Does my twin flame dream about me too?  

Sometimes you meet someone and you feel a sense of familiarity and a magnetic connection at the same time.

It’s like your soul has split in two, and those two fragments are alive in two different bodies at the same time. This is your twin flame. It’s like a soulmate on steroids.

The special connection between us and our twin flame will cause them to appear in our dreams, sometimes right before we meet, but at other times, as well.

Here are some reasons we dream about our twin flames, how those dreams connect us with our twin flames, the reasons why they dream about us, and how we can know they’re dreaming about us.

These reasons will help us answer the question, “Does my twin flame dream about me too?”

Why do we dream about our twin flame?

Our dreams are stories or images our mind creates while we sleep.

Researchers are still trying to figure out why we dream, but they do know that dreams help us process the events or thoughts of the day.

Dreams are also a way for our higher selves to give indications of blocks that need to be resolved to keep moving forward in our journey.

Because twin flames are two parts of one soul, that bond means that we can’t let go of our twin flame. They are a part of our thoughts either consciously or subconsciously. Twin flames are naturally programmed to gravitate towards one another.

When you’re asleep, your consciousness is freer and follows its natural instinct.

With twin flames, the instinct is to be together. Because of the bonds and our instincts, we do dream of our twin flame. Dreams are a way of reflecting the yearning inside our souls. When our subconscious longs for our twin flame, we dream about them.

When we are connected to someone in a special way, they may communicate with us in dreams.

Scientists have recently demonstrated brain-to-brain communication between humans.

Scientific American reported on a study in which electrical activity from the brains of a pair of human subjects was transmitted to the brain of a third individual in the form of magnetic signals. The signals conveyed an instruction to perform a task in a particular manner.

The three individuals sat in separate rooms and collaborated to correctly orient a block so that it could fill a gap between other blocks in a video game. Two individuals who acted as “senders” could see the gap and knew whether the block needed to be rotated to fit

The third individual, who served as the “receiver,” was blinded to the correct answer and needed to rely on the instructions sent by the senders.

Because our dreams are a product of brain activity during sleep, electrical activity from our twin flames’ brain may be transmitted to us telepathically just as the senders transmitted to the receiver in the experiment.

We may be particularly receptive to brain activity from our twin flame when we need them or miss them. They may also send messages to us when they miss us or when we are called together.

For example, something may be about to happen in your life when you will need your twin flame in a real way. They come to you to carry on a conversation with you and help you prepare for and begin to process that event before it occurs.

In another example, we may dream of our twin flame because we feel a need to reunite with them. That subconscious need manifests itself through our dreams. Likewise, they miss us, and they send out brain messages that our brain receives, and we reconnect.

Finding out the true meaning of your dreams

Sometimes we may first become aware that we have a twin flame because we see them over and over again in our dreams. These dreams may be the way we are prompted to prepare.

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Our twin flame dreams about us

Our twin flames also keep us in their thoughts and those thoughts translate into dreams.

Just as our minds and souls are always reaching out to them, they are always reaching out to us, whether they are conscious of that or not.

Twin flames think and dream about us when they miss us and need us or when something is pushing them and us together.

Twin flames may also realize that we exist for the first time because they repeatedly see us in their dreams. Their dreams may be a way their subconscious mind gives them the courage to meet us, as well.

Sometimes in a twin flame relationship, one twin is more spiritually ready for a connection than the other. Perhaps one is still processing their own healing from another incident and so doesn’t stay or appear in dreams as regularly as the other.

The twin that is less ready to begin a connection is called the runner.

Runners will often think of their twin flame even if they don’t yet realize that’s who they are thinking about. They may just have a general sense of love and safety. This sense of love and safety still will find its way into their dreams.

Not only does our twin flame dream about us but they may dream about us at the same time we dream about them.

Knowing your twin flame is dreaming about you

Our twin flame randomly popping into our heads is one way we can know that they are thinking or dreaming about us.

But, there are others. One is telepathy, which gets stronger between the two flames until they reunited.

