10 steps to manifest good health for someone else

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Seeing someone you love in pain, suffering from an illness, or experiencing some health-related problem is soul-crushing.

You want to do everything to help and heal the person you care about.

The good news is, it’s possible.

With the immense power that you have, you can manifest good health and healing for yourself and on behalf of a loved one.

Let’s find out how.

10 simple steps to heal someone with the power of manifestation

Whether it’s a child, your partner, a family member, or a friend, you can get them out of misery and agony by following these simple steps.

You just have to believe that manifestation and telepathic healing works.

1) Set a clear and specific goal

Like anything you want to manifest and desire, it’s important to understand and ask with sincerity and clarity.

You will fail then you are confused and your goals are vague.

According to the best-selling self-help guide by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret:  the very first step to activating the Law of Attraction and to manifest what you want is to specifically ask for what you want.

What you need to do first is to calm your entire mind and body.  Then, think and visualize the person you want to heal. This way, you can set a specific goal in mind on what you want to manifest.

Remember that your vibration level matters.

Doing this taps your emotion in a higher vibrational level. For when you vibrate at a higher frequency, you’re sending more energy towards your manifestation – which sends stronger signals to the universe.

This makes it easier for you to manifest.

Keep this in mind:

Manifesting good health for someone is a way to show that you love and care for them. But, you don’t have to tell them what you’re doing – even if you want to.

Telling them that you’re praying for their good health and quick recovery will create a negative vibration. Your ego will get caught up with it – and it’s not good energy.

Just stay calm and quiet about this whole manifestation thing.

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2) Believe in the power of healing

Trust that the universe has unlimited possibilities for you and the person you love. Having strong faith will hold your thoughts for manifestation.

Some people fail at this. A lot would want to manifest good health for someone, but they do not believe that it is possible.

What you say is one thing, but your subconscious mind will reflect the truth. When this happens, you will sabotage your manifestation before you even begin.

So if you want to manifest the health of someone, you must take necessary action that will reflect your belief.

Create the belief that, “Yes I can.”

Believe that you have the immense potential to heal anything in your life and the life of someone.

Your soul has a powerful gift to bring healing from someone’s pain, suffering, conditions, and emotional bondage. And you have that power to heal yourself too.

When you truly believe this, you can manifest miracles and unleash that miraculous healing power that you have.

It’s so powerful that you can send that healing energy through space to bring healing to others.

3) Practice visualization

Manifestation starts with a thought process, and you can do this through practicing visualization.

When you visualize, you create mental images that leave an impression on your brain. Your mind will know that those things are real.

You’re aligning the neurons in your brain to someone’s brain. And you have to do visualization the right way.

Visualize your loved one in total healing. See them in a physically healthy condition without any pain – even if it’s not yet the case in reality.

If you want to manifest good health and cure the illness of someone, see them in a state as if you are already healthy and free of illnesses.

How to take visualization to another level?

Imagine the great things they’ll get to do and experience when their sufferings have been cured. So visualize that the person you love is completely healed, free of pain, and any form of suffering.

Imagine them in their healthiest physical and mental state.

However, if endless visualizations aren’t getting you anywhere, there is a new discovery you need to know about.

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Some researchers now believe that a little known organ in the human brain called “the Thalamus” can be used as a “manifestation window”.

And the Thalamus can actually be turned on during a small window during sleep. Yes, you can manifest good health for someone else while you sleep.

This simple technique has created overnight breakthroughs in thousands of people.

To learn more about this science-based manifestation technique, watch this incredible free video here.

4) Practice affirmation

Most people will believe that manifestation through healing is possible, but their minds are filled with worries.

While worrying about someone’s health is normal, it’s the greatest hindrance to this manifestation process. When you worry, you’ll be filled with negative energy, making it impossible to achieve the healing you seek.

So you have to develop and establish this unshakeable belief.

Affirmation is a powerful technique that sets the subconscious mind to believe in something. Some stop saying their affirmations when they don’t see any physical results. But that’s the biggest mistake you can make.

Here are some affirmation ideas you can say every day:

  • I have the infinite power within me to bring healing
  • I will allow the divine energy to heal (add person’s name here)
  • I can see and feel the positive transformation in (add person’s name here)
  • I wake up smiling because my I know my loved one is a lot healthier than before
  • I thank the universe for making (this person) feel a lot better

Now, formulate your positive affirmations and make them more specific to your situation.

You have to repeat this process over and over and over again. Recite your affirmations daily to send positive energy to heal someone.

You must constantly condition your subconscious mind to manifest healing.  Remember that you have the great power within you and in the universe to heal people.

And by doing some form of affirmation, you can manifest physical healing for the person you love.

5) Raise your vibrations

Similar to the thoughts and feelings you have, your body is filled with vibrational frequencies. These energetic vibrations help create better health.

What you need to do is to raise those vibrations at a high level to make them conducive to perfect health.

It’s simple.

You just have to put yourself into a more positive emotional state. Then think and focus on things that bring hope, love, and gratitude.

How does it work?

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When you raise your vibrations to a higher level, you’re sending important signals to the universe – and the Universe will bring the result you want to you.

And when you start practicing affirmations and raising your vibrational levels, you’re setting your subconscious mind into a “healing state.”

This way, you’ll be able to manifest healing successfully for the person you care about. Just stay consistent and trust this whole manifestation healing process.

6) Send healing energy

Before doing this, make sure to raise your vibration through meditation, visualization, and affirmation.

Energy healing is a way to activate the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks.  It’s like making use of telepathy.

Now, transfer your healing energy to the person you’re manifesting.

Sending healing energy across time and space will assist in the body’s natural healing processes.

