more.

It seems like we’re just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding reality; who knows what we’ll discover in five, ten, or a hundred years?

If you really think about it, our understanding of modern science is limited to just a few hundred years since the Renaissance. How much do we really know about the world around us? How much can we be certain that what we see and what we observe are all there is to reality?

We can’t.

In just a few decades, we’ve gone from inventing the telephone to creating invisible wireless signals that connect the globe.

It’s impossible that we know everything about reality, and maybe ideas like chakra and personal auras are simply non-physical but real things we picked up on before we could understand the science behind them.

So with an open mind ready to find solutions to improve myself in ways that I’d struggled with for so long, I decided to sign up to Duality and try it out for myself.


What Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Quest Claims To Do

YouTube video

Before my personal review, let’s talk about the course itself and what Duality claims to teach. So much of this can feel ephemeral and vague, so it’s important that we clearly define the goals and promises of the Duality course.

So why Duality? The name of the course itself is the best way to begin understanding its teachings. Allen proposes that we have two selves living in two separate but connected worlds – the physical self in the physical world, and the energy self in the invisible world.

According to the program, we have a visible side and an invisible side. The visible side is what we know and see – your body, your reality, everything you consider “normal”. The invisible side is the energy or aura you carry with you.

With a method called Kirlian Photography, the course actually proves that there is a kind of energy version of you that you don’t see – we have an aura around us made of an energetic field.

And this aura is something we fail to protect. We may take perfect care of our physical selves – regular exercise, healthy eating, stellar grooming – but we can be complete failures at taking care of our energy selves.

According to Jeffrey Allen, the number one reason why people fail in life is their lack of connection or attunement with their energy selves. We fail to truly live out the people we desire to be because we only try to do it with our physical halves rather than with both halves. We literally end up “half-assing” our own attempts at success because we ignore half of who we are, and that makes our attempts only half as powerful as they could be.

And this applies to everything – the strength and meaningfulness of our relationships, our journeys to wealth and career growth, our internalized positivity, and our telepathic intuition for opportunity. The more you ignore your energy self, the more you cripple yourself and minimize your chances at success. While you might overcome physical obstacles and challenges, you will always fall short of your ideal self.

The main idea of the course is that everything is energy – the universe, the room you’re sitting in, the cells in your body. And the more we resist this, the more we fight against ourselves when trying to achieve our goals. By submitting to your own energy and mastering the techniques this course teaches, you become in tune with yourself in a way you might have never experienced.

In summary, Jeffrey Allen’s Duality claims to help students with:

·  Eliminating your personal energy blocks

·  Becoming totally in touch with your own body, allowing you to maximize your self-healing

·  Connecting with the energy inside of you and your chakra

·  Becoming more present, conscious, and aware of your reality

·  Understanding your intuition and attracting synchronicities and opportunities

·  Helping those around you with their own personal healing

·  Living the life you truly want to live by focusing your energy and intuition in a singular direction.


Who Is the Duality Quest For?

Defining who exactly the Duality Quest and Jeffrey Allen’s teachings on mastering “Energy Work” are for can be difficult, because there is no one exact demographic or audience.

Simply put, Duality and energy work can benefit anyone who is willing to suspend their disbelief and soak in something new that might go against everything they’ve ever been taught about reality and the physical world.

Here are some thoughts you might have had which might show that you are ready to open your mind to Duality:

·  Have you ever felt unhealthy, weak, or fatigued, even while your body was strong and healthy?

·  Do you ever feel as if there are forces beyond you that are manipulating the things you do or the things that happen to you?

·  Has your intuition ever frightened you because of how absurdly accurate it was, even if there was no reason for you to know it?

·  Do you feel a stronger connection with yourself and your reality when you practice meditation and other techniques, and you want to understand why?

·  Do you ever think that there has got to be more to the world than what we can sense, and you want to understand what that might be?

If you’ve ever had any of the thoughts above (or similar thoughts), then Duality might be the exact course you’re looking for.

Who Is Jeffrey Allen? Is He Qualified?

Jeffrey Allen is a self-proclaimed “energy teacher”. He has been working in the field of Energy Work for the last two decades, and has helped thousands of people around the world grow spiritually and get in touch with their energetic selves.

Unfortunately, since Allen’s field is so unique and unusual, there are no further credentials we can share. He’s travelled all around the world giving seminars and workshops to interested audiences and with his two courses – Duality and Unlocking Transcendence – he specializes in higher awareness training and sharing this with a global audience.

So is he qualified? Considering the nature of what Jeffrey Allen teaches, it might be impossible to become “officially qualified”. In this case, it might be better to go through the hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews you can find on him and his classes online.


