12 reasons you’re dreaming about someone you are no longer friends with

You might find it odd that you dream about someone you’re no longer friends with.

But, it actually has a lot to do with how much significance the person had in your life.

Your subconscious is telling you that this person played a large role in your life, and so they’ll keep coming up in your dreams.

Here are 12 reasons you’re dreaming about someone you’re no longer friends with.

1) You still have affections for that person

Yes, you may no longer be friends with them.

But, that doesn’t mean all your feelings for them have disappeared.

A lot of the time, you have feelings for someone you once loved.

And even if the relationship didn’t work out, your subconscious still harbors some kind of care or love.

You are dreaming about them because you still have some good memories with that person, and some good feelings for them.

You don’t want to let go of those good memories, which is why you dream about that person.

The person you are no longer friends with has played a big role in your life.

The significance they had is enough to want them to come back.

So, when you dream about this person, your subconscious is trying to figure out why you still feel something for them.

They’ll keep coming up in your dreams, with the hope that one day the feelings will go away.

2) You’re afraid of losing that person forever

If you’re no longer friends with someone, it’s possible you may lose that person forever.

If they don’t come back to you and you don’t hear from them again, then this relationship could be over.

And if that happens, you might never see that person again.

So, if you dreamed about this person, or they popped up in your dreams, it’s because your subconscious is afraid they won’t be in your life anymore.

There’s a big chance that you had some very good experiences with this person.

You might have had a lot of fun together and done a lot of good things.

The relationship might not have worked out, but those memories are still there, and you don’t want to lose them forever.

Your subconscious is working so hard to keep those memories close to you because you’re afraid that if you lose that person forever, all the good times will be gone.

No matter how hard you try not to care about someone, it’s impossible.

You can’t control the way you think toward someone.

And it’s not like they really want you to care about them either.

But, that doesn’t stop your mind from trying.

3) You still have unresolved issues with them

This person played a big role in your life.

You might have had a lot of good times together.

But, there were also some unresolved issues between you.

These unresolved issues are what your subconscious can’t let go of.

And this is why you dream about this person…

Because your subconscious can’t figure them out and settle them forever.

It’s possible your subconscious is trying to work out some unresolved issues between the two of you.

When that person pops up in your dreams, it’s a sign that something needs to be worked out.

There are issues left over from your relationship or friendship that need to be resolved.

These issues or feelings could have been affecting both of you throughout the friendship or relationship.

The dreams might be trying to tell you that it can’t continue like this.

And these unresolved issues could lead to anger and resentment which might be another reason why you’re dreaming of them.

I’ll explain more in my next point.

4) You’re still angry at that person for some reason

If it’s someone you were close to, but there was some resentment or anger between the two of you, then this could be the reason why you’re dreaming about them.

You’re afraid that not all your feelings for this person are gone.

Everyone has some form of anger toward a friend, family member, or loved one.

And sometimes, these people could have influenced you in a negative way.

Maybe they did some things that hurt your feelings.

Or maybe they showed up to the wrong events at the wrong time and ruined a party or celebration.

Whatever it was that sparked your anger is what your subconscious is still steaming over.

The anger you feel towards them might be affecting your sleep.

You keep dreaming about that person out of anger because in real life, you can’t do anything to hurt them back.

Your subconscious is trying to figure out why they did what they did and make sense of it all in real life.

On the other hand, it could be that your subconscious wants to let go of the resentment and anger toward this person, but it can’t seem to give it up.

It doesn’t have any power to fix these problems in your life, so it works on them in dreams.

5) You feel stupid for not giving them a chance

You might have some good memories with this person.

But, there is one thing that’s been bothering you throughout your friendship or relationship.

And that was the fact that you didn’t give them a chance, even though they interested you.

When you feel stupid for not giving someone a chance, it’s possible your subconscious is trying to reverse this decision in dreams.

Even if you still have some feelings and unresolved issues with them.

It could mean that it’s time for you to really reflect on that relationship or friendship, and not to judge them by their flaws.

The dreams might be telling you to reconsider them and give them a second chance because of all the good times and experiences you had together.

So, what do you do?

Should you try and fix the relationship you had with them or just let it go?

It depends on how messy the situation is.

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6) You still think about that person

Not being friends with someone doesn’t mean you stop thinking about them.

It could be that the relationship or friendship meant a lot to you, and it was hard for you to say goodbye.

Maybe there was no huge falling out or argument between the two of you.

The situation either just fizzled out, or it never really got off the ground in the first place.

You can’t figure out why that friendship or relationship ended because it never felt finished to begin with.

When you think about a person all the time, it’s hard not to dream about them

There is no doubt that you still have feelings for this person.

You might have had a lot of expectations for the two of you in real life.

Maybe there were some problems between you two that your subconscious is trying to fix in real life.

Dreams show you what your subconscious is thinking about you and what’s bothering them about you.

It’s trying to find answers for these questions until it figures them out or all the feelings fade into nothingness.

You could also be thinking of this person because you miss them… which I’ll explain more in my following point.

7) You’re missing their presence in your life

When you dream about someone, it could be that you’re missing their positive influence in your life.

Maybe they were a big part of your life.

And when they left, you felt something was missing from your life.

