15 ways to shift realities while awake (complete list)

Does it sound familiar to you?

You’ve tried various shifting methods to shift to the reality you want, but you end up dozing off every single time.

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are lots of ways you can shift realities with your eyes open, and we’re about to show you what they all are.

So if you struggle to shift realities and find yourself waking up the next morning each time you try, just keep on reading.

The top 3 awake reality shifting methods

1) The Julia / I Am / No Sleep Method

This is one of the most well-known and often used methods for shifting, especially shifting while awake. It was created by a girl named Julia in the shifting community.

The whole process is based on the two words, “I am”.

Lie down and get into a starfish position, with your arms and legs spread out around you. You can play Subliminals, Theta waves, or binaural beats in the background.

Repeat the two words, “I am”. You can feel free to complete these sentences to make the mantra more personally meaningful for the reality you want to shift to. For example, you could say

  • “I am vibrating at a higher frequency”
  • “I am consciousness in its purest form”
  • “I am shifting to my desired new reality”

Or you can use sentences according to your script. Include details:

  • “I am (name)”
  • “I live in (place)”
  • “My best friend is (name)”
  • “I love “hobby”

If you do use phrases like this, try to feel it with your senses as fully as possible. Also make sure it is in the present tense (“I am”, not “I want to be”).

Start counting to 100, continuing with your affirmations in between every few counts. Eventually, you will start to feel symptoms of shifting. When you feel the shift is complete, open your eyes to your new DR.

2) The Eyes Open Shifting Method

If you’d like to try shifting while awake, you can give a shot at this reality shifting method with your eyes open.

Pick a spot and stare at it. Any kind of spot should work, as long as you can keep looking at it. It should preferably be a static one, without movement happening in your field of vision.

Begin visualizing your DR, which includes the same spot that you are staring at. Engage all your emotions, and let yourself feel your DR around you. Let your eyes become unfocused.

You can count to 100 or listen to Subliminals in the background if it helps.

After a while, you should start feeling your surroundings change. You might notice a change in temperature, a breeze, or even start to see or hear new things around you.

When you feel the symptoms that you have shifted, let your eyes come back into focus and look around to see your DR.

3) The Ceiling Method

As the name of this awake shifting method suggests, you’ll need to do it somewhere indoors with a ceiling.

Lie down on your back so you can comfortably look up at the ceiling. If you’d like to try this sitting down, you can also use a wall.

Start daydreaming and visualizing your DR while keeping your eyes open. Continue starting at the ceiling or wall.

Make sure to engage your emotions in your daydreams. Imagine yourself seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting your DR. What emotions are you feeling in your DR universe?

Your mind might start to wonder at one point, or be distracted by seeing your CR. If it does, let it. Acknowledge your thoughts, and then let them go. Just keep looking at the ceiling or wall.

Let your eyes become unfocused. Imagine that the ceiling or wall is moving further away from you. At some point, let your eyes naturally close.

When they do, continue visualizing your DR with your senses and emotions. You can count to 100 while you do so, using affirmations in between counts.

When you feel that you have shifted, open your eyes again and you will find yourself in your DR.

How do you stay awake during shifting?

For many people, the trickiest thing about awake shifting methods is staying awake for the process. Here are three essential tips to help you shift without falling asleep.

1) Try an eyes open shifting method

It’s much harder to fall asleep if you just keep your eyes open! While it may seem a little trickier to do, these methods are not all that challenging if you choose the right environment to do them.

Find a spot where you will not be disturbed, and without too much commotion around you. Ideally, you should look at something static, without much movement in your field of vision.

Two of the reality-shifting methods described above allow you to shift with your eyes open. Try them both out, and you may just find the perfect shifting method for you!

2) Free your mind

Many people fall asleep while trying to shift realities because they aren’t succeeding in shifting, and sooner or later their mind pulls them into a sleeping state.

The problem here is not that you’re not staying awake long enough. (You could keep at it all day, and you still might not be able to shift!) The real problem is that you haven’t freed your mind and spirituality enough to engage yourself in the shifting experience while you’re awake.

You see, reality shifting requires a high level of spirituality. You need to let go of all your preconceived notions of logic and the limits of your consciousness.

As you have surely realized yourself, this requires a bit of work. And since you’re working on your shifting abilities, it’s clear you’ve already started putting it in!

But you may have noticed that many courses out there — the vast majority, in fact — just repeat the same message about “staying positive”.

