11 ways to know if it’s your twin flame or your soul mate

You’ve met someone who you are attracted to, but somehow you are very confused about it. We’ve all heard about soul mates.

It is something we read and talked about during the years of growing up and going into our mature years. However, what happens when the connection with your special someone is too intense and you cannot put it in any box?

Well, your crush may be your twin flame. Here are some things that will help you decide in with box should you put your story into!

1) It feels so familiar

Twin flame souls were once one. Meeting a person that you like so much and that you simply understand on numerous levels is a blessing.

This means that when you meet your twin flame, you will instantly feel recognition like you are coming back home after a long time. The person you like will also have similar things happening in the past, so you will instantly bond over the sorrows that you’ve had to go through.

This feeling is very appealing, especially for people who have been gone through some hardships in life. For them, finding a piece of home in another person is a miracle.

On the other hand, if the person you like is truly your soul mate, you will feel closeness almost instantly, but it will be on a more spiritual level. You don’t have to be sexually attracted to your soul mate.

It can be your friend or a colleague that you simply click with. It does not necessarily refer to a love relationship.

This initial contact can be a way for you to determine if you’ve met your twin flame or soul mate. Take a closer look at the way you feel and behave around him or her.

If you are very calm and are able to keep your composure just fine, then you’ve met your soul mate.

2) The sexual tension is unbearable

One thing that characterizes twin flame relationships is the sexual tension that can be noticed from afar. If you simply cannot take your hands away from each other, then you are probably a part of a twin flame relationship without even knowing it.

Every relationship starts with this phase and then moves on to another one after a while. However, when it comes to twin flames, this is not the phase.

It happens constantly because that is the nature of the relationship. If you can feel your twin communicating and even making love to you telepathically you should know that this is not something that will disappear.

It can go in another direction if your twin or you become too possessive, so you can spend some time apart, but the tension won’t go away.

It is a constant desire to get more physical closeness, more feel-good emotions, and the high of being with a person who knows you so well.

However, if your connection is not so magnetic, but you feel good when you are together, then you’ve been lucky enough to find your soul mate. The feeling is so good that you simply feel in tune with the world and with a clear vision about where you should go.

It is a feeling of being connected with another human being on a deeper level. You will feel calmness and serenity when you are together.

It is not explosive or tense, but it is the beauty of it – this relationship won’t drain all your emotions, but it will shower you with positive emotions and energy.

3) It brings out the worst in you

If this rings a bell, congratulations. You’ve now entered your own personal purgatory.

Meeting a twin flame is like putting a mirror in front of you. The person in front of you will mirror all your flaws as a human being.

You will often be completely astonished by what you see. Since twin flames are so similar, seeing your characteristics in someone else can simply drive you insane.

Meeting ourselves is not easy since most of us struggle with ego on a daily basis. Seeing so clearly that we are not anywhere perfect can be a wake-up call to change something about our behavior and the way the world sees us.

This is why a relationship with a twin flame can bring the worst in you. If you’ve noticed that every time you are together, you are jealous, possessive, controlling, too needy, or childish; you are now in the phase when you must face all of the negative sides of your personality.

Keep in mind that this introspection happens while you are in love, attracted to someone you simply cannot chase away from your mind. It is a recipe for chaos, but it is worth it.

A twin flame is a person who comes into our lives to help us lose the “bad” traits of our personalities, so we can live a much more fulfilled life.

On the other hand, there is a relationship with a soul mate. In comparison to the twin flame relationship, this is like a day in the spa vs. a ship in a storm.

Considering that the soul mate is someone who is very similar to you, you are probably cuddling all day, watching movies, making plans, and simply enjoying life.

The purpose of a soul mate is to brighten our lives and make them much better, so we can feel comfortable in our own skin. The feeling is priceless.

4) The relationship is hectic

If you break up almost on a daily basis, then you surely know how hectic a relationship with your twin flame can be. It is so confusing and it is a true emotional roller-coaster.

When you are with a twin flame, you can never know what to expect. Any reason can be an occasion for a fight.

It can get pretty intense very fast. This is why this type of relationship is very demanding and it can truly be a challenge.

