How to make a Virgo woman regret losing you (12 practical tips)

When a Virgo woman ends the relationship, you’re going to go through a lot of emotions.

Anger, sadness, disappointment — that’s just the beginning.

But you should also know that she’ll be feeling those same things too.

Below are some practical tips on how to make your Virgo ex-girlfriend regret letting you go.

1) Don’t say goodbye.

Never say goodbye to a Virgo woman.

She may not admit or confess that she misses you and her love for you is still burning, but she will believe it.

She will feel an unexplainable urge to come over to your house.

She might give you a call in the middle of the day, even to ask how you’re doing.

She might send you a text message or email to check if you’re treating yourself well.

Try not to miss her while you’re on the phone with her or while holding the phone in your hand. She will be feeling the same way.

Another thing to think about is that a Virgo woman will always be the one who breaks off the relationship.

Yes, you heard it right!

No matter what she says, she will still be the one who has the last word.

She might never admit it on paper, but she will always regret letting you go — and her love for you will never die.

She will especially regret breaking up with you when she’s still in the middle of a conversation with you.

Try to keep the conversation going beyond a polite goodbye. If you’d like to talk later, just ask her if it’s okay to call her.

Her heart will melt. She’ll want to chat with you and she won’t be able to do it unless you ask for permission first.

2) Keep your conversation and actions light-hearted.

After the break-up, you might still be on talking terms with your Virgo ex-girlfriend.

You want to keep your conversation light-hearted, but it doesn’t mean you should pretend that nothing ever happened.

Even though the love is still there, she needs to know that you’re fine.

Ask her how she’s doing casually and don’t forget to mention some small details about her life.

Don’t just brush over what happened.

Ask her if she’s up for watching a movie later on, but remember you have to follow up with a smiley face emoji.

“Haha, I’m just kidding! I know that you don’t like movies.” “Yay, I love your sense of humor.”

This is how you keep the conversation light and fun.

She has to know that you’re fine without her, but she also needs to know that she’s still important in your life.

The sooner she knows that the sooner she’ll start to miss you.

And with this, she’ll regret leaving you behind.

3) Don’t take someone else.

As a Virgo woman, she needs to know that she’s the only one for you.

You want to make her regret leaving you, and being involved with another person during this process will not do it.

It will make her believe that you’re getting over her.

What she needs to know is that you’re still hers. She needs to know that only she can make you happy.

So, never let another person in while you’re waiting for your Virgo ex-girlfriend to come back to you.

She might be under the impression that you’re waiting for her, but she won’t regret losing you if she finds out you’ve replaced her with someone else.

So what should be your next course of action?

Subtly show her that you are not keen on finding other girls and that there is no woman like her.

She’ll feel like she gave up on you and this will hurt her so eventually she’ll regret leaving your side.

Remember, she’s a Virgo — even if she can’t tell the difference between feelings, she’ll still feel something.

4) Don’t be needy.

If you’re waiting for your Virgo ex-girlfriend to regret losing you, never let it show.

She will not come back because you’re pining over her.

She will only come back when she knows that you’ve moved on and are doing well without her.

So what must you do? You must show her that you’re fine and that you don’t need her to come back.

Never try to pry her out of your love by being needy.

Replay your memories — go through your old text messages, or read love notes or poems that you wrote for her.

Don’t be in a rush to find someone else, because you don’t have to do it right away.

She’ll have all the time in the world to miss you and regret leaving you behind when she finds out that you’re okay without her.

5) Stay clear of her in person.

She’s a Virgo woman and she’s always thinking.

If you try to be with her in person, she’ll start to feel that you’re still trying to win her over.

She might even assume that you’re trying to make her jealous or get back together with you on the sly.

You must let your love for each other remain as a sweet but distant memory until she realizes how much she misses you.

You can talk to each other and remain friends, but don’t overdo this.

If the conversation goes beyond five minutes, she might start to feel smothered by your presence because you’re trying to make her miss you.

She needs to miss you on her terms, at her own pace. Give her that time.

Don’t try to win her back until you have a clear picture of how she feels about you.

