Do soulmates share energy cords? What happens when you cut them?

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Do soulmates share energy cords?

The answer is absolutely yes.

The cord between soulmates can be seen as a kind of visible energy, that radiates outward when the two are together.

The more positive the bond, the stronger the energy between them becomes.

The energetic cord connects them on every level of consciousness, and as you grow spiritually, you will also be able to feel this cord as it flows through your soul.

It is said that people who have strong soulmate bonds can even feel each other’s emotions, and know when they are in danger or in need of help.

This article discusses these beliefs, as well as how cutting your energy cords will affect you emotionally.

What are soulmate energy cords?

Soulmate energy cords are a special kind of bond that soulmates share that work in a similar way to blood vessels in the human body.

Although these are technically not blood vessels, they nonetheless do contain the same type of circulation system and provide nourishment for your partner’s body and spirit.

How does it work?

The concept behind how these energy cords work is actually rather simple – two people meet each other and find themselves irresistibly attracted to one another.

They begin to start spending more and more time together, and as they spend more time seeing each other, the attraction grows even stronger.

Along with this strong attraction comes a spiritual bond that is not just based on physical attraction – there is also an intense spiritual connection being formed between them with ripples of energy moving from one person to the next, connecting them together.

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So why are energy cords so common?

In most cases, people who have an interest in the subject will tell you that the reason for this is simple.

It’s a part of our core belief that we embody many qualities which make us unique, and this is what attracts us to one person. We want to be with someone who embodies qualities similar to ours and thus shares our energy.

We believe that we are naturally drawn to others who are similar to ourselves in looks, personality, and beliefs.

This is because these qualities come from our soul or higher self and are a part of who we are.

When we find someone who embodies these qualities and has lower energy cords on their own, we feel a pull that makes us want to share this connection of energy.

And so, they may feel “meant” to be together.

What will happen if soulmates cut their energy cords?

It is a terrible thought, but the possibility of losing your soulmate can be all too real.

If they decide they don’t want to be with you anymore, all it takes is one missed connection, one cord that has been severed and that’s it – no more connection.

How would you feel if this happened?

Everything and anything could happen after cutting an energy cord with someone who was once your best friend or lover. The cord could be severed through circumstances beyond your control.

You have no control over this, and you have no control over the response your soulmate will have that would cause them to sever their cord with you.

But what will happen to you? Where are you going to end up? More importantly, why is this happening and how can it be stopped? If you don’t want this to happen and you want to find a way to stop it from happening, don’t feel alone.

They may be aware of this missing something but they are not sure what it is, only that it makes them feel so incredibly sad or angry or depressed or anxious.

They may feel that they cannot go on. They may feel like they cannot complete a project, make a decision, or go to work because they are so overwhelmed by this feeling of emptiness.

They will feel like they have lost part of themselves and will try to fill the void with food, sex, drugs, alcohol, and/or anything else that helps them forget how empty they feel inside.

And when that doesn’t work? They will turn to others for the companionship and love that their ex once provided them with. They can become easily co-dependent.

They may find it very hard to trust anyone again. This can lead to severe depression.

When a cord is severed, the pain that comes from these occurrences can be devastating, but in most cases, it is not permanent.

The pain may stay with you for some time, but eventually, it will fade.

It may not seem like you miss what you once had and you may be able to get over your depression and anxiety related to a severing of an energy cord with someone who was once your best friend or lover.

However, this does not mean that the situation has resolved itself.

If a severing of an energy cord with someone who was once your best friend or lover has occurred, you will be drawn to people who have a very similar energy signature.

You may feel that you are attracted to others because you are lonely and are trying to fill the void and have some comfort, but in actuality, it is not the case.

You will be drawn to others who have a very similar energy signature because what you had with your ex has been replaced.

It cannot be denied that you may have loved your ex and thought that you would be together for many years to come. That you would start a family and grow old together, but now that has been replaced with hate and anger.

You may not want to think about them, but for the most part, your energy signature is still the same as theirs. They too are feeling lost and depressed over the loss of someone they once loved.