You will find yourself in a situation that you will want to get back together, but as soon as you start seeing each other again, you will fight again.

If you can’t stay away for too long far from each other, then you are definitely in a relationship with your twin flame. You should know that the purpose of being with your twin flame is not to drive you mad, but to help you get to know yourself.

All the highs and lows of being in this kind of relationship can bring you closer to your own personal truths. You will realize what kind of things you want and don’t want, what you can tolerate and what is not acceptable.

You will hit your boundaries hard and see where your patience ends and when the rage starts.

However, if you meet your soul mate, the emotions are more moderate. The oscillations are not so extreme.

The fights are not so brutal, so your self-image won’t be shattered into thousand little pieces. Instead, your self-worth and confidence will steadily increase by the fact that you feel good and that your emotions are stable.

It is simply another type of relationship; it hits the different areas of your personality. The relationship with a soul mate is much gentler on the nerves and the surroundings.

There are no fights with the flying plates all over the place, just a satisfying relationship of two loving people.

5) It will push you beyond your wildest dreams

The reason why we get a chance to meet our twin flame is that they need to teach us something. This is why you will be pushed to your limits and beyond, so you can truly get to know yourself completely.

Even though it can be a true challenge, it can help you grow as a person. If you push through and manage to keep a cool head you will be proud of yourself and the way you went through all ordeals.

You can be sure that the challenges won’t stop until all your negative characteristics don’t see the light of the day. It is a pretty painful process, so just bear with it.

On the other hand, there is a relationship with a soul mate. This type of relationship will also help you grow, but this progress will be much slower and gentler.

There will be no explosive fights, breakups, yelling, and crying. Completely opposite – it is a relationship of two people in love who enjoy being in each other’s company and nurturing each other patiently.

It is a pretty dreamy version when compared to the relationship with the twin flame.

6) It can get toxic

The twin flame relationship is quite challenging. It can push all your buttons and turn you into a complete beast.

It is not a perfect way to be in a relationship nor is healthy to be in one for a long time. The phase of cleaning out all the negativities should last for a short while when you will release the entire burden and move on.

If the phase gets prolonged and you realize that you are too controlling, yelling all the time, even getting into a physical clash, then you’ve entered the ugliest part of the twin flame world. This means that you will stop acknowledging the boundaries of another human being and that you are simply not behaving in a way you would ever wish for.

Being in each other’s face all the time, being rude, demanding what you believe you deserve can cause this toxicity all around you too and it can also spread to your friends.

If you recognize that you are in the middle of a toxic relationship, then it is time for you to think about your behavior and the ways you can get back to your senses and move on. The consequences of being in a toxic relationship can be pretty serious – from the possibility to get hurt physically to experiencing traumas that are hard to treat later on.

On the other hand, a relationship with a soul mate rarely gets into these areas of the human soul. The relationship is mostly about high vibes, deep appreciation of another human being, and respecting boundaries at all times.

This doesn’t mean that there are no fights at all, it just means that they are civil. If you are respectful while fighting and you are managing to stay cool, then you are in a relationship with the person who is appreciating you as a human being worthy of love.

It certainly has its advantages, but bear in mind that the purpose of these 2 relationships is not the same. Each one happens for a reason.

7) There will be less air to breathe

Being with a person who you want to be with constantly and get physical 24/7 can be exciting but also very frustrating because it is not realistic. The constant desire and the need to be close will suck the air out of the room.

This can cause all kinds of other symptoms. You will feel frustrated and stressed out, which will ignite the fights, and then it will be less air to breathe.

It is simply a process that doesn’t have a beginning or an end. It is a cycle that will make you feel like there is no air anywhere around you.

It can get pretty hard to keep your head high and think clearly. It can truly take everything you have emotionally.

However, this doesn’t happen or happens very rarely when you are involved with a soul mate. Simply, there is no urgency to be together, there is a certain flow of calmness that can be very inspirational.

There are no explosive reactions, no need to run, so all of this reflects on the way you will feel in this relationship.

8) It isn’t all about love

A twin flame relationship is not at all about love. It is about the sex, the emotional highs and lows, the closeness, and the challenges.

