Meditating on the heart chakra: 14 incredible benefits

Since the heart chakra is the expression of all the aspects involving love, all of us can benefit from the exploration of this energy point in our bodies.

The heart chakra helps us become aware of the personal and physical ways in which we show love, and also how the universe loves and aids us in self-acceptance.

But that’s not all…

Without further ado, these are the fourteen benefits that meditating on the heart chakra brings into our lives, that maybe you haven’t heard about.

14 amazing benefits of meditating with the heart chakra

1) Your manifestations will come in faster

One of the best ways to learn to focus on the positive side of things and create good experiences is to awaken the heart chakra energy.

When manifesting with the law of attraction, one of the key elements is being able to feel what would be like to have the things we desire. So, a crucial factor is to feel our emotions.

What does this do?

Basically, it attracts what we want to ourselves, it works like a magnet.

When our heart chakra is opened and we align our emotions with the universe, taking advantage of his infinite energy, our manifestations grow more powerful.

In a nutshell, we are limitless.

The key feelings are gratitude and faith, and having an open heart chakra highlights those emotions in us.

We become conscious manifesting humans by joining our personal power with that of the universe.

2) You’ll be more open to others

Experiencing a deep connection with others in this world, and not only those close to us is a powerful way to know how open our heart chakra is.

We don’t mean only people, but nature as well—animals and plants, and even non-physical beings, like spirits.

Another aspect is that, when meeting new people, we will be more open to forming a connection with them. Let’s remember that every person who comes into our life has a purpose beyond ourselves.

In short, we will be richer by experiencing the contrast and the diversity that different people can bring into our lives.

Aside from that, our connection with ourselves will be better. We’ll enjoy spending time in nature, aware of how powerful the Earth’s energy is and how we contribute to this planet.

One of the signs that our heart chakra is opening is that we will start noticing the color green. Nature, with its lushly green colors, will be a tempting call for us.

Even if we live in the desert, we’ll feel more drawn to spend time outside, in silence, grateful for the things surrounding us.

3) You’ll be able to build healthier relationships

There will be positive changes in all your relationships when you begin the work of opening your heart chakra through meditation:

  • Regarding romantic relationships, when your heart chakra is open, the chances of attracting a healthy, conscious partner will increase.
  • If you’re already in a relationship, you will experience a positive change with your partner.
  • Toxic partnerships that drain your energy will fizzle out and fade easily, helping you become your best version.
  • Conscious relationships will be easier to get into when you open yourself to the energy and wisdom of the heart chakra because you start thinking from a higher perspective, that of unconditional love.
  • Your self-esteem will peak: the love you have for yourself will now pour onto others, helping you give and receive love with happiness and celebrate life.
  • Relationships will now be a pleasure, not a chore, and not something you need to validate your experience.
  • You will feel more energized by this positive change.
  • You will learn to love your partner better, respecting their personality and their wishes.

4) You will relax more easily

Peace and quietness are privileges in such a noisy world.

When you meditate on your heart chakra and open yourself to that energy, you will start experiencing those quiet, relaxed moments.

You will be able to feel more, to live through things instead of thinking through every experience you get.

Your mental chatter will diminish as your heart opens.

Your ability to stay focused on the present will increase, and you won’t feel the need to think about the past and the future all the time.

This naturally decreases anxiety and worries. Instead, you will gracefully live your life in the now.

5) Letting go and releasing old energies will become easier

Many of us hold grudges close to our hearts.

Do you?

This way of thinking only hurts our heart chakra.

Freedom and empowerment come from letting go of old grudges, resentment, and past hurt.

A healed heart chakra allows us to move on and stay healthy, especially when it comes to our thoughts and emotions.

On the other hand, an energy block on the heart chakra will make us resentful of even the people we love the most. Especially them.

It will also affect our relationship with ourselves. Our mistakes will not be forgivable, we won’t learn the lessons we’re meant to learn to evolve.

6) You will not judge others

Acceptance of ourselves and others is a powerful tool.

When you open your heart chakra, your perspective will change. You will be more accepting of whatever’s happening in your life because you know the universe has your back.