However, telepathy also can be present during times of separation, as well. A telepathic connection typically shows up when both souls are well evolved, but it can occur early in the relationship as well.

Another sign that our twin flame is dreaming about us is that we feel their presence. We feel as if they are next to us or that their energy is around us.

A third sign is that we feel excited about something that we otherwise wouldn’t be excited about. This could be our twin flame sharing their excitement with us.

Another sign that our twin flame is dreaming about us may be strange coincidences or repeating number patterns. We may see scenarios that remind us of them. If we’re separated, these signs or scenarios may be a sign that our twin flame would like a reunion with us.

Finally, we may all of a sudden experience a flood of emotions, either positive or negative. Often we experience an overwhelming sensation of being loved.

All flame relationships are connections on a deep level, but not all twin flame relationships are romantic. However, most soulmate connections are romantic.

Knowing for sure if you’ve met your twin flame

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Finding your soulmate isn’t exactly easy either. But what if there is a way to find them for sure?

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For those twin flame relationships that are romantic, we can sometimes know that our twin flame is thinking of us sexually.

Some of these psychic signs are:

  • We enter into a sexual fantasy state that feels very real. This is called telepathic arousal. Those who experience it report physically feeling and, sometimes, seeing the touch of their twin flame on their skin, all happening in real-time.
  • We have erotic dreams. Psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are a window into the subconscious.
  • We draw sexy Tarot cards such as the Knight of Wands, the Ace of Wands, The Three Cups, the Star, the Four of Swords, the Eight of Swords, The Ace of Pentacles, or Temperance.
  • We suddenly feel aroused.
  • We think about them sexually.
  • We receive a sudden burst of energy that’s unexpected, such as getting a quick surge of elated energy in the middle of the afternoon.
  • We have sensations such as heart palpitations, or dizziness

How dreams help twin flames connect

Knowing that our twin flame dreams about us as we do about them is comforting. But both of us dreaming about each other has other benefits, as well.

For one thing, dreams are one way twin flames connect on a deeper level. Twin flames communicate subconsciously with each other in dreams and, while they can’t control them, they share the most personal thoughts in their dreams.

One thing we share with our twin flame, and they share with us, are our fears. Sharing fears is a very intimate experience and makes us vulnerable. Vulnerability strengthens our relationships.

We might even find that our true twin flame shows up in our dreams or that we show up in theirs to provide support during anxious times. We share things in our dreams with our twin flame that we would never share with another person. This deepens the connection.

Once we meet our twin flames, we share in-person events together, but we’ll also share dream events together.

We may dream of marrying them or sharing a home with them if our relationship is romantic. Or we might find ourselves attending their wedding if we do not share a romantic relationship.

Either way, the dreams are vivid, as if we are really there with them, and they are with us. Our twin flames also dream of being a part of our lives. Through the dreams, we share our lives with them and they with us.

If we’ve been struggling with a decision, our twin flame may come to us in a dream and examine the pros and cons with us. This may be especially true if the decision could change our lives and we need help working through the emotional aspects to look at the hard data.

Sometimes, they may even warn us away from a particular course of action. We do the same thing for them in their dreams. We help them when they are at crossroads in their lives. We provide guidance. We share a path forward.

We do dream about our twin flames.

Dreaming of them is natural because they are on our minds so much of the time and because we are so deeply connected with them.

Dreams enable us to connect with our twin flame to gain support during times of anxiety or when we need to make a life-changing decision.

Our twin flames dream of us for the same reasons. Sometimes they even dream of us at the same time that we are dreaming of them.

When we have a strong connection with our twin flame, we know telepathically that they are dreaming of us. We can also feel it in our bodies or know of it through signs and symbols.

Not all twin flames relationships are romantic ones, but if they are, we can know when our twin flame is having an erotic dream about us because we will also feel them with us and touching us. Or we may also have an erotic dream ourselves.

Connecting with our twin flames through dreams improves our connection with them. We share emotions with them and they with us that we would not otherwise share because dreams free us from everyday conventions.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the points above will shed some light on whether your twin flame dreams about you too.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

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