26 false twin flame synchronicities

A false twin flame is like a free trial that awakens you before you deal with the one that actually matters – your true twin flame.

Before you let your guard down and struggle continually from a relationship that you thought would last a lifetime, check out these 26 signs to help you spot a false twin flame from miles away!

False twin flame synchronicities

Just like the name suggests, a twin flame is a “twin” of your soul. But to be specific, the “real twin flame” is a soul that is compatible with yours in a way that when the Universe brings you both together, you become one complete human.

On the other hand, a false twin flame gives you a glimpse of what a misfit, or someone who isn’t truly compatible with your spiritual being looks like. This twin helps you transform yourself for the angelic meeting of your authentic twin flame.

In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to say that a false twin flame is what brings out the best in you. But the sooner you identify one, the better.

1) Their love is conditional

A false twin flame is likely to set conditions on the love they choose to shower on you; it could be dependent on their mood, your words, and actions, or even the situation.

They might treat you differently when you’re around other people, grow distant after an argument or even randomly ignore you if they aren’t in the “mood”.

Perhaps you might’ve tried to change the way they treat you by loving them harder. But the truth is, your love alone can’t change a false twin flame who isn’t willing to change, let alone expect a false twin flame to love you through thick and thin.

True love is meant to be unconditional, it’s meant to feel unconditional, and this is exactly what you’ll feel when you’ve met your true twin flame. They will feel the urge to become better for you because you’re the other half of their soul.

Anything that makes you feel otherwise is a sign that you’re with the wrong flame.

2) They feel threatened by your success

Your success, spiritually, emotionally and through all stages of life, is something that won’t always be agreeable for a false twin flame.

They may feel the need to be superior. A false twin flame will use the relationship as an excuse to restrict you from reaching your full potential.

They will manipulate you into thinking that achieving certain dreams will affect your relationship when it’s actually their insecurity.

Your twin flame on the other hand, will always be your number one supporter and will walk you through a world of positive self-enhancements!

3) They make you change your life

The meeting of a false twin flame is often brought together by the universe to help you go through major transformations and change yourself for the better, which is exactly why they come right before your true twin flame.

It prepares you to become the best version of yourself so that you could grow together as a couple once you meet your true twin flame, while empowering other people on the journey ahead.

They will make you reflect on your way of living and influence you to spot your weaknesses that’ll be of great strength to you as you work along your spiritual journey.

Your true twin flame on the other hand is not meant to change you. They are meant to cherish and embrace you for who you’ve become through the experiences of meeting the false twin flame.

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5) Obsessive, possessive and highly sexual

While obsession and possession might often be confused with true love and protection, these aren’t traits that come along with your true twin flame.

Since false twin flames are considered to be karmic relationships, it is often their nature to be obsessive. The relationship will likely be anchored by a rush of emotions that may drive them towards a need to be in control, as if you were a possession.

This in turn will make them hold an overpowering sexual dominance over you. While this may sound like a huge turn on, the energy shifts that you share are in fact unhealthy and will just conceal the meaningless relationship between you and your false flame.

6) A lack of dreams

In spirituality, a dream is often linked with the universe sending you meaningful signals or messages that encourage you to proceed to the next stage in life.

When you meet your true twin flame, the universe will find a way to communicate and reassure you that this bond is likely to last.

You’ll wake up feeling positive energies surrounding you and if you’re one to remember dreams, you may even have a happy memory of meeting your twin flame within the dream.

When you are engaged in a karmic relationship, you can expect little or no dreams at all. And if you do have dreams, they often shock you or make you feel uneasy.

A dreamless sleep is often considered an ill omen when it comes to enhancing your spirituality and is a major sign that you’re with a false twin flame.

7) They’ve got over the first “honeymoon” phase

In time, with your authentic twin flame, your bond will only feel stronger, and your love will stretch beyond limits that you didn’t even know existed.

It’s always going to feel like you spend every day in the “honeymoon phase” when you’re madly in love with each other for the right reasons.

When you encounter a false twin flame, you will feel affectionate and excited at the start. The difference is that you’ll observe the initial energy you shared with each other, fade away slowly.

Eventually you will feel that you don’t get along that well with your partner and instead of loving them more by the day, you may even slowly find yourself falling out of love with them.