You will answer the challenges and differences with ease, opening your heart and knowing nothing can really hurt you.

Negative experiences will come and go as you cherish the positives of everything.

The same will happen to your perceptions of people, friends, family, and the newcomers in your life.

You won’t judge them.

As such, your state of love and faith in the power of your heart chakra will make you notice how blessed you are.

You will understand the lessons you have to learn to move on to the next great moment in your life.

7) Intimacy won’t scare you off

Perhaps intimacy is the most challenging thing in these times.

There’s all the noise around us, pulling us in different directions, making us see red flags where there are none.

Sometimes, we might even mistake intimacy for physical closeness.

Intimacy goes beyond that: it’s the act of getting vulnerable with someone, of letting the other person know our emotions.

It’s the act of showing vulnerability.

When your heart chakra is blocked or hurt, it’s challenging to connect in that way with other people.

8) Your generosity will increase

Generosity is the quality of being kind, of giving to others.

We don’t mean money, no.

Generosity is a more profound characteristic. You can be generous with your time, wisdom, love, etc.

Opening your heart chakra through meditation will help you experience the endless generosity of the universe, and you will share it as well.

You won’t give from the feeling of “need” anymore, expecting something in return. Instead, you will be certain that your generosity is as endless as the universe.

That feeling of deep connections with others coming from our heart chakra helps the perception of  “lack” to fade away.

In sharing ourselves openly, we help strengthen the connection of the universe with everyone else.

When you are generous, the power of attraction grows. You will experience blessings you didn’t even know you could experience before opening your heart chakra.

9) You will be more compassionate

Compassion is another sign to look for when you start meditating from the heart chakra.

Instead of jumping to the worst-case scenario and judging others harshly, you will be compassionate.

Differences, even important ones, won’t be a cause of grief and rage for you.

You will cultivate forgiveness and truthfulness and let go of all the hurt someone else might have left you with.

Instead, loving, fresh energy will fill your life with light.

But, wait!

We don’t mean you will forgive and forget, no.

That would only damn you to experience the same thing over and over again.

Instead, what we mean is that you will learn and let go quickly. There will be less pain, and less collateral damage because you will process your emotions with more ease.

Forgiveness isn’t about lack of boundaries but the benefit it brings into your life and the people surrounding you.

That’s the power of an open heart chakra.

10) There will be lots of synchronicities

You know those times, right?

Those times when the clock is at 11:11 for the third time that week. Or when you ask for a sign to the universe and a butterfly lands on your hand.

Those meaningful coincidences are what we call synchronicities.

The repetitions are symbolic; they’re the proof of your manifestations, a positive message from your spirit guides, and even a warning to correct your path before it’s too late.

It can even start previous to receiving great news, like a dream job opportunity.

For some, it can feel as if they’re lucky all the time.

Opening your heart chakra through meditation lets the energy flow better and experience more of those synchronicities.

11) Your emotions will deepen

Emotions are sometimes shocking in their intensity.

They are also innate to us, to how we view life and what happens in it.

Certain events can trigger our emotions, and then our brain interprets them.

However, sometimes we can experience things in our bodies that trigger an emotional response. This is intimately related to the heart chakra.

One of the most significant benefits of meditating with your heart chakra is how deep your emotions become.

Although this deep emotional state can be overwhelming, don’t be afraid! It’s just your heart chakra balancing and opening.

The emotions you will experience will be positive: optimism, gratitude, happiness, and belonging will be some of them.

12) The presence of others will be a source of joy

A closed heart chakra often means we don’t want to see or hear about other people.

We tend to isolate, to stay in our room, door closed, windows shut.

However, opening our heart chakra helps us come off that state and start enjoying good times with our loved ones.

13) You will perceive your highest self

A simple way to define the higher self is to see it as consciousness and embodiment of the best perspective you can have in every aspect of your life.

Opening your heart chakra and meditating with its energy will help you clear that connection, allowing you to experience a better mindset coming from your higher self.

Our hearts are the center of our feelings, and we receive truth through them.

Our hearts go beyond all the logic our brains want to put into them.

The heart chakra doesn’t have a filter or a way to rationalize things. It’s pure feeling, pure energy.