When they were around, they just felt right and good to be around, and now that they aren’t around anymore, it feels odd and you miss them.

This is what your subconscious is trying to figure out in dreams…

How to get the feeling back of having the person around again.

Maybe you had plans for the future with this person.

But, when you look back at it now, you realize that it was an impossible goal to meet.

You might have put your whole heart into it and tried to make the relationship work, but in the end, it didn’t work out.

You put everything into it only to realize that there was nothing to show for it in the end.

Sometimes, these relationships are just not meant for us even if we think otherwise.

People come into our lives for a reason… and maybe not even a good one.

And they were just supposed to be here for a while or just a few days before they leave again.

8) You miss the good times

Perhaps there was a time when you really liked this person and had fun with him or her.

You might have gone on vacations together, or done fun activities…

You might have fun times with this person.

Of course, the relationship or friendship was probably not all fun times.

There must have been some arguments between you two.

But, there must’ve also been some good times where you had a lot of fun together.

You can’t just erase all these memories because of a few arguments or disagreements.

It’s not about the negative experiences.

That’s what the dreams are telling you.

You just want to keep positive feelings for this person in your heart and soul, no matter how painful the experiences were in real life.

When you think about good times and memories, it’s hard not to miss them when they’re gone.

Especially if you have heartache.

You might feel heartbroken over the fact that you couldn’t make that relationship work, or you miss the good times and the closeness.

Whatever it was that made those moments special for you is what your subconscious is trying to fix in dreams.

This could be because maybe you want to be close with this person again, or you want to talk about your feelings with this person once again.

It could even be that your subconscious might just want to be friends again with this person.

9) You still care about this person at some point…

Not all dreams about this person mean that you want to go back to them.

Every so often it means that you care about what happens to them for some reason.

You still care about their well-being despite the fact that you’re not friends anymore.

This might be because you did form a strong bond with this person, and it was hard for you to let it go.

When something is out of our control, we have this innate feeling inside us that tells us that we shouldn’t just give up on people.

No matter how hard they make things for us.

You can’t just erase a person from your life forever.

Even if this person is dead to you, it doesn’t mean that you stop missing them or caring for them in some way.

Not every situation is going to turn out the way we want it to.

There are just things that are meant to be and how they end up being is not the easiest path to take.

You might have a lot of negative feelings about not being with this person any longer, but you still care about them and would like something good happening in their life again.

Your subconscious wants so much more for this person because of all their great qualities.

10) You’re still in love with this person

I almost feel like this is a cliche.

But, I’m going to tell you anyway.

At times, we’re still in love with that person even though this is the last thing we should be doing.

And sometimes our dreams can tell us exactly why we’re still in love with them…

You might be in love with this person because you were genuinely attached to them and really cared about them despite the problems.

That’s how strong the bond was between you two back then.

Dreams about people that you care about very much are usually trying to tell you something.

They want you to know that you’re not over the relationship yet.

And, maybe your subconscious is trying to ‘seek it out’ and see if there’s any kind of possibility for you and this person in real life.

So, what do you do in this situation?

You still love them but they’re not part of your life anymore.

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11) Your subconscious has made a decision

Occasionally, these dreams are telling you to wake up and make a decision.

It’s telling you that they can’t decide what the right decision is.

It doesn’t know what to do or how to act or feel because one of them is out of their control.

Maybe this person left and it just didn’t end up how you thought it would.

Perhaps you’ve subconsciously made a decision to delete this person from your life.

In some cases, you might have dreamt about a person because your subconscious already made a decision on what to do.

Your subconscious might have tried to figure out ways to fix the relationship between you and this person in real life.

It’s possibly because it sees some kind of opportunity for you in real life to remedy the situation.

Like I mentioned, your dreams are not just random images or feelings that come from nowhere.

They have meaning.

But, it knows that it can’t do much in dreams either.

So, dreams show this by taking you back to the time when the relationship was at its peak.

Before it all went downhill….

12) They’re telling you to get over it

You’ve already made up your mind that you don’t want anything to do with this person again.

You’re on the same page with everyone else that they should be erased from your life.

But, your subconscious thinks you need a little push.

Sometimes, it might be trying to push you in a direction or help you speak up about something that needs to happen in real life.

Maybe it just wants to remind you how strong these feelings are for this person.

It doesn’t mean that the relationship was great all the time for you.

Your dreams about this person are actually trying to tell you that it’s time for you to move on.

They show you the best moments of your relationship so that you can leave the painful thoughts behind and move on with your life.

It doesn’t want to see you upset and hurt any longer because it cares about its owner.

Its purpose is to protect the well-being of its owner from anything bad happening again in the future.

That’s why these kinds of dreams often have a positive theme.

Bottom line

The thing about your dreams is that they always have a deeper meaning.

They mean something to you.

And, they’re trying to give you some kind of message.

Most of the times it can be hard to figure out what that message is without the right tools and knowledge.

That’s why getting advice from an expert, such as Psychic Source can definitely help you in figuring out what that dream was trying to tell you.

There were some dreams that you never want to remember.

But, there are some dreams that are worth remembering and will help you in some way.

These dreams could mean so many things but one thing is for sure:

They’re there for a reason.

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