If you’re feeling exhausted from this, you’re not alone! In fact, many people have come to realize that they’ve been sold toxic spirituality.

It’s time to take a different tack. In this incredible free video, shaman Rudá Iandé explains how you can get your spirituality back on track to truly free your mind.

You’ll immediately notice that Rudá is different from everyone else. In fact, he’s not going to tell you how to practice spirituality. Instead, he gives you the tools so you can get in touch with your core self and find empowerment from within.

These are exactly the skills that can help you tap into your subconscious mind and become a master shifter.

So if you’re ready to take that step, click here to watch the free video.

3) Do it while well-rested

Do you know that feeling after a long day of work, when you just want to plop into your bed and doze off?

That’s not the best state of mind to try shifting realities while awake.

Instead, you should try to do it when you feel well-rested enough that you can stay focused, but not so energized that you’re not able to relax your mind enough.

This happy balance is crucial.

How do you shift realities while awake?

Chances are, you’ve probably tried some reality-shifting sleep methods, but found yourself waking up to your current reality again each time.

So now you think it’s time to try and the awake method.

What is the real difference between the asleep and the awake method?

Well, you can actually do any sleep method as an awake method. The only difference is that instead of trying to fall asleep in order to wake up to your DR, you feel shifting symptoms while awake, and then open your eyes.

So you can use any sleep shifting method, and simply adapt the last part to enter your DR while awake.

Here are some more useful methods, adapted to awake shifting.

Reality shifting methods without sleeping

4) The One Day Method

This is one of the easiest non-sleep shifting methods and could be a great choice for anyone who hasn’t succeeded in shifting yet and is struggling with it.

A lot of people have had success after trying this method.

So here’s what to do:

Write down a new script (but don’t throw out your old one). The first thing you should write on your new script is this:

“The first time I shift I will only stay in my DR for one day.”

You don’t need to include things that are already on your other script, because your mind has already assimilated those details.

Instead, on your new script, you should write specifically what will happen on your first day in your DR.

  • Who are you with?
  • Where are you exactly?
  • What do you do?

Be as detailed as you possibly can. This process will also help you to detach from any anxiety about shifting and define to yourself more clearly than ever what your DR is.

If you feel you need to and it helps you, you can also continue writing this script with all the things on your old one.

After that, you can choose any of the methods described on this page to complete the shift. The Pillow Method may be a good choice, as it has a high focus on scripts.

Once you have successfully shifted for the first time, you can get rid of this “one day” script and go back to your old one.

5) The Truth or Dare Method

You’ve probably played truth or dare before. But have you ever played with the universe?

Now it’s time to try, this awake shifting method.

The universe will actually be the only one who plays. Ask “Truth or Dare?” to the universe in your mind. The first one that pops into your mind is your answer. Alternatively, you can actually toss a coin.

If you get “truth”, then ask the universe, either out loud or in your head, “How long will it take me to shift?”. Whatever answer first pops into your mind is your answer.

If you get “dare”, then dare the universe to let you shift. You can use a statement like “Universe, I dare you to let me shift right now!”

That’s the end of the game. Start counting slowly to 100, repeating shifting and DR affirmations every few numbers.

Once you start feeling shifting symptoms, you can open your eyes and you’ll be in your DR.

6) The Raven Method

To shift realities while awake using the Raven Method, lie down in a starfish position. This means your arms and legs are spread out to make your body into a starfish shape. Keep your body relaxed, comfortable, and loose, and your mind in a calm state.

You can feel free to use affirmations to help you trust in your capability to shift realities.

Then, slowly count from 0 to 100. You can say your affirmations in between the numbers, or you can also play frequencies such as binaural beats in the background.

The main idea is this: keep counting and visualize that you are drifting towards the reality you want to manifest.

You can repeat this counting process as many times as you need until you have mastered this technique.

Once you feel your consciousness has moved to your desired reality, open your eyes and you should be in the parallel world you chose.

7) The Heartbeat Method

With the heartbeat method, you’ll use repetitive, vibrational, or humming sounds, similar to that of a heartbeat. You can play a track on your phone and put it under a pillow or blanket to muffle the sound a bit or play it on earphones.

As you listen, visualize the sound you’re hearing coming from the chest of a person who you trust in your new reality.

Focus your attention fully on this person. If it helps, you can count along with the beats, or repeat affirmations together with them.

When you begin to feel the first symptoms of shifting, imagine your DR guest slowly getting up and leading you to a door. It is the entrance to your desired reality.

