“Is she my twin soul?”: 25 signs you’ve found your mirror soul

Have you met someone you felt drawn to instantly like you’d known them for years? Has this person seemed to completely change the course of your life?

It could be that you’ve met your twin flame. And you may be already sharing a twin soul relationship.

But how do you know that you’ve found your true perfect match?

Let’s find out.

25 Signs She’s Your Twin Flame

The moment you meet your twin flame is one of the most powerful soul encounters you can experience overwhelming and breathtaking.

You know that your life will take a major shift in a way you aren’t even aware of yet.

And If you’ve seen and experienced most signs below, it’s a good indication that you’ve found your twin flame.

1) When you met, it felt meant to be

When you first encounter your twin flame, there is instant recognition and connection with each other.

The attraction seems so intense and the pieces of your life just seem to come together. It’s a strange, inexplicable recognition that manifests as “deja vu.”

Everything flows easily and naturally. The conversation you share and the chemistry you share are undeniable.

This feeling doesn’t come often and it’s something you haven’t experienced with anyone else before.

2) It feels like home

Sometimes twin souls don’t acknowledge their connection immediately, but once they do, there’s a feeling of safety, comfort, and completeness.

It brings a sense of hope, peace, and security – like being reunited with a long-lost family member or friend. Getting to know and understand each other becomes too easy too.

And the feeling that a twin soul relationship brings is unmatched by any other relationship, even a soul mate relationship.

Even if it seems unreal, you experience completeness and wholeness with them.

3) There’s a sense of familiarity

Sometimes, there are people with whom we’ve become acquainted for years, but we still feel like we don’t know them.

With your twin flame, it feels like you’ve known the person your whole life.

Even if you just met, you feel completely at ease with each other.

There’s a huge chance that you’ve come across each other in the past, and have no idea about it.

4) You end up in the same places

Even if you’re not looking for each other, the Divine timing and circumstances seem to keep bringing you together.

You keep bumping into each other – and you might think that those are just random coincidences.

For instance, you found out that you’re seated next to each other at the movie theater and you even see each other when you’re out on a holiday.

It’s because twin flames share an intense, soul connection like no one else.

And even during the separation period know that your twin will return as this connection will be pulling you to be with each other.

5) You have several similarities

With your twin flame, you seem to share the same interests almost perfectly – even past experiences.

According to therapist and relationship expert Barbara Spinelli, LP, “Both of you will find that your past story has a lot of coincidences and similar experiences.”

You even mirror each other’s values and aspirations for life.

You found out that you both love the same types of books, hobbies, dishes, and perhaps even enjoy the same movies growing up.

Your twin flame matches your values and beliefs above all else.

6) You’re almost the same, yet so different

You and your twin flame are like Yin and Yang – and this is regarded as the powerful twin flame connection signs.

Your dark side is balanced by your twin flame’s light side, and your dark side is balanced by your light side.

It feels like you’ve lived the same life in the past as you have this deep connection and you share the same dreams, needs, and wants.

But in some aspects, you remain unique and different from each other.

And these similarities and differences make being with and reuniting with your twin flame a lot more beautiful.

7) You complement each other perfectly

Just like in a healthy relationship, you will both complement each other.

Your skill sets, strengths, and abilities will work perfectly together as you’ve developed what the other one lacks in your separation.

For instance, your shadow will be complemented by their light – and vice versa.

You’re both driven towards a higher spiritual purpose – and you know that this person will play a very important role in your development.

8) Your twin flame mirrors you

According to Lisa Vallejos, Ph.D., LPC, a therapist specializing in relationships, “There can be a lot of mirroring of life experiences.”

Your twin flame is your mirror. This person is everything you want, your desires, and everything you fear (in a good sense). And they will mirror your strength and your insecurities too.

Your twin flame mirrors things in life you haven’t healed and everything in your life that you need to address. They will push you out of your comfort zone and help challenge you.

This person will help you show your authentic self. And when this happens, expect to experience a major change in your life.

9) Your emotions are intense

One of the most definite signs she’s your twin flame is having the feeling that this is something very different than any other romantic relationship you have before.

