How to tell if someone has no soul: 25 dead giveaways

“That person has no soul!”

We’ve all had this thought at one time or another; there are just certain people who make us react this way.

Sometimes, though, someone will make me uneasy or uncomfortable, and I can’t figure out why—I can’t help but wonder, “is there a way I can tell if they really have no soul?”

In this article, I’ll show you 25 dead giveaways to tell if someone has no soul.

25 giveaways that someone has no soul

For the sake of clarity: many people will argue that it’s impossible for someone to have “no soul,” or truly be “soulless.” In this article, I don’t mean it literally. You could alternatively say that these are the signs of someone who’s lost all connection with their higher self.

1) They lack empathy

A big sign someone “has no soul” is a remarkable lack of empathy.

Empathy is the ability to sense and understand someone else’s emotions and feelings. It has a range of depth, from the reactive feeling we get when we see someone in distress to a deeper, more cognitive understanding of what they’re going through.

In other words, empathy ties us to other people. When someone lacks empathy, it’s a sign that they’ve really lost their way; they’ve desensitized themselves to any sort of external or higher feeling.

If you’re an empath yourself, you find yourself dealing with the opposite problem, always drained by other people’s feelings. Here’s a great article with some essential self-care tips to keep you resilient.

2) Their emotions seem fake

For someone with no soul, it’s more than just understanding someone else’s feelings that they struggle with. They struggle with emotions completely.

In other words, they don’t feel the emotions of others, and they often don’t feel emotions themselves.

So when it comes time to express what would be a “normal” emotion, they’ll do their best to pretend. Some people are better than others, making it harder to spot, but their emotions will seem fake.

This is a big trait of narcissists and sociopaths. A narcissist will have buried all true emotion and disconnect from their higher self long ago, a sociopath will have the inability to feel emotion and remorse.

3) A real psychic confirms it

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea if someone is soulless.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

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Not only will a genuine psychic tell you if you’re genuinely dealing with a soulless person, but they can reveal more about how best to approach this type of person.

4) Physical contact makes them uncomfortable

For someone “without a soul”, physical contact is going to make them uncomfortable. They won’t like any expression of intimacy, especially in public.

As an example, they will be awkward when hugging, they won’t like sitting too close, nor will they be okay with things like hand-holding.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why someone might be uncomfortable with physical contact, anything from level one autism to former life traumas. It’s important to respect people’s space, no matter what.

However, when linked with these other signs, it can point to someone who has lost all touch with their higher self, their inner self. Someone who has no soul.

5) When they talk, it sounds scripted

Behind closed doors, someone without a soul is trying to figure out how to fit into a society of people with souls, a society of people who can interact, emote, and feel things in a way that they just can’t.

Naturally, then, they’re going to spend time rehearsing. They’ll have watched movies and shows to study how normal conversations go, how people react, speak, and so on. They have to practice sounding natural, they need to be prepared to fit in.

When you’re interacting with someone who doesn’t have a soul, their words may sound scripted. If it seems like they’re rehearsing lines and reacting in “expected” ways, they probably are.

It’s likely that they aren’t feeling anything, nor do they care about the conversation you’re having. What an unnerving feeling, talking to someone like this.

Here’s a look at some fascinating differences between true love and fake love.

6) Disinterested in anything

It’s hard for someone without a soul to find anything interesting. Having completely disconnected from their inner self, it’s hard for them to engage with reality around them on more than a base, instinctual level.

Without a connection to their higher being, they will have an extremely hard time showing interest in things like music, creativity, art, expression, or anything like this.

That’s because they’re running on base instinct, reacting to the world as any creature would who’s trying to survive, and nothing more.

What does that look like? In conversations, you’ll see this person struggling to engage, incapable of truly being interested in the kinds of things most of us are interested in.

It can be unnerving and strange to interact with someone who’s lost all connection to their soul.

7) Animals don’t like them

Animals have the ability to sense and understand people better than we do, in a lot of cases. Their instincts are fine-tuned to sense energy and assess danger.

Therefore, when they encounter someone who’s lost their soul, this is going to put them on edge, it’s going to make them wary.

In other words, animals don’t like people with no souls. They inherently don’t trust them. Most might just ignore them, some might get hostile, growling, and upset.

In any case, it’ll be pretty clear that this person and animals don’t get along. In fact, most people who don’t have a soul also don’t like animals.

8) They pretend to care

The thing about people who don’t have a soul is that they’re good at fitting in. They don’t want to be recognized as different.

So they’ll pretend to care, even though they really don’t care at all. They may go out of their way to be there for you, or at least look like it.