It won’t matter if you try to find someone else because the replacement will not work.

You will be drawn to others who have a very similar energy signature because you will feel empty and unhappy if you don’t.

You could be with someone else for years and even start a family, but in the back of your mind, there will always be an emptiness that cannot be filled by anyone else.

The bond is gone forever.

The good thing is, this person isn’t going anywhere and neither are you. Your low points may come and go, but it doesn’t mean that they have disappeared completely.

What are the benefits of soulmate energy cords?

The first benefit is that your partner will be kept safe from harm – both spiritually and physically.

This is because your partner will have you around to see to it that they are shielded from outside influences, as well as provide them with the strength and support they need to be able to deal with whatever comes their way.

In this sense, these energy cords act a bit like a “security blanket” that keeps your partner safe at all times.

The second benefit is that your partner’s spirit will be able to receive the nourishment it needs from you.

This is because your partner is no longer alone, and there is someone who has been attracted to them for a reason.

This means that their energy cords are now connected to an even stronger source, thus giving them more support and sustenance than they would have otherwise received.

What are the drawbacks of soulmate energy cords?

The drawbacks of these cords are actually much more common than most people realize.

For one thing, if your partner is not a good person, or you do not feel that they are someone who can keep you safe and protected all your life, then you can simply ignore these cords (if it is possible) or end the relationship.

However, the consequences of doing so are going to be far more severe than simply ending a relationship with someone else – when you end a relationship with your soulmate, it temporarily disrupts the energy flow in their body and spirit.

Because of this disruption, they will suffer from a lot more problems and illnesses than they would otherwise have to deal with.

Another drawback is that these cords act as “a double-edged sword”.In other words, the benefits come with a downside as well.

When your partner becomes ill and weak, their spirit will start drawing energy from your own body and spirit, which can lead to you suffering from a lot of problems as well.

It is also not uncommon for people to discover that they are attracted to someone who is not their soulmate – in this case, you will have wasted the time of your life on a relationship with someone who turned out not to be your true mate.

Avoiding cutting your energy cords

It is easy to look back at a relationship and see where things went wrong. There are signs that one should note for future reference, however.

If you notice a time when your partner begins to express a similar value system but that doesn’t match your own, you should take note. This could be the first warning of a change in the relationship.

Go back and look at your core beliefs and how they differ from those of your partner.

If you feel it’s time to let go of a relationship that’s slowly dying, cut it free from your energy cord instead of severing it physically.

Dealing with a breakup

If you have been in a long-term relationship and your partner has ended the connection for one reason or another, it can be hard to understand how to cope.

These feelings of self-doubt and loneliness are some of the strongest emotions that we’ll ever feel in a lifetime. They’re often times coupled with loneliness and even depression.

Even if you’re living with people who care about you, it’s hard for them to understand how you feel because they didn’t share your relationship.

If you have cut your energy cord and tried to move on but still feel pain, it can help a lot to do some of the following.

The first thing to do is focus on yourself.

Learn to love yourself more each day and work at changing any flaws you see in yourself. This exercise can be tricky, but it’s one that you must try if you want to continue living your life.

Learn to accept your feelings and learn to let your feelings go. If you can learn to see yourself as separate from your partner, it’ll help you begin to heal from the disempowering relationship that you once shared.

If you own a pet, ask them for their support in this process by talking with them about the breakup. If possible, keep them close by and engage in unconditional love toward them.

You’re letting go of a lifetime of attachment and will therefore attach again when it feels comfortable for you.

When you feel ready, take time to build a new and loving relationship with the energy of your former partner.

You will learn a lot about yourself and begin to evolve the qualities in yourself that you once shared with your partner.

By doing these things, you’ll be able to move on into a life filled with love, care, and compassion for yourself and others.

A life full of love can only start by letting go of an old energy cord and embracing a life filled with peace, joy, contentment, and inner strength.

Final words

Now that you know everything about soulmate energy cords.

This article gives you a lot of insight into the soulmates do share energy cords and what will happen when you cut them. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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