Feeling someone’s presence when they are miles away? 10 reasons why and it what it means

​​Have you ever felt like they were sitting next to you and not actually in the same room? 

Or you were thinking about them and they called or texted? 

If these things happen to you, it’s called “psychic connection”. 

But, what does it mean? 

What does this phenomenon tell us about how we feel about those whom we love and care for? 

Does the feeling of psychic connection mean that there is something spiritual or extraterrestrial going on here or could there be a scientific explanation for this human experience? 

Here are 10 reasons why you can feel someone’s presence when they’re miles away and what it means.

1) You’re thinking of each other 

Have you ever felt someone squeeze your hand when they’re miles away? 

What about the sensation of feeling a soft kiss on your cheek? 

Those are examples of psychic connections that were initiated as a result of love, affection, and caring for one another.

When you’re thinking of someone, sometimes this mental energy can be sent across great distances and sometimes it can even manifest itself in your physical reality. 

The human mind is a powerful thing and it isn’t limited by the space-time continuum. 

The certain powers our minds have that we are unaware of can sometimes make us feel like people who are miles away are in the same room with us. 

The reason why this happens is because your brain connects with theirs and it sends a signal on what the other person is thinking about.

You are psychically connected to them, so you will often send out thoughts to them and they will be able to pick up these thoughts.

In short, you send each other thoughts that are created by your minds. 

Mind-blowing, right?

We may be able to see them or at least picture them in our minds.

It’s not just a hunch or just a feeling.

For example, even if you never have a chance to say goodbye, if you think about someone before going to sleep, they’ll be thinking of you too.

You are linked to each other on a deeper level than you realize.

Psychic connections are influenced by a variety of factors and it goes beyond friendship and love.

It’s nothing to do with the physical reality and it’s mainly about your feelings, thoughts, intentions about another person.

You don’t communicate in a normal way, but your minds have a different type of communication.

2) You have a strong connection

If you’re feeling a psychic connection to someone then it’s because:

  • The two of you are connected on a spiritual level
  • You have a strong and intimate bond built up over time

It may not just be your feelings, but physiologically speaking, people who have strong connections can feel the presence of those whom they love and care for.

The reason why this happens is because they have a strong bond that transcends time and space.

So, they feel like they’re often in the same room as each other even when they’re miles apart.

Many people believe that psychic connections are spontaneous and they can happen to anyone.

However, there has to be something stronger between you and the other person in order for it to manifest itself physically.

Whether it’s love or a deep friendship, there has to be an underlying bond in order for a psychic connection to take place. 

You share a common intention to communicate with each other.

For example, when you think of them, they will be thinking about you too. 

Psychic connections are not something that just happens to strangers but also to long-time couples or friends who have known each other for many years. 

3) You have the ability to sense their energy

Some people are naturally gifted with a sixth sense.

This sense allows them to feel the energy of other people.

They have this ability to sense their energy because they’re attuned on a spiritual level. 

Only if you have this special ability then you will be able to tune into the frequency of their mind when they are miles away from you. (More details in my next point)

Through your senses, you can see, hear, feel and smell things that are happening around you. 

You will always have the ability to sense people’s energy around you if you really want to. 

That’s because your senses give you access to the collective human energies on a conscious and subconscious level. 

And when someone has a strong psychic connection with someone else, their thoughts, feelings, and intentions can be transferred through their energy waves. 

This is how psychic connections are formed on a physical plane of existence. 

No matter how far they are away from you, you can usually sense what they’re thinking and feeling when they’re with you because of your psychic connection. 

It’s similar to being in the same room together even if they are on another floor or even across the globe. 

This feeling can be strong when you think about someone often and miss them dearly.

4) You’re both tuning into a common frequency

Have you ever felt like you were doing something with someone but you weren’t actually doing it? 

“When you are ready to connect with someone, they will be reachable because we all share the same frequency,” says Esther Chen, author of “The Secrets of Connecting with the Dead”. 

According to psychic medium Esther Chen, we share a common spiritual frequency with everyone else on this planet.

You might find this hard to believe.

But, whether you’re talking about a parent or your spouse, everyone on Earth is connected through the same unified energy. 

You know that feeling of knowing what someone is thinking, which is a result of mental energy and tuning into the frequency of their mind. 

It’s important for you to understand that psychic connection is not just about thinking about people when they are miles away from you.

Psychic connections happen on the level of thought for both parties involved. 

We are not just physically connected to those we love or care about.  

We are also mentally and emotionally connected too. 

That’s why our feelings, thoughts, and intentions impact each other subconsciously.

This is because your mind is sending out thoughts and energy waves, and their mind is picking up the same ones. 

So, there’s an unspoken connection between you that goes beyond space-time. 

It’s about your intention to communicate with them through thoughts. 

5) They miss you

Sometimes the feeling of being connected to someone who’s miles away from you can be a way to let that person know that you miss them.

It may not just be about love or friendship, but also about sadness.

According to some experts, missing someone can make people feel that they are physically close to one another. 

Whether it’s a parent, friend, or spouse, the strong feeling of love between the two of you will create an invisible bond. 

Psychic connections happen when people miss each other and their hearts long for the presence of the other person. 

This missed connection may be subtle but it can be very powerful on an emotional level. 

