Is He My Twin Soul? 17 Signs He Definitely Is

Have you ever felt like you met someone and they were a perfect match?

It’s easy to dream that your deepest heart’s desire is waiting for you somewhere out there.

But when you meet your twin flame, be ready! This exceptional person is going to teach you some of the most transformational life lessons you will ever learn. A twin flame relationship is a bright, guiding light. But left untended, your twin flame can burn you like a wild, transforming inferno.

To help you to recognize if you’ve met your twin flame, I’ve compiled a list of the top signs to look out for:

1) You feel like you are meeting a part of yourself

“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”


Meeting your twin flame is like meeting a soul mate. But there is one major difference. Encountering a soul mate is like finding ‘the one’, whereas meeting your twin flame is like finding a greater sense of ‘oneness’.

To better visualize what a twin flame is, imagine one soul was split and placed into two bodies. They are the same essence, they just happen to exist in different physical forms.

Nothing is lacking in your sense of completeness when you meet your twin flame. So you do not project the same limitations that you may have done with your previous relationships. Through your interactions, you are better able to merge with a greater sense of the absolute.

You won’t be able to recognize your twin flame from his outward appearance. But when you do meet him, you will probably find him attractive and ridiculously irresistible company.

You will feel drawn to him instantly, in a way that you have never felt with anyone else:

  • Your twin flame will stand out because of how he behaves.
  • You will be attracted to how he treats his family, close friends, and strangers.
  • You will admire the way he sees life.
  • You will respect what he values most.
  • His vision will align with your vision of life
  • His passions will resonate with a very raw part of you.

It will be easy to form a deep bond with him. Meeting your twin flame will feel like finding a lost part of yourself.

Keep in mind that a twin flame connection is unusual. Not everybody has one.

You will only feel the pull toward the other part of your soul if it’s been split. And not everyone’s soul has been divided.

2) And yet, he’ll seem like someone you’ve never met before

Because we don’t spend all day in a state of personal reflection, being around your twin flame can be a rather unusual experience.

He will hold a light on the areas of yourself that you don’t typically look at. And you might find that there is nothing for you to hide. His presence will inspire and challenge you.

Any coy dating games that you tend to play won’t work with him. This honesty will probably feel oddly refreshing.

For once, you can let your armor down and let any masks drop and be yourself, with acceptance.

With heightened honesty and clarity, your twin flame will highlight many aspects your positive and negative aspects:

  • He will bring light to your strengths.
  • He will challenge your unending capacity to love and call on you to exercise your compassionate heart.
  • He will also pull out your pain and deepest fears. You will start to face your buried memories and any haunting moments from your past.
  • He will call you to be forthright about your insecurities.
  • He will unmask scars that you don’t show other people.

He may not even know he is doing all of this to you. It will just happen naturally from your interactions.

Intimate relationships over long periods are already fundamental challenges for us humans.

It can be terrifying to look at these darker parts of yourself, let alone show them to someone else. It’s like you’re standing in front of someone, completely naked and exposed. This is why a twin flame can also be called an embodied mirror.

There’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Your twin flame won’t be afraid of your darkest dark.

But ultimately it is up to you to sort out.

3) You will feel attached to him

There can be a lot of negative associations with the word “attached.” Like we are supposed to be able to freely love one another. But when you meet your twin flame, you will most certainly feel a strong pull towards this kindred spirit. It’s important to honor this state.

Even if you incline higher purposes in life, there is something to learn from intense relationships, where we dance the fine line between feeling separate and united.

For example, a part of you wants to experience enlightenment, transcendence, clarity, and limitless love, but another part of you can also feel pulled towards other people. Forming meaningful interactions with others and experiencing a sense of connection can bring you to higher states of universal love.

Investing emotionally in our twin flame lets us form a deepened sense of intimacy and experience life on a profound level, which we would otherwise miss if we only stayed in superficial interactions.

The trick is to love deeply, to feel, to learn, but to always stay clear in our mindset and understand that every aspect of life and relationships is transitory. Nothing in life is permanent. Even twin flame relationships won’t stay the same, always.

4) A gifted advisor confirms he’s your twin soul

Though the signs above and below will give you a good idea if he’s your twin soul, a surefire way to know for sure is by speaking to a gifted advisor,

They can explain and help you validate the signs you’re encountering.

The problem is finding someone you can trust. 

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Not only will a genuine advisor tell you if he’s truly your twin soul, but they can reveal all your love possibilities too.

5) He will be more than a lover

When you first meet your twin flame, you will likely feel an intense sense of attraction. You will probably want to take this person as a lover, and vice versa.