8) You often feel anxious

The feeling of not being able to be your most authentic self is a common sign that you’re involved with the wrong twin flame.

The Universe brings passionate twin flames together in a way that their flaws can be shared delicately with each other while they evolve to become the best version of themselves when together.

This exchange of positive and passionate energy is not visible when dealing with a false twin flame and you will often find yourself in an anxious state.

You will feel as if you are restricted from being yourself and you become constantly worried that if you reveal your true self, it’ll drive your partner away from you.

9) You become distorted as a person

When unhealthy karmic cycles keep repeating within a relationship that you have with the wrong twin flame, you will slowly feel your core values weaken.

Your physical and emotional health will be challenged with bad habits and routines. It could be an unhealthy sleeping or eating pattern, or even habits like smoking and overly indulging in liquor.

If you used to be a positive and optimistic person, you may find yourself to be the exact opposite. Due to the disturbance within your spiritual circle, you will uncover more grief and frustration rather than opportunities to be happy and outgoing.

If you pay close attention, you might notice that everything about you that seems to go downhill is fuelled by the tension and constant worry your false twin flame has caused you.

It could either be through their behaviour patterns or certain attitudes they use against you.

While these karmic cycles provide an opportunity for you to grow, they also uncover the fact that you’re surviving your way through a false twin relationship.

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10) You’re unsure why you’re with them

False Twin flames are mistaken for being your true twin flame due to the relationship’s affectionate and exciting nature. But you might also naturally feel that the relationship is meaningless and serves no purpose to your spiritual journey.

You might often find that you and your partner have almost nothing in common and are barely compatible with each other.

They will make you compare your relationship to other successful couples and feel that there isn’t anything that you both can truly enjoy doing together. The bond between you both may feel idle and there might not even be anything in particular that you find attractive.

11) They run when there is challenge

Neglecting the problems that you face within the bond you share between each other is usually associated with toxic relationships. But apart from this obvious depiction, you may need to pay attention to the instances where they avoid challenges so smoothly that they almost go unnoticed.

A false twin flame is always going to run away. There, I said it.

Instead of choosing to communicate their emotions, they may find an excuse to ignore you until the conversation dies off. If you’ve had a disagreement, they will choose their anger as an excuse to stay away from you.

They may even show signs of fear when discussing the future of your relationship and may try to avoid planning important things out.

Your true twin flame, on the other hand, will be just as excited as you are to begin planning your future and any small detail that gives you both hope and happiness!

12) Presence of third-party energy

Many relationships live by the philosophy, “It’s you and me against the world”. But having parts of the world involved either directly or indirectly into the issues you come across within your relationship are definite signs that something is off.

You will most definitely have arguments, even with a true twin flame, but at the end of the day, they will choose to never leave your side and keep the details of your relationship private.

They will always consult you to find a way to fix the relationship instead of running around talking to other people whereas a false twin flame wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to third parties to fix problems they have with you.

It could be that they don’t trust you nor see you as their life-long partner to commit towards the issues that arise within the relationship.

You may even doubt their loyalty and feel uneasy when they are around other people. They will continue to show interest towards third parties, either romantically or sexually even while being connected to you.

When you reach this stage, it’s best that you let go of the relationship to minimise the spiritual damage that it will undoubtedly cause you.

13) False hope

Whenever something goes wrong on their end, you may find them reassuring you that they will work on themselves to avoid repeating it in the future. But at the end of the day, you find that it meant nothing to them other than just a few words they let out to hold you down.

They’ll keep telling you that they will get better but you know that you’ll end up waiting for something that may never happen.

Their behaviour patterns may show repetitive cycles with nothing but misleading words of hope, whereas your true twin flame will never hesitate to positively change for you.

14) They are manipulative

Do you often end up thinking that whenever you express your emotions, your partner somehow finds a way to turn the situation against you and make you feel bad about it?

You might feel that your false twin flame has a point or is truly being reasonable, when in reality, they just know how to get around the bush with you.

For instance, if they make a mistake, they will try to justify their “innocence” by using some error you’ve made in the past. They will manipulate you into thinking that it was because of your initial fault that they did what they did.

They would even try to avoid necessary conversations about your future together by manipulating you into thinking that you’re being too “quick” or “serious” about things.