Imagine this transfer like a beam of light that goes from your body to the body of the person you care about. From there, let the divine healing light spread all over their body.

See this energy like a healing blanket of white divine light that covers the body and healing it.

Boost the manifestation of healing by repeating the affirmation for that person. By doing this, your loved one will feel calmer, relaxed, optimistic, and empowered.

This energy healing is similar to what practitioners call Reiki – a holistic healing practice that involves the transfer of universal energy to a person.

Reiki healing is where practitioners use their hands to transfer the energy, whether the person is near or far.

Disclaimer: Reiki isn’t an alternative treatment for medical issues. It’s something that supports healing and increases a person’s feeling of well-being.

You don’t need to be a Reiki or energy practitioner to transfer healing energy. You simply have to trust and believe that you are an energy healer yourself.

And when sending healing energy, the most important thing is that your intention is pure and your vibration is strong.

7) Have patience

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work like a magic pill.

It’s not like you manifest healing for someone today and you will already see the result tomorrow.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. And this is where most people go wrong.

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When you become impatient, it makes it much harder for you to align with your goals in the first place. You vibrate low frequency and attract negativity.

The universe has its divine timing. Trust that the universe will bring what you ask, desire, and the results at the right time. What you need to have now is to wait patiently.

Practicing mindfulness meditation helps too. You can use this to relax and calm your mind when you find yourself getting impatient.

Manifesting physical healing for someone doesn’t work as a weight-loss pill. It depends on several factors and circumstances. It takes patience, consistency, and mind work from your side.

Remember “patience is a virtue”. And when manifesting healing effectively, this is true.

Be patient and acknowledge that something good is coming.

8) Express your gratitude

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. It changes you and your mind. It refocuses the mind and keeps vibrations high.

It also plays an important role in activating the Law of Attraction.

Being grateful signals your mind and the universe that you’ve already manifested what you desire.

Taking time to practice gratitude every day, the easier it becomes to feel thankful for the things you have in your life. So when you feel good, your body will react in harmony with what you desire.

This benefits you and the person you’re manifesting. This keeps your focus knowing that healing is on the way.

Gratitude makes you a happier person. It brings positivity and happiness into your life. And that happiness is the greatest medicine you have. It’s immensely powerful.

Ways to practice gratitude:

  • Say thank you for everything and everyone as much as you can
  • Appreciate the air their breathing
  • Be grateful for everything, including the water, food, and medicine they’re taking
  • If they’ve been admitted to a hospital, be thankful for that as well.
  • Say thank you in your heart to every medical team treating your loved one

Understand that everything has energy.

By being extremely grateful to everyone and everything there is, you’re channeling positive energy and high-level vibrations to heal the other person.

Remember this one:

Gratitude is the most effective way to manifest healing for yourself and someone you care about. It doesn’t take a lot of your time and effort.

When you are always grateful, great things will come to you.

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9) Let go

This doesn’t mean that you’ll give up. You’ve already done your part in manifesting healing for someone you love and care about.

It’s time to let go and trust the Universe to do its magic.

You might worry about the results, but stop yourself from doing this. It’s because the more you hold on to the results you want, the more stressed you will feel.

The universe will sense the negative signal from you.  Remember that your mindset plays a huge role in this healing process. You don’t force the process of manifestation.

What you can do right now is to relax. Believe that you’ve done your best and with the support from the universe, you’ll successfully manifest healing. It’s best to trust and leave it up to the Universe to align everything in the best way.

Know that the universe has your back and is going to help you in getting what you desire.

10) Live harmoniously with this universal law

Manifesting is a goal-setting and achieving process that works on the Law of Attraction.

While it’s possible to manifest good health and well-being for someone, it all comes down to activating the Law of Action. This is the most critical step in the Law of Attraction manifestation process that you need to do.

Wishing, imagining, and planning for manifestation is a good start, but it does not make it happen. If you don’t act on your desires nothing will happen.

You have to take inspired action to work on your desire. It’s not about making small steps and stopping when you fail. It’s about doing quantum leaps and keeping on towards achieving your manifestation.

By taking action with positive feelings, you’re showing the Universe that you are serious about your intention.

The best thing about it is that it attracts the next steps, directs you further in the right direction, and keeps your focus. So take the action that will make that change possible.

Move towards something that will set you in the right direction towards your goals. And it is important to understand that in the end, your actions count a lot.

Without your action, nothing would be possible.

Believe that manifesting healing is possible

Manifesting physical healing is possible, but it takes patience, consistency, mind work, and inspired action from your side.

Believe in the universe and the Law of Attraction. It’s not magical. It’s real science at work.

In simple terms, what you focus on will expand. Your mind makes your thoughts real.

And one of the most powerful things about the Law of Attraction is that it can attract the best of health – and yes, even get rid of serious diseases.

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Manifestation healing works – always and for everyone. You have the power within you to heal not only your own mind and body but those you love and care about.

With your immense faith, clear intention, and infinite power, you can successfully apply this miracle manifestation of healing power into your life.

But of course, serious medical questions are better addressed by a doctor.

Put the power of manifestation to work

Manifesting healing for someone offers so many wonderful opportunities and lessons.

Remember that the path to wellness using the manifestation techniques boils down to this powerful element:


Loving and caring for another person is life’s greatest value.

Every time you choose the path of love and stay focused on nurturing, you’ll experience wellness surrounding you and your loved ones no matter what.

And just by finding ways to manifest healing for someone (and reading this post), you’ve shown the unconditional love that you have.

Now, start and keep on manifesting good health for the person you love and care about.

And if this article helped you in manifesting health for someone you love, share this with your friends to let them know it’s possible.

Help them. They’ll be thankful that you did.

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