What does the Four of Cups really mean? The brutal truth

The Four of Cups is a tarot card that represents the cardinal points of the solar system. It is also known as The Tower and The Hermit.

This card is considered to be one of the most important tarot cards because it tells the story of the journey of a person from innocence to experience.

Do you want to know more?

Read on to find out what this mystic card can mean for your life.

The Four of Cups tarot card meaning

The card known as The Four of Cups is a major arcana card in the Tarot deck. It is considered to be one of the most important tarot cards because it tells the story of the journey of a person from innocence to experience.

The Four of Cups represents a person who has grown into an adult and has experienced much in life. This tarot card is usually accompanied by an image that shows this person sitting on a stump, surrounded by four cups that symbolize his or her experiences in life.

This illustration can also show that this person has lost his or her innocence, but he or she has grown strong and wise from these experiences.

The cups symbolize different things. One cup can represent a person’s wealth, another can symbolize love, another represents a person’s talents, and the last cup represents a person’s knowledge.

The Four of Cups is usually depicted as a man holding four cups. It shows that this person has gone through many experiences and still has much to learn.

This card usually represents those who are in their late teens or early twenties.

The Four of Cups card can also show those who are in their thirties or forties and have grown older but still has much to learn from life.

The Four of Cups is sometimes depicted as an old man with two cups in his hand instead of four cups. This symbolizes that this person has experienced more than what he or she has and has found wisdom from it.

Meaning of the Four of Cups upright

1. Your cup is full and you have a lot on your plate!

When this card appears upright, it could be that you’re dealing with a lot at the moment. so much so that you’re turning down invites or opportunities because you’ve just got so much going on.

It could also mean that you’re feeling a little down, maybe because of all the things you have to do and all the things that life is throwing at you.

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now, and you might even feel like giving up.

But don’t.

You’ll just have to work through it, and eventually, things will get better.

2. How do you know, for sure?

The interpretations in this article will give you a great overall picture of the Four of Cups, however a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a real gifted advisor.

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3. Ground yourself and don’t make hasty decisions

The Four of Cups is a card that tends to mean a lot of things to different people.

If you’re reading for someone and the Four of Cups shows up, it could be the sign that they are in the midst of a lot of change.

It could also be that they are dealing with a loss or some kind of transition. Maybe someone has died and now they’re having a difficult time with grief.

The loss doesn’t necessarily have to mean death. Perhaps they’ve broken up with a lover, lost their job, or have lost money.

Alternatively, there are things you need to decide.

The Four of Cups indicate that you will be making this decision in the near future.

You must choose wisely, as it is important for your future to go in the right direction now and not later.

A good way to know the outcome of this card is to look at your past.

You may have a similar situation happen again in the future and you’ll be able to see it coming.

This is a sign that you need to do something now.

4. Find your purpose.

Do you feel like you’re merely just surviving and not thriving? Perhaps you’ve lost interest in things you used to enjoy and find yourself bored with life.

If this is the case, the Four of Cups is asking that you look inward and find your true passion.

You need to find something that you love and that you feel is important.

This card can be a sign from the universe that your purpose in life is to make a difference.

It could also mean that you have lost touch with your inner voice and are no longer listening to it.

You need to start listening again and let yourself be guided by your heart, rather than by other people’s opinions or expectations of you.

5. It’s ok to let guard down

This card might also represent past experiences and events that cause you great disappointment. Due to this, you’ve built up walls to protect yourself from experiencing this again.

The Four of Cups is giving you the reassurance that it’s ok to let your guard down.

The lessons learned from the past will guide you in making the right decisions. You need to start trusting again and stop being so cynical. Not everyone is out to get you.

The Four of Cups reversed meaning

1. A period of introspection awaits.

When this card appears reversed, it could signal that you’re going to experience a period of self-discovery.

Perhaps you’re not as social as you used to be and you prefer being on your own.

This is ok, just be sure not to cut yourself off from your loved ones completely. Take the time to figure out who and what you are and be kind to yourself!

But if you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings.

So instead of trying to figure this out on your own, speak to an advisor who’ll give you the guidance – and the answers – you’re looking for.

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2. You must face things head-on

Perhaps you feel withdrawn, apathetic, uninspired, and demotivated. You might also feel like you’re not able to face a certain issue. Know that the cards are showing you that problems in life are unavoidable. You cannot run away or hide from them and if you do this, it will just make it worse.

You need to stand your man and take it as it comes. In doing so, the outcome will be more favorable.

3. Pay attention to your relationship

You are loved.

Yet you do not feel worthy of love.

Because of this, you find yourself guarded and tend to push people away. The four of cups warn you not to continue doing so. The person you are pushing away loves you and you are hurting them way more than you think when you act like this.

It’s ok to trust again.

You have been hurt in the past and the fear you feel is normal. This is a very special person and won’t likely hurt you.

If you do not trust, you will not be able to receive love and it will always be a struggle for you to get it.

The Four of Cups love meaning

A time of a new beginning is here.

The Four of Cups indicates a time when you are going to have the opportunity to start over.

It might be meeting someone new if you are single, or, it could just be wiping the slate clean in your current relationship or marriage.

Perhaps you have been going through a long period of self-discovery and you finally feel ready to move on.

You will feel more motivated, confident, and open-minded in the future.

You’ll be able to see situations with a fresh perspective and accept them for what they are.

The Four of Cups meaning for twin flames

A time of healing…

The Four of Cups can also indicate a time when you will be able to heal and could indicate that your twin flame reunion is near.

Perhaps you’ve been hurt by a twin flame in the past and have been unable to forget them.

This is the time to let it go and move forward.

With a renewed sense of vigor and with clarity, you will find the strength to move forward and make a success of it.

The Four of Cups meaning for money and finances

A good time to invest your money, but only if you’re confident that it’s a good investment. If not, then don’t do it because things could turn out badly for you.

The Four of Cups meaning for health

A time when you are likely to be sick or injured. This can indicate an injury or sickness that has been lingering for a while and is finally becoming serious.

It can also indicate a new illness which means that your immune system is low, making it more vulnerable to things like the flu or colds.

Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat well, especially if you’re feeling under the weather. You may also want to ask your doctor about taking some supplements such

The Four of Cups career meaning

You are at a crossroads.

You have a choice to make:

1) You can continue to work on the same career and do the same thing you’ve always done.

2) You can start something new and fresh that you are passionate about in your life.

Regardless of which option you chose, you will be successful. If you’re afraid to do something new, maybe the timing isn’t quite right. Yet.

However, you need to be happy with what you do for the rest of your life otherwise you might have regrets further down the line.

The Four of Cups showing up in a reading

The Four of Cups can indicate that you are making decisions that are not in your best interest.

You might be putting off important decisions because you’re worried about the outcome.

This is a sign that you’re not being honest with yourself, and it’s time for you to stop and think about what’s really important to you.

You’re also not being honest with yourself about your feelings and what you want.

This is a sign that you need to learn to be more honest with yourself, so you can achieve your dreams and goals.

The bottom line

Hopefully, this guide will shed some light on what the Four of Cups might mean for you.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

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