It could be that they’re completely aware of your weaknesses and continue to use them against you to save themselves the conversations they won’t ever be ready to have. This is something a true twin flame would never do and a definite sign that it’s time to leave.

15) It’s all one-sided

A false twin flame relationship often consists of two individuals: one who is emotionally unavailable and another who is over-giving. And the lessons are learned mostly by the over-giver.

This emotional imbalance often results in one person’s love and efforts being drained while the other enjoys the benefits. For instance, you might make plans for the two of you to spend time together, only for them to cancel at the last minute.

You will find yourself planning out adventures and forcing them into it, getting them gifts and reassuring them whenever they feel down, only to not have the efforts returned.

You will end up feeling the constant need to strengthen and rebuild the relationship while they just think of the relationship as something “casual”.

A relationship with your true twin flame will maintain a balance of emotions with one party loving and committing no less than the other. You’re unlikely to feel any of the above in the embrace of the one you’re truly destined for.

16) They have distorted superficial values

False twin flames are known for being more than what they choose to show you. Often, they stimulate positive changes within you by going against their own moral values.

For instance, they may constantly tell you that they respect you but whenever an argument comes up and things get heated, they might throw hurtful words and disrespectful comments at you.

Or they may blabber about how truthful and loyal they are, only for you to find that they lied about flirting with other people behind your back.

A true twin flame, on the other hand, will already have gotten over the irresponsible stage in their lives and may have authentic principles and morals that they live by.

17) You go through several separations

This sign need not be elaborated. The theory of constant breakups and patch-ups speaks for themselves.

A false twin flame will always consider a separation or a “break” to solve temporary problems. Instead of settling down and talking with you on how you can improve your relationship, their first instinct will be to break ties with you.

What you don’t often notice, is that every single time they choose to leave you, they take a part of your initial feelings for them and when they keep coming back to you, they continuously disrupt your mental peace.

They leave because they know that they have the power to come back whenever they want to.

With your true twin flame, even if things get difficult, instead of running away from the issues you face together, they will stick by your side and reassure you that they aren’t going anywhere, and neither is the relationship.

18) It doesn’t feel like a partnership

Instead of doing things together with them, you might often find yourself all alone when you’re with a false twin flame.

For instance, they might miss out on parties you wanted to attend together or even simple events that you were invited to as a couple.

Instead of having both of you speak for your relationship, you might find yourself being the only one constantly putting in the effort.

19) They are inauthentic

One way or another, their mask is meant to fall at some point. Although you may think that they are “the one” and even if you see signs of compatibility, chances are that they will reveal their true selves before you arrive at your final conclusion.

They may play the pretending game for a lot of things including their love and care for you. For instance, although it may seem like they’re supportive of your career, they might be dreading that you’ll get a promotion and overpower their career.

As opposed to this, a true twin flame will always be authentic with you, even if you may find certain things disagreeable.

Everything including their love for you will feel too good to be true and spending time with someone else who isn’t as close to being authentic with you, will in fact be a waste.

20) You are mistreated

This is an obvious sign that shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

If your partner ghosts you out of habit, lacks the ability to pay attention to you, and isn’t very keen on committing to you, then there’s a high chance that you’re with the wrong twin flame.

The Universe brings souls together so that they become whole, and if you are with a misfit, the main components that are needed to keep a relationship going, will be absent.

And this article might just be your sign to leave the relationship and focus on yourself with everything you’ve learned in order to be prepared for The One.

21) You find yourself holding on tightly

The affection and love that you feel from a false twin flame almost convinces you that they’re the right ones for you.

Perhaps this is exactly why you find it difficult to let go. You keep a tight grip on your relationship because you’re confident that this bond is your ultimate happy ending but what you often forget is that the need to hold on must be mutual.

When you meet your true twin flame, you will treasure your bond but since this bond comes to you when you’re ready for it, you won’t feel the need to hold on to it more than you should.

You won’t have to be worried about losing it because unlike your past relationships, this will be your final love destination.

22) Past traumas affect the present

There is a major difference between having occasional breakdowns during their healing process and using past trauma as an excuse to make the wrong choices in the present.

