Is someone using the law of attraction on me? 7 subtle signs 

We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you’ve even tried to use it to manifest your deepest desires? Or to bring about happiness, abundance, and a perfect love match?

But have you ever thought about the other side of the equation?

How do you know if someone is using the Law of Attraction on you instead?

Does someone specific come into your mind again and again? Are you curious if that person likes you? They could be using the Law of Attraction to draw you in. Don’t worry, there are some easy ways to tell if this is happening.

1) You think about someone most often than usual

Have you ever thought about someone more than anyone else? Or have you thought about them or spoken their name to a friend only to have them randomly appear where you are or reach out and text you?

According to the Law of Attraction, this isn’t just a coincidence. A person might be so completely focused on you, that he or she sent an energetic wave in your direction, and they pop into your mind for no reason at all.

You thought of them only because they thought of you first.

As energetic beings, we are tied to each other far more closely than we can ever imagine. If someone is thinking about you a great deal, he or she will want you to appear in their life.

You may find that person pops into your thoughts throughout the day. You might even develop a strong intuitive feeling that you are going to meet this person soon. These are all signs that he or she is manifesting you!

2) You dream about them

If someone appears in your dream, take notice. When we dream, we are extremely open to the energy of the world around us. Someone may be reaching out to you through your dreams.

This pattern is even more true if you start dreaming about them every night. It can mean that they are very intent on attracting you from afar.

Try to keep a little book by your bedside and write down anything you remember from your dreams. Try to think of the details of this person who appears:

  • What age is he or she?
  • What is the setting like?
  • What are you doing?
  • How do you feel when you interact with him or her?
  • Do they say anything particular to you?
  • What role do they take in your dream?

Write down everything that you can remember about the experience. You can start to take these details and analyze your dreams in more depth.

If you are going through a particularly emotional time, like the death of a loved one, a major life transition, or a difficult breakup, you might think about a certain person a lot. So, your dreams will likely be focused on them as well.

That means that this may not be a sign that this person is trying to manifest you.

However, if there is not a massive emotional event happening in your life, someone may appear and reappear in your dreams because he or she is thinking of you often. This is when you want to take special notice.

If you suddenly and spontaneously dream about someone that you wouldn’t normally think about, then it could be a sign that he or she is manifesting you very strongly. Just make sure you know what state you are in so you can start to tell the difference.

3) You sense them when they aren’t around

Our brains can sense what’s happening around us, even if we aren’t actually ‘seeing‘ it with our eyes. We are slowly starting to understand more about how we can pick up on when someone is focused on us.

When someone is using the Law of Attraction on you, you might notice some particular experiences with your senses.

  • Sense of Sound: Have you ever walked around and heard a familiar voice only to realize that no one was around you? It was all in your mind? Hearing someone’s voice when that person isn’t actually present is a way to feel their energy. They might also be attracting you through familiar sounds or music. Pay special attention if a specific song or tune comes to your mind often or for no apparent reason at all.
  • Sense of Smell: Perhaps you catch wafts of a person’s distinct scent? Did you smell their favorite cologne, perfume, or essential oil, when the person isn’t actually around you? This can also be a sign that they are manifesting you.
  • Sense of Sight: Another sign that someone is manifesting is if you have any unusual visions. Do you see things that aren’t actually there? When you are out in public, if you keep thinking you see a certain person but he or she isn’t actually there then that person might be focusing on attracting you from afar.
  • Sense of Touch: You might also get sensations through your skin. Sometimes when we think of someone, we might feel warm in certain areas of our body. Our skin may slightly shiver, feel flushed, and show goosebumps. If you notice that this happens when your environment stays the same, it’s also a sign that someone might be sending some attracting energy your way.

4) You frequently bump into them in random places

Crossing paths with someone frequently in random places is another sign that he or she is manifesting you. Of course, we all have our patterns and people that are on the same schedule as us in our neighborhood. But do you notice someone who stands out in different places at different times of the day?

  • Have you been going about your typical routine only to continuously bump into the same person over and over again?
  • Or perhaps you are in an unusual part of the city, and all of the sudden someone is walking towards you for no clear reason?
  • Or maybe you sit down in the same train car and feel a strong attraction to the person across from you?
  • Or did you find that someone at a bookshop across town every time you go in, and you are certain that he or she doesn’t work there?

