If I dream about my ex, does it mean he misses me? 12 signs it does

We have all been there – woken up from a dream and tried to decipher what it means.

Was it just a random dream or was there some hidden message in it? Did your subconscious reveal something about you or someone else?

Dreams are a way for our subconscious to communicate things we may not be aware of consciously. If you dream about your ex, does it mean he misses you?

Keep reading! Here are 12 signs it does.

1) You dream of kissing, cuddling, or even having sex with your ex

We’ve all been there:

The relationship we used to have, the spark that was there, the feeling of being together.

Surely everything is perfect in your dreams? Well, not entirely.

You may have had some unfinished business in your dream that you’d want to get off your chest. Maybe your ex still misses you and wants to confess his love for you. Maybe the dream will tell you to rekindle your love.

This can cause anxiety. You might not be ready to focus on the feelings and emotions you have for your ex in real life.

This is a sign that he misses you. Maybe he wants you back, even if he doesn’t want to say it out loud. If he’s been thinking of you, it means he still cares about you – and what’s better than that?

And that leads to the question:

“How can this cause a dream when your ex is missing you?”

According to Kate Holmes, author of “Dreams, Divination and the Soul “, dreams are not random events. They are messages from our subconscious.

“They may be the result of feelings that you have been processing over a period of time”, she explains, “and as such, they can be beneficial if you can listen to them and take on board what they are saying.”

And sometimes the spiritual connection between 2 people plays a role in a dream. “If you have a strong connection with someone – and it is based on love and truth – you will be drawn to that person in your sleep”, Kate says.

This means that the dream may not always reveal the current status of your relationship but things that happened or could happen in the future. And this gives you a chance to see what is already happening between the 2 of you. You can clear up any doubts and frustrations that may still be lingering inside.

2) He apologizes for his behavior in the relationship

Have you ever had a dream where your ex apologizes? It’s a common dream.

And it might be a sign that he misses you!

This happens when your ex is still paying attention to your feelings. He might have realized that you are still hurt and sad about the breakup and he wants to apologize for not being understanding enough to understand what went wrong with the relationship.

It doesn’t mean he regrets leaving you or has any ill intentions toward you, but he might have lost the spark in his own life after you left him. He misses you and all the fun times you used to have together.

This dream has the ability to provide closure and really helps you heal your wounds after a breakup.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re fine when you’re not. He’s sorry for his wrongdoings and wants to apologize, even if he’s not ready for a reconciliation.

That’s a great sign!

3) Your ex appears happy in the dream

Another sign that shows your ex misses you when you have a dream about him is that he appears happy.

This is common when people dream about their exes. The ex could be loving and affectionate in the dream without any negative emotions attached. Or maybe you have a dream where your ex is being very protective in the dream and not allowing anyone to harm you or hurt you in any way.

In such situations, the subconscious mind loves that person and wants to convey that through your dreams.

It’s a sign that he misses you, and the dream is just a way to tell you that there is still hope for the two of you.

But wait, there’s more!

I once had a similar dream where my ex appeared in the dream and was very protective of me, especially when it came to another man. I thought, “How can my ex want to protect me when I am in another relationship?”

I have tried different websites to interpret my dreams, but I wasn’t satisfied with their answers.

So when I couldn’t find the right interpretation, I found speaking with a gifted advisor from Psychic Source instead. I knew this was the right way to go because my advisor was able to decode my dreams without making me feel nervous and uncomfortable.

When I told her about this dream, she immediately said, “He misses you.”

“But why?”

“Because he cares about you, and he wants to protect you,” she stated. “You have a strong bond with him.”

That’s when I realized that the dream was for me to reassure myself that I am not easily replaceable. My ex still thinks of me and wants me back. He doesn’t want to lose me again. I finally understand when I have a deep conversation with my ex and resolved our issues.

So if you still struggle, then speaking with a gifted advisor who can decode your dream can help you understand it better and relate it to your current situation.

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4) He tries to win you back in the dream

As I’ve mentioned above, dreams are a way of communicating with other people.

Your ex might not have been able to communicate with you in real life, but his subconscious still has the power to do so through your dreams. It’s a way of telling you what he wants to say but couldn’t in real life.

And if your ex was trying to win you back in the dream, then it’s a sign that he misses you. Maybe he still wants to be with you, but he’s not sure if you want him, too.

So your dream might be the only way for him to get the message across. He may want the 2 of you to reconcile, but he isn’t sure about it himself. He wants some sort of confirmation from you about his decision.

Now it’s your turn, to have a deep conversation with your ex, and resolve all the problems that led to the breakup. It’s definitely worth trying!

Who knows… this could be the beginning of a new start to your love life, or even rekindling the romance that you had in the past.

You just have to take that first step and actually start talking to your ex about where the relationship went wrong. If you do that, then who knows… maybe he’ll change his mind and miss you in real life too!

5) There are children involved

Trust me, this is a metaphor!

Children are your future, so when they appear in your dream, they actually symbolize the future of your relationship with your ex.

And if you have a dream where both of you are separated and then come together with the children, then it’s a sign that reconciliation could happen between you and your ex.

To sum up, dreams are a way of communicating with your subconscious mind, and your ex might be telling you something in dream form.

Don’t be afraid to decipher it and understand that every little thing means something. It might tell you what the 2 of you need to do so that you can reconcile with each other.

Dreams are a great way to heal your wounds after a breakup, communicate with your ex in a vision, and mend the broken pieces of the relationship between the 2 of you.

6) He often looks at you with a longing gaze in your dream

I know it sounds creepy, but it’s true.

And this is a good thing.

