Is he thinking about me even though we don’t talk? 18 signs he is

It’s been ages since the two of you last talked, and you can’t help but wonder if he’s simply forgotten about you.

…but has he, really?

Here are 18 signs that you’re always on his mind even if you haven’t talked to each other in a while.

1) You keep thinking of him

Or rather, you would find thoughts of him randomly entering your mind.

You might suddenly see his smile while you’re taking a shower or wonder how he’s doing while you’re walking your dog.

And even more curious is that you find yourself thinking about him even during your most stressful times, such as when you’re preparing for an important meeting.

It’s not like you miss him, and you don’t think you’re in love with him… so why does he keep showing up in your thoughts?

Well, one possible reason is that he’s been thinking about you a lot.

And the reason why this happens is because when someone thinks about you a lot, they will inadvertently build a spiritual bond between the two of you.

It’s through that spiritual bond that his thoughts would reach your subconscious self, influencing your thoughts so that you find yourself thinking about him.

2) He looks at you with longing

You might not be talking with each other, but you still see each other all the time. Maybe he lives just down the hall, or maybe you take the same routes in your daily commute.

And it’s awkward, because you just can’t seem to ignore each other’s presence!

He stares at you with eyes that say “I wish we’re still together.” And it gives you shivers. You swear you’re not just imagining it.

They say the eyes never lie, and it’s true.

No matter how much we try to conceal our feelings, how we look at someone will always give away our real feelings.

His lips might be shut, but you will see just how much he misses you from the look in his eyes. He might even be wishing that you’d make a move first!

3) He religiously checks your socials

You might not be chatting with one another, but you can’t deny that he’s active on your social media.

You might catch him viewing your stories on Instagram, liking retweeting your posts on Twitter, and reacting to your messages on Discord.

And it’s not like he’s just checking out your most recent posts either. You find him liking your posts from five years ago!

He might not be fully aware that he’s being obvious. As far as he’s concerned, he’s just liking and sharing whatever he likes.

Nonetheless, it betrays his innermost desires.

You can glean exactly what he’s interested in from which posts he’s liking and viewing, and how interested he is from how religiously he stalks your profile.

4) A psychic confirms it

You might be going “Wait, what? A psychic?”

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a very skeptical person myself!

But I decided to give it a try when I was going through a big dilemma in my relationship. My friends got tired of hearing me whine about my issues 24/7 so as a joke, they recommended I consult a psychic for guidance.

Boy, am I glad I tried. I reap the benefits to this day.

I reached out to Psychic Source and they matched me with a psychic who’s experienced with the issue I was facing.

She has helped me analyze the signs the universe has been giving me, and use them as a guide to walk on the path especially designed for me.

Even though I never stopped being a skeptic, and didn’t just follow her advice blindly, my psychic has nonetheless led me to a richer and more fulfilling life.

If you’re curious about your love life—like whether this guy actually still likes you—then do give them a try. You’d be blown away by how accurate their readings are.

Click here to get your own professional love reading.

5) He’s online when you are

He goes online within a few minutes of you.

When you’re in a group chat, you notice he goes quiet when you go offline, and then perks right back up when you return.

The funny thing is that you’ve never really known him to be the chatty type. But now it seems like hanging out in chat has become his favorite hobby.

He might not be talking to you directly, but that’s simply because he doesn’t want to look desperate or risk being rejected on the spot.

He’s probably staring at your green dot, waiting for you to make the first move.

6) You get oddly in sync

You mirror one another. You say the same thing at the same time. You go to the same restaurant on your day off.

It’s almost like you share a single brain cell!

It might be a little awkward, it might be a little funny. It’s definitely a little bizarre. How can someone be so in tune with you?

The reason lies in something called synchronicity.

I had mentioned earlier that when someone thinks of you a lot, they will end up creating a spiritual bond between the two of you.

If he has formed such a bond with you, it won’t stop at simply making you think of him every so often. It will also mean that your thoughts will influence one another.

You might feel like going to Pizza Hut on Friday, for example, and he’ll get the idea that maybe going to Pizza Hut on that same day will be a good idea.

The effect is subtle—it’s not like you’re actually mind-controlling one another!—but it’ll eventually become more and more apparent as he keeps thinking about you. Eventually it’ll become so obvious you simply can’t ignore it anymore.