With the heart chakra, we experience the love and generosity of the universe.

14) You will be free of trust issues

By trusting yourself, your distrust in other disappear. You understand that they’re prisoners of their own actions and have nothing to do with you.

This is what meditating with the heart chakra does. It helps you trust yourself more.

You understand through healing that not everyone is out to get you or betray you.

What is the heart chakra?

All our chakras, or the energy centers in our bodies, are called “Anahata” in Sanskrit. It means “Unhurt, undefeated, unstruck.”

The fourth primary chakra is in Anahata, where we find the love we give to ourselves and others. It’s the storage room for empathy, forgiveness, and compassion.

All the joy and love in the world are connected to the Anahata chakra.

There are no words that can truly encompass all Anahata means, all you can experience by opening it. The Anahata chakra is the origin of deep truths.

What’s even more important: Anahata links the lower and the upper chakras. It connects the physical and the spiritual together.

Here are some reasons why balancing your Anahata chakra helps you in many ways.

How to: Anahata chakra meditation

You don’t need several hours a day to experience the benefits of opening your heart chakra and meditating with its energy.

Here is the step-by-step process that will help you in just a few minutes.

You will nurture yourself with love and acceptance.

Sit in a comfortable position

Make sure you’re comfortable before starting to meditate. Your spine has to be straight, your shoulders relaxed, and your chest open.

Take a deep breath. As you’re inhaling, put your palms together. Press the knuckles of your thumbs into the sternum.

That’s where your Anahata chakra is located.

Close your eyes slightly

Focus on your breathing, on your body moves with each breath.

If you get distracted, don’t worry. Gently guide your thoughts back to your breathing.

Let go of any other distractions as they arise, and believe us, they will.

It’s all part of the process.

Rub your palms together

Place one palm over your heart, another over your belly. Close your eyes.

Focus on the feeling in your chest, the warm energy residing there.

It’s light and comfortable.

Focus on the center of your chest

The energy of the heart chakra is green.

Allow the green light in your mind to grow brighter, helping it by breathing deeply.

Pay attention to it, and continue noticing how your breath flows into your heart.

Visualize the light through your chest.

From the center of your body to the rest of it, this light will flow and fill every dark corner.

You are safe, and you are loved.

Start with a mantra

If you’re ready, start reciting this mantra: “I love myself, and I forgive myself. I am who I am meant to be.”

Let your heart remain light and positive. Let the universe shower you with its love, surrounding you with it.

Remain in this state for as long as you can, noticing how warm and encompassing it feels.

When you’re done, move your hands away from the initial position.

Finish the meditation

When you want to stop the meditation, you can lift your arms and connect with the higher energy.

When you exhale, connect with the earth and its loving energy by pressing your palms to the ground.

Take a few moments to stay calm and positive.

Good on you!

Affirmations for the Anahata Chakra

Whether you put on calming music or not, reciting affirmations helps to focus your attention on one point.

Remember that you’re trying to heal this energy center in your body, so be intentional about it.

Here we give you some affirmations to try while you’re meditations. Feel free to add more to the list!

  • I guide my actions with the light of love;
  • I am full of love, and so is my heart;
  • I am home. I have arrived;
  • I am aligned with the frequency of the universe, the frequency of love;
  • I approach everything with compassion and courage;
  • I forgive others;
  • I forgive myself;
  • I am fully open to giving and receiving love;
  • I am worthy of love and compassion;
  • I deeply love myself;
  • I fully accept myself and others as they are.

Heart chakra meditation: hand mudras

Hand mudras are special positions in which to put the hands, to enhace different kinds of energies.

This is why meditating and adding hand mudras to the practice is so good to stay focused on our intentions.

Every hand mudra has a unique effect that helps you achieve your goals.

Each of the seven chakras has their correspondent hand mudra, which helps the energy flow better. This way, the blockages are easier to cleanse.

Here are some hand mudras specific for the Anahata chakra:

1) Prana Mudra

Start by joining the tips of your pinky, ring, and thumb fingers. Keep the index and middle fingers straight.

This mudra will give you more energy and activate the dormant energy centers in your body.

