I hate my twin flame

My twin flame is working on my last nerve, so much so, I’m starting to feel like I hate them.

If you resonate with the opening line, I’m happy to tell you that you are not alone. I have heard this complaint from countless twin flame couples.

Being at loggerheads with your twin flame to the point where you feel like you hate them is normal.

Hate is a strong word, so it’s unlikely genuine hatred you’re feeling in terms of your twin flame.

If you currently find yourself in this predicament, read on to gain some deeper insights into why you “hate” your twin flame.

Let’s dive in.

1) Your expectations for your relationship are unrealistic

Twin flame relationships are supposed to be magical, aren’t they?

Well, if you’re going according to what you see on Instagram, then obviously, everything looks rosy with the right amount of photoshopping and the perfect filter.

The truth is, twin flame relationships are fraught with periods of frustration and intense emotion. Not everything is hunky-dory.

Twin flame relationships are packed with high energy, presenting negative emotions like frustration, hatred, and hate.

For those of us who’ve been in a relationship with their twin flame will agree that when the going is good – it’s incredible, and when things are rough, they’re horrible, even awful at times.

The critical thing to remember is that twin flame anger is the same as any emotion you’ll experience during this karmic journey with the only difference, it’s usually blown way out of proportion.

Every relationship experiences its fair share of anger from time to time, but it tends to be a bigger deal than usual; thus, these relationships can often be notorious for their wild and challenging nature.

2) Anger feedback loop in twin flames

You and your twin flame are connected spiritually for all eternity to each other Because your energies are the same given your soul blueprint; you’re constantly sharing the same power.

In traditional relationships, your partner usually picks up on the vibes you’re putting out. Still, in a twin flame relationship, what you feel, your thoughts, and your emotions are mirrored by your partners.

You don’t have the luxury of a middleman in terms of energy transfer because this energy is transferred directly between the two of you.

This unique energy bond makes the relationship so different from typical ones and makes it so powerful and potentially damaging.

In terms of emotions, it can lead to looping feedback when negative emotions are at play.

For example, the moment you feel anger towards your twin, the negative energy automatically transfers to them.

This results in an edgy and ratty twin flame who’s angry about it. They’ll be hostile towards you for doing this to them, which in turn, gets sent back to you. Rinse, wash, repeat – The cycle continues.

This happens whether you’re intentionally doing it or without consciously even realizing it.

Unresolved issues and problems can cause negative energy to breed, and in your twin flame relationship, this can spell disaster.

3) You’re in the midst of a separation

Another more obvious reason you hate your twin flame could be that you’re currently separating. Again, this can cause a stream of resentment between you two.

In terms of chasers and runners, the chaser is usually surprised by these feelings towards the runner because negative emotions are not typical of the relationship.

I see countless internet forms where chasers ask if something is wrong with them for feeling the way they do. Of course, there is nothing wrong with you.

Feeling anger during this period is expected, but it isn’t good. Negative feelings can be destructive.

During separation, just because you’re not in the same physical space doesn’t mean you’re not affecting each other. The energy flow continues regardless of where you are, so when you feel this hatred, they feel it too.

4) Your emotions are mirrored

Because your twin flame is your divine counterpart, they feel everything you feel.

When you feel stressed out, depressed, angry, happy, excited, your twin flame feels precisely the same way, and this is typically the most common reason why you hurt each other.

This rollercoaster of emotions can feel so intense and powerful that it leaves you depleted and overwhelmed.

Just remember that when this occurs, it’s not done intentionally. It’s simply part and parcel of the twin flame bond.

Remember, they are your soul mirror. Your energies are one, and they flow between you two, and unlike traditional relationships, these emotions are intense because you’re exposed to them all at once.

5) You are undergoing a healing process

Twin flames encourage each other to become the best possible versions of themselves, which often means lots of healing and restoration.

It’s no simple feat to heal from the trauma from the past, and it’s not unusual for twin flames to hurt each other.

Once again, this is not intentional, but it’s natural since you tend to open up each other’s old wounds to help one another deal with past trauma and demons.

Know that your twin flame is trying to help you move on with specific issues with the same going for them.

The connection you share is incredibly spiritual and powerful, which requires that you are vulnerable and honest.

When you avoid this, you will become hurt. This also results in one of the two becoming either the runner or the chaser. Essentially one is running after the other, with the other chasing.

The power and intensity experienced in this relationship can be frightening, especially since these high-intensity emotions can feel like an onslaught.

It’s way more powerful than anything you’ve ever likely experienced. As a result, twin flames often find themselves freaked out to the point where they run away from it.

6) You’re with your false twin, not your twin flame

There are many instances where you mistake someone as your twin flame, commonly known as a false twin.

Usually, this happens when we think we’ve met our perfect match, but you realize that this person isn’t the one as time goes by.

The universe sends us false twins to help us cleanse our karma and identify patterns to allow us to prepare for the moment when our actual twin flame enters our lives.