7) The universe is giving you signals—lots of em!

You would be minding your own business when you find yourself stumbling across angel numbers left and right.

You would go out to do something and you’ll find yourself thinking “wait, I’ve seen this before!” You’re experiencing deja vu!

You can’t help but wonder if something supernatural is afoot—and you’d be right!

The universe itself is showing you these signs because it’s trying to bring you closer together.

It could be that you are destined for one another. If you’re soulmates or twin flames, the universe will try to find a way to make you meet. But even if you are not, he might be inadvertently manifesting you.

These signs are rarely straightforward—if at all— so when the spiritual gets involved in your life, the best people you can turn to are those who are spiritually attuned.

That’s why I strongly suggest consulting Psychic Source for a love reading.

They have helped many people—including me—understand the mysterious signs and the messages the universe has to give.

8) Your friends talk about him more often

And the reason for this is simple: It’s probably because HE’s talking about you more frequently!

When someone is always on our mind, we can’t help but talk about them, especially if we’re with people who know them.

As a consequence, those same people can’t help but want to talk about the things they hear.

And he could be talking to them about anything. It can be that he’s venting about you while clearly missing you, or maybe he’s been singing your praises.

So if they keep talking about HIM to you, then there’s a chance he’s not just thinking about you, but also talking a lot about you.

9) He shows up in your dreams

Another way that you can know that he’s been thinking of you so much that he managed to build a link between your minds is… that he’d show up in your dreams.

In fact, chances are that you’ll start dreaming about him before you find him intruding your thoughts.

This is because you are closest to your subconscious self when you’re asleep. He shows up in your dreams precisely because your subconscious has been receiving his thoughts and feelings for you through the bond he has made.

Your dreams about him may have many different reasons for being, but the most important of them is that they will help you process that someone has been thinking about you this much.

Another reason is so that your subconscious self can gauge just how you will react to the idea of him. Will you react with desire, or with disgust? Unease, perhaps?

In its own way, your subconscious responds to his thoughts, sending your own sentiments his way, for his own subconscious to receive and process.

10) You experience weird physical sensations

You get hiccups and goosebumps out of nowhere. Your nose itches for no real reason.

At first, it might be frustrating—and perhaps even terrifying—but don’t worry! You’re probably not dying.

It’s normal to feel these things when you are being manifested, or when someone is trying to reach out to you spiritually.

Thoughts have power that go beyond just thoughts. They have an actual physical effect on you when they’re persistent and consistent enough, and most especially so if they’re from someone who’s important to your soul.

So while it can be annoying to randomly feel itchy, or to get hiccups, don’t be too annoyed. Especially when a lot of the other signs on this list are manifesting as well!

11) You notice him getting more and more frustrated

Not only is he looking at you with longing in his eyes, you can also hear him sigh and see him pout when you’re around.

And the more time goes by, the more obvious it becomes that he’s incredibly frustrated. He would become increasingly more agitated, and look at you more often.

If he’s been looking away whenever you notice him, he might even stop doing that and be bold enough to stare at you in the eye.

This is a very clear sign that he misses you, and has been showering you with signs and trying to bait you into making the first move for a while now. He’s frustrated because you haven’t acknowledged his advances!

He might eventually feel bold enough to make the first move, or he might not. But you can be sure that he won’t be acting like this if he has flushed you out of his mind.

12) He’s getting friendly with your friends

He wasn’t exactly that close with your friends before. He had his own circles he hung around in.

But something has changed lately, and he’s now getting close with your friends. He gets invited into their group chat, hangs out with them, and even gets into their hobbies and interests!

It’s enough to make you suspicious, especially when he doesn’t seem to be putting any effort into approaching you.

But here’s the thing. He probably does want to approach you—to know you better or to get to know you all over again—but he’s holding himself back, afraid that he’d be too obvious.

So instead he bonds with your friends, hoping that they’ll get a nice word in to you… or perhaps even make you come and talk to him first.

13) His friends try to get friendly with you

He thinks about you a lot, so he’ll obviously want to know more about you and make it easier for him to talk to you.

Aside from getting to know your friends, another thing he can (and probably will) do is to try to make you know HIS friends better.