The purpose of it is to shake you up, so you can move on with your life lighter than you were before. This doesn’t mean that some twin flames don’t stay together.

On the contrary, it is very possible and it happens, although rarely. Love is at the very bottom of the list in case it even makes it to one.

Making it a goal to stay together is not wise at all. It is better to see what you can do to become a better human being and increase your chances to be a more content version of yourself.

However, soul mates are all about love. It is the priority, the reason all the problems are resolved, and the reason love birds are looking forward to the future.

Keep in mind though that you cannot choose what you will get. Sometimes we need to meet our twin flame, so we face all our demons before turning to a sunnier part of life.

Things happen for a reason, you just need to find out what the reason is. Give it time and see how you can learn from it.

9) You may feel pain often

This is a special kind of pain that you’ve never had a chance to taste before. You will have heartache and all the physical pain you can imagine.

All the yearning and chasing will certainly cause all kinds of issues in your life and can even impact your health. This all happens because it is not easy to want someone, but constantly be left dry and being confused almost all the time.

It is supposed to be like that because it is the only way to get past it and truly breathe in all the air and the happiness.

We can only feel true happiness after looking the pain straight into the eye. There is no way around it or over it.

You will need to face this stage head-on and accept it as a normal stage of life. It will challenge for sure and you will ask yourself at times if you are on Mars.

During this stage, everything will feel weird and difficult, but after this stage is over, you will get to something resembling happiness. It is a satisfaction of the ego and the physical body.

On the other hand, the goal of the relationship with a soul mate is not to feel pain, but happiness and comfort in all kinds of ways. It is all about showing affection and helping out in every way possible.

Spending time together will feel like the most magnificent thing in the world. It will simply feel like a soft blanket on a rainy day, so comfy and good.

10) You will feel in sync

The relationship between twin flames is like it is out of this world. Everything you are thinking about will pop up in your twin’s head.

It can sometimes feel like a twilight zone because you will probably feel like you have a spy in your mind. Even if you’ve never believed in telepathy, you will start to believe it now.

Twin flames are one soul in two bodies, so don’t be surprised if you start thinking about a movie you would like to see and then receive an invitation to go. Whatever you start thinking about, you will hear from your twin.

It is a communication between two minds that are in sync and vibrating on the same level in this universe. It is the dance between two halves of the soul that can’t wait to become one again.

The connection between soul mates is strong, but it is mostly based on good communication and reading hints between the lines.

Even though it is not so cosmic and magnetic, it can get pretty strong and fulfilling. When someone makes the effort to get to know you better that can truly be satisfying.

11) Physical connection is divine

The physical manifestation of the affection between two flames can truly be explosive. The Kundalini energy released during the physical contact can be very eruptive and powerful.

Knowing what your twin likes and practically being able to read his mind will help you achieve a new level of enjoyment.

It can flow over the other aspects of the relationship as well and help in the spiritual journey by giving inspiration. This enormous energy can shed new light on your flaws and virtues, so it can give you insights into what you need to work on.

The physical contact with a soul mate is comforting and relaxing. It is certainly enjoyable, but there is no rush to get more immediately.

It is simply surrendering to the feeling of happiness and the closeness that rarely happens between people. The communication is a little bit different because there is no mind-reading.

On the contrary, it needs a little bit of work, so instead of working on the telepathic abilities, you will need to work on your communication skills.

The fact that you will spend so much quality time with no explosive fights can certainly have a good impact on the level of your closeness and the overall quality of the relationship.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are some differences between a relationship with a twin flame and a soul mate. Each type of these relationships has its advantages and disadvantages; there is no doubt about it.

However, the most important thing is to keep in mind is that this is the time to enjoy and work on your own personality by opening your mind to new concepts. Twin flame and a soul mate are both there to teach you a lesson and bring you closer to your true self.

Embrace each experience and try to make the most of it. There is no way to order the type of relationship you want.

Simply, spread your wings and enjoy the journey!

Azra Jovicic

Azra Jovicic

I am Azra Jovicic and I love writing about psychology and wellness. I am just trying to make the sense of the world and share with others the things I’ve found out.

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