Feeling a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met

It happens for the first time and you can’t miss it — you don’t miss it, because you think you’re feeling a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met.

It’s not a common feeling and that’s why you know something’s different. You may have never felt this way before and you can just tell that this is special. But you can feel it, for sure.

You feel the energy shift when you encounter them. You feel like the air is charged and crackling with energy and suddenly you feel a strong urge to be with this person even if it’s just someone you’re in line with at the grocery store or a video creator you found online.

You want to know this person. You want to get closer to them and talk to them and see them, and it can be an overwhelming feeling that you don’t know what to do with precisely because you don’t even know them.

But you know. You do.

In this article, we’ll be exploring what it’s like to feel a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met.

Could it be a meant-to-be match?

If you’re feeling a spiritual connection with someone you’ve just met, maybe they’re your soulmate — or your twin flame, or your kindred spirit.

Whatever label you find best for it, you can just tell that this is a connection that the universe is urging you to explore, a string attached to somebody that the universe wants you to grab onto and follow.

It’s a different feeling.

You know when something is love, lust, or infatuation. And you know that this isn’t any of that.

There’s a deep feeling of remembrance that you can’t shake, which you might want to at first. Why should you feel these things toward someone you’ve never spoken two words to?

And yet you can’t shake it.

It doesn’t even have to be in a romantic sense; soulmates aren’t necessarily people you have to be in love with. They’re people you’re meant to be with and that can happen outside of a romantic relationship.

There’s also a sense of familiarity. Your soul remembers faces from your past, even your past lifetimes.

You might be feeling as though this is the case here. Like you aren’t strangers and you’ve met before, and you’ve connected with each other before and had forgotten and are just now rediscovering it.

Whatever it is, your intuition is telling you that there’s something special here.

You might not be able to explain why you think you’re meant to meet this person, but you know that it’s not in the normal way that you’d want to meet a friend or potential partner.

Signs that you’re being reunited by the universe

Your twin flame is someone whose soul is intertwined with yours because your souls are one and you’ve just been separated into two bodies. It’s not that you have the same exact energies; it’s that your energies have a different frequency and you’re meant to be mirrors of each other, balancing each other out.

This person you’re feeling a spiritual connection to might be your twin flame and the universe has decided that it’s time for you to be reunited.

A kindred spirit, on the other hand, is someone you instantly connect with on a deeper level. You understand each other and have similar energies, which attract each other and could explain why you’re feeling a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met.

Or you’re simply soulmates, and you’re meant to complete each other. It’s the love of all lifetimes, and here are some signs you’ve found yours.

1) There are too many coincidences

Coincidences are one thing; clear signs from the universe are another.

Let’s say the person you’re feeling a spiritual connection to is someone you’ve accidentally stumbled into at the store. You instantly feel something there, but you think nothing of it because it probably means nothing.

But then it happens again somewhere completely different. Maybe they pop up on your “people you may know” section on Facebook or you bump into each other again on the street.

An even clearer sign is when you weren’t even supposed to come across them in that place, like you took this turn into this street at the last minute, completely unplanned, and yet you find them there like you’re pulled to that exact location.

Pay attention to the timing. Maybe you even come across coincidences like suddenly thinking about them and noticing that the time on the clock reads 11:11.

Is that really just chance, or is the universe waving the signs in your face and hoping you’ll see them?

2) You feel like you know them already

Say they’re a video creator you found online. You feel yourself pulled to watch a video of theirs and now you’re watching one of them.

As you’re watching, the sense of familiarity grows. It’s like, you’ve never met them, but you have a random strong inkling of how they take their coffee or what kind of movies they like.

Or maybe they’re someone you’ve just met at a party. You strike up a conversation and for some reason, you have a feeling you know what they’re going to say next — and you’re right.

However, what if there was a way to remove all the guesswork? A guaranteed way to know whether you do have a spiritual connection with someone you know?

A professional psychic artist recently drew a sketch for me of what my soulmate looks like.

Even though I was a bit skeptical, my friend convinced me to try it out a few weeks ago.

Now I know exactly what my soulmate looks like. The crazy part is it looked exactly like someone from my not-so-distant past who I know was thinking about me a lot recently. So naturally I got back in contact with him and… we’ve just started dating.

Get your own sketch drawn here.

3) You’re both excited and nervous about meeting them

You’ve bumped into them a few times now and you find yourself thinking about them. Who is this person and why do they keep popping up in your life?

When you think about meeting them, you might feel a mix of emotions, but above them all are both excitement and nervousness.

You don’t know how it’ll turn out if you meet them; you might even be so nervous that you don’t want to meet them. But at the same time, you feel excited, like you’re coming home after a long journey and you’re being reunited with someone you’ve been missing.

They may feel like the weirdest butterflies in the world, but it’s a sign that you’ve met someone you’re meant to have a strong spiritual connection with.

4) You dream about them

You could see them somewhere first and then see them in your dreams, or you could dream about a specific face and then realize who it is later on once you’ve met that exact person.

Either way, if you dream about them (especially if you dream about them more than once), it’s another sign that you’re about to be reunited with your soulmate.