The thing is, when it really comes down to the wire, they will rarely act selflessly. It’s extremely difficult for someone without a soul to act out of anything but self-interest. This ties into their inability to be empathetic and feel for others.

They’re acting on base instincts and self-preservation alone. They have no higher thoughts, no stronger connection to their inner self, their soul, or the higher energies many of us are naturally attuned to.

9) They don’t have compassion

Compassion, according to Merriam Webster, is a “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

Someone without a soul lacks the ability to be aware of anything outside of themselves, apart from the environmental factors that directly exert a force on them.

What does that mean? It makes it almost impossible for someone without a soul to show compassion. It would be extremely difficult for a soulless person to be conscious of others’ feelings; it’s even more unlikely that they would have any desire to alleviate any distress.

Someone who has no soul will likely have no sense of compassion.

10) They despise children

One big sign that someone is soulless is their attitude toward children. Of course, some people just don’t like kids. I’m not the biggest fan. However, this is something different.

Not only do they dislike children, but children also dislike them. Further, they don’t react at all when a child is crying or in distress. Neither do they react when a baby is giggling, laughing, and being absolutely adorable.

This can be for any number of reasons, but the inherent selfless nature needed to care for and interact with babies and children does not compute with someone who has no soul.

In fact, it makes them uncomfortable, and they’d much rather avoid any kind of interaction involving children altogether.

11) No one can trust this person

As you know, encountering someone without a soul can be a very unnerving experience. It can be difficult to decipher your reasons at first, but you know something is off.

You’re not the only one who feels this way. In fact, it’s common that anyone who knows this person distrusts them. They’re all getting a similar read, and it makes them uneasy.

In other words, no one can trust a soulless person. They can tell that something is off.

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12) You’ve never seen them cry

A lack of emotion is one of the key elements to look out for in someone who doesn’t have a soul.

So, if you’ve never seen this person cry before, especially in instances where most people would cry, it could point to the fact that they’ve lost all touch with their inner being, their soul.

Of course, some people have a really hard time showing emotion, especially in front of other people. Therefore, it’s not the most important of the signs, but it’s something to watch out for.

The opposite could be true, too. You could have witnessed them having “crocodile tears,” pretending to cry when it seems like maybe they don’t really feel that upset.

13) They’re not interested in relationships

Someone without a soul won’t just have a hard time connecting with people, they literally see no need for it. They don’t want it, it’s something they’ll never pursue.

So if you find out that they’ve never really been in a serious relationship, it can be a red flag.

Furthermore, if they’ve struggled to keep even close relationships, family, and so on, it’s an even bigger sign.

What it all points to is an inability to act outside of their own self interest. Relationships of any kind are give and take, so it’s only natural for someone who has no soul to only take. This then leads to estrangement and a lack of any kind of dynamic relationship.

This article talks about why self-awareness is such an important key to a successful relationship.

14) Zero ambitions or plans

Someone who has no soul is not thinking ahead. They don’t care much for the future, thinking and acting only on impulse.

To put it another way, they have no plans or goals. Why would they, when they just react to the environment around them?

Without being in touch with their true self or any higher energies, they have no desire or need to achieve anything.

There’s nothing they want from life, so therefore they have no ambitions.

This is a sign of someone who’s more than lost in life. They’re content never moving forward or achieving anything larger than themself.

15) Eye contact with them makes you uncomfortable

There’s a reason that people say the eyes are the window into the soul.

You can tell a lot about a person by making eye contact with them. At the very least you can tell that something more is going on behind that face. There’s a certain sparkle or shimmer that points to higher thinking and awareness.

This is the kind of thing that will be distinctly missing from someone who doesn’t have a soul.

You make eye contact with them, and it’s very uncomfortable. You can tell that something is missing. There’s a key piece that just isn’t there.

That’s because they’re missing their soul. They’ve shut out any contact with their inner self, their awareness of any external energy, and they are living a soulless and feelingless life.

It can be scary and off-putting, to say the least.

16) They never dance

Shy people will rarely dance, this is true, but when linked with an already present suspicion as well as other indicators, it might point to the fact that someone doesn’t have a soul.

Here’s why: When someone is shy, you can tell that they don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of others. When someone doesn’t have a soul, they aren’t necessarily uncomfortable, but it’s clear they have no interest in dancing.

They will mirthlessly watch as others dance, calculating and judging. There’s nothing of interest in dancing for someone who is soulless.

