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There are certain tricks to make someone miss you…

Whether you’re dating this person or crushing on them, you really want them to crave you when you’re not around, right?

But how to make them miss you spiritually? Do you need to be a spiritual expert or master to make them miss you?

I will help you to answer these questions. So, here are the 15 ways you can make someone miss you spiritually.

1) Live life to the fullest and show it online

This is a major thing that can make someone miss you spiritually. If this someone is not with you all the time, don’t be sad and just sit at home.

When you’re enjoying what life has to offer and share it on your social media platform, they will see and remember how fun it is to be with you and unconsciously, will be drawn to you.

You may post about a new book that you’re going to read, the outfit that you’ve worn for the night, or perhaps a picture of a cute pet you’ve randomly met.

Also, you can post about your trip to somewhere interesting and set some photos of it on your social media platform. This is easy, right?

Better yet, do the things that the two of you did together:

  • go to the coffee shop you’ve visited with them
  • cook the meal that they taught you to cook
  • wear an outfit with their favorite color
  • listen to the song that you’ve listened together

For all of these things, make sure to post them on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform in the hope that they will see it.

Remember, they may not be with you all the time and they might be missing out on some of this good stuff. Just imagine how much they’d be missing.

The more you post, the more that person will miss you.

2) Say something positive

We’ve all seen how people copy each other’s posts on social media, right? But do you really notice what they say?

It’s important that you become the kind of person they wish to follow, and may even want to be friends with. This is what makes a person miss you.

Say something positive or funny every now and then in your updates. Don’t just be the one that always makes fun of the other person or talks about how bad someone or something is. This will make you sound negative, and no one likes a negative person.

Remember what you’ve heard about people that are perceived as negative or mean in the past? They were never missed, were they?

On the contrary, if you’re a positive and funny person that speaks good things about others and makes them laugh, they will want to be a part of your life.

The same thing applies to them, won’t they be missing you more if they see that you’re someone who can make a positive impact in their life?

3) Get guidance from a gifted advisor

Making someone miss you spiritually may seem like a tough job, considering that you’re one of the people that someone wants to be surrounded by. But do you know? It’s not as hard as it seems.

You are not the only one who wants someone to long for you – in all honesty, I was at the same place as you a few months ago. All of a sudden, this guy that I was seeing felt he was fading away – he used to check on me every day, planned to see me over a coffee or dinner, and even calls me from time to time.

I was starting to have feelings for him, I was really worried and I didn’t know what to do. Out of my desperation (YES, I was desperate), I sought guidance from Psychic Source – they are a group of gifted and professional psychics who are always ready to help.

They gave me useful and practical ways how to make this guy realize my presence in his life which made him long for me and greatly missed me. And like a thorn that has pulled out from my heel, he became interested again and wanted to know more about me.

So, if you’re in a situation like this, see what a psychic can do for you too.

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4) Leave messages or notes

Have you tried leaving your sweetheart a note on the mirror, window, or beside their pillow? Don’t forget to sign it with your name. That’s a great way to make someone miss you.

When they wake up in the morning or notice it somewhere, they will see that note and ponder over every word of it. They probably won’t even want to take the note away since it will be important for them.

You can also leave them notes in different places like:

  • Their bathroom cabinet or beside their toothbrush.
  • In their car’s windshield, on their desktop and even on the mirror.
  • In a book or maybe on the last page of a book that they’re reading.

Leaving a handwritten thoughtful message will always be sweeter and more meaningful than a message on the phone or a post on social media.

5) Plan something with them, and cancel it a few days before

This is somewhat tricky but if you do it correctly, it will make them long for you and miss you.

This is how it works: If you want them to miss you spiritually, then take the initiative and make plans with them without telling them specific details about which place or activity you’re going to do.

Make sure nothing will happen that might ruin your plan. And days before the said “plan”, let them know the details and cancel it.

But you have to make sure that you will cancel it in a way that you are apologizing and your excuse is sincere and acceptable.

If you do that, they might feel sad as they would have to miss out on it and it will make them miss you since you won’t follow through with your word.