It doesn’t even have to be a big, romantic dream. It could just be the two of you having lunch together, or all you do is briefly see the vague features of their face. But you know it’s them and you remember the dream when you wake up.

5) You’re surrounded by signs of love

If you think this person is your romantic soulmate, you might be seeing more signs of love around you than normal.

Maybe you’re sitting down to have dinner out and then you notice that your table is surrounded by couples. Or maybe several of your friends start seeing people, or you’re witness to a romantic public proposal.

It might be the universe telling you that yours is coming soon and you already know who it is.

6) You can sense when they’re around

If you saw them at a nearby grocery store where you regularly shop, you could be there again and then start to have a random, out-of-nowhere feeling that this person is in the shop with you again.

You can sense when they’re around because of the spiritual connection the two of you have; imagine a long string tying the two of you together. It might feel like the string is getting shorter and shorter, or you might feel a physical sensation of the strange butterflies for no reason.

But you know they’re there and whether you’re able to confirm it by seeing them or not, you were probably right.

7) You feel an energetic match with them

When you see them, it’s like you’re vibrating at a different level than normal. It’s like the air is charged with electricity and you’re both hot and cold all over and you can just tell that this person’s energy is different from other people’s because it matches yours.

Like with twin flames, this doesn’t necessarily mean your energies are the exact same.

Your energies could be mirrors of each other, giving each other life and being the perfect match to complement each other. Whatever it is, you feel like you just click.

Even though the world appears in a physical solid form to us, everything around us is actually made up of energy.

Did you know there’s actually a secret switch inside your body that controls the sort of energy you feel around someone? And also the energy you give off to other people, including your soulmate?

My good friend Angela told me about this energy switch.

After her “ex” humiliated her in front of the family, she traveled half-way around the world to discover it.

Angela reveals everything you need to know about this “secret switch” in this excellent free video. Learn her story and why this switch is the key to finding love and happiness.

What Angela discovered isn’t just some kind of “woo woo” mumbo jumbo. It’s backed by a mountain of research.

Here’s a link to her great free video again.

8) You can tell when they’re thinking of you

There are several signs that your soulmate is thinking of you.

You could be smiling for no reason or you randomly experience that sudden change in energy levels. Or you could start thinking about them. This might be your connection speaking to you, telling you that your soulmate has you on their mind.

9) You’ve grown as a person

A bigger, more subtle sign is that you know that at this point, you’re a better person than you were in the past. Paradoxically, you know love is coming when you’re fine without it.

You feel like you’ve worked on yourself enough, you’ve found your purpose, you’ve accepted that you’re fine going solo, you’ve come to terms with your past.

All of these are signs that you’ve found a spiritual connection with your soulmate; the universe is readying you to receive this person into your life.

The worst thing that could happen is you finding your soulmate only to have yourself sabotage it by not being the best possible version of yourself. If you find that this isn’t a problem anymore, maybe it means you’re ready for something big.

10) The timing is perfect

Ever heard of “right place, wrong time”?

Let’s say you meet the person you’re feeling a spiritual connection with and you can instantly tell that this connection is meant to be a romantic one.

There’s just one problem: you already have a romantic relationship with someone else.

Or maybe they’re in a relationship with someone else. Or you find them in your local area just when you’re about to move entire cities away.

If the timing is off, it probably isn’t meant to be. The universe will conspire for the two of you to meet when the timing is perfect if you’re really soulmates.

11) Everything’s going well

Another sign that you’ve met the love of your lifetimes is when everything seems to be going extremely well for you.

Everything seems to be going your way and you’re not hitting any snags in your life. You’ve let go of the things (and people) that no longer serve you and you’re at a moment in time when everything is calm and going according to plan.

Again, the universe is conspiring for perfect timing and the most ideal setting for reconnection.

12) You just know

All of this aside, even if the above signs aren’t met, listen to what your intuition is telling you.

If you just know that this person is your soulmate, that’s your string tugging on you. Follow your gut and see where it takes you.

What comes next?

Feeling a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it can overwhelm you if you’re panicking over what to do about it.

Since this is someone you don’t personally know yet, it’s up to you if you want to explore that connection or leave it alone.

Just because you feel it doesn’t mean you have to act on it if you don’t want to, or if circumstances prevent you from doing anything about this connection.

If you do end up officially meeting them and they feel the same way about you, you’re free to explore whatever it is the two of you are feeling. Maybe you could make plans to spend time together or even date.

Use your spiritual connection to make the relationship work.

Strengthen it with the knowledge that you have of each other.

Pick up on each other’s vibrations when something feels off and talk about it, use the understanding you have of each other’s feelings to work through any miscommunications together.

Something important to remember is that even relationships with a strong spiritual connection can go wrong.

There may be the promise of your strong connection at first, but that isn’t always enough to sustain you. Deep spiritual connections often take time to grow and develop, so don’t be too devastated if things don’t come as easy as you’d expect them to be.

When in rough patches and you want to make it work, just remember why you started in the first place — your spiritual connection. This person is someone you’re meant to be with, someone who can compliment you, and someone you can grow through life with.

If the universe wants this to work, it’ll work if you just have faith in it.

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