To further the point, dancing is a form of self-expression, a form of creativity, a way to let loose. It really serves no purpose, for survival or otherwise. But here’s the thing, it’s fun. It’s enjoyable. It connects us to others and releases endorphins.

These kinds of things are of little or no interest or use to someone who has no soul.

17) They hate music and art

These kinds of higher abstractions don’t amuse someone who doesn’t have a soul. There’s just no reason for them to engage with music or art.

Creativity, expression, music, and so on—these are types of energy we feel and express through our higher chakras.

For someone who is “soulless”, they’ve shut themselves out to these energies. Whether deliberately or because of trauma, these chakras are blocked.

That leaves a person with no soul with no interest in music and art. It’s just “not their thing,” or they just “don’t understand it.”

It’s because they don’t’ have a soul.

18) They seem deeply unhappy

People who don’t have a soul are usually incapable of feeling emotions or having ambitions. Their sense of self is clouded, deluded, and warped.

With this in mind then, it can be clear that someone who doesn’t have a soul is deeply unhappy.

You may see them pretend, or they may feign happiness, but it’s clear that they have no direction, no ambition, no hope, and they’re deeply dissatisfied.

Here are some surprising truths about how to achieve true happiness.

19) A distorted sense of self

Along the lines of the last point, one of the big indicators of someone who has no soul is this: they’ll also have a distorted sense of who they are.

They will be bigoted, self-centric, and only act out of self-preservation.

The idea of doing something to help another person without personal gain is a foreign one.

That’s because without a soul, without a higher connection to something greater, there’s absolutely no reason to act out of anything except self-interest.

Their ego runs unchecked, they have no self-awareness, and they will show strong narcissistic tendencies.

20) Disconnected from humanity

Most of us have an understanding that humanity is in a bit of a bad way right now. We all want to do something about it, and we do our best, depending on our circumstances.

We build community, connect with others, share an experience, and give what we can.

People who don’t have a soul have strong difficulties connecting with humanity. They don’t have the ability to be social, to build meaningful relationships.

In that way, someone who has no soul will be disconnected from the majority of humanity.

21) They have an inflated ego

The ego often gets in the way of enlightenment. When we focus on ourselves, our connection with higher energies suffers.

We block our ability to focus on what’s bigger than ourselves. Things like meditation, creativity, and connecting with other people help enhance our connection with those higher energies.

For someone who doesn’t have a soul, or for someone who has blocked all connection to those higher energies, there’s nothing to keep the ego in check.

The ego, then, is really the only thing left to guide someone without a soul. The ego is in many ways a product of our environment, a survival mechanism to protect our body and our individuality.

So often the ego is fear-based and reactive. When we’re guided only by our ego, we’re guided by our fears and reactions to the environment.

22) Constantly lying

For someone who has no soul, there’s not much of a moral compass to guide them. They lack a conscience, the ability to feel remorse.

In other words, in the world of a soulless being, the only important thing to consider is self-preservation.

This is why they will constantly lie: whether to hide, to fit in, to appease, or to manipulate.

Even when they’re caught, it doesn’t stop them from lying again, even to the person who called them out.

For someone who has no soul, there’s no reason not to lie.

23) Their morals are erratic, if present at all

As I mentioned in the last point, people without a soul also lack a moral compass. This is why it’s easy to find soulless people at the top of the corporate ladder, or on Wall Street. They’re not afraid to make decisions in self-interest.

No matter what the decision is.

If you’re in doubt about whether a person has a soul or not, this is a good giveaway. What kind of questionable morals do they have?

24) They’re a narcissist

Without any sense of reality beyond what can personally serve themself, a person without a soul will often show the classic signs of being a narcissist.

They will manipulate and control people as if they were pawns, in an effort to make their situation better. There’s not really a limit as to what they’ll do in order to get their way.

They have difficulty having compassion, empathy, or understanding for others. These people, in a sense, aren’t real to someone without a soul. They’re just something to be used and exploited to get further in life or to survive.

Here are seven fascinating truths about narcissists, and how to deal with them.

25) A strange lack of individuality

If you’re somewhat familiar with the life of someone without a soul, this point will begin to stand out more and more.

At first glance, of course, they may seem normal, perhaps even more unique than others, if not only because you get the feeling that they’re different for some strange reason.

However, you’ll soon get the impression that they’re mimicking their environment almost entirely. Like a chameleon, their interests reflect the environment around them perfectly. They feign interest in a show, a sport, a musician, only because someone showed it to them.

In this way, they show a strange lack of individuality, only interested in things because it’s a way they can fit in.

Truly, someone without a soul mimics everything in their environment to better serve their self-interests.

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