But meeting your twin flame isn’t about creating an epic romance or passionate evening. Your twin flame is in your life for a very special, higher purpose:

  • He is meant to help you expand your awareness
  • He will significantly change your life
  • He will help you embody pure love
  • He will expose and uproot your deepest life lessons to learn
  • He will help you understand how to love yourself and others selflessly
  • He is also on your path to help you to accept and express your most vulnerable and authentic self

And, don’t forget, you will do the same for him. This intense, reciprocal growth will happen naturally. So, you mustn’t try to force anything to be a certain way or act out a certain role because you recognize your twin flame.

Make sure you stay honest, open, and receptive to these lessons in love.

6) He will feel like a home

Do you know the feeling when you return home after a long trip abroad?

You’ve had a stimulating adventure, and are brimming with incredible memories and new experiences. And it feels even sweeter to come home, unpack your bags, take that first hot shower again. To enjoy that moment when you can fully relax, let the vibrancy of life wash over you, and sleep the night through in your comfortable bed.

Meeting your twin flame is that same sort of feeling.

The more you talk and share, the more you will feel elated learning about a new, fascinating and incredible human, and yet you will feel completely safe, relaxed, and at ease around him.

It will be easy to open up emotionally. No topic will be censored. You will feel accepted.

And as you hear more of his thoughts, his past, and confessions of his heart, you will deeply connect on more levels.

The bond between you both will feel tender, yet strong, and intimate. Your relationship will develop effortlessly.

Many people describe meeting a twin flame as a ‘homecoming’.

7) He will share major life moments

Even though you grew up in different parts of the planet, or you come from very different cultures, you and your twin flame will have significant experiences in common:

  • You may have both grown up as only children
  • You may have both struggled with an absent parent
  • You may have both decided to travel the world and forge a new identity
  • You may have both experienced great tragedy
  • You may have both gone through childhood illness
  • You may have both decided to follow your life’s passion

You will immediately feel connected to him and will be able to understand his intrinsic motivation, values, and core set of beliefs.

8) You complement each other

Even though you are both very similar, you are also strong individuals. You and your twin flame will have acute differences that will perfectly complement each other.

Similar to the concept of Yin and Yang, you and your twin flame will create a perfect matching of opposites.

His shadow side will be complemented by your light and perseverance.

His strengths will be complemented by your ability to soften and relax, and vice versa.

A twin flame relationship is usually ignited because of the similarities that you both share. However, it thrives from the differences that you both bring to one another.

How boring would life be if everything about your twin flame was predictable and acquainted?

Your twin flame will add some spice, some fuel, and some tropical heat to your day. He will stimulate you, encourage you to explore new ideas and experiences, and expand your typical life perspective. And you will do the same for him.

9) He sometimes makes you doubt yourself

Remember that when you meet your twin flame he’s meant to bring out a great deal of change and transformation within you. This isn’t always a comfortable process.

Think of a crab cracking through its shell, or a snake slowly rubbing against a stone to pull off its skin. These significant processes require grit and some pain and leave one vulnerable.

Your twin flame will hold a mirror to your behaviors and mode of operating. He will ask you to look at things that you’re not ready to examine and aspects of your life that you prefer to avoid.

This won’t feel like an easy experience.

Expect that there will be conflict:

  • You will have arguments with your twin flame.
  • You will experience friction being around him.
  • You will go through periods when you don’t want to be around him.
  • You will call the relationship off and want time for yourself.

Remember, he is in your life to help you evolve as a human.

It’s often said that through our open wounds we find the space for more compassion, love, and more space to heal.

So remember that these unsure, uncomfortable, and probably unusual reactions to your twin flame are part of the twin flame journey. It takes a strong heart and spirit of a warrior to go into them and learn.

In the words of the writer Adrienne Rich, reflecting Marie Curie’s power to keep at her innovative scientific research even though it was breaking down her body, “Denying her wounds came from the same source as her power.”

In other words, there is a tenacious spirit that we can tap into. It can carry us beyond our physical limitations, and further than we could ever imagine.

10) Being with them feels right

Despite the ‘ups and downs’ of your relationship with your twin flame, when you are with him it will feel intrinsically right.

Underneath, you will feel unshakable confidence that your twin flame is a special person and one who is meant to be in your life. There will be no, “ifs, ands, or buts”.

You may not even know why, but you will welcome your twin flame when he crosses your path.

And if you do go through periods of separation, which is a normal part of the twin flame journey, you will find your way back to one another.

He will appear again, at a time you may not expect, always wanting to be close to you. Your connection will feel boundless and magnetic. You will just ‘know’.

