Is this the world’s best selfie? Gorillas pose with anti-poaching ranger

Capturing the perfect selfie requires a combination of skill, timing, and setting. It also helps to have some charismatic people around to join you.

One of the most famous selfies was taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars in 2014, joined by a number of celebrities.

There’s also the selfie taken by Joe Biden with Barack Obama, showing off their “bromance”.

But it’s time to step aside, Ellen DeGeneres and Joe Biden. There’s a new candidate for the world’s best selfie.

Patrick Sadiki, an anti-poaching Ranger at the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has done much better than taking a selfie with Hollywood celebrities or heads of state.

He’s taken a series of selfies with the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas.

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Posted by The Elite AntiPoaching Units And Combat Trackers. on Thursday, April 18, 2019

In the photo above, Patrick managed to capture two gorillas who seem to be aware of the camera, somehow making a similar pose to Patrick himself.

His next selfie is even better, with the gorillas squeezing into the frame.

Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s one of the most biodiverse protected sites in the world.

The region has been deeply impacted by the effects of armed conflict for over 20 years. Virunga is protected by a team of 600 incredibly brave Rangers. Their mission is to maintain the region’s biodiversity.

One of their main aims is to protect the Mountain Gorillas.

You can support their brave work by making a donation of any amount. Every little bit helps to provide resources for the Rangers to save the lives of these beautiful creatures.

Please share this article to help draw attention to the important work being undertaken by the Rangers at Virunga National Park.

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