So, how do I know if I am with a false twin? Thankfully, there are a couple of indicators that can help you to tell the difference between an actual twin flame or a false twin:

  • False twins are stuck in the past.

When you’re at loggerheads, false twins tend to bring up issues from the past.

Mistakes, anxieties, concerns, and fears are brought to the forefront.

An actual twin flame will look at problems that could affect your future and how they could hinder fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

  • False twins show you how to help yourself instead of others.

False twins indeed appear in our lives when we require self-awareness and motivation to change our lives.

This is not bad and part of soul progression; however, a twin flame’s purpose is more significant. Twin flames ascend TOGETHER.

True twins appear when we are ready to share our powers and start making a positive difference in others’ lives. They help us to enrich the lives of others and therefore help us to ascend.

  • When the going gets tough, false twins don’t stick around.

In times of hardship or trouble, true twins unite and strengthen–together.

This is one of the most obvious signs when separating false twins from true twins.

When challenges arise between the two, the wrong twin will tap out and walk away instead of facing this head-on because it’s “too difficult.”

On the other hand, a real twin flame will do whatever it takes and endure anything to stay with you.

  • You feel uneasy around your false twin.

It’s kind of like a sixth sense; when you are with your true twin, you’ll feel at ease, and they feel like your family.

You will have a sense of comfort with your twin, a feeling that isn’t present with a false twin. On the other hand, a false twin is also likely to make you feel anxious and on edge.

  • You’re stuck in a state of limbo with your false twin.

With a true twin, your relationship might not always be a walk in the park; however, you will always have a sense of clarity.

A false twin will make you harbor intense feelings of self-doubt. You’ll question everything, and there will be a constant feeling of instability.

You’ll keep wondering if you are, in fact, ‘meant to be,’ but with a true twin, they will immediately make their intentions clear.

  • Your success threatens false twins.

A false twin is similar to you in every way but, unlike a twin flame, not precisely like you (as is your twin.

With that said, false twins don’t clap when you’re winning and don’t like watching you succeed.

But, on the other hand, your actual twin flame will find your success inspiration and be motivated to do better.

  • False twins will try to change you.

While a true twin will show you how to use what you have to thrive, a false twin will try to change you so that you can live a mediocre life.

This is because false twins fail to see your soul potential and merely surviving is enough for them.

  • Same book, different page.

Your false twin won’t have the same long-term plans as you; although they’re more or less along with yours, finding middle ground and compromising seems impossible.

With your twin flame, your long-term plans are creepily similar, if not precisely identical.

  • A false twin commitment is questionable.

A false twin flame will often make excuses to avoid being 100% committed to you.

Things like “the timing isn’t right” or “I think we need to take it slow” are often justifications used to avoid commitment.

With your actual twin flame, there are no barriers, excuses, or time constraints that will stand in their way.

They are committed to you from the get-go and will move mountains to be with you.

How do I deal with twin flame hatred?

Essentially, to deal with twin flame anger, you’re going to look inward.

With that said, there are loads of ways to manage your anger that can help you turn this negative emotion into something more healthy and positive.

The most crucial aspect to focus on is balancing your solar plexus.

Especially when you’re in separation, your Solar plexus is typically the source of your emotions because it is associated with personal power.

You could be feeling powerless like your hands are tied, but you can do plenty!

Your chakra is not necessarily blocked, but more likely, overstimulated.

There are some beneficial tips that you can use to balance your solar plexus:

  • Meditation

Mediation is one of the best ways to help restore balance to your solar plexus, which will help you to work through the anger issues you’re experiencing with your twin flame.

A simple yet highly effective mediation would be to sit outside on a sunny day.

Close your eyes and imagine giant bright sunflowers are covering your solar plexus. As you visualize, breathe in deeply and exhale.

  • Healing Stones

Along with mediation, chakra stones such as citrine, amber tourmaline, and tiger’s eye (all yellow) are great at balancing the solar plexus.

Place them around your home and carry them with you as you complete your daily routine.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is another helpful tool to help you clear your Manipura chakra (solar plexus).

Essential oils such as organ, grapefruit, mint, and chamomile are good choices. Whether you choose a massage or use a diffuser to dispense the aromas, the option is yours.

  • Yoga

Regular yoga offers a host of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

It can also do wonders for balancing your chakra, for all when your solar plexus feels out of whack.

In addition, poses like the warrior, boat pose, and sun salutations help you regain composure and take charge of your emotions.

Wrapping up

So, after reading this article, I hope you have gained deeper insight as to why you could be feeling like you hate your twin flame.

A twin flame relationship is the most powerful and divine connection possible.

This intensity will lead to feelings of anger and even hate at times; it’s the nature of the twin flame bond.

What matters is that you are destined to be together and that, like all valuable things, it is going to take work. So don’t give up on each other because the universe won’t!

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The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end, that's all there is. Writer, spiritualist, mom. Tolerant of people, but prefer animals. Owner of 346 cats in a previous life.

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