11) Your relationship will be on and off again

Twin flame relationships are not smooth sailing. Be prepared for some choppy waves and strong currents.

Your twin flame is a major catalyst for growth.

Eventually, hurt and pain will arise in the relationship. And the more time you spend with one another, the more attachment mismatching issues will begin to arise. Any challenges that you face are meant to show you the work that you need to do, often on your own.

Taking time apart will call for a great deal of brevity and courage. But neither of you is ultimately willing to give up on yourselves or each other.

You will probably find that over the months, years, or decades, you connect, separate, and then reconnect with your twin flame, again and again.

You will always be a part of each other’s lives because deep down in your bones, you both know that there’s something insanely special about what you both share.

12) You might depend on each other too much

Twin flame relationships are incredibly fierce, vivid, potent, and insightful. You will come to do a lot of growing and changing. However, be careful, it’s easy for twin flame relationships to become engrossing.

Many twin flames can enter into toxic relationships with each other.

They simply aren’t used to the level of intimacy that they experience with one another.

This relationship can go off-track. It can become a crutch or a hindrance to personal growth.

Many twin flames have a hard time functioning apart. This is because one’s sense of self-worth can quickly be defined by their relationship. The high degree of intimacy in twin flame relationships makes it easy for both parties to form an unhealthy codependent relationship.

13) Your connection feels sublime

When you meet your twin flame the connection feels unusually blissful, sublime, and like you are both sharing your special world.

Especially in the beginning honeymoon phase, your twin flame relationship feels destined and unshakable.

Even when you are away from each other, and think of him, a deep sense of joy rises within you and radiates out. He does the same back to you. And it feels brighter and uplifting when you are together.

Your twin flame relationship feels like it transcends the mundane experience of your everyday life. He will take you to a new level of love and understanding that you’ve never experienced with someone else before. His presence will make you feel more connected with the universe as a whole.

It’s as though you begin to connect with not just the lover, but the universal love that comes from and through the lover.

As you and your twin flame bond over time, you both reach new levels of intimacy which you have never experienced before.

14) You share an intuitive connection

Have you ever been around people who have known you a long time and they can read every small facial expression that you have and know what you’re feeling even before you speak?

When you meet your twin flame he will also have this ability to sense what you’re thinking or feeling, with just a glance. He will feel deeply familiar and everything just flows.

You will also be able to tune into his subtle expression of emotions intuitively.

Because your bond is so incredibly strong, you might even be able to feel a significant emotion that he’s experiencing, even when you’re far away.

As your connection builds over time, getting to know each other’s nuances will happen naturally and easily.

15) He will push you to be and do more

Twin flames challenge one another to do better to thrive as human beings to reach higher levels of potential into excelled in each other’s passions and talents

Because your deep sense of purpose is so well aligned with his, he will help to support and push you to reach the seemingly endless boundaries of your dreams.

Twin flame relationships are very expansive. They promote a great deal of insight, healing, and growth.

Whatever life throws at you, you know that your twin flame will be there for you.

He will pick you up from the dark, challenging moments of your life. He will stay with you until you heal so that you can both continue to shine brighter and brighter.

16) You feel free

You and your twin flame will feel bonded deeply together. Yet you will both feel free to express yourselves as individuals.

Because your connection feels secure, neither of you will have the feeling of being confined or limited by the other.

You know that you and he will both live your lives fully. You might have periods where you are together. You might have periods where you are apart.

But this is what makes your relationship so different from conventional couples; when you have space to explore your authentic self and he has the same freedom, you are both able to feel inspired individuals, who completely support each other

17) You yearned for “the one”

Did you grow up or go through a long period feeling like a part of you was lacking? You might have even dreamt that your other half is out there, somewhere, in the world. Did you have a feeling like you were going to meet someone and feel very impatient?

Before you meet your twin flame, it’s common to have a deep sense of longing for them. So if that sensation is still there after you met him, this might not be your twin flame.

It’s good to give the relationship some time. Be careful to watch and observe the dynamic before getting too far ahead of yourself. Sometimes when we want something very badly, we can look at a situation and believe what we need it to be.

Step back from your emotions and look at the truth of your interactions with clear and open eyes.

When You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

If you are in a twin flame relationship, take in as much as you can, feel the intensity of it all, and at the same time, relax and cherish it.

These types of relationships can burn bright and fast, or they may last for years. The impact remains strong for the rest of your life.

Meeting your twin flame is a beautiful, heart-opening experience. This is a challenging and rare opportunity. Remember to make the most of it.

The more you understand about twin flame relationships, the more you can learn to spark love, growth, and harmony in each other’s lives. Enjoy the journey!

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Tina Fey

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