It means that your ex misses you, and he still cares about you, too. You were one of the first people to have captured his attention, and he has great memories with you both in real life and in the dreams as well.

He feels the loss of your presence in his life, and it hurts him a lot. But he wants to see you again and be with you, so he waits for an opportunity like this to come along.

But wait there’s more!

If this dream appears often when you’re trying to sleep, then it’s a sign that your subconscious mind wants to tell you something. It’s a vision of your future with your ex.

Try to write down the dream and let your subconscious mind decide if it wants to let you remember it or not. If you can’t remember the dream, then try to meditate about it and see if you can unlock any of the hidden meanings in the dream.

If you’re lucky enough to have a vision, then try to communicate with your ex again in real life and check if he still has feelings for you as well.

7) He shares an important piece of information with you

Think about this for a moment:

When you were still with your ex in the past, did he ever share something very important and personal with you?

Maybe about his childhood, or about some deep issues that he never told anyone before. If someone was able to uncover that secret part of him, then it’s a sign that you are special to him. Your ex trusts you as much as he trusts himself.

And in your dream, he might have shared the same information with you again. It’s like a reminder of how precious you are to him. He feels more confident around you when you know each other a lot better than before in real life.

Of course, he would be cautious when sharing this personal information in real life, but this is only an opportunity that your subconscious mind has presented to you in the dream world. Your ex trusts you enough to share it with you again.

In other words, this is a sign that he still cares about you, even if you’re not together right now.

8) He confesses his feelings for you

I bet you’ve been expecting this one. And I bet it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Your ex confesses his feelings for you, and he tells you that he misses you and wants to be with you again. Maybe in the dream, he even expresses his desire to marry you and take care of your future children together when the time is right.

As I’ve mentioned above, dreams are a way of communicating with your subconscious mind.

And your ex might be using this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings between you and him. He probably wants to patch things up and make you happy again.

See how powerful that is?

A vision can change your life entirely and bring you back together with the love of your life that you thought was gone forever.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to him again and see if he wants to work things out. You might just find out that you have a lot more in common than you expected!

9) You feel sad after you wake up

This is hard to explain, but it happens frequently in real life, too.

When you wake up from a dream, you feel sad that it’s over. You just want to be in the arms of the person who was with you at that moment again. But then the real world comes back and hits you with reality!

This is exactly what happens when you wake up after a dream about your ex. You might feel sad that it’s over and then remind yourself of what your ex looks like.

It’s also a sign that your ex misses you and wants to be with you more often. He might wish that he could take you on a date and show you how much he still cares about you in real life.

And that’s why you feel sad after you wake up from a dream about him. You just want to be with your ex again in real life and have a meaningful conversation that could change both of you forever.

10) You dream about the reasons you broke up

Maybe you two broke up because you were too different from each other. Maybe you two broke up because there was someone else that you both liked. Or maybe it was something more serious, like an affair or cheating.

Whatever the reason is, your ex might be trying to tell you something through a dream.

For example, if you two broke up because of cheating, then your subconscious mind might not let you remember the entire dream. It might leave a single piece of it, like an image or an important detail that you need to remember and use to heal your wounds.

You might even dream about doing certain things in your dreams, which are powerful symbols that represent the things that were keeping you two apart in real life.

The healing process is not over until you have all the facts of the situation. Otherwise, you’re only being told half of the story.

This means that your ex still has feelings for you and wants to open up to you again. He might want to reconcile with you and fix any problems that the two of you had while still together in real life.

11) Your current partner appears in the same dream as your ex

I said before that it’s only normal to have dreams about your ex after you end a relationship with him. But what about dreams about your current partner as well?

If you’re in a new relationship with someone else, then it could be hard to have dreams about your ex. And it could take a lot of time for you to move on from the past and get over the pain of losing your true love.

But again, your subconscious mind can connect with your current partner and your ex all at once. And that’s why you might have a dream about them interacting together.

So what does this mean?

Your ex misses you and regrets losing you. He still has feelings for you and wants to reconcile with you in real life. Maybe he’s trying to let your partner know that he is willing to work things out with you and make things better than they were before.

12) You dream about the “good old days”

The last sign that shows you that your ex still has feelings for you is when you dream about the good times that you spent together in the past.

When you have a dream about the good times in your relationship, this could mean that there is something positive in the future.

Maybe your ex will be ready to work things out with you again and bring back what was lost, even if it’s only for a short period. Or maybe he wants to break up with his current partner and make a huge change for the better.

All of these things are possible when your ex shows up in your dream life. It’s all a way of communicating with your subconscious mind and letting you know that he still cares about you.

Final thoughts

Even if you broke up with your ex, he still might have feelings for you.

And that’s why you might have dreams about him from time to time.

Your ex might also be trying to make things better again by sending you messages through your dreams. He might want to initiate reconciliation and make you fall for him again in real life.

Another option is that your ex dreams about you. And maybe he misses what the two of you had before. He could be thinking that it would be easier to stay with you than with his current partner, especially if the two of them are having problems in real life.

Whatever the case may be, your dreams about your ex might not be as bad as you think.

In fact, they could assist in bringing the two of you together in real life and resolving any problems the two of you had during your relationship.

If you want to clearly get the facts of your dream life and understand the information that your ex is trying to tell you, then you can reach gifted advisors from Psychic Source.

I mentioned them before because they have a lot of experience that they can share with you. They have helped people answer their dreams and make sense of the information that the two of you are trying to pass on to each other.

They are able to help you understand your dreams and why they are coming to you in order to give you a better insight into what is happening in your relationship.

I’m confident that one day, your dreams will make more sense than ever before.

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