As you enter, you’ll be engulfed with a bright light all around you, and feel yourself starting to float away to your DR.

8) The Pillow Method

This is a great reality-shifting method for beginners. It’s one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to shift realities while awake.

In this method, instead of simply having an image in your mind of the reality you want, you follow a detailed physical script. This can include the names of all the people you want to see in the DR, the series of events you would like to experience there, and even perceptions like sights, smells, and tastes from that world.

You should write it on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow before you lie down comfortably to rest. Use it to guide your intentions for the DR you want to shift to. You can repeat parts of your script in your mind, or visualize yourself being pulled into the world contained in your script.

You can also play music or use affirmations to raise your vibrations while you practice this technique.

When you feel the symptoms that you have shifted, open your eyes in your DR.

9) The Falling Method

This method is for all the adventurous folks out there.

You start in a hall, with a beautiful aura all around. A little further away, you see a door. Walk towards the door slowly and open it. At the same time, repeat affirmations about your DR self.

When the door opens, you can hear the universe calling out to you. You step through the door and start falling. Your soul will guide you in the right direction.

Engage all your senses as you fall and continue affirming. Inside, you feel peace and calmness. When you’re ready, you’ll reach the end of your fall.

Here, there is another door. Move towards it and open it. Your DR stretches out in front of you.

10) The ADHD Method

You’ll notice that most methods for shifting while awake have optional sound in the background. Well, here is one method that is based entirely on sound.

For this, make sure to have quality headphones. Search for 8D soundtracks and make sure you can play them without interruptions such as ads or buffering.

Lie or sit in a comfortable position and listen with your full attention. While listening, repeat affirmations such as “I am in transit to my desired reality”.

Try to sync your breath to the audio and your affirmations. You should soon start to feel your consciousness shift. When this happens, begin to visualize your DR.

When you feel you have fully shifted, open your eyes and you’ll find yourself there.

11) The Train Method

This method for shifting realities while awake uses visualization and a positive mindset.

Relax your mind through deep breaths, and close your eyes.

Picture yourself sitting on a train that is moving towards your dream reality.

It’s crucial to keep thinking positive thoughts so that your train goes in the right direction and doesn’t veer off course. Continue to visualize and affirm that you’ll be at your final stop soon.

You can count to 100, or count the stops as you go. Alternatively, you can imagine looking out the window and seeing your surroundings morph into your DR as you get closer to your destination.

You’ll soon start to feel symptoms of shifting. When you are ready, you’ll feel the train come to a halt at your DR station and you can open your eyes.

12) The Sunni Method

This shifting method is based on visualization. This method may feel familiar to you if you have practiced manifestation in the physical world.

Basically, you need to trick your mind into believing a certain truth. You convince yourself that you are already there in the reality you want. If you truly come to believe this, then reality has no choice but to match the vibrations that you are emitting. You are therefore brought to a different reality.

To properly use this method, you need to visualize the reality you want in as much detail as possible. The key thing is to involve all your senses, and make yourself see, hear, smell, taste, and touch your new reality in your mind.

Focus on these visualizations until you feel symptoms that you have shifted. Once you’re ready, open your eyes to see the DR you have manifested.

13) The Intent Method

If you’re not one for visuals, affirmations, or subliminal sounds, then this might be the right reality-shifting method for you.

It’s all about the intention of your mind to shift. A firm resolve and belief in yourself are all that you need to use this way to shift realities while awake.

This method is often used with sleep. However, as mentioned earlier, you can adapt any shifting method to stay awake as well.

It might help if you try this method when you are a little tired, so your brain does not have too much energy to fight against your intentions or start to be “logical”.

So take advantage of your chaotic thoughts when you feel drowsy. You can do this from a seated position to avoid falling asleep.

Then repeat to yourself, “I intend to shift to my desired reality. Keep this intention steady in your mind and focus all your attention on it.

14) The Piano Method

This method to shift realities while awake has a bit of a celebrity vibe. You’ll need to activate all your senses to make it work.

In a comfortable position, picture yourself in a grand hall, with a piano on the stage.

Let your imagination fill the hall with decorations, layout, and the specific look of the piano. There is a focus light on you as you walk towards the piano. The audience is filled with people watching you.

You can hear them chatting indistinctly in the background.

Repeat affirmations to yourself whenever you lose focus.