If she’s not trying to get back together with you, don’t try to force it. She’ll eventually come around if she knows that you’re fine without her.

Which gets us to the next tip below.

6) Act as if you’re happier without her.

If you want to make your Virgo ex-girlfriend regret leaving you, then don’t be passive.

You need to take control of the situation and make sure that she knows that the break-up was a mistake.

Show her that you’re moving on with your life and that she’s no longer in the picture.

Don’t just tell her that you’re happy without her, show her.

Show it to her by continuing with your life.

She needs to see that you’re always full of smiles and that nothing could bring you down because she left you behind.

Bide your time but keep reminding yourself of what made her fall in love with you in the first place.

Do things that she loved, but don’t let things get serious. It’s better to keep the relationship light and fun.

This will be a healthy reminder that you’re fine without her and she’ll regret leaving you behind.

7) Give her space; let her breathe.

Don’t rush things — let her take the time that she needs to miss you, and give yourself the time to move on.

It’s better to let things cool off rather than to rush things and make things complicated.

Let her come back when she’s ready, not before.

So what should you do?

Don’t call her every day, don’t message her and don’t try to be in touch with her every second.

Only call or message her once a week to give the impression that you’re still close.

Allow her to miss you and have regrets over losing you.

Let her miss you — let her regret breaking up with you, and don’t be the type of person who’s always calling or messaging the person who broke up with them.

8) Keep them “in the loop”

If you’re not sure if she misses you, send a short text or email that says nothing about her.

At first, she will be a bit confused, and later in the conversation, she will mention how much she has missed you.

Make it natural to talk about how much you miss her too, then say goodbye before ending the conversation and never talk to her again.

It’s working already!

Make them regret the day they let you go. First, don’t be too rational. They’re not.

Don’t fight with them. They don’t want to be fighting with you over their “love”.

Give them space but not too much. Give them enough time to miss you and be thinking of you while they’re out doing whatever it is they do when they leave your life.

This will open some regrets in their heart.

9) Manipulate their emotions by the opposite behavior.

This is a technique that works for both men and women. The difference is that men use it to their advantage and women use it to their disadvantage.

If you can master this method, then you’ll know how to make them regret breaking up with you in the first place without them realizing how much they’re missing you.

In effect, you’ll be treating her exactly as she treated you — coldly and emotionally detached.

Act cold to her and don’t even give her a chance to miss you. Call her once a week and never show interest in what she’s doing/saying.

Get as little information through the conversation as you possibly can.

Even if you know that she wants to talk more, don’t allow it. End the call before things get too personal.

She’ll be very curious about your actions and this will make her miss you.

With this, she’ll regret the day she broke up with you.

10) They’ll regret it more if you make them wait.

If your Virgo ex-girlfriend is upset about losing you, don’t show up two weeks after the breakup happened.

If you show up too soon, then she might not give you a chance to miss her.

Wait at least two weeks — this is how the calculations should go. If she still misses you two weeks after leaving, then call her and tell her how much you miss her.

She’ll have a hard time trying to forget about you because it’ll take time for her to realize that she’s missing you.

11) Make your life better.

Nobody wants to date someone who doesn’t look like they have their life together.

If you’re still single, then start dating. Make sure that your love life is perfect before trying to get her back.

When she sees how amazing your life is, she’ll be jealous and regret everything about breaking up with you.

Stay happy but don’t be too happy because that’s a bit creepy. Treat all other women as if they’re just friends who are more on the side of acquaintances.

And lastly,

12) Love yourself.

If you can’t love yourself, then you shouldn’t expect a Virgo to love you.

Always stay positive and never let anything bring you down because that’s when you lose sight of what’s important when it comes to life.

Remember that she is single because she failed in her quest for love. It’s not your problem or responsibility, so don’t feel bad about it.

But if you love yourself, then she’ll realize that you’re worth being loved and when she realizes that, she’ll regret leaving you.

You don’t have to tell her this — just let her find out on her own.

So there you have it!

12 steps you can use to get your Virgo ex to regret losing you.

It’s not too hard, but it’s not easy either. It takes patience and determination — two things that most ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends don’t have when they’re trying to win their ex back.

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