Good looks alone can’t make you attractive: There’s so much more to it

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You can be the most good looking person in the room, but if you’re insecure, selfish, and spiteful, you will be the most unlovable.

1. Know who you are.

Much of our insecurities and doubts come from our lack of identity. When we let other people define us, our identities become fragile. So when they disappoint or hurt us, it’s easy for us to break and fall apart.

The first step to becoming truly beautiful from the inside is to know who you truly are. What’s your purpose? What are your needs, dreams, desires—things that weren’t given to you by the society or the people you surround with.

Take time to go on a self-discovery journey. Because when you know who you really are, everything else becomes easier.

2. Realize your worth.

You are the only one who can define your worth.

If you keep believing you’re only worth mediocre relationships, you will continue having toxic relationships with people.

When you let others define your value, you become vulnerable to them.

But when you know who you are, when you know your worth, you develop your own power. You’ll know what you offer on the table and you don’t tolerate any less than you deserve. You create strong and healthy boundaries so people know to respect you.

You may not control how others perceive you, but you can control how you think of yourself. And when you know you’re worthy of love and admiration, people will start believing it, too.

3. Love who you are.

We all spend so much time trying to convince people to love us. But what we should be really doing is building a kind and loving relationship with ourselves.

We all have to face this brutal truth one day: No amount of adoration and love from someone else will match the love we give ourselves.

What makes people beautiful is the joy that radiates from within—the kind of joy that comes from unwavering self-love.

4. Be unapologetic.

Being unapologetic means learning how to embrace your truth. It’s about living an authentic life that suits your vision, not anybody else’s.

Instead of spending so much time worrying about how everybody else thinks of you, keep doing your own thing.

Live an unapologetic life. Do things because you want to. Look the way you want to look. Love people the way you want to love them. Get a job that gives you meaning.

Don’t give other people any power over the way you want to live your life.

5. Live in the now.

“Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Another thing you should stop worrying so much about is the future.

Sure, it’s important to build your life now in a way that produces a secure future. But it’s not good to overthink bad things that will probably never happen.

You have to have a balance of thinking about your future, but never forgetting to live your life as it happens now.

6. Surround yourself with authentic and happy people

You might not think much of it: but the people you surround yourself with can influence how attractive you are.

Think about it. If you are constantly surrounded by toxic, selfish, and unmotivated people, who would want to be with you? No one wants to be anywhere near that toxic environment.

But if the people in your life are happy, authentic, and genuine, others will be drawn to you because of all that positive energy.

So be more careful about who you let into your inner circle. Cut off any negativity from your life, even if that sometimes means letting people go.

7. Live a healthy life.

And I don’t mean just eat right and exercise. I mean try to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Work on yourself instead of focusing on how others perceive you. Work on yourself from the inside out. Find meaning in everything you set out to do. Go soul-searching. Learn how to be grateful for the little things. Do things with intention.

Practice the art of loving and taking care of yourself above everything else. Realize that your purpose in life isn’t to be attractive so that people will love you. Your purpose in life is to live it on your own terms.

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