2) Dhyan Mudra

Join the tips of your thumbs and place your palms face up. Place them on top of each other and on your lap. The right hand should be on top of the left.

The right hand represents spirituality, while the left illusions.

Lord Buddha is famously seen in this mudra because it helps people to experience a deep state of serenity and focus.

3) Hridaya Mudra

Put your index finger over the base of your thumb. The tip of the thumb has to touch the tips of the middle and ring finger.

In this position, palms facing up, put your hands over your knees while you meditate.

This mudra helps us release emotional stress, opening the heart.

How to tell when your heart chakra is blocked

A blocked chakra affects the entire body, both physical and spiritual.

This is why many people argue that blocked chakras can cause disease.

Did you know this?

The Anahata Chakra is related to the heart, chest, arms, hands, and lungs.

It’s normal to suffer from high or low blood pressure and poor circulation when this chakra is blocked.

Bronchitis and constant colds are also part of it.

The impact can also be felt in our minds. Blocked energy is profoundly affecting.

When this chakra is blocked, we can be co-dependent, manipulative, and have low self-esteem and trust issues.

Here are even more signs:

  • Excessive jealousy;
  • Defensiveness over little things;
  • Fear of intimacy;
  • Feeling as the savior or the victim, no in-betweens.

Balancing the heart chakra

The good news is that whatever has been blocked, we can unblock it.

Here are some tips:

  • Practicing gratitude. One of the simplest ways to do so is to keep a journal in which we write what we’re grateful for every day;
  • Practicing loving and kind forms of meditation;
  • Drinking rose tea and cacao. These help to open the heart;
  • Writing down and reciting heart-opening affirmations;
  • Using crystals that increase loving energy in our entire chakra system.

Which one of these comes easier to you?

In addition to most pink crystals, some crystals that may be beneficial for the heart chakra include:

  • Jade: Balancing emotions;
  • Rhodochrosite: releasing trauma and fear;
  • Rose quartz: highlighting self-love and peace;
  • Malachite: Protection and love;
  • Amazonite: Harmony.

Having a healthy chakra system does wonder for our mental and physical wellbeing.

An open Anahata chakra allows us to experience the freedom and happiness that comes with endless true love.

Unblocking the heart chakra through yoga

Yoga is wonderful when it comes to working the energy of the chakras through physical activities.

Some yoga poses, or asanas, help us open our hearts.

These are the best three poses when we need to activate the fourth chakra:

  • Ustrasana (the camel pose): Start by kneeling position with your knees hip-width apart. The top of your feet should be flat on the mat. Place your hands on your lower back. Shift your gaze up and slowly begin leaning back. You have to reach for your heels. Take several breaths before moving on to the next asana.
  • Salamba Bhujangasana (the Sphynx pose): Lie on your stomach and place your elbows underneath your shoulders. Push your shoulder blades down and lift your chest, putting the weight on your forearms.
  • Take several breaths down into your abdomen before starting another pose.
  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (the bridge pose): Begin lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the mat. With your arms by your sides and your hands pressed to the ground, inhale. Press your weight into your feet, and lift your hips to the sky. Hold for three to five breaths. Exhale and lower your body before continuing.

Empowerment and comfort in our own bodies are also part of healing the heart chakra.

Is it normal to cry during heart chakra meditation?


Remember that your energy starts by balancing itself first. Crying is just part of that process.

By crying, you release yourself from all the pent-up emotions.

Negative experiences are stored in your body as much as positive ones.

Some people have difficulty crying, but it’s necessary if they want to release these blockages.

Meditation opens the door to our subconscious.

There reside all our hidden emotions and wounds we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel.

This is why you will cry.

Also, the tears don’t always have to have a negative reason behind them.

You can cry from happiness, pleasure, and bliss.

No matter the reason why, let your tears flow.

Your feelings are valid, you deserve to experience them, and, most of all, you deserve to let them go.

Don’t stop meditating only because you’ve started crying.


Having a heart Anahata chakra helps tremendously to see the beauty in the world and ourselves.

You can activate, cleanse, and release the stagnant energy in your body through meditation.

Keep your heart chakra healthy if you need mental and physical balance.

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