When you meet your twin flame, everything you feel feels stronger and overwhelming.

It’s unconditional and filled with love and acceptance. It’s something you can feel with your whole being.

No other relationship will be as life-changing as the one you have with your twin soul.

You experience both good and bad feelings. You love and fight hard. This is because twin flames share a powerful emotional charge.

But even with the ups and downs of your relationship, you feel secure and safe with each other.

10) Your thoughts and feelings are the same

Twin flame telepathy is so powerful that they pick up each other’s thoughts and feelings – even when they’re apart.

This is one reason why you suddenly feel happy or get emotional out of nowhere. It’s strange, but you can almost feel what your twin flame feels at the moment.

And when you’re with your twin flame, you experience an extraordinary mental life.

For instance, you may start to tell similar opinions, observations, and jokes at the same time.

11) You experience synchronicity

There would be unusual events, similar past experiences, and you might get to uncover what seems like random coincidences – but they aren’t.

These meaningful coincidences happen at the right Divine timing as the Universe will always try to bring you together.

Here are some instances:

  • You’ve been thinking of your twin soul, then suddenly you receive a message from your twin flame
  • Seeing, hearing, or noticing your twin flame’s name everywhere
  • You wonder why you bought a cooking book when you don’t cook for yourself, the next day you found out that your twin flame loves cooking

Experiencing true twin flame synchronicity is a clear sign that she’s your mirror soul.

12) Your insecurities and doubts are heightened

Just as your emotions are intensified, so are your fears, doubts, and insecurities.

This is happening because your twin flame is your mirror. Their purpose is to support and help you with your purpose – and that is to show you whatever it is that is holding you back.

This way, you can work through them, heal, grow, and come out stronger than before.

13) You’re magnetic88ally drawn to each other

From the time you met and up to this day, you’re both naturally drawn to one another. You think of each other all the time and are always in each other’s minds.

There’s this urge to share the same space and get closer. It’s like your twin flame’s energy is always with you as it gives you comfort and security.

And when you’re physically separated, you can feel the pain and the longing to touch each other. There’s this desire to be in that person’s presence.

Those around you can even feel a great deal of energy you’re sharing.

14)  You dream almost the same dreams

The bond that twin flames have influenced their dreams as their connection is established in the subconscious mind.

It’s normal for mirror souls to have nearly the same or very similar recurring dreams. In some instances, you may see each other in most of your dreams.

It could also happen that even if twin flames haven’t met yet, they’ll get to recognize each other from their previous dreams.

15) You understand each other effortlessly

Communicating with your twin flame is always natural and effortless. You can talk about everything on your mind and even being in silence seems wonderful.

You respect each other’s perspectives too. And when you get into disagreements, it can be quickly resolved as you’re both willing to listen emphatically.

Twin flames can share their feelings, ideas, and opinions through words and gestures.

Thus, even subtle signs can make you understand what the other feels or thinks. And when your twin flame thinks of you, you will sense it too.

16) You can be yourself

When you’re with your twin flame, you truly feel yourself.

If you tend to be a people-pleaser or wear a mask when with others, you know that you don’t have to do that when you’re with your twin flame.

You can be truthful with each other about anything without the fear of rejection or judgment.

With your twin flame, you can speak your mind without getting judged. Your mirror soul accepts you genuinely so you are your true self.

17) Your relationship is very intense

Twin flame relationships aren’t smooth sailing all the time, as more often, they’re turbulent and chaotic.

It’s like constantly being confronted by yourself and “own” the parts of you that you’d rather not see. This happens because you’re deeply connected at a soul level – and this creates more intensity and passion.

While it’s challenging, the relationship you have with your twin flame facilitates more growth for both of you.

18) Your relationship is on and off

One of the most challenging parts of your twin flame relationship is the “chase.” It’s where one of you walks away but often comes back.

Author Shannon Kaiser notes that “If you’re in an on-and-off-again-type relationship, it could be with your twin flame. You’ll find that things just keep bringing you together in random ways.”

And even when you’re separated, you can feel your twin souls’ presence and know that you’ll be back together.