Your false twin flame will likely bring out their past including their exes and use the trauma and hurt they went through back then, as a reason to hurt you. They’ll justify weaknesses that may have always existed within them as flaws that you must live with.

Instead of looking forward to a fresh future with you, their focus will be on the past and this may even negatively impact your spirituality, causing you to look back at your trauma and reopen your own wounds from the past.

An authentic twin flame on the other hand, will be focused on moving forward with you as a part of their life. They will not only heal themselves during this journey but will also encourage you to be forgiving about the past.

23) Actions and words don’t line up

This is a major red flag that’ll uncover the fact that you’re with the wrong twin flame without a doubt.

An authentic twin flame will always worry about the trust you share with each other and won’t hesitate to act like they speak.

A fake flame, on the other hand, will do the exact opposite. Since trust is barely a matter of concern, they will proceed to do only what is convenient for them and they won’t bother to care about how your feelings.

They will use the aid of constant reassurances and false hopes to mislead you and ensure that you are momentarily settled. And most of the time, these will sound reasonable when they’re actually a sly move to save themselves the burden.

For instance, they might tell you that they’ll always be by your side when you’re feeling unwell but later use some other engagements as an excuse to not be there for you.

24) Your spiritual mission is blocked

In your life, you must already have a vision about what you want to become. You may have plans for emotional and spiritual transformations that’ll help you get better as a person, but a false twin flame will likely keep you away from this.

They might even talk you out of your plans, either because they aren’t keen on spiritual development as much as you are or because they simply find it “stupid” or “unnecessary”.

This happens because your false twin flame is an energy vampire. This means that they feed on your energy and make you feel as if your purpose in life is overlooked and considered as something worthless.

A true twin flame will understand the importance of achieving mental peace. They will always push you towards healing and driving your soul towards internal peace.

25) They struggle to commit to you

Some people never experience commitment in their entire life.

And if your seemingly “real twin flame” suffers from commitment issues, there’s absolutely no chance of a possible future with them.

Tending for your needs, working with you on your relationship, supporting you whenever is needed and making you feel loved and cared for are all natural things that your true twin flame should be able to do without a problem.

26) Awakening of consciousness

While your false twin flame disrupts your entire spiritual journey and the schemes you had planned in between, somewhere at some point, your consciousness will be awakened.

You will begin to question your life out of the insanity your false twin flame may have driven you into, and eventually you will find yourself and the way out of this energy- disrupting relationship.

You will begin to analyse your relationship and truly discover the weakness of your supposedly “twin flame”. You might end up comparing your core values with theirs, and finally realise you are not compatible.

You will compare your future, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your goals in life with theirs, long before you decide that they aren’t your authentic twin flame.

Why do we meet our false twin flame?

Like I’ve mentioned throughout this article, a false twin flame is your awakening point. It may bring a lot of pain to your heart, but it’ll also help you realise what love is really about.

The Universe has souls scattered all over and it already has plans for everyone to come across their real twin flame. But a real twin flame is a big responsibility, so this is the Universe’s way of making sure that you don’t take what’s truly made for you for granted.

The series of transformations and changes you go through during your relationship with a false twin will help you discover the type of relationship you’re compatible with. They will also help polish up your flaws and get you ready for the real thing in your life!

“False twin flame relationships help us to understand ourselves better. They are a powerful lesson in the importance of being discerning, self-caring, and aware of our shadows. The reason why we enter false twin flame relationships in the first place is due to the naivety of romanticising others and being disconnected from the wisdom of our soul.”

– Aletheia Luna

Is a false twin flame “bad” or “toxic”?

I would prefer not using either of these words to describe a false twin flame. Let’s just say that a false twin flame is similar to your real twin flame in so many ways that you often assume that they’re the same person.

It’s more like your personality and your spiritual aura is going through a natural selection to make sure that all your flaws are maintained at a minimum. In the end, your best qualities make it through to the one true love of your life.

Like I mentioned previously, the world is full of misfits. Finding your true twin flame is a challenging game of discovering your perfect match, the one you want to thrive with for the rest of your life.

The false twin flame that you come across is always another person’s true twin flame, just like you are someone else’s.

To make it even more clear, someone out there is meeting with your real twin flame, just to teach them how to treasure you once the Universe arranges your meeting!

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Nevena Glogovac

Nevena Glogovac

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