When you are on the same frequency as someone else, it’s common to find yourself in the same place at the same time as them. You will tend to encounter them when you least expect to. It will feel like a pleasant surprise. If so, it can mean that someone may be trying to align with you energetically.

You can take this quiz to see how sensitive you are to synchronicity and coincidences.

(Of course, it is also important to mention that this person you run into may often have a crush on you. He or she may conduct a little research on you and is going out of their way to bump into you on purpose.)

5) You feel compelled to reach out to them

Another way to know if someone is manifesting you is that you might feel a sudden and overwhelming urge to contact them. You might be busy with work or enjoying a delicious meal and all of a sudden you feel a need to stop what you are doing and take action to communicate.

If you haven’t spoken to this person for many years, it’s an even greater sign that they are willing it to happen from their end.

Why else would you want to reach out to someone so distant?

Think of how this makes you feel. Is it something that feels stressful or feels compelling? If reaching out to this person has a positive tone to it, it is more likely that they are thinking well of you also and wanting your attention.

In fact, when you think about someone often enough, brain researchers are now able to tell. The prefrontal cortex area of our brain reveals unique brain activity when we think about a specific individual. This could mean that a very distinct signal is detectable and measurable from our thinking activity.

6) People will mention them to you often

Does someone’s name keep coming up in conversations again and again?

If different people, like close friends and random strangers, keep bringing up someone’s name to you often it can be a sign that they are attempting to manifest you.

You might be visiting a friend for coffee and this person’s name comes up. The next day on the phone, your mother asks about someone with the same name with whom you went to school together.

A few days later, a neighbor may bring up the same name but be talking about a completely different person. You go to sign into work, and the name above yours is the same one that keeps coming up!

Take notice! This type of synchronicity means that someone may be in fact manifesting you!

7) Your mood changes out for no reason

Have you noticed that your mood changes quickly for no reason? Your emotional state can shift all the time. You might feel happy, careful, and at ease at one moment, and then WHAM, suddenly you feel heavier and worried.

Your mood may change depending on many factors. Try to take notice during the day. Does it change depending on:

  • Who are you speaking with?
  • What music are you listening to?
  • What type of weather is outside?
  • How do you eat during the day?
  • Did you sleep well?

Try to get to know how much your mood can swing. As you understand this more, if you find that your mood changes slightly and quickly for no apparent reason, it can mean that someone is strongly manifesting you.

The person might be intently thinking about you and associate you with good thoughts. If you are tuned into a similar frequency, your mood might suddenly uplift. The Law of Attraction works best for positive feelings. You will start to feel those good feelings as well. It’s a nice feeling!

It could be that at that moment, someone is actively connecting with you and you are receiving some of their energy in the process. If you are open to receiving it, you can catch some of their loving and caring vibes coming to you from afar.

Remember to keep this in mind

We are all energetic beings who are manifesting our reality at all times.

So when someone is intent on attracting you, you might receive these signs. If you feel them, hold them close and recognize how strong these emotions must be. This person is truly trying to make his or her presence known.

If you are picking up on these signals, it also means that you are a sensitive being. You are tuned in to yourself and the world around you enough to be able to receive subtle messages.

After you observe these messages of attraction, remember that it’s always up to you if you want to act on any of them. You are always in control of your actions.

It might feel like a grand force is at play. So it is important to make sure you act from your own inner compass. Don’t get swept away by what you think the universe is saying to you. Take action because it feels right to you and it is in line with your reasoning.

If you would like to reach out and speak with them, you can. But you don’t have to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with.

As you start to feel the presence of someone in your realm, remember that manifesting someone is fairly harmless. Most people do so because they are trying to bring good things into their lives. And he or she is thinking that you are a very good thing!

When you start to see these messages, you might even feel a little flattered!

There are many clear and more obvious signs to look for if that person is interested in you and indeed wooing you.

Remember to be curious. Be observant. Hold back any Judgment. Exercise wisdom. Enjoy the flattery. And have fun exploring these signals more.

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Sol Harisson

Sol Harisson

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