If he’s sneaky, you won’t even notice it until you realize that plenty of the friends you’ve recently made all know him one way or another.

Having you know his friends is advantageous to him because it helps him know more about you, such as if you’re still single as well as what kind of person you truly are.

It’ll also help him send you messages through his friends. He might tell them to suggest that you go talk to him… or they might help him set up an encounter between the two of you.

14) You find yourself hearing things

You would randomly hear his name being spoken, or his voice…but he isn’t there. Turn around and you’d find yourself facing a stranger, or perhaps even nothing but air.

You’d find yourself wondering if you’re going mad. After all, isn’t hearing voices a sign of insanity?

What if you’ve simply been thinking so much about him that you’re imagining him following you?

What if he is actually following you, just out of sight?

Well, while the chances that the above is true isn’t exactly 0, it’s more likely that you’re simply feeling the spiritual effects of him thinking about you.

I had mentioned that those thoughts of his would link your minds together, almost like a spiritual bridge. Sometimes it’s impressions of mundane moments like someone calling his name, or him talking to someone about dinner that would go to your radar. So you’d get the vague idea of someone saying his name, or his voice talking about something in the background.

This goes the other way around too. Your daily experiences might occasionally impress upon his mind and get him hearing your voice in his ear.

15) You get flashes of your past together

You might think that you’ve set the past behind, and that you’ve moved on from him. And yet you are proven wrong when you find yourself thinking about your past together every so often.

Perhaps you might remember the times you hung out at the beach together, or when you talked about going shopping together.

The strange thing is that these memories seem to happen without any real rhyme or reason. You’d randomly recall these memories when there’s nothing to remind you of them!

You’ll have to blame him for this.

It’s likely that he’s been thinking of your past together, and you recalling these memories is a result of his thoughts bleeding into yours.

16) You get flashes of your future together

At times instead of recalling the past, you find yourself being struck by glimpses into the future instead.

You know that you’re looking at the future because you’re sure that the things you’ve seen haven’t happened yet. And also because you are simply aware that you’re looking at things that are destined to pass.

If you thought “wait, what if he was simply thinking about us being together?” then you’d be right to make that guess.

After all, him recalling the past has a similar effect. What’s to say that you’re looking at the actual future, and not just him dreaming about a future together?

And that’s a very real possibility. But just because it’s what he wants to happen doesn’t mean it isn’t actually going to happen. He might be manifesting that particular vision of the future.

You feel this confidence in what you’re seeing because the universe itself has heard his plea and, should both of you put a little effort into it, the universe will make it real.

 17) He’s very protective of you

You don’t even need to be in the same room as him for this. If anyone ever talks ill of you and he hears of it, he sees no issues in defending your honor.

If he doesn’t care about you at all, he would not react at all when he overhears someone slandering you. He would just shrug it off then because… well, why would he care?

But he cares, so he steps in and corrects any misinformation, lies, or even simple insults thrown at you. You probably won’t even notice it since he doesn’t really try to make a show in front of you.

You will overhear, however, from either your friends or his about how he spoke up for you the other night… or how he got into a brawl because someone insulted you.

18) You can feel his presence strongly in your life

In fact, you feel his presence so strongly that it’s almost as if he’s right around the corner.

Perhaps you might even turn around thinking that he’s there, staring at you. Or you might be cooking dinner and feel him keeping you company even when you’re all by yourself.

It’s almost as if you’re haunted by his ghost… except he’s likely not dead. In fact, he’s probably minding his business just across the state!

But he’s thinking of you, and projecting himself psychically at you. You feel his presence around you almost like a warm hug.

This is the end result of an especially strong spiritual bond, and a very real side effect of him thinking so much about you. If he’s a psychic to any degree, it’ll be even easier for him to get to this point… though he doesn’t need to be.

It might be a little terrifying, but it could also be comforting. It all depends on whether you still like him or not.

Last words

If a man is trying to hide the fact that he’s thinking a lot about you, he will usually do a decent job… but he’ll still give himself away.

Not only will you see it in his body language and the way his friends act, the universe itself will betray him.

Some of these signs might get a bit intrusive, especially when the universe itself is getting involved. When you see those signs, you can be sure that he’s obsessed with you.

So if you want him, go with the flow and let the universe guide you.

Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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