This will make them question what is happening, why are you canceling the plans and if there is anything wrong. They will be confused and may even want to know why they’ve been canceled.

You’ll certainly be missed and in such a way that they’ll want to know what is happening.

6) Meet up with them, and leave something behind

When you meet up with your special someone, try to leave some of your belongings, something small but meaningful to you. Maybe a watch, an umbrella or a pair of earrings, leave it behind, tell them you forgot about it and ask them to take care of it.

Of course, they wouldn’t want to throw it away.

This can be challenging as they might not want that kind of responsibility or they may think that the object is cheap and not valuable at all. But trust me, once they get hold of your personal belonging, you will be on their mind every time they see it.

Make them miss you spiritually by having them feel responsible for your personal belonging. A piece of you is with them – they have an object that keeps them thinking about you and the last time you spent together.

And even if you’re not together anymore or you’re not just seeing each other, your presence will be missed whenever they see that object because it has a sentimental value.

7) Don’t text them

Texting has been a constant companion of us all. It’s convenient, fast, and sometimes we just need to communicate.

But when it comes to making someone miss you, don’t text them every now and then about ordinary things – let them miss you for the bigger events so that even if you’re not talking to each other anymore, they’ll still be thinking about you.

It is not a good idea to text someone first all the time, or very often. It will make you seem that you’re the one who is desperate and needy, not the other way around.

But getting a text from someone you miss? Well, that’s another thing altogether.

With today’s mode of communication, it’s so easy to be reached by text. You may not get a message for hours or even minutes, but it is still something to make someone long for you.

If you want to make them miss you so much that they can’t wait to see you again, don’t text them first – with this, you are controlling the situation and making them miss you even more.

Another thing to keep in mind is don’t respond to their text messages as soon as they text you. Make it a rule not to be the first one to contact them. Do this consistently and wait for them instead.

8) Use manifestation

Manifestation is a way of attracting, visualizing and having what you want or desire in your life.

You can use manifestation to make someone long for you quickly.

Since this person is living in your mind, you can create and manifest them into your life so that you will be in their thoughts – they will continue to wonder what’s happened and why they are not there with you.

There are different manifestation techniques that you can use to make someone miss you spiritually:

  • You can make a vision board, or collage for the person.
  • Write about the first time you met them on a nice piece of paper, and put that paper in your drawer.
  • You can recite a prayer every night to make them think of you before they fall asleep.

When you manifest, the universe responds and creates the thing you desire. So, if you make them long for you, the universe will respond and make them think about you even more.

But if you’re not certain how to manifest effectively, the gifted advisors from Psychic Source can definitely assist you with this, too! They are knowledgeable enough of different manifestation techniques that will surely make your someone miss you spiritually.

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9) Make them feel like a good person in your absence

You might have done this before and it can really take off if used properly: make them feel like a great person by not being with them. When you make them feel like a good person, they will miss you even more.

You can achieve this by not seeing them for a long time, but still letting them know that you care about him or her.

They can feel that they are experiencing positive changes in their life because of the absence of your company. They will be able to see how great they are and how they can depend on themselves alone when doing things in life.

It will increase their belief in themselves and show them how strong they are and that they can take care of themselves without you.

Also, when they don’t see you, it gives them the chance to think about you and remember how they felt next to you.

When two people are in a relationship, it is just not about the two of them but also about their families, friends and the environment they live in.

When you are not with them, they get the chance to spend time with their friends or family. When they spend time around other people, they get to see how things work in their life and how is it in your absence – they might feel that it’s certainly better with you in it.

10) Give them space

Giving someone space is just as important as being in their presence.

Giving each other time to be alone gives them a chance to have their own thoughts, feelings and emotions so that they can grow emotionally.

It also gives them a chance to spend some time with themselves and do things they’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the chance.

It will remind them how good they are when doing normal everyday things by themselves. Sometimes, people have a hard time being alone and not having someone to depend on.

When you give them space, they will miss you because when being alone, they are missing a part of your presence.

And don’t worry – you’ll still be with them. They just can’t see it right now.

When they spend more time alone they’ll realize everything they’ve been missing out on.