When you’re ready, sit down at the piano. The audience quiets down, and you begin to play. Feel the moment as fully as you can. When you finish, the audience breaks into applause.

You get up from the piano bench and head towards the door, affirming that it’s time to go. Someone opens the door for you. You enter it, and a loved one from your DR says “welcome home, love”.

How to shift realities while awake without a method

If you’ve tried several methods without success, you might be wondering if you can shift realities without a method.

Absolutely, you can!

Shifting methods are not a necessity. They are just there to give you a process you can follow that might help you along. But you can certainly shift to your DR even without a method.

You just need to convince yourself that you are in your DR. If you are able to do this without a method, just do whatever works best for you.

This might include:

  • Feeling like you are there
  • Believing you are there
  • Repeating affirmations until you shift
  • Listening to music that helps you visualize you are there
  • Meditating
  • Creating scenarios in your mind about your DR

At the end of the day, anything you use to shift realities can be called a method. It is simply one that you have created for yourself.

9 essential tips to help you shift

1) Drink lots of water

This is said to raise your vibrations, helping you get into a positive state of mind.

Many people report that staying hydrated helps them shift realities a lot easier. As it keeps your brain hydrated, it will alleviate some of the mental strain of shifting.

2) Take breaks

It might take a while before you can successfully shift realities for the first time. Your mind is working really hard, and you don’t want to overdo it. If it feels like you’re straining your mind too hard, then take a break and try again later. Practice makes perfect, but nobody said it has to happen all at once!

3) Get help from a gifted advisor

You may have been struggling with trying to shift realities for a while. And so have tons of other people — you’re definitely not alone. But we all struggle for different reasons.

That’s why the best way to start succeeding in shifting realities is to get personalized guidance from an expert.

They can answer specific questions like, What’s keeping me from shifting? What method is best for shifting realities? And what should I do to master reality shifting?

Imagine how easy everything will become once you have all these answers at your fingertips.

The only catch? Finding someone you can trust. There are so many so-called “gurus” out there, it’s so hard to know where to even begin.

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with a unique insight into my spirituality, which helped me finally be able to shift.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate and helpful network of gifted advisors out there.

Click here to get your own personalized reading.

Not only will a genuine advisor help you shift while awake, but they can guide you on the best process for doing so.

4) Meditate before trying to shift

Many of the shifting methods above might feel similar to meditation. But as it’s mentally draining, it might help if you do a bit of meditating beforehand.

This will get your mind started from a relaxed state, so you can use your affirmations, script, and visualizations more effectively.

It’s a good idea to use sounds like Theta waves during meditation, to help get your mind into the right state of being relaxed but focused.

5) Use subliminals or theta waves

Struggling to shift while awake? Find yourself falling asleep in your CR each time?

Try using sound to keep your consciousness from slipping away or losing focus.

You can try theta waves — “slow” waves, with a frequency of anything between 3.5 and 7.5 Hz. These are associated with creativity, intuition, and fantasizing.

They can help you achieve a sleep-wake state, where your body is asleep but your mind is still awake. This is the ideal state for shifting.

Subliminals are another very useful sound tool for many shifters. They are audios that contain hidden messages and affirmations for shifting.

Just be careful with choosing your subliminal because not all of them have good affirmations. Try reading the comments to see if people got good results, and don’t listen to it if you don’t feel like it’s safe.

6) Use falling asleep to your advantage

One reason why many people try to go for a non-sleep shifting method is that they find themselves waking up in their current reality time and time again.

If you can relate to this, then non-sleep methods could be a great choice for you.

But of course, the subconscious mind has a way of pulling us into what feels familiar to us, and that is our usual dream world and then back to our current reality.

So what if you try these shifting methods while awake, but you find yourself still falling asleep every time?

You can actually use this to your advantage.

Perform your shifting method as usual, but try to stay attentive to when you start to feel yourself drifting off to sleep.

It might be tricky to notice at first, but after a bit of practice trying to pay attention to this, you’ll start to be able to notice it much more easily.

When you notice yourself drifting away, affirm to yourself that you’ll shift in your sleep. Visualize your DR as you do so. As your mind is not fully attuned to your current reality anymore, it will not be as able to speculate or cast doubt.

7) Free your mind and spirit

Shifting is not something natural for our minds — it might subconsciously fight against the concept, and block you from shifting successfully.

The solution? Free your mind.

You see, most of us have been sold toxic spirituality. This can affect you much more than you realize, putting up resistance to spiritual practices such as shifting.