Everything You Get with the Duality Course

So what exactly do you get when you sign up to the Duality course on Mindvalley? Here’s everything you can expect:

1) 8-Week Journey

The course lasts for exactly 8 weeks. Let’s break down every week:

·  Week 1: Personal Presence and Energy Awareness – Learning how to discover and anchor your chakra to become more present in your day-to-day life

·  Week 2: Mental and Intuitive Clarity – Unblocking the energies that are stopping you from reaching your creative potential, and learning how to channel your energies into reaching new ideas

·  Week 3: Healing Your Body – Using your own energies to actually boost your physical immune system (this week, admittedly, was the one I was least comfortable with!)

·  Week 4: Energetic Boundaries – Learning about energetic boundaries, how we all have our own boundaries and how we can protect ourselves from negative energies

·  Week 5: Chakra Healing – Getting in touch with your “chakra centers” to clear the energy blocks stopping you from reaching your goals and potential wealth, and learning how to increase your own personal abundance

·  Week 6: Changing Your Beliefs – Figuring out your “stuck energy” which increases emotional instability, and learning how to hack your own consciousness to make your beliefs improve your life (I talk about this week more in my final review below, but overall this was my favorite week of the course)

·  Week 7: Using Your Intuition – Flowing with your own energy so that your physical self and energetic self are perfectly synchronized, leading to better opportunities naturally happening to you

·  Week 8: Expanding Your Awareness – Learning how to be your higher self and trust yourself more, and knowing how to continue your own personal growth for mastering your energy

2) Bonus Jeffrey Allen Material

Jeffrey Allen has been studying, learning, and teaching Energy Work for decades, so it’s no surprise that he has much more than just the Duality course out there. When you sign up for Duality, Mindvalley also throws in:

·  17 pre-recorded Q&A audios surrounding Energy Work, answering hundreds of the most important questions

·  Energy Healing Start Guide, a 45-minute course that acts as your beginner onboarding tool for understanding and practicing Energy Healing

·  Daily Meditations guide, transformational and healing daily meditations from Jeffrey Allen that you can use to improve your own personal meditations

3) Community Experience

One thing I ALWAYS love about Mindvalley courses is that it’s never a solo experience. When you sign up, you join with the rest of the class, or everyone else who signed up in your batch, and you all go through the course at the same pace.

Anyone who signs up gets access to the private communities that form around these courses, as well as personal access to Jeffrey Allen himself. The community might be the best part of this experience, because you can experience the transformational changes happening not only to yourself but to everyone else.

(I’ve recently reviewed the MindValley Quest All Access Pass, which is a yearly subscription to get access to all of the MindValley courses, including Duality. Check out my review on whether the All-Access Pass is worth it here)

My Personal Experience With Duality: Is It Real?

After spending 8 weeks learning about chakra, clearing my mental distractions, deepening my internal clarity, exercising my natural healing powers, controlling my energy boundaries and so much more,  it’s honestly pretty hard to give a straightforward review on the course.

Was it worth it?

Definitely. The experience was one of a kind and whether or not you totally believe in it, there is nothing unhealthy about learning new ideas and mental practices, especially ones that have been given as much thought and passion as Jeffrey Allen’s.

Is it real?

Who knows. A part of me thinks all of it makes sense, and a part of me hesitates before I tell other people about it, because I don’t want them to think I’ve gone off the deep end.

Here’s how I think about it – as I explained earlier, there is so much we don’t know about reality.

If you pulled the most intelligent person from the 12th century out of his time and gave him a glimpse of the modern world, he wouldn’t understand so much of it. He might think everything we do is magic – airplanes, the internet, computers, wireless headphones.

Who’s to say we wouldn’t feel exactly the same way if we saw a glimpse of the world in two or three hundred years? How much will we discover over the next few centuries about our reality? How much do we not yet know that will seem glaringly obvious once science figures it out?

Maybe all of this – auras, energies, chakras, intuitions – is stuff we naturally picked up on before we developed the science to understand it.

And even if none of it is real, thousands of people have still benefited from these meditative and mental practices, just by thinking so positively and focusing on personal growth. So how can this not be real if the belief in it is enough to enact real and long-term growth and change in a person?

This is one of the few courses I’ve tried that I will definitely revisit again and again and again over the years. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. But only if you’re willing to keep an open mind.


And if you think there are other courses on the Mindvalley platform that you’d like to check out, then I highly recommended getting the All-Access Pass for Mindvalley.

If you’re interested in purchasing Duality, then you’d probably also be interested in a variety of other courses on the Mindvalley platform.

For instance, you might be interested in The Energy Medicine Quest Mindvalley online course by Donna Eden which talks about energy medicine and how to use it to change your life for the better.

Or Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life – a quest about how to use hypnotherapy to achieve breakthroughs in your mindset.

There is even a course from Robin Sharma on the key habits and techniques you need to become a super performer in life.


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Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

I'm been through a lot, come out the other side, and I'm here to reveal everything I've learned. If I can help even one soul from my spiritual reflections, then my work here is done. Some people call me a spiritual warrior or an enlightened soul, but I'm just a humble guy that wants the best for humanity. If you want to get in touch with me about my writings, don't hesitate to hit me up on my Twitter (@lachybe). Namaste.

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