As the old adage says, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

11) Keep conversations cheery and positive

Be positive in conversations with the person you want to make miss you. When someone is feeling down, they will appreciate it when someone talks to them with a cheerful voice and makes them feel better.

So, when talking to them, be positive! Don’t make negative remarks or put your bad mood in their face.

Even if someone is relaxed or indifferent, it won’t hurt to be cheerful and friendly toward that person. When you do this, they will think of you more positively and they will miss you because of it.

You see, it’s a chance where you will be in their mind every time they are with dull or negative people, be it their relatives or colleagues.

Make the conversation interesting with funny stories and anecdotes. This will make it fun for both of you and it will remind them that you are always a pleasant person to be around when having a conversation with someone.

One of the things that you can do is to genuinely compliment them.

If you are interested in making someone miss you, start doing small things that make will make them think about you and feel good. Little things are better than big things if you want someone to miss you.

12) Once in a while, surprise them

Do something nice that they don’t expect or insist on doing.

It is important that you don’t overdo it. When they do not see something coming, they will really appreciate it and this will make them miss you.

If you are thinking of doing something to someone, think about the following things:

  • Do not make it too much. Doing something for them too much will make them less enthusiastic about you.
  • Make sure that it is something that they have been wanting to have but have not asked for one. Something they often think of but never ask for is a good idea.
  • Keep the surprise at a minimum. You do not want to overwhelm that person with one big thing, or too many surprises in a row.

When thinking of surprising someone, first think of their likes and preferences. This way, you are sure that they will like what you’ll present to them at the end of the activity.

13) Pray for them

It doesn’t need to be complicated or even a long prayer. Sometimes, saying a short prayer whenever you have the time will make them miss you more than anything else.

Praying for this person is a good way to make them feel your presence in their lives even though you are not there with them.

You would be surprised at how one simple prayer will make them feel like they are not alone and that you care about them. This is because your thoughts always go with that person when praying for him or her.

You will be surprised to receive a message from them saying something like, “Hey, I don’t know how but you know what, you were in my mind and it made me feel better.”

The divine intervention works in a mysterious way – so, let the power of prayer get you back with the person you want to make miss you.

14) Don’t conform to everyone

First of all, try to be different from everyone else. You must have a character that is not conformed to society. To make someone miss you spiritually, you need to be unique, so don’t try to fit yourself all the time.

Say “no” to peer pressure. Don’t follow the trends blindly, always think independently and smartly.

Have your own character, traits and philosophy that are not normally shared by others in society.

You can even contribute something good to the world – whether it is in a little or big ways. Don’t just wait for them to miss you, find a way that they will long for you no matter what. Be someone who can make a difference in this world.

Being different is not bad at all, as it will make people think about you not because you are popular but because of the way you act and think that’s different from others.

This is a spiritual way to make someone miss you. This involves helping people and serving. The best part is that it won’t even cost you much.

You can be a part volunteering for organizations, such as helping with sports camps or playing in a charity game that’ll help feed the hungry or educate children.

15) Learn to master your emotions

To make someone miss you more and sooner, learn to master your emotions. When it comes to making someone miss you, learn how to control your emotions so that you won’t react the way you did when things go sour between you.

You don’t need to make anyone miss you – there are times when a person will want to be away from us. Sometimes it takes time for us to realize our mistakes and we’ll see that person differently from now on.

This is a great thing as we can learn from our mistakes and improve. So, don’t make someone miss you if they don’t want to be with you anymore.

If they have already decided to leave or move on, the last thing you should do is pine over them. If they don’t want you then it’s okay – learn to accept that and move on with your life.

The last thing you want to do is to pine over someone who doesn’t feel the same way about us anymore.

Final thoughts

There is no one way to make someone miss you. However, we have presented some of the best ways on how you can make someone miss you spiritually.

The most important thing is that you need to take action! There are a lot of people out there who want to make someone else miss them, but they will never do anything about it because they think it’s an impossible task.

And a little nudge is definitely needed sometimes – the gifted advisors from Psychic Source can do this for you. Talking to them was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and for the budding relationship I was trying to water.

Now, it’s your turn – take action and make someone miss you today.

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