The strong psychic connection takes place when people have a real desire to reconnect.

But, is this the truth?

Do they really miss you?

It’s annoying when you think someone is missing you but that’s not the case.

Maybe it’s a feeling. 

It may just be your mind trying to communicate with them on another level in a way that’s easy for you to understand. 

A surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

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6) You’re naturally connected because of similar personalities and feelings

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel a psychic connection to someone you know.

It could be a friend, a colleague, your partner, or even a neighbor.

However, more often than not it’s caused by two people having similar personalities and feelings. 

They share the same deep emotional bonds that form from sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings. 

You’re naturally connected because of common interests and values, which makes them think of you more often than they do of others.

You might think that psychic connections are about pure mental energy and spiritual planes of existence but that’s not completely true.

Psychic connections happen because of the way we connect in the physical world.

When you think about someone then it’s natural for them to pick up on the same thought. 

Just like a psychic reading, it’s all about tuning into each other’s frequency. 

When you’re both sending out your thoughts and they’re picking up on the same ones, that’s when a psychic connection starts to form. 

You will have a strong psychic connection with people who have similar personalities and feelings as you do. 

It’s a great feeling knowing that someone is thinking about you and cares about you, even if you’re miles apart. 

7) You have a shared intention

When you have a strong psychic connection with someone, there’s a chance that the two of you want to communicate with each other on a psychic level.

Your shared intention will usually manifest itself in a physical way such as through your thoughts and dreams. 

Just like if you wanted to communicate with someone how you would normally do via a phone or the internet, then this is just the same on an energetic level. 

In fact, psi research has found that physical distance does not affect the intensity of telepathic communication

You just have to be thinking about each other and make sure that your intentions are the same. 

For example, let’s say that you both want to speak to each other. 

When one of you is thinking about the other person then they will often end up dreaming about the same thing. 

You might think that it’s just your imagination.

But if it happens frequently, then it’s definitely no coincidence or accident.

Psychic connections are so powerful that one person can send their thoughts and feelings over a long distance without ever saying a word.

Your thoughts and feelings are in sync and you both have the same intention to communicate. 

8) You’re naturally attracted to each other

Some people believe that psychic connections are about pure mental energy and spiritual planes of existence.

This is not necessarily the case. 

You can still have these types of connections without actually having a spiritual connection. 

Your natural attraction to each other is what creates a real psychic connection rather than one based purely on your mind or spiritual energy. 

I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true. 

This is because you share the same life purposes and values as well as your core belief systems. 

You have common interests and hobbies that complement each other’s lives as well. 

Maybe you are both spiritual people with similar thoughts and values, which means that you naturally think of each other often. 

This attraction might be a subconscious feeling. 

When you have a deep emotional bond with someone, then it’s very likely that your subconscious mind will connect with theirs. 

Your body will start to send out vibrations of attraction towards them and they’ll do the same thing to you. 

When you’re naturally attracted to someone then it’s easy for your mind and body to be drawn towards them. 

This happens because you’re in tune with that person on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

That’s why you can feel their presence although they’re not actually there.

9) They are meant to be part of your destiny or fate and your soul knows it already 

I know that we have free will so we can choose what to do and where to go in our lives.

But, there are still things that we can’t control, especially when it comes to people and places we’re naturally drawn to.

Psychic connections happen because your soul and their soul are meant to be together. 

Whether you call it a destiny or fate, the end result is usually the same. 

That’s because a psychic connection is the manifestation of your soul’s desire. 

When two people get together because they have the same life purpose, then both sides end up feeling energized by it. 

This could be your soul feeling drawn towards theirs because of the same destiny/fate and soul knowing about each other sooner than later on a spiritual level.

And you being able to feel their presence from miles away could be that they’re meant to be part of your destiny.

In what way, I’m not sure.

But, one way you can find out is by speaking to a gifted advisor.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier.

With their extra intuition, they can give you guidance and answers on why this person is part of your fate.

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10) You just want it to be true

Whatever your reason is, whether it’s because of a psychic ability or spiritual bond, as long as you have a strong enough feeling about it.

Then that’s all you need for it to manifest into reality.

If you want to feel someone’s presence from miles away so badly then there is a good chance that you will sense them in some way.

Like I mentioned earlier, when thoughts and feelings are repeated over and over again. 

They become more solidified in your mind and eventually are able to manifest themselves on the physical plane of existence.

If you want to feel someone’s presence in a way that goes beyond feeling ‘their energy’, then you must know this by heart. 

Really believe it and then take action on it. 

Use all of your mental power to really create a reality of them being next to you. 

I’m not saying it’s easy, but if you want something bad enough and have the determination, then it will definitely happen.

Bottom line

Feeling someone’s presence from a long distance is a very common psychic phenomenon. 

Many people will experience this at some point in their lives without even realizing it. 

It can be frustrating because you’re aware that someone else is close by but you can’t figure out who it is. 

It can even drive you crazy if you don’t find an answer to your question about why it’s happening to you. 

You’re definitely not alone in feeling someone’s presence or thinking of them from miles away. 

Your intuition is your most powerful tool when it comes to figuring out the answers.

With that, you have to train yourself over time and really listen to what your body and mind are telling you. 

Can a gifted advisor help you too?

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