19) Being together is perfectly right

Being with your mirror soul seems to bring balance to your world. This person makes up for what you lack  – and even your differences tend to unite you.

So when you have this gut feeling that everything seems to fall into place, listen to what your intuition is telling you.

It can be hard to explain why, but twin flames have this feeling that they’re supposed to be together no matter what.

20) Your connection feels divine and predestined

When you find your twin flame, you feel content together. There’s this genuine bliss that comes from deep within you.

Your connection is multi-faceted as you’re each other’s best friends, nurturer, muse, teacher, lovers, and more.

It’s because you’ve been brought together by a Higher power and the bond you have is so strong.

You’re meant to be together as your relationship transcends into a place where you connect deeply.

21) There’s an almost intuitive soul connection

When you meet your twin flame, you seem to communicate quickly with just a glance. It feels deeply familiar and everything flows naturally.

Somehow, you know what the other is thinking and you can grasp their inner life without you even thinking about it. Even when apart, you can both sense what the other is feeling or even doing.

This intuitive connection is reciprocal and the twin flame telepathy between the two of you is real.

22) Your twin flame push you to be and do better

Twin flames enter into your life to steer you on course and help you work through your insecurities and challenges.

You’re inspired to be a better person than before. You evolve but you’re not becoming someone you’re not.

The twin flame relationship you have opens up a world of possibilities you’ve never even dreamed of. It awakens your untapped potential and ignites the fire within you.

You’re certain that she’s your twin soul when she makes you want to be a better man.

And this twin flame relationship encourages you to be more complete in your own right.

23) You seem to meet yourself

When you meet, it even feels like meeting yourself – but only in the physical body of another person. The feeling is nothing short of astounding.

And this is the start of an intense spiritual connection.

According to Barbara Spinelli, LP, a therapist and relationship expert, “Twin flames are two halves or mirrors of two different individuals; and the twin flame relationship may feel overwhelming, divine, magnetic, and predestined.

24) It’s like having your universe

With your twin flame, you live in a Universe that’s created for the two of you. It’s like having your way of understanding and communicating with each other. You share words and jokes that only you two understand.

It even feels like your souls are floating in the air – and locking eyes with each other transcends you to a dimension you’ve never seen before.

When you find yourself lost with the words, eyes, and kisses of one another, you know that this is your true twin flame.

And that’s because you experience happiness in its purest form.

25) You feel awakened, bonded yet free

You feel secure with your flame connection. But it’s not confining and you never felt stifled or stuck in a rut.

You remain free to explore while being deeply supported by the close bond you have.

You have this space to be together and the space to be yourself.

And this twin flame relationship makes it so different yet a lot wonderful than other relationships normal couples have.

That somehow everything has changed – and you see the Universe and everything else in a whole new light.

Honor the Signs She’s Your Twin Flame

Finding your twin flame is the most magical thing that could happen on your life’s journey – and it’s greater than what you’ve ever experienced.

Your twin flame is the mirror image of yourself – and meeting your “other half” brings instant connection. And when you meet, you’ll know instinctively that something special is about to happen.

When your eyes meet, there’ll be a cosmic spark that you will always remember.  You’ll feel like you’ve known her your entire life, and even beyond that.

With your twin flame, your mind, body, and soul are moved incredibly.

With this person, you’ll experience the most challenging yet beautiful lessons you’ll learn – and these will forever change the course of your life.

Embrace Your Twin Flame Connection

While a twin flame isn’t necessarily a romantic soulmate, this person is the catalyst that will always change your life.

Your twin flame relationship will challenge your soul to grow and reach your highest potential to fulfill your purpose in each other’s lives and the Universe.

And your heart will know that she’s your twin flame.

So if you’re in a twin flame relationship, honor the magnetic connection. While this can be fleeting or short, cherish it.

Be grateful as this is a beautiful thing one can ever experience in this lifetime.

Know that you and your twin flame have found each other through time, space, and love.

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma is a content strategist and copywriter with a purposeful mindset. She finds fulfillment in crafting content for entrepreneurs and life coaches. In a place of love and growth, she's raising a tribe of three with her husband - and writes to inspire people to create impactful relationships.

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