One of the first people to realize this was Shaman Rudá Iandé. He was just like you, until he realized he had been taking the wrong approach. Once he corrected his outlook on spirituality, he was able to break free from what was holding him back.

In this incredible free video, Rudá explains how he made that change to achieve all his goals.  Now, with over 30 years in the field of spirituality, he hopes his experience can help others avoid the same mistakes he made.

You’ll immediately notice that Rudá’s approach is unlike anything you’ve seen before. In fact, he isn’t going to dictate how you should practice spirituality. Instead, he’ll give you the tools to find your own unique way – a way that works for you.

If you’re ready to bust the toxic spiritual myths you took as the truth and genuinely connect with your spiritual being, check out his incredible free video here.

8) Use scripting

It’s not necessary to write a script in order to shift realities, but it certainly can help. If you are struggling with shifting for the first time, you might like to try writing a script for your next try.

There are many ways to write your script — it can be as long and detailed, or short and brief as you want. You can even add visuals of what your DR looks like if you want.

You can write it like a story, or even just bullet points. Here is an example of a list-style script:




Sexuality and pronouns:



Family members:


Love interest:


Back story:

If you’re trying an awake shifting method, it might also be helpful to script for your eyes to open when you have shifted. That way, you will avoid opening them too soon and finding yourself still in your CR.

Another option is to script that you will smell a signature scent when you have shifted, such as lemon, mint, or cinnamon.

And remember to script things that will keep you safe, like a high pain tolerance, or inability to die. This will prevent you from getting traumatized in your DR, which you may then bring back to your CR.

You can write your script down anywhere — on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or even in your phone.

9) Use affirmations

You can use affirmations in any non-sleep reality shifting method to help the process along.

Your affirmations can be anything you want, as long as:

  1. They are in the present tense (“I am” not “I want to be” or “I will”)
  2. They relate to your dream reality

You can use general affirmations about shifting and your ability to shift, such as:

  • I am shifting
  • Shifting is easy and fun
  • I can shift very easily
  • I am in transit to my desired reality
  • I am in my desired reality
  • I love being in my desired reality
  • Shifting comes totally natural to me

You can even get down to the nitty-gritty and affirm all the scripted details about yourself and the other people around you in your DR.

You should make these affirmations as specific as you can.

For example, your shifting affirmations could be:

  • “My name is _____”
  • “My best friend/partner is _____”
  • “I am (a profession / a characteristic / an identity marker)
  • “I like to _____”
  • “I live in _____”
  • “I work at / study at _____”

It might also help you to write these down before you attempt to shift realities.

You won’t be able to read the list during the process, as shifting realities require your eyes to be closed. However, the fact of having written them down can help them stick in your memory and your mind more.

What are the signs that you have shifted realities while awake?

All the methods for shifting realities above mention the same thing:

Feeling your consciousness shift realities.

If you’re new to shifting or haven’t succeeded in shifting yet, you might be wondering: but how do I tell when my consciousness has shifted?

You might just be trying to open your eyes too early, or rushing the process.

So here are some signs to look out for that tell you you have shifted reality.

  • a sensation of floating
  • feeling weightless
  • feeling super heavy
  • heart racing
  • vibrations
  • itching
  • tingling
  • numbness
  • seeing white lights
  • hearing/feeling something from your DR
  • smelling a signature scent

You might be thinking that some of these signs sound contradictory. How can being weightless and super heavy both be signs that you have shifted realities?

Well, there is a wide range of possible signs because each person can experience shifting realities in a different way.

Whatever you feel, it will be unmistakable and impossible to miss. So just stay alert and attentive, and notice any sensations in your body that are unexplained or out of the ordinary.

Have you reached the end of your rope with shifting realities?

Have you tried every possible method, but you’re still struggling with shifting?

I was in the same place last year. After having tried and failed so many times, I felt out of hope about ever being able to shift.

A friend of mine suggested that I speak to a psychic. I had nothing else to lose — so I decided to give it a shot.

The first place I tried was garbage and had nothing to offer, but I kept looking.

That’s when I found Psychic Source.

It was completely different, and the gifted spiritual advisor there really helped me understand the blocks that were keeping me from shifting, and how to go about it the right way.

I was blown away by how kind, understanding, and genuinely helpful they were.

Click here to try it out.

They are incredibly knowledgeable about reality shifting. Most importantly, they can also empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to spirituality and your life purpose.

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I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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